THE GOSPEL according to JOHN




This Gospel is written by Apostle John (disciple) whom Jesus loved the most

Ø Who leaned on Jesus (John 20:30, 31) (John 21:20, 24)

Ø The disciple whom Jesus entrusted His mother (John 19:26, 27)

Ø The disciple who wrote the 3 epistles of John to the church

Ø The same disciple who was exiled to Patmos and wrote the Revelation






Verse 1Here we see about a God who is also the Word who came down to earth and lived among us.

>> In John 1:18 – No one has seen God at any time –so he is invisible or we cannot see Him with this eyes.

>> 1 Tim 6:15, 16 - who alone has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see


Ø This Word who was from the beginning with God, and is God, and came down as man to live among us – so we understand that it is Lord Jesus.

>> So Word = Jesus  and Jesus = Word (that is why the word of God is more

·        important than anything in this world) –

·        more than anyone’s counsel

·        or the rules of the churches

·        or the law of the Government.


>> Again mentioned in 1 John 5:7 - For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. (NKJV)

>> Also in Hosea 4:6 - My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge (Christ), I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

>> Revelation 19:11 – 16 – mainly verse 13 - and His name is called The Word of God.



Verses 2 & 3 All things were made by Him – He is the Master craftsman – Proverbs 8:30.

>> Eph 3:9 - and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ.

>> Col 1: 15-17 - He is the image of the invisible God…… For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible


Here also John 1:10 - All things were made through by him – but the world did not know him.

>> Almighty God

>> He can create everything in a seconds

>> If Lord commands – Marra will be sweet and sweet will be marra  

>> Satan will flee away, all diseases will be healed.


Verses 6 - 8 Concerning John the Baptist – not Apostle John


Verse 9 from this verse onwards about Jesus Christ


Verse 11 He came down as a whole man, came to His own people , but His own people did not receive Him .



Verse 12So all those who believe in Him and receive Him (as their Savior) – will have the right to become the children of God.

>> Made the children of God – through accepting Jesus – through the Word


>> Bible says – this is the greatest position in the world

To be the child of God (more than being the child of any worldly king or hero) – then no worries because Lord Jesus –

·        the Lord of lords will provide all your needs,

·        protect you from all satanic attacks

·        give you everlasting joy and peace

·        trust in him, look upon His face and you will be delivered- your face will be shining

·        He is your God and your Savior and your Friend

·        He will never forsake you, even till the end of the world

Verse 13He came to this world –

Ø Not by the will of man

Ø But by the divine and eternal plan of God


Verse 14Again – it is the same WORD which came down as man (JESUS)

>> Jesus came down with full of GRACE and full of TRUTH

>> This is how Jesus is dealing with us now – we are taking advantage of it, always disobeying the counsel of God and forsaking the calling of God.


Verse 15 - 18 Again John the Baptist introducing JESUS – and witnessing about Him – by the Holy Spirit.


>JOHN THE BAPTIST- He was born 6 months before Jesus.


>> He was anointed in the mothers womb – To introduce JESUS as the Savior to the whole world – as the MESSAIAH

(Usually these kind of anointed children – when they are born itself – lots of complication (before and after) – lots of fightings of the devil straight – face to face.

>> But the problem is – When they grow up in the wisdom of God – we don’t give them according to Lord’s calling – but we pull them back from – WHAT

** from Lord’s plan to our idea and plan and wisdom. Those cases Lord will deal accordingly – that is the Righteous God’s part.

>> We know that Isaiah also introduced – JESUS as For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6, also in Ish chapter 7, Math chapter 1

Verse 23 This Isaiah also prophesied about the John the Baptist – that a person will come to make way in the wilderness – taken from Ish 40:3


>> Priest Zachariah and Elizabeth could not have a baby, but it is a work of God- not for their happiness. But completely for Lord’s work.

>> If he stays there, sometimes he might be moved by his parents (because only child) but the Holy spirit took him to the wilderness.


Verses 19 - 22 Jews sent Levites from Jerusalem to ask – Who he was.

>> He did not lie – but boldly told that He was not Elijah or Jesus.

Verse 21Many people have a doubt concerning this verse – so Is John the Baptist  - Elijah – because of the verse in Math 11:14

>> In John 1:21 – John himself says in the spirit of truth – NO – I am not

>> Here Jesus says so – because their ministries were similar – for the Jews to understand.

>>Jesus also says – Luke 1:17


Verses 24 – 28, then verses 31 - 33 John baptizes with water and the One who comes after me – whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose –

He will baptize with the Holy spirit.


Now let us study about this clearly – as many many among believers are not able to believe it – because they are not looking on the face of Jesus for the answer.

They are following what their group says –

·        No group will take you to heaven – only when the true word of God is studied in the true and Holy spirit – can one understand the divine revelations –

·        Which will make you go to heaven.


>> NOTE :  The different types of Baptism from the Bible -


Baptism of REPENTANCE Math 3:11 - I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire ……………

(rest later down)

>>Luke 3:3 - Baptism of John – And he went into all the region around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins

>> Acts 19:4 – ( Read 19:1 – 6) - Then Paul said, “John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance,


Baptism in WATER Very essential for the old man to buried

>> Lots of Water Baptism in the Acts of Apostles – starts from Peter’s 3000

>> Roman chapter 6 – says we are baptized into His death

>> Col 2 :12-14 – You are buried with Him in baptism, and when you raise in Faith – Lord having wiped all the writings against you

>> 1 Cor 5:17 – All the old has passed away, behold all things are new (its by the following baptism – of Spirit)


Baptism by the HOLY SPIRIT  –  

>> The above and below verse – Math 3:11 - He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire

>> Acts 1:5 – for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now

(also verse 4 – Promise of Father, verse 8 – Power from above)

>> Acts 2:4 - And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

>> Acts 11:1317, verse 24 – Peter is explaining to the Jews back in

Judea – How Cornelius and the people (in Caesarea) were baptized in spirit (as in Acts 10:45, 46)

>> John 3:3 and 5 – You have to be Born again, baptized in Water and Spirit – then only can you enter into the kingdom of God.


Baptism by FIRE Math 3:11 - ……….. but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire

>> Rom 6:3 – All of you are baptized into His death (what happened in His death – Pain, Furnace, Suffering and Reproach.

>> 1 Cor 11: 26 – I will proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes

>> 1 Peter 4 :2 - Do not count it strange by the fiery trial which comes in your life

Its all by the Lord and Lord wants to prepare you, nothing else is going to happen. God knows what he is doing so dont think strange – God is in control so like Abraham, Prophet Samuel, Moses, Joseph, David etc – submit to the Lord and say –  Here your servant – what is that you want me to do for you.

>> Acts 9:16 – For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name’s sake.

>> Prov 24:10 –  If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.

>> Repraoch gladly bear – You are called for it – And it is to make you strong and that the Lord’s glory will be revealed in you.

>> Again – Isaiah 48:10 (I have tested you in a furnace of Affliction

Daniel 3:17and Psalms 66:10



Verse 34 On whom the Holy spirit comes –

John the Baptist – says – I testify to the whole world that –

·        He is the son of God

·        He is the One who will baptize you with the Holy spirit.


Verse 36 Again introducing – Behold the Lamb of God


Verses 35 & 37 So the disciples of John followed Jesus. John is not sad about it because the ministry of John is to show Jesus.

>> The desire of - a real disciple of Jesus – should not be to attract people to himself but to Jesus. (prepare them so that they leave everything and follow Jesus).


Verse 38 -  What do you seek ?? (Jesus always wants to know our intention –He knows but Jesus wants our confession always) – Why do we really seek Him ?


Verse 39 Jesus

·        Turned

·        He saw

·        He asked

·        He invited to stay with him

·        They stayed along


Verse 41 Whoever found first – the knowledge of the word – it is their responsibility to introduce this Messiah to the whole world.

>> Here ANDREW saw first – the encouraging part here is – He first saw – then he showed the Savior to another person.

**Only if a person has really seen and known – then only his evangelism will produce many useful, faithful and active souls (like products).

** Lots of believers are there in number – but if you are not able to clearly tell that - He is the Messiah (Savior to the whole world) – then it means Lord is not living in you.

**Only one who has experienced can tell about the experience of trusting in Christ. Only a victor can say about the fight of devil and how victory can be won.

What the meaning of faithfulness and obedience is.


There is a young person with a great calling in the house of Andrew, a man with calling for a great ministry, a man with leadership capability, a man who knows how to gather all people together, a man who will speak in public to many thousands together and even the authorities, a man who will first preach the gospel, baptize thousands for Jesus, start the new testament church, first tell the gospel, baptize and anoint a gentile family Cornelius.

**This young man is in the house of Andrew – which he doesn’t know, his parents doesn’t know. SO LET US NOT PRE-JUDGE PEOPLE, it is Lord who has called – and that almighty Lord knows how to transform people according to the ministry entrusted.

**You job is just to bring a person to the presence of the Lord – without thinking about any of his character or past. Jesus will transform him and make that person a mighty man of God – that is Lord’s part – he will do that through the Holy spirit.


>> Again we see a good quality – Andrew was not jealous for Lord using Peter and number one – we see that Andrew was ministering along with them according to his calling. It always a blessing to minister in the slot which Christ has placed you.


>> We don’t see that Andrew did any great mega ministry – but his ministry was more than mega. He used to encourage others to be great in ministry – to be known in the Lord. His ministry was the greatest – without Andrew – these people would never have been used so greatly by the Lord.

In John 6: 8, 9 – we see Andrew finding and bring that small boy to the Lord, that is why thousands had food along with the spiritual food.

Read John 6: 5-7 also – see the reply of Philip- he could not completely trust in God- what is the use of such people – they always discourage and hinder the work of God.

Like what happened in the time of Moses – we know about the spies who went to see Canaan, all others told what they saw – but only Joshua nd Caleb could encourage the people of God and see ahead what Lord is going to do for them – and how His name is going to be glorified – Numbers 13 : 25,27, 28,30-33 and Numbers 14 : 1, 2, 6-12.


>> This was a great ministry which Andrew had – he is doing any great miracle but his eyes is always on the search – to find faithful and talented people, call them and bring them to the presence of Jesus – because he know rest Jesus will do.


Verse 42Lord calls him by full name and address

>> Cephas – petros – a little stone (from the main stone)


Verse 43Jesus found Philip and called him to follow


Verses 45 & 46 Philip found Nathaniel,

>> Nathaniel’s question - Will anything good come out of Nazareth – More than a Savior and a Redeemer – we expect other good worldly things from Jesus


Jesus replies - Come and See – what type of good (Its eternal goodness – not the goodness which gentiles expect from their Pagan Godesses.


Verse 48 Jesus confirms - Before Philip called you – I saw you

>> There is nothing – ever in the world – which is hidden form the sight of God

To whom we are accountable.





Verses 1-11The wedding in Cana (of Galilee) is a popular and very familiar portion from the Bible. Most of the secular Christians also take this portion as a great relief for drinking.


>> They are not aware of the commandment that –

1 Cor 6:9, 10 - Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators.......

nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.


>> Here Jesus did not make alcohol or serve alcohol in the wedding, it was just natural grape wine (a drink like our tea) which they all drink after a meal. Their meal always consist of a lot of meat and very little bread, so for that large quantity of meat consumed, they have a practice in their culture to have grape wine after a heavy meal.

1 Tim 5:23 - That is why Paul exhorted Timothy to drink some wine for His gastric problem.


>> Israel (promised Canaan is a land of huge grapes (Numb 13:23 – two men had  to carry one cluster of grapes on a pole)

>> Lot of verses concerning Grapes and Israel in the Bible

Ezek 18 :2 – Proverb - The fathers have eaten sour grapes, And the children’s teeth are set on edge’? (Same verse in Jeremiah chapt 31)

Again lots of verses about grapes and winepress in the Bible, so it was their main produce like Olive. So when they harvest and all ripe together, this is how they preserve it naturally and serve it after every meal (without making it very intoxicating)


>> Judges 13: 4 & 7 – Samson was a Nazarite (a man of special vow), so Lord told him not to drink wine or strong drink

**So wine is different , Alcohol is different.


Verse 2Mary was already there, Jesus and his disciples were invited, so this might have been a house of their relation, but as Jesus started His ministry, he is not staying at home (that’s why he was invited)
>> Because Jesus came down in a human birth – Joseph and Mary were chosen by God- to nourish and help this child grow to a strong young man, but after his baptism and anointment, now it’s the Holy spirit and Father which is guiding him in the plan of God.

>> Two times when Jesus was asked about His home – these are the replies He gave

·        Come and see (John 1:39)

·        Math 8:20 - And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” (also in Luke 9)


Verse 3Why did a marriage house run out of wine ? Usually every one stocks surplus.

>> We understand that – Our calculations fail many a times – Lord allows it

>> For all the people of that area (and the whole world) to know – who Jesus is.

>> Lord makes opportunities in our life to understand that – your calculation and desires have failed – Immediately submit yourselves to Lord

Call upon His name – Call JESUS – When Lord becomes your master – all things work together for the glory of God.


Verse 5Here in this house – when Mary told them to call Jesus – and obey exactly what He say – The did so – so they were not ashamed.

Ø Here Mary could not help them

Ø Mary could not make water into wine

Ø Is there anywhere in the Bible which says – make your supplication to Mary (or any other saints)– NO – But in Philip 4:6 – Make your supplication to the Lord – with thanksgiving


Verse 4Once when the ministry of Jesus was revealed – this is how Jesus calls Mary – WOMAN – what does your concern have to do with me ?

>> There is a time for the Lord to work – when His perfect time comes – for His name to be glorified


Again as we come to Verse 5 Whatever He says to you – do it

Mary : I don’t know when He will command

I don’t know what He will command

But Obey everything He says – then you will not be ashamed and His name will be glorified throughout the whole world.


Verses 7 - 9 Jesus said – FILL and SERVE – they have only ordinary water to fill – Nothing else – but at the right time of serving – it will be what it should be.

>> If you have the calling and anointment to believe that blind foldedly – then serve Him – otherwise quit – and go and hear to the counsel of the worldly.


>> Even the best taste expert and the master of the ceremony was astonished – seeing the taste of it

Ps 34:8 - Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;  Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!


>> Again here we see – Lord chose ordinary stone vessels – which are kept outside for their hand and feet washing (John 2:6 – used for the purification of Jews). The fine pots – were already wine was served – it was empty now – Lord did not tell to bring it.

>> In the beginning of His ministry Christ was proving to the world – that He is forsaking the Jews (who were proud to be the high and chosen tribe) and filling the simple stone cut pots – Gentiles -(which were simply lying outside) – and bringing them in the marriage hall – to be a blessing for many.



>> 1 Cor 1 : 27 , 28 - But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty;

and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are,


9 – Master asked – why did you give the best in the last – that was not the way of man.

First good will be given, then when you are full – the bad will be given (cheating), but when Lord does –

He does everything – against the rules of this world- that’s what we are not able to bear.

>> So what do we understand from this – Lord way of doing things is –

Even if it is bitter herbs now – we will be rejoicing abundantly in the promised land – it is the last what counts

>> Eccl 7:8 - The end of a thing is better than its beginning, The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

>> Math – What is the profit if you have gained the whole world and lose your own soul


Verse 11 Each time His glory is revealed –people believe in Him

>> Our belief in Him is not to get our pots full – No games will work with Him

>> But if you obey exactly what He says – many forsaken stone pots will be filled (that is the ministry of this end time)


So what we understand from this portion is – Believe in Him completely- Obey and do exactly what He says – and your shame will be taken away.

>> Obedience is better than sacrifice



Verses 12-16In the temple of God, its completely being ruled by a committee, so their decisions are going on, not Lord’s decision. They have no fear of God.

>> This is the temple of God, even gentiles know that, but what is going on there.

>> Here really Lord is coming amidst them (this is the first sanctification being done here), to His house (isn’t that the real truth – this is the house of God)

Exo 25:8,9 - And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.

>> It is that temple, they beautified and beautified, and finally Lord is not there.


14 – ox, sheep, doves and money changers (foreign exchange and where you get small changes. This is all for sacrifice, actually they should bring it from home, but now they will do everything, just pay the money. In a Passovers time, lakhs of animals and birds are sacrificed, and licences are given to these vendors by the priests.


>> This is how things are among believers today, people these days thinks, I will do my business and live my life, then in the last give something to the Pastor or to the church, otherwise I will sponsor a convention or a open air meeting, otherwise I will call a prophet or a group of pastors and make them sit it my home and make them pray for me – for the prayer topics I give.


15 – When Jesus comes – he comes with a whip and sanctifies the place. He drove all the animals and business people (in the name of Jesus).

>> Then overturned the tables – because they are not moving – they are doing business there. They say it is for sacrifice to the Lord – but here Lord says – I don’t want that money. I will accept only the free-will offering which has been made – by the truth.


16 – Don’t try to make money in my name – if you want to do something for the Lord – do it as a free will offering – don’t expect anything in return.


Verse 17 They remembered the verse (prophecy about Jesus) – taken from Ps 69:9

>> The zeal of the Lord about the “House of God”


Verse 18 They are questioning the authority of Lord Jesus – they didn’t recognize Him. So they are asking – what is the sign to prove your authority and Godship.


Verse 19 Lord answered them – Destroy this temple and I will build it up in 3 days.


Verses 20 & 21 They told him – it took 46 years to built – Lord is not bothered about the long time of construction, but if it doesn’t please my Lord – He will destroy in such a way that – no stone will stay there.

>> He spoke about His body – If you kill me – I will resurrect the 3rd day – then you will understand who I am.

>> And also the templeMath 24:1, 2 - Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down


Verse 22 Disciples could only believe after it happened – that is why Lord told Thomas – Those who believe without seeing – they are blessed.


1 Cor 15:3, 4 - and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,

>> It is the resurrection of Jesus – from the dead – that made our life meaningful – and the word powerful

1 Cor 15:12 – 14 - And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty.

>> Again Paul says – I want to know Him and the power of His resurrection


Verse 23 Many believed in Him as the power of God was manifested through Him. When people see miracles – they believe


Verse 24 & 25But Lord could not believe men – because He did not see a genuine faith in them – only show

>> He knew all men -  right from the beginning – Adam & Eve, then Cain and Abel, then Noah’s time, then Moses time and then Joseph’s time – man was all unfaithful and selfish.


25 – we don’t need to self–testify – God says – He knows all man

>> Ish 2:22 - Sever yourselves from such a man, Whose breath is in his nostrils; For of what account is he?





Verse 1- Nicodemus – a ruler of the Jews


Verse 2 This man came to Jesus by night – (He want to talk to Jesus – but He doesn’t  want to be called by the name of Jesus, He doesn’t want anyone to know it.

·        Because He was not bold enough to witness that Jesus is the Messiah (Savior) in public

·        He will lose his position in the society

·        At night he is telling Jesus what he understood (by the spirit of God)- what the use – No use



Prov 28:1 - The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion.

Philemon 1:8 - Therefore, though I might be very bold in Christ to command you what is fitting

2 Cor 3: 11-12 - Therefore, since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech

Heb 13:6 - So we may boldly say: “ The LORD is my helper;I will not fear.What can man do to me?

Acts 4:28, 29 - Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word

Also Verse 31 - Then they preached the word of God with boldness.

>> This is the Boldness which Peter and John, Paul and Timothy got.


>> In the above chapter 2:24, 25 – Jesus clearly said –He doesn’t believe them (even though they say they believe Jesus – and he doesn’t need their praise or testifying)

>> He only needs the praise and testimony of the people who can stand boldly for Him.


TEACHER – Any way Jesus was happy because he understood that Jesus came to teach and correct people, others till now only understood that He was a miracle worker who gives food and water and healing to people.

Atleast Nicodemus understood – who He really was – You need to really know Him


NICODEMUS – Here we see from the description that he was

Ø A teacher of Israel – (verse 10)

Ø An aged (verse 4) and a man of knowledge

Ø A Pharisee (verse 1)

>> Now his desire was to know deeper, not for a miracle

>> As he knew little deep , so He wanted to move deeper.(only those who know the Word and Lord will have the desire to move more deeper, others will stick around prophecies or promises or miracles (which is all worldly matters). They say they want to fly to heights.


Verse 3Jesus is telling him straight forward, because Jesus knows how much He understood, but he does not have the boldness to publicly witness. So without any introduction or sweet words, Jesus is telling him openly and straight on the face.

No mercy needed for those act as if they didn’t understand, Jesus deals differently at each time in His ministry – He discerns and deals.


>> Here he thinks and he is a learned of the Old testament, he is thorough with Genesis to Malachi, but here Jesus is telling Him a message of Salvation and Reconciliation (which will not be found in the pages there).


SUBJECT – of this verse is

Ø The kingdom of God

>> John preached out – Math 3:2 - “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

>> Jesus and all the apostles – Repent, be saved for the perverse generation.

>> So it means – Believe the word, repent in all ways, confess, then witness every where the way of this salvation.


Ø A new birth – He is asking what is new birth – his doubt in verse 4


>> Amen, Amen, Surely, Surely – It is the most important warning in the Bible


Verse 4This is a new teaching by Jesus,

To be reconciled and become the direct children of God

>> And the inheritors of all the riches of heaven

>> A change in all our worldly vision, plans, human characters and receive a holiness and separation


Verse 5In verse 3 – Be born again (believe)

Here be baptized by water and by the spirit

>> Otherwise you will by no means enter into the kingdom of God.


Verse 6 & 7 Nicodemus really was amazed

>> The first birth was by flesh, so you lived according to your hereditarial character and self made personality.

>> Now when you are born by the spirit – you are controlled by the spirit, so a complete change in all these areas and your personality

>> As God said to – his anointed ones

·        Abram to Abraham

·        Sarai to Sarah

·        Jacob to Israel

·        Simon to Cephas

·        Saul to Paul

Lord just said – from now on you shall be called so and so.

>> Our mind and personality has to be changed to the Lord, we are still in the furnace for that change, the earlier the change happens, you come out of the furnace.


6 – Those who are born of the Spirit have to grow in the spirit, and those who are born in the flesh, let them grow in the flesh (worldly) – who are we ??


Verse 8A person who is born of the Spirit (that is the real born again , baptism and real anointment of the Holy spirit) will have a lot of noticeable changes –

>> When wind blows – the leaves move, the tree shakes, you hear the sound of it (the spirit).

>> No one knows what is happening inside , what all the Lord is teaching them , making them experience – but the change should be witnessed by the whole world.

>> A person who is born of the Spirit is completely controlled by the Spirit.


Verse 9 As the answer to his question – Jesus is explaining about – being born again – or born of the Spirit.


Verse 10 – By name teacher – but you don’t know this, today also

Many are Bible teachers and call themselves servants of God – they teach many things – but don’t know the real truth – because the real truth is only revealed by the Spirit of God, and till they know that, they will keep on arguing and rebelling against the real truth.


Verse 12 Heavenly things are not to be analyzed by our wisdom. We will reach no where, it will be foolishness for us, we will not feel like accepting it, but we will find out some excuse or way out to rebel against it.

>> 1 Cor 2:12 – 14 - But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him


Verse 13There is no one who has come to the earth and then ascended to heaven other than Jesus.

>> So only Jesus has resurrected, no Mary or any Apostles or Joseph or any Priests have gone to heaven to forward our prayers or mediate.

>> All the dead, their souls are resting in the resting place till the trumpet blows.


Verse 14 As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, Jesus is explaining to the Old testament through its incidences.

>> When Israel travelled through the desert, they had a lot of disobedience and sin, they a demonic attack came upon them,

>> A special snake started biting them –fiery snake – poison spread fast, people started dying – no medicine, no worldly work according to their wisdom could save them from this plague.

>> So they came to the anointed servant of God and started crying – to ask God for deliverance.


>> You should make a brazen snake and hang it on a pole, They don’t know why God told.

If they would have thought according to their wisdom, they would have all died, but when God speaks , just obey and submit, don’t think – Is it wise – you become wise and blessed when you do it, not a hearer.


>> All of you should look at it and you will be healed, there is no science in it. According to science when a snake bites, tie a string tight around that part, then bleed the blood out.

But here , none of your works , just look at it and you will be healed (delivered)


>> Now after hundreds of years, to the teacher of the Jews, Jesus is telling – do you remember about Lord counsel – Just Look and you will be healed.

Likewise just believe from your heart, and you will be delivered, no money, no wisdom, no works (none)etc.

>> Just like that brazen snake, similarly Jesus is going to be hanged on a cross, on Mt. Calvary, on the side of the highway, in such a height and location that all of Israel can see Jesus hanged on a cross.


Verse 15So now just believe in Him and obey His words, be completely guided by the Spirit because you are born again in the Spirit.

>> Whoever – which country or caste or religion


Verse 16To save all of us from eternal hellfire, Father God did consider His Son Jesus (God himself- God who deals with man), to be a complete sacrifice for us.

>> First He came preached, only very few accepted (maybe 0.0000001 percentage of the Jewish community), only the remnant was saved.

>> God sent His only begotten Son, felt to destroy Him – to save us.


>> For us – if He doesn’t want God let him perish, but for God, He doesn’t want anyone to perish

>> So let us not be over-smart , understand that – as long as Lord has not forsaken, we too have no option to forsake anyone – patiently deal with that person till he/she is free from the satanic bondage binding them from deliverance.


Verse 17 In verse 16 – it was about the love of God, immediately from verse 17 onwards – it says about the judgment of God

>> God is a loving God at the same time He is also a consuming fire

>> It is because He is righteous – He loves us but He can’t help or save any one who commits disobedience or offense.


>> God’s purpose is not to judge or punish the world, but to save the world

>> At the same time – He is a righteous judge.


Eg: Even true judges in this world will judge even his son – if he is a culprit.


**Verse 16 – That is why to save us – Lord paid the price

He punished His Son (who was without sin) and we escaped


**Isaiah 53:6 - All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

**1 Peter 2:24 - who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.


Verse 18 This is the real Gospel (along with verse 16)

>> If you believe in Jesus (all the conditions in the Bible apply), then no punishment.

>> Otherwise Judgment (hell fire) is already fixed

·        So to be in judgment (to be punished) , don’t do anything, just go like this

·        But to escape from eternal judgment, we all have to change our ways.


>> So all those who really want your loved ones and the Lord whom God is sending to you – you have to tell them the Gospel, otherwise also there is punishment.

>> If you don’t witness the Lord – if you are ashamed, then Lord also will be ashamed to read your name in heaven.


Verses 19 & 20What is Judgment ?

Ø Light came into this world

Ø They saw light, they got the opportunity to hear and see this light

Ø But men loved darkness more than light

Ø They purposely stayed away from light because their dark deeds (which is to be ashamed) will exposed in light


>> So any one (even among the so called believers) who say –

I don’t need so much spirituality

I don’t need so much faith

I don’t need so much separation

I don’t need so much dedication

I don’t need so much Bible class

I don’t need so much – worshipping in tongues

I don’t want to come for all the meetings – Sunday is enough – why always gatherings

I don’t need mentoring – I will not allow the word of God to correct my personal areas.

**They are telling this because – the devil in them is afraid – if it is exposed in the light of the word of God, then that satan cannot hide inside anymore.


19They loved darkness more than light – because their deeds were evil

>> Light is never harmful to anyone, but for those who don’t want to change their ways to please God – so they run away from light.


20 – Word of God or Jesus doesn’t want to blame you or punish you, but as

>> The word of God speaks to you (as it is light), your areas to be changed will be visible slowly - (which you are stubborn about – which you haven’t given to the Lord)

>> Again as the lumens (unit in which brightness is measured) of light (word of God – and the presence and closeness of Jesus increases – again your to be changed areas are exposed – now you cant hide, now the only option is to change your ways –

>> Jerem 26:13 - Now therefore, amend your ways and your doings, and obey the voice of the LORD your God……..

>> Heb 12: 12, 13 - Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated, but rather be healed.


·        Also the things which are not clear to you – as the light brightens – it becomes more and again sure for you.


Ø Lord is coming to judge – Ps 50: 3, 4 - He shall call to the heavens from above, And to the earth, that He may judge His people:

Ø Ezekiel 22:14 - Can your heart endure, or can your hands remain strong, in the days when I shall deal with you?



Verse 21 But a person who desires to come more and more in the Lord – will also have the confidence in the sight of God (and with the devil – others are afraid of the devil and its attack)

Because they are doing everything in the Lord – (means they have put their desires and plans away and all the future plans are fully in the Lord (guided by the spirit of God)

>> What a burden free and joyous life – Jehovah Jireh


Verse 22Jesus was making his disciples baptize people, Jesus did not baptize anyone (John 4:2),


Verse 23And in another nearby place John the Baptist was also baptizing people. It was before he was arrested.

>> So for Biblical baptism, it cannot be done in a stone basin or by sprinkling,

According to the word of God (this verse) – Lots of water is needed for baptism.


Verses  25 & 26 A small doubt and argument between the disciples of John, they came to John for the real answer.


Verses 27 & 28Jesus is also conducting baptism because He is sent from heaven, given the authority from the Father.

>> And John is telling his disciples – I am not Christ

( And I will not take His glory – I don’t want to shine)

I myself have told you this –

The One who is coming after me , whose sandals I am not worthy to lose.

>> My job is to prepare the way for the Savior – Repent – for the kingdom of God is at hand.


>> Here the disciples of John – wanted to dispute with the disciples with Jesus – saying we started first, If it was someone else they would add fuel to the fire,

But John taught his disciples – who is who, and moved them away from dispute.


Verses 29 & 30 He that has the bride (the church) is the bridegroom (Messiah)

Ø He must increase and I must decrease


>> John (the last of the old testament) – so he is calling himself the friend of the bridegroom.



**Jesus – Bridegroom

**New testament church – Bride – One whose is engaged

(because after marriage – the name has changed – then not bride or groom)

**Israel – friend of the Bridegroom (has come from them)


>> This joy of mine is fulfilled – My job was to introduce – the Messiah, now you say lots are following Him and gathering there,

Yes my job is almost over because now people have started to recognize Him and accept Him.


>> 2 Cor 11:2 - For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy. For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

(May the Lord strengthen you to come into a deep relationship with your eternal bridegroom, are you not able to enjoy the time you spend with him, talk to him personally, what about the time you read His word, hear His voice. – Let the relationship be more closer).


Verse 31As Jesus has come from above, He talks about the heavenly things,

But as man dwells in flesh and lives in this world, he always talk worldly thing, so your focus should not be on me, but on Jesus (the Messiah)


Verses 32Even though He (Jesus) is testifying the heavenly, people (jews and now the world) are not receiving it,

But he who receives it – will have everlasting life (verse 36)

Verse 36 All others will see the wrath of God (destroyed forever)

Ps 2:12 - Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, And you perish in the way, ​​When His wrath is kindled but a little. ​​Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.

Rom 1:18 - For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,


Verse 35 They are not able to believe in the Son (Jesus), so John is making it clear to all jews – that all authority in heaven – on earth- and in judgment – is given to Jesus – so accept Him as your Lord and Savior (the only One who can save you) – every tongue will bow and confess that you are Lord.


Verse 34In Old testament – the spirit was given by measure upon Moses, upon Elijah , then for Elisha (double portion)


>> But on Jesus – it is without measure – for the jews to understand the Son of God and Holy Spirit, which was not clear and evident to the people, in the Old Testament time.

>> Ish 11:2 - The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.

(the fullness of the spirit is upon Jesus – 7 properties of the Holy Spirit)

>> Eph 3:19 - to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

>> John 7: 37 – 39 - Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.     He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”    But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing[g] in Him would receive;


Verse 30  –  He must increase and I must decrease



Chapter - 4


Verses 1 & 2- The Pharisees started saying – Jesus is making more disciples and baptizing more people than John the Baptist – because John started this ministry, but as now Jesus started speaking the word – more multitude gathered around Jesus, the called ones recognized the voice of the Savior and they obeyed and submitted themselves for Baptism.

>> In verse 2 , its clear in all translations (also read POC) that – although more people gathered around Jesus – but it was not Jesus who baptized – it was His disciples. So it is clear in all the translations – that Jesus himself did not baptize.


Verses 3 - 9- This Samaritan woman standing at a public well for water

>> Jesus approached that well and asked that woman for water

(Lord purposely asked so that she will pour out her heart to the Lord)

(So that she will understand who is the real source)


SAMARIA – A region – later it became a tribe or people group.

>> When Jews in the North (Galilee) used to travel frequently to their worship or Holy place – Jerusalem (in Judea). But as Samaria lies in the middle, they used to divert their ways, to travel a lot extra to the banks of Jordan and travel through it borders till it reaches the Judea region.


Omri, the king of Israel, purchased this hill from Shemer its owner for two talents of silver, and built on its broad summit the city Samaria (1 Kings 16:24). Those people group married the locals (gentiles) there and continued, so this people group is a mixed – generation. That is the reason why the Jews count them as outcast or gentiles.

>> But they also claim that Jacob’s well is their well (John 4: 12) and

>> They are also waiting for Messiah  (John 4: 25)


Verse 3 – Jesus needed to go through Samaria – Jews don’t need to go  (calling them – not children of God ) but Jesus needed to go –

(So don’t forsake anyone – whom Jesus has forsaken – what right have you to do that – who has entrusted you.)

>> Lord broke their custom and their culture – as He passed through Samaria and drank the water they gave.


>> What Jesus did could have been the starting of a problem – in many ways (broke their ways) – The woman He talked to – was once a bad woman (she had 5 husbands – and now she is living with a man who is not her husband)

Because this is the New Testament


We might have many reasonings to say but Jesus just has one word to proclaim - (John 4: 34 - Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work)


Verse 8 – Disciples were sent to the village so she open her heart to the Lord


Verse 10She thought she knew everything she wanted to know,

And she is also proud of her position, so she boasted of that well (Jacob’s well).

>> But she was standing on a heap of ignorance and emptiness.

·        Know your Lord

·        Know your present position in the Lord (according to your calling)

·        Then only you can built up from there – otherwise this work is not going stand.

·        Know the value of that gift of God (eternal life – salvation – our selection)


Verses 13 & 14What you need is not this worldly water – you need Living waters – that is what I am going to give you.

(Your desire is just worldly (that is temporary), I am not going to give you your desire, but the will of Father – for you)

>> Rivers of Living waterJohn 7:37-39 – its about the heavenly filling (anointment) which will guide us through


Verse 15Then give me that water – so I will have no more need

>> Coming to the Lord and living that eternal water is not to end all your needs.


Verse 20  &  verse 9 She is telling Lord about her group and religion, but Lord is not bothered about it, because Jesus is the Savior to the whole world – now God has become the God of all nations (even though it is written in the Old testament) – now that prophecy is fulfilled through Christ.


Verses 21 - 24  –  Now the worship pattern is also changing in Christ –

Is you needed a total change (old is gone - behold all things are new),

>> Which ever group or nationality your are – you have to worship the Lord in truth (true word) and in the spirit (spirit should lead you in prayer and worship)


>> As the Jews wont allow the Samaritans to enter in Jerusalem temple premises, they have made their worship place on another hill in Samaria. That’s why Jesus said, Not on that mountain (Jerusalem) or this mountain (in Samaria), but a time is going to begin when people from all nations and tribes should worship the Lord in truth and in Spirit.


WORSHIP – In worship, worship him as He desires, not our set of rules or practices.

>> It is the sweet relationship between Father and Children when call him sweetly from our heart – Abba Father. Where there is no buttering or flattering.

>> Not by outside show, but only those who live in the real truth, have the right to worship Him – otherwise be transformed.

>> It should be in the real anointment and true spirit – all other spirits will be revealed in public when the real fire of the Holy spirit is revealed in each Holy worship place.

Eg: Many places the anti-Christ spirit is also worshipping along, in many cases they are in front or leading. But as that fellowship is not in true holiness, the devil is not being revealed.


Verse 27When disciples came, they were marveled, because even though Jesus talked with this Samaritan woman (Jews x Samaria), not a single person asked Jesus or intervened the conversation.

>> If disciples were there they would have, that’s why Lord sent them for food into the market (verse 8)

**Because these days children of God have become very selfish, they always wants people and Jesus hear their complains and stories. When another person starts telling about their life, immediately we intervene or go away from there. Its an other person’s life being shared there, what has that got to do with me.

**These days Servants of Lord and children of God are like that – they call themselves DISCIPLES, and they are doing many things in the name of the Lord, but don’t know the mind of Jesus, they don’t know the plan of Jesus,  they are not being transformed to that vision, they are all still in flesh.


Verse 28 She left the pot there, when she got the calling and the rivers of living water, then she left the useless water pot (where her thirst never ends – all the things of the world are like that).

>> She had a great transformation – when she talked to Jesus directly. She had heard about Jesus in the Synagogue. But now when she talked directly – Her life changed – my secrets came out – He knows my everything – Her life changed - which no one could change (not even the 5 husbands or any relatives or friends).

>> He might be Christ (they all have been waiting for, but couldn’t meet)

He is Christ – because he knows me completely –

my desires (its extreme)

my weaknesses (its extreme)

my abilities and in-abilities,

all what has happened, is happening and will happen


You don’t need to study theology to witness His Holy word, the moment you know the truth,

You start with what you are entrusted – and God will lead you further in ministry.

>> Only thing – you should be lead by the spirit – here she was filled with the rivers of living water – by Jesus.


Verses 31 & 32You are just bothered about food for your flesh, but I have come for a different purpose (to proclaim the gospel) – which you will also slowly do it.

>> DISCIPLES - for that you need a lot of change, which you will slowly have.

Sharing the living word is strength to our body and soul.

Prov 3:8 - It will be health to your flesh, And strength to your bones.


>> If you share the word of God or your experiences in Christ daily, your inner manner will grow with the heavenly food. That is heavenly blessings which makes you strong and bold in the work of the Lord.

>> 1 Cor 9:16 -  Woe unto me if I do not preach the gospel



Verse 34  – Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.

>> Being His children – why are we not bothered about that work

>> Understand that we have not come to the world, but we are sent by God into this world (for a purpose)


Verses 35 & 36 –  They only know about their harvest at season (which is 4 months away then), but Lord explains the disciples about a harvest which is to be done always (without any season)

>> All seasons, every day and every hour

>> 2 Tim 4:2 - Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching

Longsuffering - .because change wont come immediately when you tell, but without getting tired, as Christ dealt with you – deal the word of God with others.


>> This harvest is already ripe.


Verses 37 & 38Now as I came here, from now on it is Salvation for Samaria.

>> For years, they were forsaken and excluded from all services as untouchables by the Jews. Always forsaken and outcast- eventhough they are also children of Abraham, they have been suffering for the mistake their great forefathers did, not what they did. They married gentile woman from Samaria region and settled there.

>> But Lord is telling the disciples – I directly came here and did the gospel work, now its Father’s will that you harvest from Samaria – Now it’s the right time for the deliverance of Samaria from all the ancestral curse and bondage.


Verse 39  - You should influence your friends and relatives, instead let not their advice and life style influence you.

>> Here this sinner lady (this hopeless lady – whatever she says – no one will hear) – but now filled with the heavenly filling of truth and spirit, she testified to the whole city (no one called her mad) – but they believed.

>> A lady once she destroyed others and destroyed herself with sin

Now she is a media through which Samaria heard about Jesus.

She just testified what she experienced – Jesus changed the hearts of people who heard the Gospel.


>> She just invited them to see Jesus – to the presence of the Lord


Verses 40 & 41 And hearing that many Samaritans came to Jesus , they heard from Him directly.

>> They urged Jesus – we want more – it is not enough, when that thirst came

>> Jesus did not think, he was a Jew

>> A place (Samaria) where Jews hate to pass through, here Jesus stayed with them for two days.

>> When Jesus did that – many believed in the Lord.


Verse 42She did her job, Her job was to invite.

Rest Lord will do

>> Will we do our job – invite people to the presence of the Lord.


Verse 43, 44,54 Jesus was from Galilee (he lived his 30 years in Galilee)


Verse 44 & 45Jesus said – A prophet is not honored in his own place

>> Still the people received Him, because of the miracles He did in Cana


Verse 48 People just want miracles – John 2:23-25


Verses 50-53 The same moment Jesus told him In Cana– Your son lives – His son got life at Capernaum. If my Lord commands – that’s all

>> A word of my Lord brings everything to happen from nothing –

But when he will

Not according to my will

He doesn’t need any counselors and You don’t need to please Him to get something from Him.



Chapter – 5


Verse 1 -3 - After the feast , Jesus went to Jerusalem and in the temple premises is the pool of Bethesda (in Hebrew meaning – house of mercy). All the sick were laid there and they were all waiting for the moving of the pool.


Verse 4A chance given by Lord – for those who are zealous and take immediate decisions for the Lord

After the angel mixes – who jumps in quick and first – is only made well.

>> The work of the Lord is only revealed upon him, 

Is it because Lord can’t heal them all – NO – Lord wants to know the readiness of mind.


Verses 5 & 6 Now the important message comes – for why this incident is written in the Bible – for us.

Ø  Jesus saw him now lying there

Ø Jesus already knew how long (38 years) – Lord knows every ones condition

Now asks the question – the question which He wants to ask us all –

Do you really want to…………..


Verse 7 Man’s lame excuse

>> In the eyes of our Lord – his excuse was more lame than his leg or body


Verse 8 Lord forgave him and changed his situation.


Verse 9 At the voice of Jesus – every body will have a change – For 38 yeas he couldn’t even stand, now he is taking his bed and walking.

>> So no excuses will work out here in the presence of the Lord – just ur

·        Lack of faith and

·        Lazy excuses – you don’t want to do it – so blaming your circumstances.


Verses 14 & 15Why Lord changed His situation –

>> Sin no more – So it was his sin which made him in this immovable situation.

(so his doings were wrong in the sight of God) – even though no big sin is seen here.

Otherwise a worst thing will come upon you.

>> To testify (tell others) – the work which Lord did in your life.


Verse 10 The council is only bothered about their tradition, practices and their set of laws.

>> It is Sabbath – you are not allowed to do this on Sabbath

>> Who made that law – This Lord

>> Understand that – In the New testament – Lord Jesus is not going to lead us by this bread (the word) – but by every word that proceeds out of His mouth.

>> According to our obedience and Faithfulness – Lord will change the course of our life. Understand that Lord controls our paths of life.

** Lord keeps on changing His ways in our life – its not because Lord doesn’t know how to do things or take a decision – but we are the reason – for these change to happen.

** In all the conditions of the covenants in the Bible – Lord says – As long as you walk like how I say – Or according to our faithfulness – Or how we work out His plans according to His counsel – according to our readiness and zeal for Him – Lord changes our paths.

·        That’s why in the Bible – it says – those who are lead by the spirit –

·        That leading keeps on changing according to Lord’s will


>> They said – Its not lawful according to law

>> Jesus said –It is lawful – carry your bed and walk


Ø Lord makes laws and changes laws

Ø Lord opens doors and closes doors

Ø Lord makes way through all impossibilities, sometimes closes all the way that we can’t move a bit

Ø Lord makes shame, even takes all our shame away

Ø Lord lifts – Lord puts down

Ø Lord gives life – Lord takes life

Ø Lord gives diseases / problems – Lord takes away diseases / problems


Verse 16They are firing at Jesus – It is not lawful to do so

Now they are trying to kill Jesus – because Lord didn’t hear their words – but started doing things that the Father wanted.


Verse 17 The Father and Son is working together – in one Spirit

(what Lord meant was – Those who are led by the Spirit should also work – according to the guidance of the Lord) – we are working together

>> Then why are these Jewish Council members (ministers) trying to hinder Lord ways and Lords work.


Verse 19 - 21 Jesus does everything according to Father’s will.

>> Both Father and Son work great works

>> Both Father and Son gives Life – to whom they will

(This is about resurrection from the dead – at the sound of the trumpet)


Verse 22 But the JUDGMENTonly Lord Jesus does alone –

Because the Judgment is entrusted to the Son only – by the Father


To that Jesus – they are questioning Him – in which authority do you do this

We will kill you.


Verses 27 Father has given all authority to judge to His Son Jesus – because He is the Son of Man

** Son of Man because God left his heavenly Body, Glory, Position and Authority to be born as an ordinary Man –then only can he judge us lawfully and righteously

Now he knows what hunger is,                         What great grief is,  He wept, 

He was beaten – so what pain is

He was stripped of – so what Nakedness is

And now He knows what temptation of the devil is

What weakness in flesh is

The capabilities and in-capabilities of man

Man’s real mentality towards God – thats why He asks everyone – Do you really want to.


·        Lots of verses – saying Son of Man in the Bible – specially in all the Gospels, then Acts and Revelation


>> 1 Tim 2:5 - For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,


>> Matthew 20:28 - just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many."


>> Matthew 8:20 - Jesus said to him, "The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head."


>> John 1:51 - And He said to him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see the heavens opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man."


>> John 6:53 - So Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood (The Lord’s Supper), you have no life in yourselves.


>> John 12:23 - And Jesus answered them, saying, "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.


>> John 13:31 - Therefore when he had gone out, Jesus said, "Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in Him;


>> Revelation 1:13 - and in the middle of the lampstands I saw one like a son of man, clothed in a robe reaching to the feet…….



JUDGMENT Rev 20: 11, 12 –Even the whole earth and whole heavens are afraid of this righteous judge who will only judge righteously – without any mercy – without any partiality

12 – We will all be judged according to what is written in the books -

Books of Human works : Everyone to be judged according to his works.

>> WORKS – the works Lord told us to do for the kingdom of God,
How much faithful we were to the ministry entrusted to us by God,

God gives ministry, and we do the work for the Lord

Today people are doing it for some organization and it has become a livelihood.


1 Cor 3:12 – 15

12– The work of God is not seen or noticed by many, but if you notice todays ministry- it is like hay piled up (whole world can see – in flex, in their magazines, channels, mega convention stages – what is their motive behind it – is it for the whole world to know you or for the glory of Jesus.

13 – When passed through fire – (gold, silver, precious stones) – the precious metals get more purified to give more glory

>> 2 Tim 3:12 – All those who want to live holy

14 – Only what you whole heartedly and gladly did for the Lord, paying a great price, fighting with the enemy, who tried to stop you half way,  and became victorious – Reward,

15 – All others will be gone – all what you received from the world gone – Great Loss

>> If our efforts and concentration was on ourselves, we will be shameful and fools on that day.


Verse 30 Jesus says – I want all of you to go to heaven because I paid the price.

>> My judgment is righteous – and the judgment is according to the will of the Father.


Verse 31Its not good if Lord Jesus says himself

But it is others who experience and is trusted, they should say

>> Here John the Baptist starts that witnessing ministry, then Peter, then John, James, Paul, etc……

>> Now its our turn – We have to W0ITNESS who JESUS is – to the whole world


Verses 34 and 41 I don’t need man’s testimony (witness) and

Man’s honor.

>> It should not be done by force but from the heart and experiences.


>> Lord’s also does not need our counsel – what to do – don’t tell Him – Lord will guide you – just obey His counsel

Rom 11:34  -  For who has known the mind of the LORD ? Or who has become His counselor ?

1 Cor 2:16 - For “who has known the mind of the LORD that he may instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ.


Verse 35 Here John (when you witness) – was the burning and shining lamp.

>> And all the people were rejoicing in that light (through John),

>> So when you witness – you will be covered with his heavenly glory.


Verses 40 To Israelites – You are not coming to me that you may have life,

But you for miracles. People are not bothered about the eternal life but about the things in the world.


Verse 43 Jesus comes in the name of Father (Son of Father God) – so satan is moving all people to reject Him, but when another

The Anti-Christ comes – in His own name - all Jews will accept him as Savior and worship him for few years till they know that they were cheated.

>> Jesus was working in all ways – by ways of wisdom - by miracles - by casting out all demons – healing all sick – loving those who gathered to stone Him and kill Him – Still they didn’t understand the TRUTH.

But when Anti-Christ comes with all deception – the very first day – he is accepted by all the Jews (children of God’s promise)

>> This is what happens in today’s bible teachings also – the truth is very hard to be accepted – only if Lord opens our inner eyes can they accept.


Verses 46 & 47 Even Moses (the first five books – they give a lot of importance) to the Torah.

>> And then – all the major prophets also have mentioned about Jesus – in their prophecies.

>> So if you believe the Torah and the Psalms and the Prophecies – you will have to believe me –but you are not able to –

Because – you just read the law – but the law is not in your heart.



Chapter – 6


This parable of Jesus feeding thousands is written in Mathew, Mark and John, here its written in brief.

This chapter is the incident which is more clearly written in Mathew 14:15 and 14:22.


Verse 2 A great multitude followed Him, he gave deliverance to all those who were affected and suffering for a long time – what a compassionate Savior we have – those multitude believed that Jesus could heal – What about us.


Verse 5Looking at the people – Lord diagnosed the hunger they had, our Lord knows our needs and our physical condition – even before we ask – and Lord always arranges ahead. His arrangement is always awesome.

>> Those people should also have brought their food, but here Lord is more concerned than they are about themselves.

>> First you seek His kingdom and fulfill that work according to your calling.


Verses 6 & 7Jesus asked Philip – because he only has the ability to count and calculate for these thousands, and he is a man who knows how to give food in the small budget they have – a good organizer.

>> So he answered – to give little food to all – we need atleast 200 denari of bread.

>> Verse 10 – there were 5000 men (so atleast 20,000 when we calculate a woman and 2 children with each)


Verse 9According to Philip’s survey – if we have 200 denari – we can feed them little – but do we have money - NO

>> According to Andrew’s survey – here a boy have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish – but what can we do with so little.


Verse 10 Jesus didn’t reply to their queries – but told them to make the people sit. The disciples obeyed.

Now Philip and Andrew – your calculations are going to be put upside down – against all the law of science.


Verse 13 Only with that little – Five loaves

They got 12 baskets balance after they became full

>> Lord did not allow them to waste the providence of God, if you are full, don’t waste the rest.


Verse 14People saw that miracle and said – This is truly the Prophet who is to come into this world – The Messiah.

>> But the sad part is  - none of them were there when Jesus spoke to them the depth of the word of God and Lord’s divine plan of Salvation.

>> When people see miracle – they praise and believe, but those will only last till – all that received from the Lord is over.


>> So Lord is not flattered by our praises and glorying alone – He discerns outr mentality and the intentions of our heart.

>> Read John 2:23 – 25 – Jesus says – I don’t believe any man – they are all just after miracles

>> What is man - Bible says that man is mere flesh.


Verses 16-21 They were rowing for 3-4 miles and go tired, but when Jesus entered the boat – immediately they reached on the other side in a second. It was also a miracle which Jesus performed to make them understand –

If you are not led by the Lord – If Jesus is not in your boat – then all your efforts are a waste.

·        As you read Math 14:22 – 25 – it becomes more clear – Jesus send the disciples in the boat alone – and He went to pray for them – That is the care of Jesus

Again when they were tired – Jesus came to them – walking among the problem




Verses 22-25 The next day of the great miracle, all the people who gathered in  Tiberias and the people who heard the great event from their mouth – all came and searched Jesus, but they couldn’t find Jesus or His disciples.

Then they heard that they had all gone on the other side of the Lake and they all somehow reached the other side and asked Jesus – When did you come here ?


Verses 26 - 27 Jesus replied to them – discerning their heart –

You don’t want to know or obey the truth

You have come for food, for miracles


Verses 28 - 29This work of the Lord is to make you understand – that I am the Messiah – the Savior.


Verses 30 - 34 The day before they saw great miracles, but because of that they couldn’t believe that He is sent from above.

>> Todays Special - Today what work are you going to do so that we may believe.

More than work – we want the bread

Moses gave bread

>> Jesus clearly explains here – all those who ate that manna – did not reach the promised land – but only Joshua and Caleb

>> All people are seeking him just for bread – just for material blessings


Verse 35 I am the bread of life

Those who eat this bread – will not hunger again

>> In Math chapter 4 – we saw Jesus clearly explains the Samaritan woman – about the rivers of living water – those who drink from it will not thirst again.


Why are you really seeking me ?


Verse 27 As in above verse 26 –

>> You seek me because you were filled with food

>> Today also you have come for your needs – and to see miracles


>> You only think about food which perishes (once you eat – within 2-3 hours it becomes waste.

>> All the material thinks are vanity – nothing – it perishes (but seek the eternal)


>> Son of Man (Jesus) will give you the food – which endures to eternal life

>> Do not seek God for your material needs *as the gentiles do

>> How many gentiles are there – who go to piligrim places – for eternal life – they all go for their worldly needs.
But His children should be different – we are called with a different calling to seek the different thing – heavenly counsel and heavenly work.


>> Lord warned them – Do not follow me for bread – now they somewhat understood that their game is not going to run here – with Jesus.


>> Your Labour should not be for the food that perishes

Let your Labour be for the kingdom of God – this is still a joke for us. We have not thought of it seriously. Your labour in the Lord will never be a loss – it is all accounted and you will get great rewards on that day.

>> Let your labour be fruitful in the Lord – for that you cant simply pray and do as you like – thinking this is what the lord wants from you – that’s how the devil cheats a great majority.

Your Labour should be guided by the spirit of God – and it will be according to your calling.


Verse 28 Now they are asking – What shall we do – that we may work the works of God – which pleases God.

>> They asked this because – they were enlightened a little – as more of the light of God comes into our life – we will understand the mystery of His counsel and our calling.

>> Till now we just asked God our needs, but we didn’t think about what God wants from us.


Verse 29What pleases God – is believe Jesus.

>> Believing Jesus – believing Jesus doesn’t mean – believe only that He is Lord

>> Lord means – Master over us

Believing Jesus – also means – Obeying His counsel


Verse 31 Here BREAD is the subject

>> Jesus is speaking about – the bread of Life – they are again coming back to – the bread which their body needs.

>> Taken from Exodus 16:4


Verse 32 Jesus is correcting it – Its not Moses who gave you the Manna –but the heavenly Father.

>> God used Moses to reveal this work – they saw Moses – so they are believing that it is – Moses
So unknowingly their THANKSGIVING and LIABILTY and HONOR is going to Moses


>> Lets examine our life – Lord has done many things in our life – through many people

>> Honor was given to whom, there’s a tendency to trust in that people again (instead of trusting in God)


Verse 33 All those bread just gave you a little energy for hardly 1 or 2 hours

>> But the bread which came down from heaven – will give His life for you (as a sacrifice)

>> And you will get His life (the life of Jesus)

Examine – Is that life really in us ??? If not – how can we call ourselves – Children of God.


Verse 34 Like the Samaritan woman – when the understood the goodness of the heavenly – they asked Jesus – Lord always give us.


Verse 35 He who comes to me shall never hunger or thirst

>> We think – when we were born again – we came to him that is enough

>> Believe Him – once is enough

NO – we should come to Him always

And believe in Him always

>> Just like our outside body needs food (to grow) always at different meals

Likewise our inner man also needs - heavenly bread – to grow


Verses 38- 40 Jesus says about 2 things he is going to work out – which is Father’s will

39- Of all that has come to me – nothing should be lost

40 – All those who believe in Him – I will raise him up at the last day


>> Jesus is doing exactly what the father’s will is.

Eventhough Jesus is the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the End – He is being an example for us – to do the Father’s will only

>> Philip 2:13 - for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.

>> also in Rom 9:16 – It is not of him that wills or runs, but of God who shows mercy.


Verses 41 & 42When the truth is spoken – immediately problem

Either from the Jews (His own people) or the Romans (the ruling government)

>> They will say that – either Jesus spoke against the law

Or against Moses or Abraham (their Fathers)

>> Jesus only spoke the clear Truth – immediately problem

Because there is an evil one – He gets twisted and troubled when the TRUE TRUTH is PROCLAIMED – by the Spirit of God.

>> Here Jesus spoke the truth – I am the One which came from heaven


>> Fearing them – Did Jesus dilute or twist the truth

Or stop speaking the truth – fearing them.


Verse 43 Immediately murmuring came – among themselves


Verse 44 Only those who are called and specially chosen by the Father – can come to the Lord

>> Him – will Jesus raise up on that day.

>> Whom the Father – has drawn to Him – that is – being His dear child


>> Eph 1:4 - just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love,

>> Jerem 1 :5 - “ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”


Verse 46 No one has seen God (then how can they draw or make the image of God)

>> No one can see God – We cant see Him unless we receive the heavenly body at resurrection.

>> Only He who is from God (Jesus) has seen God


·        Through Jesus we know God

·        Pray to God (in the name of Jesus)

·        Through believing in Jesus – we have the right to become the children (verse 47)


Verse 48 Here the topic is bread, all that worldly bread perishes, the man who gives you daily bread also perishes,

>> But those who eat (taste and see- accept) the heavenly bread will receive everlasting life – I am the bread of life

>> Jesus is repeating this many times in this chapter, because the audience of those times (just like these days) were only bothered about their worldly bread and miracles)

>> Jesus does not want to have fellowship with these selfish and carnal people, Lord is seeking the people who will hear and accept the heavenly voice, obey it completely and inherit the heavenly promises – through great patience.

>> That is what people don’t have these days – they want to have things done now.


Verse 49 Your fathers ate manna from heaven
>> They got all what they asked for – but they were dead


Verse 50 Jesus is explaining to the Jews there and to all the world -  very clearly

Eat this bread (Jesus) and you will not die

Otherwise you will die – who ever you are

No good works or people’s testimony will work out here


Verse 51 Now being more clear – as Jesus is going to give His flesh and his life – for the salvation of the whole world

>> So Jesus says – and that everlasting bread – is my flesh


Verse 52 Common man analyses the WORD with their puny wisdom. They are in confusion, only if Lord opens our heart can a person understand

>> That’s how NICODEMUS asked Jesus – How can I go a second time into my mother’s womb and be Born Again.


Verse 53 NO OTHER OPTION – Unless you accept Jesus into your heart (not just accept, Jesus should stay, the fruit should stay –

John 15:16 - You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain…..

>> Otherwise there is no life (heavenly) in you


Verse 54 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood (take part in the Lord Supper – with holiness)

>> Not simply born again and baptised

>> I will raise him up on the last day (when the trumpet blows)

>> If we don’t continue in that holiness – then only resurrect at the time of the sound of trumpet


Verse 56 In him will I abide – says Jesus


Verse 57 He who feeds on Him – we live because of Him – trust only in Him


Verse 59 Jesus told this in Capernaum – where they all followed Him for more bread and more miracles. He spoke all these teachings in the House of God.


Verse 60 Still many of His disciples – said in the House of God (they are not bothered about it)

Ø Who can understand this ?

Ø Who can follow this teaching ?


Verse 61 Jesus didn’t call those disciples back

This is not Multi level marketing, this is not a club membership, Jesus doesn’t need number.

>> Lord needs faithful people – who will not rebel at His words and accept

>> No man can immediately transform according to His words, Lord will patiently build us up – Lord will give us sufficient grace and strength.

>> But if a man rebels at the word of God – means He doesn’t want to change according to the word – at all – NO HOPE.


>> When Jesus knew that there were murmuring among His very dear disciples – Jesus didn’t cool down the word or omit the hardest part

>> Jesus just looked at them and asked – Does this offend you ?


Verse 67 Do you also want to go ?


Verse 63 It is not food that gives life

It is not medicine or care that gives life

Ø  It is the Spirit that gives us life

Ø  It is the words of Jesus that gives us life


Verse 64 There are some of you – who do not believe

>> They act as if they believe

>> But they really don’t believe

>> It is them who could not continue with Jesus – they had to rebel and leave – from Jesus (and His words)


Verse 65 Again making it clear – No one can come to me unless granted by Father.

Verse 44 – No one can come to me unless Father draws Him to Jesus.


Verse 66 Hearing these words – from that time onwards – they (many of the disciples) walked with Jesus no more – they went back (back to their old)

>> If they are not able to walk with Jesus and accept the true word – they are going back to their old.


>> Jesus always allows these kinds of test – to find – who are the really called ones, who is able to believe all the words of Jesus.


>> From that time onwards – which time ?

When  Jesus didn’t go so deep, but when miracles were shown, around 20,000 gathered. But when Jesus moved deep into the Holy word – people declined a lot and only around 11 followed.


Verse 67 The Holy One who is going to be despised by the people and even the Father- with great pain is asking – Do you also want to go?  …. Then GO.

>> Even today the ratio is somewhat the same.


Verses 68 & 69 Peter said – we have no other option

>> We know those word (of Jesus ) might be hard to accept for many – but these words only lead us to eternal life

>> Those who want only miracles – stopped following, they went back.


Verse 70 Jesus chose them, gave them chance

Even the 12 – Jesus chose – out of that 12, one was a devil.


>> If you want to go – Go away – Jesus asks

So if you have the mind to be submissive to His word – only can you reach the destination.

>> DENY yourselves daily, Take up the CROSS and follow Jesus


>> Math 22:14 - “For many are called, but few are chosen.

>> Math 7:21- “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.




Chapter – 7


Verse 1Lot of people gathered behind Jesus, heard His teaching, changes came to the people and the land, immediately the Jewish counsel (they call themselves children of God) wanted to kill Jesus.


Verse 2It was a Jewish festival – and as it was the end of the Old testament time – it is written here.

In the New testament Christian church – there is no festivals

>> Col 2:16, 17 -  So let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths.....which are a shadow of things to come, but the substance is of Christ.

>> All these festivals where shadows – As Jesus has come now – for your salvation – as your redeemer – Now there is no need for these festivals

>> Also Galatians 4:10, 11


Verses 3 - 5 His brothers told Him – we don’t want to see your works (because they didn’t believe Him) – You go to another province Judea and show it there.

>> Here we want – the festival (shadow)

>> The real Jesus (Messiah) has come, they don’t want Him, they only want the shadow, because that is just a work – a program,

But if you accept the Messiah – satan know – a real change will come in them and holding them back and giving them the satisfaction as they follow some works, festivals, practices etc – because in all this there is no direct relationship with Jesus.

>> So his family members are telling him, go to Judea (Jerusalem) where the feast is going on, and announce yourself – be famous.


Verses 6 & 8 My time hasn’t come, so for every work of the Lord to be revealed – God has a perfect and planned time.

>> For you (you have no goal) – any time is your time

>> You are living and doing things because you are born, but for Jesus – I am send with a purpose – every time is not Father’s time.

I can’t interfere in everything

I can’t do everything

>> Jesus says – My birth, My works, My paths, My death, My resurrection – there is always a perfect time and plan in it.


Verse 7 The world hates me because – I testify that its works are evil.

>> What about His dear children

>> Math 10:22 - And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.

>> Math 10 : 24 - “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.


>> John 15:18, 19 - “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.     If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.


We don’t want to hate us – now – testify – if you want to be His children…..


>> All the apostles and disciples of Jesus have the same word to say
Paul says – I do not hide back anything what the Lord tells me, I say it all.

>> 2 Tim 3:12 - Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.


Verse 14 - 16 At the middle of the feast – as it was Lord’s time – He went into the temple and taught.

>> They want to know – how this man knows letters

** They couldn’t understand – that He is the Lord of all wisdom

How do you know letters ??

**As we ask the Lord our healer – Can you deliver us from all diseases ?? or only headache
** Again we ask the Almighty God – what if I don’t do things on time – what will happen to my future ??


>> That when Jesus says – what I speak is not of the wisdom of this world – it is from above


Verse 24 JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY - You judge from outside – that’s where the world goes wrong

>> But judge righteously – means discern by the Holy spirit

And seek the will of God regarding every matter.


Verses 29 & 30 I am from Him.

>> They wanted to attack Him,

stop Him from teaching the truth

and Kill Him,  but none of them could touch Him because His hour has not yet come.

>> When His hour came, his own disciple showed him and Roman soldiers caught him.

>> So the hour of the Lord (Lord’s perfect timing) is very important , we need to understand more about it.

Don’t analyze it with our brains, just submit ourselves to Lord’s time and Lord’s will.


Verses 33 & 34You will seek me , but will not find me

Where I am – you cannot come

>> Lord gives a chance and time –for us to hear and grow according to His counsel

>> Many a times we are not serious about it – we have our time

>> When Lord tells us to do His work – witness Him – we have our excuses and wait for our time –

That is never going to happen – we will be lost – like these Jewish people lost their chance.


Verses 37 & 38 On that last day of the feast – the day where almost all of the crowd gathered

>> Not all those who are called – many are called

>> But let the faithful and obedient come to me….


>> Why have you come to the temple of God – just for a name’s sake or to get filled by the heavenly filling

>> The more you are filled – you have to change your ways – that’s what people don’t want these days – so they don’t need a lot of filling – just few drops – so not much problem – we can go our way.


>> IF YOU ARE THIRSTY – no one is forcing you – and no one can – the need should come from within you………

>> Not few drops – but live a big river burst out – who no one in the world can control – but only the spirit will control


>> This outflow of the spirit from you – will empower other people from you.


>> what is really flowing out through you – fear, tension,  jealousy, anger, arrogance, selfishness, crookedness etc – because that is within you.


Verse 39 Many people are thirsty for knowledge and wisdom– for authority and power – for talents

>> Jesus spoke concerning the spirit – you all need to have the thirst for more of the spirit

>> In Luke - Ask and my Father shall give you more than you ask (again concerning the Holy spirit)

Not words – not comfort – BUT SPIRIT – when we get more filling of the spirit – all the other experiences are inclusive.


Verses 40 - 52 Few accepted him, many believed Him

>> Immediately Pharisees are questioning those who believed – verses 45 – 51

Nicodemus – a pharisess and a ruler of the Jews - who came to Jesus by night (John 3:1-5) – also spoke for Jesus.


>> Many are using their brains to analyze – if this is Christ or not –


Verses 41 & 52 Will Christ come from Galilee

Prophecies say that Christ should come from David's line and from Bethlehem ( Micah 5:2). Herod ordered the murder of all the boys in Bethlehem (Judea) , so they fled . Even though Herod died before Mary & Joseph returned from Egypt, Joseph still feared Herod's son, who was then ruling in Judea, and God warned Joseph to go to Nazareth (Galilee) instead (Matthew 2:19-23).


DON’T  USE YOUR BRAIN – THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOU – MOVE FORWARD – otherwise you will be the LOSER like these….


Also read John 5:43 - But when another (Anti-Christ) comes in his name - with all deception – the very first day – he is accepted by all the Jews (children of God’s promise)

>> This is what happens in today’s bible teachings also – the truth is very hard to be accepted – only if Lord opens our inner eyes can they accept.



Chapter – 8


Verse 6This they said – to test Him, to accuse Him

>> Testing and accusation – is a part of our Christian life – as Christ went through this.

·        Satan tempts us – if we will fall for it

·        Then this devil accuses us before the throne of God – so that Lord’s hand will turn against us.

>> Rev 12:10 - ………for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.


>> Satan is the DECIEVER and ACCUSER

>> Acts 5:3 - why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit

>> John 8:44 -You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.


Verse 7As you all found her as a sinner, you understood it was wrong, you all accept it, now going to punish her for that….

>> As you want to blame her - Then this is the right time for you to self –examine yourselves also – this is the decision which Jesus took.

>> In verse 5 – we see – they are asking Jesus – What is your say about this ???

Moses (law) says – she should be stoned


>> Their crooked brain is working here – is that going to affect Jesus

>> They thought that Jesus will not answer their question – or Jesus would be ashamed or this movement would be over. But from this passage – we understand that Jesus will give you an answer for all your question – even if you thing that it is impossible – It is possible by our Lord (because He is the creator and controller of this universe).


·        This is how Jesus handles SIN and SINNERS.

Lord has no compromise to sin or sinners – Lord warned them and Lord warned her – but that warning was not to kill her – but to correct her.

·        Lord always – allows us to check ourselves – as we try to blame others


Verse 9 As Jesus spoke – a two edged sword which penetrates through your heart, marrow and even the intentions of your heart – convicted them – of their sins

Beginning from the oldest to the youngest……also has a great meaning


Verse 11They came to make Jesus ashamed and defeated – through the law. Through that same law Jesus defeated the crooked game of the devil.

>> Because law says – if two or three witnesses are there – punish – but here – No witnesses.


Verse 12 Jesus again continued to teach – Who Jesus is & He who follows Jesus is -

He who follows me –

Ø Shall not walk in darkness (of the world)

Ø But have the light of life (Jesus and His Word)


>> When this light comes – automatically darkness and the works of darkness will leave you.


Verses  17 & 18 – Two witnesses – Father and Jesus

>> Now as we are His children – we should also be witnesses to Him

>> Acts chapter 2 and chapter 5 says – we are witnesses to these things

 >> Acts 22:15 - For you will be His witness to all men of what you have seen and heard.


Verse 21 With all patience Jesus witnessed –

After I go away – you will seek me – in the grace period and in the great tribulation period – but you will not find me –

Finally die in your sins – HELL FIRE – so you cannot come where I go.


Verse 24 Again more clearly – If you do not believe that I am the SAVIOR – MESSIAH – you will surely die in your sins – HELLFIRE.


Verse 29 For us to understand – What relation FATHER and SON has –

WE have with our LORD

>> Jesus says – He has sent me for a mission – to teach them and correct them – for that Father has given words in my mouth – that is what I am witnessing in front of you.

>> To do that mission – we are not alone – our Lord Jesus is also with us – WHAT A GREAT ENCOURAGMENT.

>> And I always do the things that please Him


Verse 31 & 32Lord is speaking to the Jews -

>> Jesus is telling them – You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

·        You should know that you are in a bondage

·        The bondage is a lot of un-truth (lot of things which have bounded you)
That is why you are not able to grow in the truth and

that is why you are not able to serve the Lord

·        So Lord is speaking here – You should know the truth (which they will not admit)

·        You have your own believes – you have understood the WORD (in your own truth) – which is not the truth of God
If you really understood the truth – you will be Lord’s disciple (denying yourself and serve Him) –
we do that in talking – but when the time comes – we have our priorities

>> If you abide in my word, you are my disciple indeed…….

 (for children of God – Lord uses the term – disciples)


Ø What is Bondage ?? – What is freedom ??

>> We all say we have no bondage – but when the truth is revealed –

When the time come that we stand for the truth

Or witness the truth –

>> Immediately some power pulls you away from it ,

Some power gives you a lot of false thoughts

Some power gives you a lot of reasonings and excuses – to move away from what Lord wants you to do

Some power which argues with your heart – this is enough – why so much spiritually – why so much truth

That power is the Bondage.


And Freedom is the position in which we completely trust and enjoy in Lord – without any thing (bondage) holding you back.

** These days for children of God – their desire to walk and live as they want – they call Freedom.


Verse 33 & 34When Jesus is speaking about their bondage – which is not allowing them to believe in Jesus.

>> They are again boasting – we, Abraham’s descendants , have never been in bondage.

430 years they were slaves to Egypt

70 years to Babylon, Chaldea etc

And now under the control of Roman – and still boasting.


>> Jesus replied – Most assuredly – you are again in bondage – of sin (disobedience to the will of God) – which is making you to deny the truth which Jesus is speaking.


Verse 35  –  Jesus is making it clear – you are still in bondage

And understand that there is a lot of difference between a son and a servant

A son – in this world also will only trust and lean on Him

Even after death will spend eternity inside – the Father’s home


But a servant is just after the Master to get benefit from the master – no burden or responsibility of the Father’s kingdom.


Verse 39Don’t boast that you are Abraham’s children, you should have his quality – trust, faith and faithfulness.

>> When Lord spoke – he did not even ask his wife’s permission to obey the voice of God and sacrifice their (both) child.

>> He did not doubt even though he and Sarah was so old and feeble – according to science – NEVER

>> He believed that – if I obey – my Lord is Almighty to give back my son – even from the ashes.

>> He knew that Lord will not lie

>> Lord will not leave you or forsake you half the way – (all the way from Ur, Mesopotamia – he has been following the voice of God.


Verses 41 & 42  –  Two Fathers  - either God or this world

Either born of light or the darkness of this world

>> Where is your focus to – WORLD

If your focus is towards HEAVEN and waiting for the coming of the Lord – in all hope and holiness – then your Father is Lord


Verse 43 After all these clear explanations (Lord always makes your calling and the counsel to you very clear – no one can say they didn’t understand – they simply don’t want to obey because of their love towards this world.

>> As Jesus said in verse 32“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”


Why are you able to understand my speech ??

Answer : Because you are not able to listen to my world.


Verse 44 Satan is full of crookedness – his own source –you can see that from Genesis to Revelation

>> He is liar and the father of liars – its all from his own resources


>> When there is a problem – understand that there is devil in it

His world is full of lies – full of crookedness…


Verse 48 & 52 They are telling Jesus – You have a demon or you are a demon

World will say that – when you obey the voice of God (when you do His service – when you speak exactly what the Lord gives you – for His kingdom)


Verse 58  –  When Jesus told the real truth – they took stones to throw Him

>> This world is full of lies and cheating – in the midst of all the evil world – the only truth is His HOLY WORD.


>> If that is in you mouth – and you declare it – the truth will also come into you, otherwise label will be there – Lord’s children – the devil will be working in your life.


Verse 59 Still when they don’t want to accept the real truth

>> Jesus did not stand there and argue – He quietly moved away from them.

>> Don’t through PEARLS in front of PIGS – they will trample in under their feet and attack you -  Mathew 7:6



Chapter – 9


Verses 1 - 3

Jesus answers – Problems by birth or half the way start in people’s life – not because of His parent (parental curse) or his own curse – It is non of this.


>> But Lord wants to teach me something

>> He wants me to trust in Him

>> Lord wants me to understand – that it is none of my things or idea – which is the reason for whats happening in my life,

but I need to understand that it is Lord who is the planner in my life.


>> Even if I have income or not, even if I have health or not, even if I have ability or not – it is none of my factors which run my life – but whatever areas lack – it is Lord who is Almighty to make me run and continue in my life so wonderfully – I need to know that personally.


>> No person or any factor (like sorcery or anything evil) can spoil or benefit my life. This incident is just for us to understand that – it is by none of the worldly factor that Lord leads us – but completely by His grace and power – His providence – so all the Glory be to His name


Ø   As many of our question rise in our heart – Why did this/that happen in my life – the answer – Jesus says here – The work of God should b revealed in you

Ø Did it happen – was the name of the Lord glorified – or did you trust in the world and be smart and FOILED THE PLAN OF GOD ?


Verse 4As long as the presence of our Lord is here on earth (till the trumpet blows) – I must do the works which glorify our heavenly Father

>> After that – a night will come – when no one can work


When does this night start –

>> 2 Thess 2: 4, 7, 8 - For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains (the Holy Spirit) will do so until He is taken out of the way.......And then the lawless one (Anti Christ)will be revealed



Verse 5As long as I am in this world (till Grace period ends)– I am the light of this world.

>> We are not able to see that light – because of veils – only when that veil is taken away – you will really know Him as He is

>> He is almighty to deliver you from all your sins and all your diseases.

>> From all your problems

Ø So the name of the Father will be glorified through you.


Verses 6 & 7 This is not always to be done – In old testament time – there was always a media – so for their (Israel’s belief)

>> Oil for any anointing (as King, Priest or Prophet)

>> Oil for healing

>> An animal for deliverance of sins

>> A bronze serpent for deliverance

>> A weight of Gold  - or amount - as redemption value

>> Urim and Tumim – for knowing the Counsel of God – Yes / No – as in Exo 28:30


>> But in New testament – it is the name of Jesus / the blood of Jesus / our witness or declaration (decision).


>> Understand here the Pool or that mud or spit has no speciality – it was a heavenly work through which the name of Heavenly Father was glorified through Jesus.


Verse 8 When Jesus came – light came into his life

All scales fell down.


Verse 16 People who couldn’t believe – that Lord is the healer – started to find fault in Jesus – that he did this work on Sabbath.

>> Others – if He is not Lord – how can He do this ?


Verse 18 Finally they verified – and now ashamed and their mouth shut .

>> But here the blind man’s eyes opened

His mouth also opened to witness Jesus.


Verses 21 & 22 Blind man’s parents feared the Jews, their community and the heads


Verses 27 & 28 But hear the blind man (who was the real called out of his family (He is witnessing Jesus)



Chapter – 10



Verse 6They did not understand what Jesus meant even after this simple illustration.


Verses 1 - 5In this whole chapter – it deals with the shepherd and the sheep.


Verse 1Most assuredly I say to you – Amen Amen – so it’s a real serious truth what Jesus is going to say.


>> Beware of false shepherds – which comes in through another way – to steal sheeps.


Verse 10  –  The thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy – this devil comes into many people to destroy the church of God (the body of Christ)

>> To destroy the happiness in worship


Verse 2 - 3 When the real Shepherd comes –

He calls

His sheep hears His voice

And they follow Him willfully….


Verse 4When He brings out His own sheep

He goes in front of His sheep – leads them – is an example for them

>> Guides them –

Saves them from all Satan’s trap

Saves them from all that is not in the plans of God – and guides each sheep according to the heavenly plan He has for them.


>> We follow His counsel – How

Though the word – as we pray – as we worship in the spirit -


Verse 5 His real sheep will not receive or follow any other thing than the real voice of God.


Verse 7  – I am the door – THE ONLY WAY – So TRUST in HIM only


Verse 8All those false ministers who came before me (in the Old testament times) – as in Jeremiah 23:1,2 - “Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!” says the LORD.

>> Even after Jesus –

Philippians 3:2 – Beware of dogs – beware of evil workers


Verse 10 & 11 Difference between Good shepherd and false ministers –

>> I have come that they may have life , and that they may have it more abundantly.

>> Jesus gave His life so that we may have life.

>> Jesus is asking us - Which friend will give his life for his friend – No one will – Only Jesus does.


Verse 16 Other sheep (gentiles) – also I must bring to this fold

>> There will be one flock only and one shepherd

Whoever has to come to the Lord and go to heaven – has to come into the heavenly body – only through Christ.


Verse 18 Now Jesus is going to lay down His life for the redemption of the whole world.

>> Jesus says – No one is taking it away from me

>> I have the power to lay down and the power to take it again (to resurrect)

>> Jesus will give his last drop of blood – then rise up to the same heavenly glory


>> The authority of all lives –

To take and to give back


Verse 12, 13  Many other hirelings (all duplicate Savior’s) – will say they will save – but they cannot even save themselves

>> Even the Anti-Christ will come as a Savior to the whole world – but when the hand of Jesus turns against him – he will not be able to save himself.


Verse 26 If you are not able to believe – then you are not my sheep


Verse 27 If we are really His sheep – we should follow the same path that Jesus wants us to follow.

>> Recognize His voice and counsels – from all other worldly counsel

Verse 28 Only to them will I give eternal life

>> Neither shall no devil snatch us from the hands of Jesus

(we are engraved in His hands)


Verse 30 The mystery about trinity – I and my Father are one



Verse 19 & 20  –  There were divisions – when they couldn’t believe

>> They said – He was MAD

He is a DEMON

>> Even in Mark 3:21 – He is out of His mind

>> Also in 2 Cor 5:13 - For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God;


Verse 39 They tried to kill Him


All because Jesus spoke out the REAL TRUTH

And also made it clear that the DEVIL is nothing


Verse 42 But wherever the truth is spoken – Many believed in Him




Chapter – 11



Verse 1 Bible says – about Bethany – the town of Martha and Mary

>> Is our town – spoken by the Lord – by our name

>> Because Bible says – we are made the watchman of our place

>> Ezek 3:17- I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me:


Verse 2 It is this Mary – who anointed the Lord with fragrant oil and wiped His feet with her hair.

>> Now her brother Lazarus is sick.


About this incident – more details are given in Mathew chapter 26

Verse 6 – Simon the leper –he was a leper once –

Leprosy will never be cured on its own or by medicine – so Jesus might have cured him that is why he is now able to sit with others and dine, or others coming to his house for party.

>> Now Jesus made him – worthy to have fellowship with others


Verses 7-9 – She poured this very costly perfume on Jesus head.

>> Who is she – Also written in Mark 14:3-9, Luke 7: 36-40

John 12:1-10 (coming in next chapter)

Then we will understand many more facts – that

Ø  This woman was Mary (Lazarus’s sister)

Ø  Mary was a sinner woman before

Ø  Simon was a Pharisee (and a leper) before

Ø  And it was Judas Iscariot who murmured about the cost of the perfume


Verse 10 – What is good work – the work which gives glory to Jesus – the work of the Lord.


Verse 11 – Lord expects this work for Lord – more than charity.


Verses 12 & 13 – So her name will be written in the Bible – and read where ever this Gospel reaches.


>> Be a fragrance where ever you go – a sweet smelling aroma – for the glory of God.



Verse 4When Jesus heard about this sickness – He replied – This serious sickness is not for death, but for the glory of God – that the Son of God may be glorified.


Verse 6  He stayed two more days where He was ministering – because Jesus has His own (perfect) time for every deliverance and work of God.


Verses 14 & 15 Jesus says – Its good that Jesus was not there (or Lord allowed them to be alone) in their great problem so that they will believe.

>> Like Jesus allowed the disciples to be alone as Jesus was sleeping and the tempest rose in such a way that it would overturn the boat in the middle of the great sea.


Verse 23 When Jesus is saying about the work to be revealed

>> Martha is not able to believe – instead she has her own reasonings and own knowledge which she is arguing with the Lord.


Verses 25 & 26  –  Whoever lives and believes in me shall never die

>> Even if you die from this world – you will live eternally – as this is just a rest (sleep).


Ø I am the resurrection and the life

Ø We get life and deliverance, peace and joy only from Jesus.

Ø Jesus is the source of all our heavenly blessings as we live in this world

Ø And finally the only way to get eternal life

Ø The words that I speak to you they are spirit and life  (John 6:63)


Verses 34 & 35 When Lord allows us to go through trials – Jesus is also grieved with us.

>> As we are one with the Lord – and as He will not leave us or forsake us – till the end

So all through Lord rejoices in our joy and grieves in our trials (sorrows)

>> First understand – that His eyes are always upon His children


Verses 39 & 40Even if Jesus is with us – and Lord is almighty to deliver – still we have only doubt

>> In James – a person who doubts will receive nothing from heaven

>> Jesus says – Roll away the stone (the hindrance) – let the whole world see the work of the Lord.

>> Lord gives life to individuals – then all the weaknesses will go


Verse 42Hear that confidence and closeness in the prayer

>> My prayers may be heard – for the glory of God – for all the land (that I am in ) to know the heavenly Father that I serve.


Verse 44  –  When the Lord works – he doesn’t want to see any of your rituals or bondages on that person

>> So Jesus commanded – Loose him – set him free – let him go


Verse 45 By seeing this work – many of them believed in Jesus

Verse 46 And some of them trying to create problem by telling the Pharisees (look at the difference in the calling)

Ø Some are called to believes completely

Ø Some are born to create divisions and confusions


Verse 48If we let Him go, everyone will believe in Him


Verse 51 & 52 Lord made Caiaphas prophesy (not willingly) that Jesus will die not for one nation only but He will gather His children from all the nations

Verse 53 Then from that day onwards – they plotted to kill Jesus




Chapter – 12



Verses 12 - 15 They sang HOSANNA to the King of Israel

(Hosanna – is a call of Praise from the people – with a cry – Save us Now - Savior


15 – This part is written in Zech 9:9



Verse 17 - 19 Because Jesus gave life to Lazarus, the majority of people started following Him and hearing the word of God from Him.

>> With Envy (then why are they staying as Ministers) they said – Look, the world has gone after Him.

>> Opposition increased – at the same time – a greater majority started following Jesus.


Now Jesus is coming to the MYSTERY of the RELATION with JESUS


Verse 24 When many of the Greeks came to see Jesus, He is speaking to them in wisdom – as they are Greeks, so that they understand.


>> Jesus speaks to everyone of us personally – according to how we understand.

>> Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman in a different way

>> Jesus spoke to the Pharisees in a different way

>> To each one – in a personal way – so that they understand where they need a change in their life.


Ø Here there are two main mysteries in this verse -

>> Now the hour has come that Son of Man (Jesus) be glorified (verse 23)– HOW – his crucification time is near. Only when He is dead (gives His life) – can all those who believe this plan of Father God be saved.

>> Even in our personal life – Unless we die completely (not just confessing – that is the starting of our transformation in Christ) – but all the old nature has to go – then only can we be very much fruitful for the Master who has planted this good seed in us. (Heb 6:7).


Verse 25 He who loves his life (very much) will lose it – Lord says

>> Now Lord says – He who hates his life in this worldwill only get eternal life.

>> Little hard for us to digest – but this is the irrevocable and true word of God, No change in this judgment of God – only that we change according to this verse – to attain eternal life.

>> For what do we have to deny ourself – it is very clear in Math 10:38, 39 – for my sake    and again repeated in Mathew chapter 19.]


Verse 26 If any one serves me

>> to be where I am – that level – that frequency – to be available when Lord calls.

>> Him will my Father honor – this will be proved on that judgment day – lets work for that great honor.


Verses 28 - 30  –  After saying these hard teachings to follow – to confirm them. Jesus asked Father to speak to Him.

>> The people heard the voice – first from Jesus and now from heaven – Father God.

>> That is why Jesus is saying – this voice is for you – for your strength and for your confirmation – for your strength.

>> For your to understand that it is the heavenly voice or command – there is no way that you can escape from it – but to obey.


Verses 31 & 32 By this work of God – last sacrifice (and the final judgment) – the end of the old testament worship pattern to a new  prayer and worship pattern, a new relation with God.

Ø Satan – the prince of this world – will be cast out (after judgment)

Ø And Lord JESUS will be the ruler  and judge of all creation


Verse 35Walk with Him, live for Him and serve Him – while you have light. Otherwise you might be slowly dragged into darkness.

>> Some people walk without a goal (according to their calling) – because they are walking in darkness.


Verses 37 - 41 After saying all these heavenly voice so clear – they did not believe that this Jesus is the Messiah.

>> So before forsaking them – Jesus is telling the reason why Lord is going to forsake the Jews and again confirming that part from the Old testament

>> Verse 38 taken from Isaiah 53:1

>> Verse 40 taken from Isaiah 6:10

>> When we don’t want to understand and obey the voice of God – Lord himself blinds our eyes, and hardens our heart (told 6 times in the Bible and different places)


Verses 42 & 43  - Many rulers (respected in society) believed in Jesus and understood the truth – but they prefer the praise of men than the praise of God


Verse 48 He who rejects me and my words (my counsel) -  My words will judge him on the last day (that great judgment day)


Verse 49 This is not only the words of Jesus – But of Father , Son and the Holy Spirit – so there is no way to escape it and it is the ultimate word – which no one can change according to their own convenience.




Chapter – 13





Verse 1  –  Jesus loves His own – who are in this world

Jesus knows those who are called by Him – verse 18


Verse 2  Satan tempted Judas - This was allowed by                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          God, but he who betrays – He will be lost for ever.

>> Math 18:7 - Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!


Verse 3  –  Before being glorified – to go to the presence of God, we need this humbleness of Jesus.


Verse 4 - 10  – Washing of feet ministry – the most glorious ministry of Jesus.

>> Usually small people wash big peoples feet, but here the opposite

>> Jesus taught us these new heavenly policies which is against the knowledge and practice of this worldthat why it is hard for people who are not really called) to understand.

** If you want to be exalted, first humble yourself

**If you want to be first, be the last

**The meek will inherit the world

**Love your enemy

**If a person slaps you, show your other cheek (Luke 6:29)

**If anyone takes away your sheet, give him your coat also (Luke 6:29)



Jesus himself rose from the dinner and started to wash his disciples feet (the team which God gave Him)


Spiritual meaning in these verses -


Verse 7 Many things what Jesus is doing now – we don’t know the reason, but here Lord is saying – everything I do has a perfect reason, you will know it clearly later.

>> So judgment also later, maybe not immediate – but it will surely be there

knowledge of why Jesus did so – also later


Verse 8 When Jesus was going to do a great work, analyzing it by human brain – Peter is saying – I don’t want it to happen like this – you should not be so low to wash our feet.


**Jesus replied - If I do not wash you (mentor you, transform you, sanctify you) – you have no part with me.

>> So only a believer who is always lead to more sanctification by our Lord , will have part with Him in eternity (heaven)

1 John 3:3 - And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure


Verse 9 The quality of Peter – If it is good for me eternally – Lord I submit myself completely.


Verses 10 & 11 You are clean – but not all of you – Jesus said this because of Judas.


Verse 12 Did you understand why I did this ministry or this work ?


Verses 14 & 15 Lord Jesus showed this to us first – as an example

Ø If your Lord has washed your feet – you ought to wash one another’s feet.

This work – people are not ready to do. No one is bothered about it. Satan does not allow us because –

>> Jesus told this as a commandment – to follow the footsteps of Jesus

>> Its will lead to our humbleness

>> It will lead to sanctification


Verse 17 Blessed are you who

Ø Know these things

Ø do them


>> All these verses are so clear – but still people have a lot of excuses – not to obey the words of Jesus – not to wash you brothers/sisters feet.

>> I can do any other thing – but not this.


>> Believers are not ready to do it, they don’t want it

>> But some Episcopal churches are doing it – but not like how Jesus told, it has been a ritual, and its only one way, the main Bishop will wash (just wipe) the feet of other 12 selected bishops but not in return.


Verse 16  –  And understand that you (the servant of Jesus) are not above the Master

>> If Jesus can do it, you should do it.

>> Lets trust in the Lord to obey all His commandments.


Verse 18 - 32 About Judas Iscariot – Jesus was so painful at heart , because He never wanted His own trained and called disciple – to be a victim of Satan’s great game and finally be destroyed for ever – so that satan will clap and rejoice.


Verse 30 When a person doesn’t obey the counsel of Jesus – the night (darkness) enters into Him immediately.

>> Rom 1:28 – And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;



>> It was the love of money alone – which made him become destroyed forever

>> Lust of eye, Lust of flesh, Pride of Life – these are the things which make you lose your eternal destiny - HEAVEN


>> In another gospel – it is clearly written –

Ø It made him end his life shamefully 

Ø He cried late – but what is the use of that cry. So crying and repentance should be immediate.

Ø If by any chance – you disobeyed Him, did any wrong – ask forgiveness’ immediately with a broken heart and a real transformation (repentance)  - BE RECONCILED immediatly


Late repentance is of no use ………..


Verse 33 After I am gone = you will seek me

>> Where I am going, you cannot come now but….

All those who have this hope will purify themselves – and reach him where he is.


Verse 34 Jesus is proclaiming the New Testament speciality –

>> Love as I have loved you     - So

>> Forgive as I have forgiven you

>> Humble as I have humbled myself. (till death)

>> Be obedient to Father – as I was completely obedient (till death)


Verses 37 & 38  Jesus says here – I don’t want to hear your decisions by mouth only.

>> Don’t lay your life’s for Jesus by words – but work for Jesus – submit yourselves to Him to live and work for His glory and for the kingdom of God.

>> When Peter was saying great things with mouth –

Jesus knew his strength was only this much


but after the baptism of the spirit (anointment)

Acts 4:13 - Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.




Chapter – 14


Verse 1   - In last chapter 13:33, 37 – Jesus said that – He is going from them –

But don’t be troubled – Believe in Father and in Jesus.

>> Ps 46 : 1-3 – Still I will not be troubled – this is faith in God, at the time of your great trouble, only then your stand  will be proved.


Verses 2 & 3 You wont be troubled – if you hope about the heavenly arrangement and honor in heaven

>> So Lord is still preparing our house for the last 2000+ years.

     Each major creation Lord in Genesis – took one day, but for our eternal home, Jesus the master builder – is still designing and building our eternal home for these 1000’s of years.


>> In my Father’s house – there are……….

So here Heavenly Father and Father’s house – is the main subject

>> If you do not want to be troubled and stuck up among all your troubles - Know your more about your Father’s house

·        Know more about Heaven from the Bible

·         Pray to the Lord for that revelation and visions about Heaven, like Isaiah, John, Paul etc saw.


>> Lord called Abraham to come out from a Father he can see and a land he inherited – to a Father – he couldn’t see (has not seen) and a promise of a Land he will inherit – but not now (not in this life at all)

>> But Abraham accepted the call – and that journey towards the hope – made him the father of all the faithful and obedient.


>> Verse 3Jesus promises us – Where I am, you will be also. Not a different house. So Lord wants to exalt us to a position equal to Jesus Christ. Are we ready (sanctified) for that.


>> Until we really know the greatness of Heaven – our focus will always be to this world.

**Our prayers will be about the things of this world

**Our dreams and vision will be

**The desire for prophecies will be about this world

**Even when we search the Bible, we will search for some verse from the Bible where it says about worldly prosperity.


That’s why Jesus says in Math 6: 19 – 21 -

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal;

but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Verses  4 & 5 Jesus says – where I go  - you know

The way – you know

5 – After all these class, calling, training – seeing all the miracles , Thomas didn’t understand anything – because he didn’t start experiencing

** Without starting to trust and experience God, you will not understand anything and you will not receive the power to stand faithful and completely obedient to the counsel of God to you.


Thomas is asking – I do not know where you are going to and I do not know the way.

>> After anointment – Thomas was a strong disciple of God


Verses 6, 7, 10, 11 In all these verse Jesus proves that I and the Father are One (the mystery of Trinity)


Verses 12 - 14 These verse  are being interpreted very much these days –

1)    If you ask anything (Lord has given us that authority – so we will not misuse it) –

It doesn’t mean – ask anything worldly  - God is not a Genie – Lord wants you in eternity – so he will not give you anything that will make you worldly –

** Balaam asked many times – God said NO – finally again and again – Lord allowed to go for it – he lost his eternity and he could even enjoy what he got.

>> Ps 106:14, 15 - But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, And tested God in the desert. And He gave them their request, But sent leanness into their soul.

>> James 1:14,15 – It is because of your own desire that you are enticed and finally spiritual death.


2)    You will do greater things than Lord Jesus – Many people take this verse to do strange things as ministry and follow devilish pattern to attract people.

>> Understand that all ministry should be based on the word of God , it should never contradict with the Holy Word.

>> Luke 10:20 - Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits (demons) are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”




Verse 15 Don’t simply say – I love you – Lord wants to see the proof -

Keep my Commandments


>> Math 7:21 - “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.


>> 1 John 2:5 (also 15) - But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him.

>> 1 John 5:3 - For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.


Verse 21 If you love God whole-heartedly and keep all His commandments – Lord will be manifested to us,  and through us.


Verse 23 If anyone loves me (like the above said) – I and my Father (Father+Son+Holy Spirit) will come and make our heart their home.

>> Are we sanctified always ? – for Trine God (the Holy of the Holies) to dwell in us.


Verse 26If you really have an earnest desire to obey all the commandments and direct counsel of God – and pray to the Lord -

>> Holy spirit God which He has send (Teacher and Helper) will guide you through.

>> Will teach you all things – so you have no confusion or a different opinion about the word of God and our calling.

>> Until we understand what we are taught – otherwise the confusion remains and we will be always disturbed


Verse 27 As long as the Holy spirit dwells in our heart always – we have Heavenly Peace.

>> Holy spirit will only come in – when we prepare ourselves Holy.


·        My Peace – I give you

·        This Heavenly Joy and Peace =- Not as the world give

·        John 16:22 - No one will take away from you


Verse 30 The ruler of this world (only till the trumpet blows) – SATAN – DEVIL

>> John 12:31 – Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.

>> Eph 2:2 – in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience – to the Holy Word.

**(This power dwells in all those – who are disobedient to the word of God and the counsel of God)


>> 2 Cor 4:4 - whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.


>> He has nothing in me – EXAMINE – anything worldly  - which is His property.


Verse 31 Arise let us go from here.

It is more clearly said in Mathew 26: 36 – 46

>> 36Sit here and pray (not simply pray – share (bear) the burden with me)

>> 38Stay here and watch with me

>> 41You are not bearing the pain for souls – atleast pray – that you do not fall for the temptations that is going to come now - and in ministry.

You flesh is not willing – your flesh just wants to be comfortable and great in this world – but you inner man (send from heaven) is willing.

>> 43 After all this heavenly counseland encouragingAre you still SLEEPING (in spirit – spiritually)


Now the hour is come – now you don’t pray or work – time is over


RISE – let us be going (to do my FATHER’s WILL – even though – it is extremely hard and my soul is exceeding sorrowful)


In Ezra 10:4 – we see -


In chapters 2 & 3 – The restoration of worship

In chapters 5 & 6 – The temple of God – RE-BUILT

In chapter 9 – Pagan(Gentile) Marriages and Practices – Completely STOPPED

In chapter 10 – the other anointed children of God – they also join EZRA as a team to work out the plan of God – and have complete victory over satan




Chapter – 15



One of the most important chapters in the Bible – one of the most spoken sermons. One of the chapters which we are not becoming according to .


Verse 1   - Father, Son and Holy spirit doing that work together – to reconcile us back to be worthy to be filled with Lord’s glory we once lost.

>> FatherVine dresser – one who prunes the unwanted stems so that not only leaves , but we will be in order (not out of shape) and fruitful.

>> Jesus the true vine – to which/whom we are planted to

From whom all life flows into us

The One who has paid all the price to purchase us and redeem us completly

>> Holy Spirit – our helper, our teacher , our guide


Verse 2   - Now the perfect part of gardening – pruning and dressing

>> Many people simply plant plants but don’t know how to make it fruitful and flowerful.

>> It only happens when we are pruned, all unwanted branches (not useful for God) be cut so it becomes more fruitful for God.


·        The main points that we see Lord giving emphasis to – as we read down

·        Be clean – by the word of God

·        Abide in Him – Be led by Him

·        If not fruitful for Him – according to His plan for us – then we will be cut down and burned


Verse 3   - When we hear and accept the counsel of Jesus – we are automatically clean

Not when we just read the Bible – but through the word, we should hear and understand - what Lord Jesus is speaking to us.

>> Then automatically a change comes  to us – day by day

We become clean –

>> John 17:17 – This Holy word is the truth

and the media that we become clean (sanctified)


Verse 6   - Here Jesus is saying – If you are not fruitful and don’t abide in me – then

Ø you will be cast out and will be dry

Ø gathered, thrown into fire and burned (also in Math 7:19)

Eg: When this word of God is spoken, to be fruitful, otherwise – cut down – gathered and burned, sometimes people rebel (because most people want to bear fruits for themselves)

>> Heb 6:7,8 - For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those (LORD) by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from God;

but if it bears thorns and briers, it is rejected and near to being cursed, whose end is to be burned.


Verses 4 & 5   - So what should we do to escape from this punishment of God –

>> A branch cannot bear fruit on its own, because this fruit is not for us. Only when we abide in him completely.

ABIDE – I in Him and He in me – it’s a great mystery to be experienced

>> For without me – you can do nothing.

>> Others  (worldly people) can maybe do, a person who has that great heavenly calling – You can do nothing on your own.


Verses 7 & 8  - For those who abide in the Lord and hear His words – Lord’s righteousness will be upon us

>> What you ask shall be done – for the glory of God

Knowing that we cannot ask all what we feel like

As Jesus is abiding in me and I in Him – I will only ask His will


Lord does this

**so that the name of the Lord be glorified – Not that we become great.

**so that you bear more fruit

**so that we become his disciples (deny ourselves)


Verse 10   - If you love me – keep my commandment as in John 14:15

>> Obeying the commandment of God that is Love as in the first epistle of John.


Verse 11   - Jesus is telling us these mysteries so that Lord’s joy remain in us –

And that our Joy be full – like a meter going all the way to the maximum.

>> 1 John 1:4 - And these things we write to you that your joy may be full. Fellowship with Him and One Another


Verse 13 & 14   - Allow me to be you friend – because Jesus gave his life for us – even till the last drop.

>> MAKE JESUS YOUR BEST FRIEND – so that our friendship will remain for ever *here and in the world to come.

>> Be close to Him, share everything with Jesus – as to a worldly friend


>> If you do whatever I command you, I you will be my friend.

>> Luke 12 : 4 - “And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.


Verse 16   - You did not chose me – I chose you – for a clear purpose –

Lord has a master plan – a perfect plan for all of u


>> You should bear fruits and that your fruit should remain.


Verses 18 & 19   - When you start abiding in the Lord and bearing fruits, thats when “ the world will hate you – don’t be sad – and don’t try to make them happy

>> The world hates you – reason – because you are not of this world – how much we try to act and be one of them – still the world will hate you,


Verse 20   - Jesus went through this way – then why are you expecting to be different from Jesus.

>> No servant is above His master


Verse 21   - All these they will do to you for my sake – because we are His children – and inheritors for all the glory of heaven.


Verse 22   - After telling all these mysteries one by one – Lord is telling

>> If you didn’t know all this – it would have been better

>> As they know all of it now – there is no EXCUSE



Chapter – 16


Verse 1   - Jesus is comforting and warning them.

Persecution is going to come that His children should suffer for His name – at that time – don’t stumble.

>> John 14:1 – Let not your heart be troubled


Verses 7 & 8   - It is good that I go, so that the Holy Spirit God will come,

This Comforter will comfort when we are troubled

This Helper will help when we don’t know what decision to take

Help us when we are weak

Will help us – what to pray, what to speak

>> Will convict you – of sin, of righteous things and of judgment

Verses 9-11   - These three are again explained – in detail


Verse 13  -The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth

(For that the spirit of the Lord should always dwell in us)

So there are a lot of things – we need to know to come into the complete truth. A lot of things for us to learn – to be revealed to us.

>> He will tell you the things to come – like a prophecy


>> Holy spirit has to bring us to the fullness and perfection of Christ before the trumpet blows.


Verse 12 I still have a lot of things to tell you,

- as you receive more strength,

- as you obey


>> but as you cannot bear it all now, I will not tell you now but slowly

>> As in John 15:20 - If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you

>> Acts 9:15, 16  - But the Lord said unto him, Go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name’s sake.


Verse 22   - (also read verses 17 – 21)

You now will have sorrow as I go, but all your sorrows will be turned to joy , when we will see our redeemer and Savior in the midskies – when the trumpet blows.

>> You will rejoice then and no one can take away your joy, because from then on you are going to join Jesus everywhere – as His bride.


Verse 28  - Jesus is reminding us that He came from heaven and goes back to His home. Those who are really called – they also are strangers in this land.

>> Our inner man has come from the Lord , and that eternal man will go back to the Lord. We are just strangers here, that is why Lord reminds in Colossians 3:1,2 – set your eyes on the things above and not on the things of this world.

>> Abraham told his children and grand children – we are strangers here


Verse 33  - Jesus is encouraging us –

You will have heavenly peace among all you the trials – only for all those who trust in Him. Others will have only tension.

>> In the world – you will have tribulation –

But trust in me – because I have overcome the world



Chapter – 17


This chapter is a prayer of Jesus to Heavenly Father


Verse 4   - I have finished the work which you have given me to do

Even though Jesus is the Son of God, Lord did everything as an example to us

>> Right from Baptism to the obedience of dying on the cross – Jesus is a perfect example for us.

Verse 12 – Those whom you gave me – I have kept – about the 12 disciples.



Verse 9   - Jesus prays and intercedes to Father, only for those who stand for Him, not for everyone.


Verse 15 – Be sanctified means – not to take us out of the world.

But as we are in this world, Lord should give us abundance of Grace that we should not fall for the traps of the evil.

>>1Cor 5:10 - Yet I certainly did not mean with the immoral people of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world.


Verse 16 – Again Jesus says – that they are not of this world.                              


Verse 17 – Jesus is crying to the Father,

>> When we become worldly us by your truth – which is the world of God.


Verse 21 -  When we become sanctified –

That we all become one,  with Father,  Son and the Holy spirit.

>> John 14:23 - Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.