It is in the epistles the Law for New testament is written. Paul started his second missionary journey with Silas from Antioch. First journey was by Paul & Barnabas. But later you can see Paul is not taking Barnabas or Markose(from Pamphilia onwards) coz they left him on the way.

So in all the missionary journey, Paul is protected and guided by the Lord coz we are His ambassadors, we are put on the face of the world with a mission. We just need to obey Him, all what is needed for the ministry – Health &wisdom, Authority and anointment , God will surely provide, He is sending us to do His work, not our ministry, so let us concentrate in the heavenly work.

>> Lord builds the church – Acts 18:1-10


>> After Paul left Corinth, Apollos came and ministered. Apollos was a good preacher, but lot of people came into confusion. They wrote to Paul regarding many doctrinal issues. Then Acts 19:1 - when he came to Ephesus, there he is writing the first epistle to Corinthians.

A wonderful verse of hope - 1Cor 13:11,12 (face to face)

Rev 22:3-5 - We shall see Him face to face





Verse 1 - Paul did not want to be known as an apostle, but it is God who called him as an apostle.

He is sure of his calling, He says he is not ordained by man, but by God

>> Gal 1:15 - From my birth God has separated me

>> Paul says not because I am a pharisee or a philosopher or because of my family, but because it pleased God

>> Then a doubt arises, if he was selected for Lord, then why did he kill Stephen and other christians, Satan made me work against Jesus, But at that time also Lords grace was following me.

>> All the training in greek language, philosophy and jewish teachings

Sanhedrin at young age, coz he was very influential

All this was a training to do a powerful ministry, so all the ups and downs in a person life is by God to give him the boldness and confidence to do a mighty ministry for the Lord.

>> Sosthenes - Acts 18:12-17

Verse 17 - a mob attacked Sosthenes coz he did not an action against Paul. Later in 1Cor 1:1 we can see that he is in the Lord and an active brother in Christ (maybe the reason of the church in Corinth)


Verse 2 - Writing this to those who are -

** Sanctified in Christ

** Called to be saints

>> Theirs, ours and every place - Corinth, Ephesus and all over the world - this epistle is for all

The same Lord has called all of us to work for his kingdom, which is our home.


>>SANCTIFIED - When they heard the word of God, they were pricked in their heart - what shall we do?

>> When Christ became my savior, all our decisions and my own righteousness is put to an end.

Now it is His holiness, not my character, It is Christ who lives, not me(Gal 2:20)

>> John 15:3- Everytime Jesus speaks to me

>> John 17:19, 17 - I sanctify (HAGGIOS - separate and holy, different) myself, that are sanctified through the word

>> Eph 5:26 - Every time we hear the word of God

That the importance of gathering - Heb 10:25 - gather more as the day approaches

>> 1Thess 4:7 – God has not called us to unholiness

Let the holy be more holy – Rev 22:11

Wherever we go, remember that we are called to be holy

Eg: Everyday we look into the mirror, Is my hair, face dress OK ?, Just like that give more importance to compare yourself with the holy Word and holy Lord

>> Heb 12:14 – Follow peace and holiness, go in that way, then only a person will go to heaven.


Verses 3 & 4 - In all Pauline epistles Paul praises the Lord for the Grace to that church, only about Galatians Paul did not mention this because they became very worldly very fast.

>> Paul knows that the greatest is Lords grace, He personally has a lot to boast more than all of us, still he says in 1Cor 15:10 and 1Cor 3:10.

>> Only a person who knows the greatness of grace can praise the Grace of God otherwise. he will be praise his own his own wisdom and capacity.

>> Let the children of God understand that it is only by His grace, not by our power or money.

>>If a church is filled with the grace of god, it’s a great thing which makes God and the servant of God happy, and satan afraid.


Verse 5 -You are enriched by him

ENRICH -  all weakness gone

>> To make the pre-destinated (not all) to the image of his son.

>> 2 Thess 2:14 - To make us receive His glory

>> 2 Cor 8:9 - To make me rich, He became poor, as nothing, left everything

When we think of that greatness (great grace), how can we be selfish, how can we be quiet without worshipping and praising God.

>> Worldly people have friendship with equal or higher status people, but our Lord honored us equal to him and made us his friend(John 15:14) and His own.

>> Enrich is not to make you rich worldly - Philip 4:12,13

>> Enrich you in all utterance(Lords personal message thru the spirit) and all knowledge(word)

>> About Corinth church - They had all the gifts of holy spirit(1Cor 12:8-10)but not the fruits of spirit (Gal 5:22,23)-Love , joy ,peace.....

>> Christian life is a balanced life, if a person has all the gifts and no self control or love, he will fall

Eg: Like a badly aligned wheel or body

Sometimes Satan makes you give importance to one part and forget the other.


Verse 6 - Testimony of Christ. - to enrich us (Enrich in all Word and Knowledge), he gave a great price

He has confirmed his plan in us

All those who want to proclaim this testimony or be a witness should first have experiences, to have the word confirmed in their life

Their life should be guided by Lord and they should completely trust in the Lord


Verse 7 - Eagerly waiting for the Lords coming – This second coming is also really going to happen very soon like His first coming.

>> Now a days we rarely hear preaching’s in meetings and convention concerning the coming of the Lord, coz that causes a trouble for the people

>> Look at what Jesus said to the disciples - John 14:3 – I will prepare a place and make you sit where I sit (To make us equal status with Him)

>> He promised that I will come back again - Acts 1:11- when we go through a lot of physical and mental problems, remembers this promise that the days of trouble are coming to an end, thats when we don't feel like loving this world.

>> Rom 8:19-22 - Whole creation waits in labor pains, to come out of this bondage of corruption

All creation is eagerly waiting, are Gods children waiting ???

>> Titus 2:13 - Looking for that blessed and glorious hope, that makes us blessed not any other thing in this world.

>> 1John 3:2,3 - All those who have this hope will purify themselves

We should be like Jesus, not like any person whom we see.

>> When one goes through troubles and weakness, our hope should be  - when my Lord comes, all my troubles will be gone.


Verse 8 – confirm you to the end

God trains us through tough trainings to confirm the word in us – That’s why in

2 Tim 3:12 – all those who want to live godly will suffer persecution.

>> But at that time also – Philip 1:6 – He will keep you firm without moving.

Satan’s plan is to shake our faith, so we be moved from that firm foundation.

Till the end – Paul says- I am confident(sure) about the promise that Lord will confirm

>> Don’t think that I can stand on my own strength

That’s why in Jude verse 24 – Lord only can keep me from stumbling (by the power and grace of god)

That you be blameless when Jesus comes

>> Col 1:22 -  In Lords sight I should be blameless and holy – (when God WEIGHS us)

(If whole says that you are good, you will not be good, even if the world says that you are wrong, I will not be bad, In Lords sight who I am  - that is important)

>> This confidence should be there – before whom I stand

>> Day of the Lord – Philip 1:5,10, 1Cor 5:5

Coming of our Lord Jesus – very soon it is going to happen – whether we believe or not, hope or not, we are prepared or not – Lord will come in His time.


Verse 9 – He who called me into his fellowship is faithful – even if family, relatives or friends or church members become unfaithful – My Lord is faithful.

>> He will not leave His promises unfulfilled and His work unfinished.

We usually don’t keep our words or have a lot of unfinished plan and work. But my Lord who has began will complete it.

>> Father God has called us to His fellowship whose – of His son Jesus, so we are not in any organisation’s fellowship, but we are in fellowship with Christ. Satan makes us think that we are of this groups. I have personally seen many people who when they see other Christian brethren on roads, they don’t wish, give a hand or even smile.

>> Heb 12:23 – You are the church of the firstborn

>> About your calling and who called you, How is our response to his calling - REPLY

Eg: Some people act as they are asleep, when some one calls, they act as if its not for them – WAKE UP

>> 2 Tim 1:9 – You are called with a holy calling and a special purose.


Verse 10 – Now I beseech (plead) you – as an anointed servant of God Paul request them to change in Christ.

>> Now a days many believers are being hurt very badly because of the bad politics in churches, sometimes even pastors join a group to make it worse, we forget to understand that it will make the newly born believers into confusion and it will stop the growth of all in the church, the presence of the Lord wont come down amidst us when we know and still we don’t change.

>> Its Satans trick from the beginning – committees & groupisms, now a days election and its canvassing campaigns in churches.

>> Each time a problem happens, people open up old files, coz it was not forgiven, it was only hiding.

>> Philip 2:1,2 -  if there is any fellowship in Christ, be like minded (because we all have one spirit)

Here it says – You are brethren (many times in this epistle)

>> Rom 5: 5,6 – one mind and one mouth – this is how we should glorify Lord.

All the Glory should be to our Lord, don’t even try to praise anyone on this earth, coz our God is a zealous God. This is how we will have victory over Satan and through our life Glory to the Lord.

>> Satan knows when oneness is not there Lord will not accept our sacrifice.

>> Usually in gatherings, when there is a mis-understanding among my brethren – we should not go for an autopsy or post-mortem to find out the reason to make it a bigger scene – better forgive and forget – so the planner and deceiver Satan will be ashamed.

When Jesus forgave you, He completely forgot.- don’t forget that truth.

Eg: Chorithanam (an itching plant)- if it is plucked from that plot to this plot(church), unless it changes its property it will itch. Unforgiveness and bitterness are the greatest failures of our Christian life, how through this satan is spoiling the life of many – Heb 12:15

Paul as he is ministring in Ephesus got a report of wrong doing in Corinthians church

* Divisions among you - Paul party, then Apollos, Peter, some directly Christ.

* All are anointed and they have gifts of the holy spirit but at the same time Satan was working to take their unity

>> Math 5:9 - Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called the sons of God.

>> Let us take a decision - through me there won't be any problem in the church, it is sometimes good to pour water in our mouth - self discipline is a must.


Verse 11 - Cloe's family (sister) had the boldness to tell Paul, and Paul is not hiding who told him, coz things should be clear, then only the truth will be told and there won't be any place for play. Here it is not to create a problem, it is for a good cause.

Eg; When a complaint is told to the boss about an other person, some bosses tell to give it in writing, in such cases there's no chance of telling false about that person, but some keep on hearing a lot of false stories, and take wrong actions.

>> But here Paul is clearly telling from where he got the information, there's no misunderstanding, its for correction

>> Gal 6:1 - Anyone sins among you, restore him with a spirit of gentleness

Verse 3 - You also take care that you don't fall


Verse 12 - Groupism

There might be differences in the way they minister -

>> Peter -favoring jews sometimes

>> Apollos - a good orator - eloquent - he knows how to attract people with his words-also from Alexandrian philosophy

In Acts & 1Cor - a lot is written about Apollos

Even though he was not perfect in his teachings, he was zealous in spirit - Acts 18:24-26 - one instance where Aquilas and Priscilla corrected him

>> Paul - ministered mostly among gentiles, ministers very boldly and exhorts very clearly face to face.

>> After Paul ministered. and brought people to the Lord, then Apollos came there (Acts 19:1)


Verse 13 - Is Christ divided? - Christ has died for those who are in all these groups, and all the servants of Lord equal in the sight of God.

>> Our attachment should not be with people. but with Christ.

>> Pastors are just servants of God

>> Only Christ can strengthen us to be faithful till the end.

>> Was Paul crucified for you or were you baptized in the name of Paul.


Verses 14, 15 & 16 - I only baptized a few among you, those who were really prepared, and that too in the initial years of the work in Corinth.

>> He could have baptized them all because most of them came through Paul, but he was a person who gave his fellow servants a chance to minister.

>> Christ is the source of all life power, anointment, peace and happiness. Look at Jesus, the author and finisher of faith. Here Paul, Apollos and Cephas are teachers who teach what Christ tells them to do.

A representative or spokesman of Christ who carried out the masters will by the masters spirit.


Verse 17 - Do the will of him who sent me.

Even Jesus was an example for us, from the beginning till the end - John 4:34(my food is to finish His worl), 6:38,40 (not my own but the will of Him who send me)

>> Always let this be in our mind. To do the will of him of him who sent me - that's all, nothing else

>> Paul says - Not to simply baptise and go but to teach them the undiluted word of God and build them in Christ

>> Many people now we see - ask them why they were baptised - they will be puzzled and without answer, everyone told me so I went for it. Some people say for healing, blessing, to come out of problems

Rom 6 says baptised into His death - into His crucification and sufferings -

in the same path which Christ went through

>> Baptism is a commandment and very important and an agreement to obey every word that Lord says.

>> Do the will of him who sent me - If I preach words of wisdom - theological philosophy or any wisdom, there won't be any effect or work of the Holy spirit, But if I speak in the spirit, the work of the Lord will be revealed and glory will be for the Lord – Jer 5:30,31,   6:8,10


Verse 18 - The message of Christ - then and now is foolishness to those who don't accept the power of God.

>>Today Satan has made this message of Christ diluted - people are also happy with it.

>> At those times only criminals and slaves were crucified, So in their wisdom, they couldn't accept Jesus as the son of God, when apostles spoke that anyone who believes in that crucification and resurrection will be saved. It was not fitting for their wisdom about the son of God, even the Jews could not believe that this is the Messiah according to their knowledge.

>> Those who compare the word of God with their knowledge can never believe or see the glory of God.

>> Rom 1:16 - I am not ashamed......coz it is the power of God to all those who believe.

>> 1Cor 15: 1, 3, 4 - death - burial - resurrection (Gospel)

All those who believe in the resurrection, they shall be saved.

Those who really hear this message will completely change a person

>> Whoever will hear this message will sanctify himself

It creates the fruits of spirit in him - Gal 5:22,23

>> 2Peter 1:16 - Gospel should not be preached,  by man-made theologies and theories(there will surely be influences of cunning satan), then there won't be any divine power in it.

Peter says - We are eye witnesses of it - you should experience God personally.

>> 1John 1:1 - What we saw, looked upon and tried

verse2- It is about the message of eternal life


Verse 19 - From Ish 29:14

If you will try to teach it or understand this message according to your wisdom, Lord says, I will destroy.

>> Sometimes in our wisdom we think, why should I open my mouth and praise loudly, why should I clap, Why should I receive anointment, Why should I go only according to Gods plans, why can't I take my own decisions.

>> When a person comes to the Lord, he blindly believes but later he tries to restrict it by wisdom.

>> John 9:1 – Blind man believed but learned Pharisees and scribes couldn’t

verse 16 - how can a sinner (Jesus) do such a thing

verse 25 - Blindly believed

verse 30 - Such a great thing He did, still you don't know who he is

verse 35-37 - I believe - the touch of  God.

>> In Acts and epistles we see them preaching about repentance, baptism, anointment of the Holy spirit, gifts of the Holy spirit, divine healing, sanctification, separation and Judgment or Jesus will come again, He will not take all but only the faithful. They were not ashamed to speak of it. They spoke with boldness and confidence.


Verse 20 – The wisdom of this world – God has proved it to be foolish – again in 1 Cor 3:19


Verse 21 - Lords work which was foolishness for them, through that God saved his people

Wherever servants of the Lord preach by manly wisdom - no deliverance, but by the Spirit, you can see the work of God (Even many people who have no worldly wisdom)

>> 1Cor 2:1 - I did not speak to you in wisdom or excellence of speech but he spoke his experience and that changed the church in Corinth.

>> When many noble people and wise people didn't understand the message of Jesus - Common men, fishermen, tax collector(sinners),  adulterous woman, handicapped, lepers, they all understood.


Verses 22 and 23 - This was foolishness and stumbling block for them

>> For Jews - a man who was crucified, how can He be our savior coz in Deuteronomy it says - Cursed is every one that hangs on a tree.

>> Jews always seek a sign - many times they asked Jesus

Todays world also seek signs - they always want to see miracles, but our faith is not based on wonders, it is based on the Word of GOD.


Verse 25 - Jews thought that JESUS wouldn't resurrect - But He is now in the right hand side of GOD.


 Verse 26 – When you see from the beginning onwards, it was not the noble people but the ordinary which Lord chose.

>>  But when you look at the selection of a board or committee, you can see the greatest and influential people being selected. What is the benefit if they chose us – Man looks for their benefit.

>> At that time for the  Jewish council, they select the great and rich scribes, but Lord chose the very common men (mostly fishermen) for his team.

>> If Lord had chosen noble men in his team maybe he might have been accepted more – Buts Lords way of doing things is different.

>> He was born as a king, but on the roads and then laid in a manger. Lords birth and life was very simple and ordinary. That’s why his selection is also very ordinary, otherwise we would have never been in his team or family – not worthy.

Eg: Like being chosen into a big organization eventhough we are nothing and have nothing

>> In the first generation saints, the difference was not in their knowledge or greatness, it was in the anointment of the holy spirit

>> It does not mean that God will not chose a noble or knowledgable person, but there is no specialty for my Lord – all are equal in his sight

>> There are some noble people among the called in the Bible, but they also like others came to his presence by accepting Jesus and obeying his words.

We know about the fate of a rich man who couldn’t obey Lords words.


Verse 27 – Sometimes we might not  have what world has, But we have something which no one in the world has – as Peter and John said to the lame man, we don’t have what others have, but what  we have, they give unto you – the authority of Jesus.

>> God chose a stammering Moses to speak to Pharoh (the ruler of the world – Egyptian civilization)

How many others were there - God could have used Aaron or some one else

Exodus 4:10 - even after God chose him and before he had a slow tongue.


Verse 28 – This Lords way of doing things

>> God chose David to defeat Goliath

>> God chose 12 year old Jeremiah to speak to the people against the king and high priest

>> God chose stammering Moses to speak to Pharoh(the greatest ruler of the world) and his old weak hands to win the battle, when his hands were raised up

>> God chose an ordinary and inexperienced Gideon with his very small army(300 men) to defeat a mighty and great

>> If we really think about our selection and the change God gave in all the areas of our life, we will jump and praise the Lord.

>> When David jumped and praised the Lord for the great deliverance – Michal asked – Aren’t you ashamed to dance with your servants and maid servants coz she thought she was Saul’s daughter, but she forgot that it was God who made Saul the king. – Lord took his kingship and anointment, his last times were the pitiest. In reply this is what David said to his wife – 2 Sam 6:21,22 – In a more humble way - I will dance more.

>> Don’t forget to praise give Lord praise for your selection – God is the reason for all what you are today.


Verse 29 – That no flesh should glory in the Lord

1Cor 10:31 – Do all for Lord glory

Heb 1:3 – Jesus  - the brightness of Gods glory


Verse 30 – Because we are in Christ

>>Eph 1:3 – He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings

>> John 15:3 (cleansed), verse 4 – Abide in Christ, otherwise no fruit

>> When we go far, it is the job of the Holy spirit in us to draw us near to the Lord.

>> When we are in Christ, then our self will not be there, our selfishness will not be there.

>> God became our wisdom – then our thinking is not there – we start thinking like God – spiritual matters – then we will be holy.

>> The righteousness & sanctification should be of Christ

Philip 2:14,1 – Do live blameless amidst a crooked nation – It is very easy to live holy amidst holy people.


Verse 31 – Understand it all from the Lord, so glory in the Lord, Don’t glory in money or job, that can all go within seconds.

For our strength or beauty to go, how much time it takes, so lets be thankful to the Lord.






Verse 1 – Paul a man of excellent wisdom, who can even compete with any scholar of his time, in philosophy or law – is telling – verse 5 – Your faith should not be in the wisdom of man but in the power of God.

>> A person who can speak with excellent words (we all like people like that) , but it attracts people to the person more than the message in it. People want the message in different ways, Jews-signs, greek – philosophy) but Paul did not speak according to the taste of the people or times.


Verse 2 – He spoke crucified Christ (with the message of suffering)

>> About no one except Jesus – When people are praised or given Glory, no one comes to the Lord, but wherever the name of Jesus only is lifted high, there people will come to the Lord and their lives will change, and great work of God will be revealed amidst them.

>> In our personal life, family, church or wherever we go, let Jesus be lifted high.

>> Preach Christ crucified, why is it so important and something which satan doesnt allow. –


1 Peter 1:18,19 – we are redeemed by the blood of Christ

Heb 9:13 – Blood of Jesus purified us and made us clean and worthy for eternal life, (sufferings of the cross purify us.

The sacrifice of Jesus – John 3:16 – only begotten son – God so loved – what great love – Here the True love of God for us, is demonstrated.


Verse 3 – IN FEAR AND TREMBLING - What was the fear and in much trembling

Why – was it because of his life in danger or people turning against him – NO

>> It was because of the greatness of the message which he was saying – whose message – of the great king of kings – about the great one – I am whom I am.

>> Whose presence I am ministering or sitting – with trembling for He is the Great One.

>> Who has given me this responsibility

(Today we see what all people stand up and say – a lot of groupism, fighting, with hatred inside – don’t forget that we are accountable for everything.


IN WEAKNESS – Pauls body was weak eventhough his ministry was powerful – 2Cor 10:10, Gal 4:13,14


>>Serve the Lord with fear & trembling – Ps 2:11, Ezek 12:18, Acts 9:5(Paul), Mark 5:33

>> Al those who were touched by the Lord had fear and trembling

>> 2Cor 7:15 – How much fear and trembling was there in the Corinth church.

>> Whatever we say or do – Does my master allow me or approve it.


Verses 4 & 5 –Paul knows wherever he used philosophy, no fruit was there, But wherever he preached Christ crucified, in the power of the Holy spirit – unchangeable people changed.


>> A ministers success is not by how many buildings or by the size of the campus but by the anointment which is upon him, by the number of people transformed and made strong and worthy to go to heaven.

>> The world should know that Christ lives, looking at the change in our life – their argument will be stopped.

(In the demonstration of Spirit and Power)

>> Many people start the work of the Lord in the power of the Holy spirit but later become a useless person to Lord, when he starts using his worldly wisdom, that person will slowly be used by Satan.

>> As we pray or speak the word of God, is it by enticing words or by the power of Holy Spirit (Difference between todays churches and old spiritual churches)


Verses 6 – 8  – I speak to you as Mature(perfect)

Many Christians know about the primary change – born again, baptized by water and by spirit.

>> For majority – growth is only till the first stage, If there is no further growth Bible calls as babies in Christ. Lord is not coming to receive a baby when He comes – Heb 5:13(baby always drinksmilk),14-of full age.

>> Grown up in Christ – they have knowledge and sense – what to do. A grown up Christian does not waver or be easily moved.

Eg: A small child laughs, giggles and plays, but if I or one of you do that

Young children – fight easily- he pinched me, complaining always, always changing decisions, they speak and shout without thinking. But a matured person will avoid all unnecessary talks and fight, only what is good for him, he does.

>> Have a sense to discern good and evil.

>> Grown up in Christ – lets examine – more than yesterday how much growth I have got – not in crookedness or wealth but in the Lord.

>> Eph 5:10 (Mal – 9) – try to find what Lord hates and what Lord accepts.


Verse 7 – Luke 10:21 – which was hidden to the wise of the world – God revealed to us

>> The world has brains and wisdom – they divide and analyze the scriptures, but it is not becoming as faith in their life – 1Peter 2:1,2 – as new born babies desire the undiluted milk – the word of God(first remove envy and then eat spiritual food, be happy when ur fellow believer buys a new thing.)

>> They are not able to have faith in the Lord or trust in the Lord, so the goodness  of the promise of God, they are not able to taste – Ps 34:8 – Taste and see


Verse 8 – When many scribes, Pharisees and high priest are there – On Simeon ministering by the Holy Spirit – Luke 2:25 – 33 – they marveled

>> Peter and John – Acts 4:13 – People marveled hearing the words and seeing the works – what God was doing thru them.

>> Be full of Holy spirit – world is going to marvel, fear and  give glory to the Lord whom you serve.

>> Today theologies and their theories are spoiling the belief, they are not able to believe in the Lord.


Verse 9 – Verse 9- from Isaiah 64:4

>> Lord will show us His great and heavenly mysteries - Peter, James & John on Mount of transfiguration - saw Gods glory which no one else saw, He did not think Gods glory is so glorious - That is why later Peter says in 2Peter 1:16(we are His eye witnesses)

>> If a man really sees, knows and experience Jesus, he/she will not go far from him, a desire to know more about Lord.


Verse 10 - The great plan of God - Salvation, then slowly changing us and making us like Him

>> Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth

>> Mysteries of God - God reveals - who he is -

When people were telling Jesus as Eliah, John the baptist etc - Math 16:13-17 - Peter said Son of God - My Father revealed it.

>>To the babies, when he hid it to the wise.


**Deep things of God - the depth of it - Eph 3:17-19 - Length, width, depth and height of the love of God

>> Again in Rom 11:33 - Depth of the wisdom and knowledge of God


>> We come and worship God, do we know the God we worship - His grace and his wisdom, His riches - then we will surely SHOUT and DANCE before Him.

How can a person keep quiet in His presence - The more you know him - the more u will be loyal, obedient and humble to him, the more you will submit ur life to Him.


Verse 11 - Only my spirit(or mind) knows what is going on in my mind, even I don't know what is in ur mind, just like that only the Spirit of God knows and reveals what is in the heart of our Lord

>> When it is revealed we will never leave Him - As Peter said when all other disciples left Jesus - I will not leave you coz u have the words of eternal life.

>> Spirit of God reveals - that is why - we need to receive this spirit - it makes the love of God in our heart - Rom 5:5


Verse 12 - We know many people who have good knowledge about Theology or heard or read about Jesus, but how much they study in a worldly aspect of mans knowledge, it will not be glorious in their life, But when Lords spirit teaches us - its life for us.

For that you should be obedient and humble. to the holy spirit.

>> Freely given to us - what all God has given us

** Rom 8:32 - He has given me the Son, through Him - all things

If Jesus is in our life - we have everything

>> Rom 8:15-17 - He has given us a spirit of adoption - not of bondage - we are not to be in bondage - of fear, of worldly love, of filth and fleshy character or satans bondage.

>>You cannot live according to the World, you are heavenly.

>>Because you are special and reward is specially reserved for you - 1Peter 1:4,5


Verse 13 – onwards we can see two groups – Natural or worldly or carnal man and then spiritual man.

In chap 3:1 – we see Paul calling brethren and telling this, it means it is not about gentiles but in the church.

>> That is why in some Christians life, how many beatings God gives or how much we tell the word of God, there is no change or they are not able to obey. Even when Jesus – the son of God came and spoke to them directly they did not change, out of lakhs, only a few accepted His words.


>> Here it says they are worldly, that’s why they are not able to obey or be humble to the Word.

>> We speak not in mans wisdom, but what Holy spirit teaches,

So a spiritual man always gives importance to what spirit says, he cannot do things in a worldly way.

>> Bible says – when you speak – at the right time, holy spirit will give in your mouth – Paul was such a person – He spoke by the spirit, prayed by the spirit, sang by the spirit

>> spiritual with spiritual – when the church or listeners are spiritual (guided by the spirit) that is when spirit will reveal the mysteries spiritually.


Verse 14 – Worldly man ( even though he is intellectual) does not have the spirit of God (coz grieved the spirit) in him, once had but spirit will not always argue with you.

*Eph 4:30 – Do not grieve the spirit

*Gen 6:3 (5-7) – spirit will not always strive(argue) with you

It means if you don’t obey the spirit completely, it will leave your heart until you reconcile and come back to the Lord.

>>When the spirit goes, not able to understand what the spirit says, body(which is more stronger) will be controlling him. Because “body is strong but spirit is weak” – this is what Jesus told his disciples before crucification, in the garden of gethsemane.

Eg: In some houses what we see is when husband becomes weak, wife’s takes control, when parents become weak, children take control, this is the same thing which happens in us, When spirit becomes weak, Body or flesh takes all control.

>> In such a time what the spirit says becomes foolishness for them.

>> Word of God must be spiritually discerned (lets grow more in the Lord and far from the world)


Verse 15 – spiritual people are right in the word of God, so we judge or correct others, but let not the world correct others.

>> Not to react to how the world reacts.

1Peter 2:23 – not to react back, but to give everything to the Lord who judges rightly.

>> Let us examine ourselves, we say that we are spiritual, but when someone speaks or works against us – will we give it to the Lord ??, look at the 16th verse of Corinthians – the same mind of Jesus


Verse 16 – taken from Ish 40:13 (who has been the counselor of God)

>> Once Peter, on  the mount of transfiguration, told Jesus – that we will make three huts and stay here – immediately Jesus told Peter – Satan, get behind me – Math 16:23

>> So in prayer let us not give advice to him   

>>But what he has in mind, he will instruct us by the spirit – John 16:14 (verse 13 – spirit of truth will show you)

>> As we studied earlier – spirit will reveal the deep things of God(verse 10)

As long as there is place in our vessel, Lord will fill.

>> In the bible all the spiritual people wanted to know more about Jesus and his kingdom

>> The same mind of Jesus – Philip 2:5,6,8

>> Because of that mind Jesus had, Father exalted him in verse 9.






Verse 1- Worldly or Carnal - In the Corinthian church, they were called to be spiritual, but majority became worldly.

>> We are living in the flesh but not to be controlled by the flesh

John 3:6 - 2 groups (verse 7 - born again transformed from flesh to spirit

>> Last verse in chapt 2 says - mind of Jesus

So Paul is not blaming them, but to gain them, first calling them brethren, then worldly, then babies in Christ


** Why babies - coz they don't have the growth and knowledge to understand what we say or what will happen after that. (Eg: always learning A B C, even after 10 years in 10th also the person says only this , its a serious problem)

**Paul calls some mature - so there are also grown up

** Not by age but by accepting heavenly manna

Heb 5:12  - Not by age - Hebrew or the church in Jerusalem is the first church formed when 3000 were baptized at Peters first message there.


Carnal - controlled by flesh - the world controlling you

Double minded- have a spiritual mind but controlled by flesh

James 1:7,8  - such a person will not receive anything from heaven, maybe from this world, if that is only what you want then its OK.

>> But controlled by spirit - sometimes you should close your mouth where it should be closed - Ps 39:1

You should close your eyes where it should be, that's why God has given you an eye lid (You are not a bottle without an eye lid)


Verse 2 - Now also you are not grown so you don't want deep word - not interested, you just want milk - basics (deliverance and blessings)

>> That is what a gentile wants when he comes to the Lord first

That's why its says here - still a baby - coming to meetings, putting offering, not growing to do anything for the Lord, coming going for years.


Verse 3 - Lord wants a great change  - more change daily - Let the holy become more holy

But it says here that we are like others - with a political smile with no happiness from heart,

Our crookedness and competition, everything is just like the gentiles, sometimes we forget to understand that there are much better gentiles than us.

>> We forget who we are, whose children we are -

Eph 2:5,6 (gave me life, livened me) verse 6 - made me sit in heavenly places.

>> You are still carnal after all what Lord is doing in your life - think what your calling is

Gal 2:20 - Its Christ who lives in me - Dead to this world and living for Christ

>> We know what apostle Paul prays to the Lord. -

1 Thess 5:23 - God sanctifies you wholly and preserves you blameless till God comes


>> For you are still carnal - We are called to be perfect like our father – Math 5:48

>> Math 10:25 – It is enough for a disciple to be like his master.

World has an expectation from us, coz we are Lords children.


Verse 4 – As we learned earlier, there is groupism rather than unity

If that mentality is in you, then bible says- you are carnal


Verse 5 – Paul is asking Corinthians church, who is Paul, who is Apollos, they are simply ministers or servants.

>>Servants whom God uses to strengthen His people. No person is special in the sight of God, God can use anyone – if you have dedication and integrity.

>> A servant of God should not make divisions or show partiality in the church. If he is spiritual and anointed man, he should see everyone equal in Christ.

(There might be believers who give a lot of offering, praise the pastor or support him in all ways, but as a servant of God, should see as Christ sees

>> Because we are simply servants, don’t forget that there is a Master above us – CHRIST.

>> Christ should not be known in anyone’s care off, coz it is He who has paid the whole price alone.


Verse 6 – We all do our part – we all have a part  - Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelist.

** Maybe Apollos was used in many places as Paul was, but he did his part which God entrusted him.

(Not that we plan and do a lot of things but – Are we doing what God is speaking to us these days.


Verse 7 – He who plants(tell the Gospel) or he who waters(teaches the word) is nothing, but God gives the increase – unless God strengthen them, they cant grow.

>> The servant of Lord gets his wages according to his work – How he works hard or according to the price he pays for the Lord.


Verse 8 – Which ever work we do – Planting or Watering (the two main works in the building up of the body of Christ) – all the works are alike and it has its value in the sight of God and will surely be rewarded.

>> We are doing our Father’s work coz we really love him.

>> Here whatever we get is to do the Lords work more – But the real eternal reward we will get when we reach there.


Verse 9

We are Gods fellow workers, so all are appointed

>> Paul is not telling that I am greater than you or more authority, but equal to you – we are working together for the same mission – that’s why Peter says in 1 Peter 5:1 – fellow elder.

>> When an organization appoints, they select the best personnel, but when God chooses, then gives all of us the grace to do great thing for God, to those who are faithful and obedient to His words.

>> If more is given to us (grace, wealth, health, wisdom, contacts, abilities), then more we need to give God account on that day.

>> The reward is also not only for me but for everyone who loves Him and has hope in His coming – 2 Tim 4:8.


>> You are God's field (garden or vineyard) - which is under cultivation(Gods eyes are always upon it)

Song of Solomon 4:12 - An enclosed garden (gods people)

** Its not a deserted barren field, but to be fruitful for God.

>> Ish 5:1 - Israel as a vineyard of God

Verse 2 - Lord fenced it, also took out all the stones(hindrances)

A watch tower is in the midst of it - God observes always

He planted the fine choicest vine and expects the best output or fruit

Verse 5 - Because nor fruit, God will take out the fence and wall and trample it and destroy it.


>> You are God's building

Verse 16, 17 - grows into a holy temple

>> Eph 2:20-22 - jointly fitted together

>>The work of this building started on the day of Pentecost when the anointment came upon the church, the work will only end when the trumpet blows

>> Today organization grows, Lord church is not growing

Let organizations break, let the church or bride of Christ grow

>> Church is not Pails or Apollo’s or Peter's or anybody's, but its the Lords, he paid the complete price for it.

>> Church is not any building but it is our life where Lord wants to dwell in its fullness.


Verse 10 – According to the grace of God, given to me. The grace varies but Paul says I am sure of my grace.

He says, not by his words of knowledge, but by the grace of God

>> Wise builder – Not his wisdom, but he did not want to do anything which God did not tell to do, but instead did all things which God told him to do.

>> When David was anointed, he did not go to Saul and tell him to move out, but he waited till God guided him to the work which God has kept for him. Meanwhile he was being trained by God in all ways to learn endurance.


Verse 11 – The foundation which Paul laid was not Paul’s foundation, but only on Lord Jesus Christ and His words

>> Examine how he builds on it – Is it with compromise (our vision, works & teachings) or is it according to our convenience

>> Where ever Paul goes – great trouble, coz he looks at the face and tells what spirit gives. If he would have compromised there would be no problems or beatings, but that is the main thing that Lord honored him to be a wise master builder.


Verse 12 – The work of God is not seen or noticed by many, but if you notice todays ministry- it is like hay piled up (whole world can see – in flex, in their magazines, channels, mega convention stages – what is their motive behind it – is it for the whole world to know you or for the glory of Jesus.


Verse 13 – When passed through fire – (gold, silver, precious stones) – the precious metals get more purified to give more glory

>> 2 Tim 3:12 – All those who want to live holy


Verse 14 – Only what you whole heartedly and gladly did for the Lord, paying a great price, fighting with the enemy, who tried to stop you half way,  and became victorious – Reward,


Verse 15 – All others will be gone – all what you received from the world gone – Great Loss

>> If our efforts and concentration was on ourselves, we will be shameful and fools on that day.


Verse 16 - also more clear in 1 Cor 6: 19, 20. - you are not your own but called to be a special residence of God, that specialty should be there.

 From Exodus to Revelation we see the temple of God

Lord said to Moses - Ex 25:8 - God always want to be with his children, right from Adam & Eve

>> God cannot stay where there is unholinesss

>> God did not stay in a place which was according to their plan, instead we see God told exactly how it should be made, when Moses did exactly according to what God told, even from the small hook to the covering, then Gods shekinah (glorious presence) came upon them

Even if it is our heart or family or church, when we prepare it holy according to the counsel of the Holy Spirit, then God will come in its fullness and dwell in us.

>> Ezekiel 8:6 - I have left their gathering, but Isreal did not know, they were trying to make their worship wonderful, so they adopted some practices from the neighbouring Midianites, hitites, amalekites, philistines etc and made a new pattern of worship, which they thought would make the Lord happy, but God says, It is an abomination for me.

>> Don't you know

* That you are Gods temple

* And that God himself dwells in you.   (You should always be aware of )


Verse 17 - Defile Math 5:8 - Blessed are those who are pure in heart, for they shall see God

>> Heb. 12:14 - without sanctification, no one shall see God

>> Ps 51:10 - create in me a clean heart and a steadfast (sthiramaya) spirit

>> To all the churches in Revelation Lord says - when satan comes to defeat you - Be victorious


Verse 18 - From beginning onwards whatever God has done - it was foolishness for man.

>> In Noah’s time - At that time man has never seen rain or an ark(ship), Noah did not know whether it would float or sink, but he completely believed and obeyed every single word what God had told him and he and his obedient family saw the glory of God - John 11:40 , where as all the other people who were laughing at them thinking how foolish they are, every single living creature got destroyed.

>> Joshua - in Jericho - when Israelites walked around the wall for 7 days, for all these days thousands of Israelites walking around but where told not to talk, then on the 7th day God told them to shout at the sound of the trumpet. They obeyed and they got victory(instead of great war techniques which end up in failure and unbearable pain) - how simply, you get victory when you obey the Lord, even though this is unbelievable for man.

>> Let No one deceive himself - James 3:13 - so what is wisdom - meekness, good conversation and works.

Verse 17 - Gods wisdom is pure, peaceful, gentle, easy, full of mercy, good fruits, without partiality and hypocrisy


Verse 19 - from Job 5:13

God will make their own wisdom become a trap for them.

God says - to the crooked I will also be crooked.

>> The wisdom of this world – God has proved it to be foolish – again in 1 Cor 1:19,20, Ish 55:8,9


Verse 20 - Futile - having no useful result

Lord says - All their plans are in vain.


Verse 21 - Let not man glory in wise men - advisors or doctors

All is simply manly never heavenly

Here God is showing the great difference between manly and godly (mere or simple and extra-ordinary which is marvelous to man)


Verse 22 - Everything in this world and man, they are all manly - so fear, respect, obedience - Let it be to God rather than to man.

>> Acts 5:29 - Peter and other apostles said  - we must obey God rather than men.






Verse 1- The church had a feeling that there apostles knew everything from the word of God and also they were proud of their apostles and heroes, so they used to praise them or tried to be followers of one apostle. Here they were making groupism in the name of Paul, Apollos, Kepha etc,

so Paul could have praised those who supported him as a leader (that is what happens today),

** But here Paul is making things open and clear so that  -

1-    Satan will be ashamed (coz this love for fame was his trick)

2-    People open their understanding to know their truth

>> We are just stewards (or bonded slaves)

A steward or a house-keeper just manages and does the work which is told by the master, nothing more-nothing less.

A steward in a hotel just delivers what is given from the kitchen to the table and enquire their feedback. He cant add anything or take anything from the plate or glass.

>>We have a Master or Captain above us – To some he will tell to row, to some, to set the sail, to some to put the anchor, to some to steer – to each one – different work – we work together in unity and in great love for the glory of the Lord, otherwise this boat(spiritual life will sink)

>> Looking at an other person job, don’t think that job is better. Understand that every work has and equal reward and honor from the Lord.

>>  Lord always trains us from the ground level, to test our faithfulness and integrity, and to build us on a strong foundation of the word of God.

>> Paul a mighty man of God throughout all history, says I am just a steward or servant of Christ.

Where Lord says – I will go, What Lord tells me to speak – I will speak.

>> We have not tasted the depth of the mysteries of the word of God, that much depth it has.

The speciality is that – the more you learn, you enjoy and the more darkness goes out of our life and Lord’s light shines upon you.


Verse 2 – This steward must be faithful

Ø Minister for the glory of the kingdom of God.

Ø Never interpret anything more or less rather than what is given by the spirit

Ø Testifying that we have an almighty God, not about any other source of help from this world, not to trust in specialist doctor, advocates or any other politicians.

Ø Faithful in money matters

Ø Faithful in family life

>> Let us examine what all God has entrusted us – our church, our family, our relatives, our friends, our neighbor, the place where we stay etc.


Verse 3 – Many things the world will say about us –

>> Sometimes praise us (don’t be puffed up) even if they blame (don’t be down), this is also Satan’s trick (to criticize) you and make u incapable.

>> You have to be sure who you are, your relationship with God, your calling.


Verse 4 – Don’t think what I do is all correct, when people blame, check if there is anything in it, where I should change – coz we have accountability with God and man(good witness)


Verse 5 – Man always judges from outside, Don’t judge fast.

>> Sometimes by hearing a message or a song – we say a real anointed servant of God or a child of God.

>> Here Lord says Slowly what is all inside, God will bring outside

This is how Lord works – David says in Ps 139:1-4

** Before time – Judgement day – That day God will –

Ø Bring hidden things to light – 1Cor 3:13

Ø Reveal secrets of man – Rom 2:16

Ø Reward each man – Rev 3:11-15,   2 Cor 5:10,   In Mathew and in Revelation –again it says Behold I am coming quickly to reward each one according to their works

In Mathew 22:12 – we see a parable concerning the kingdom of God, where a man came into to the wedding hall without wedding garment(preparation even though the king gave them everything for their change), he was sent to eternal darkness(hell.)


Verse 6 – There was groupism and some groups trying to give one servant of the Lord more respect than the other. Paul was clearly saying that all are equal, as the Master says, some might plant, others come and water. But its all done by the Lord, we are just His servants.

>> Here, eventhough I am saying about me or Apollos, its for your sake – for you

Not only servants of the Lord should see each other equally but also, believers also should.

>> Paul did not catch any team here, instead very strictly said – Don’t fight because of us

>> And never let any one of you think yourself puffed up

>> Also catching one team and opposing the other (Some people enjoy telling wrong about other, they start by discussing about them)

** We might be doing this for an enjoyment or thrill while we tell wrong about others – But remember – Satan is making you do it – he is giving you the enjoyment – and it is to blame a child of God and create problem and groupism instead of Love and unity (the principle of Christian life)


Verse 7 – Who said you are greater than the other –

>> All what you have is only what you have received from above

If we understand the meaning of this question – then real glorifying worship will arise from our heart to the Lord

>> Salvation, the status as a child of God, health, wealth, wisdom & knowledge, the food we eat, the house we stay, the family we have, the gathering God has given us – Isn’t it all from the Lord.

>> Paul always says in all the epistles – Because of the grace of God bestowed upon me – I am who I am

>> If you are thinking that its – my wisdom, my health, my money, my relatives, my efforts – then you are a PROUD FOOL (coz you forgot that the same Lord who gave you all this can also take it back – as Job says).

Rom 1: 30 – works of flesh – proud

James 4:6 – God resist the proud and gives grace to the humble (2 times in the new testament)

2 Tim 3:2 – In the last days men shall be proud and boaster

>> That is why in 1Cor 1:31, 2Cor 19:17, Jer 9:24 – It says – He who glories, let him glory in the Lord.


Verse 8 – So you have become rich and full coz your concentration was upon that only

Once you got what you prayed for, now you want to rule and make groupism


Verse 9 – God has kept a great reward for what Paul suffered, but in a manly view Paul is thinking for a moment how the world thinks about him. (It was compared with the Roman system of the scene in an open-theatre where man will have to fight with wild beast for his life)

>> We are made a spectacle(in tough training), in front of this world, angels and to all men

·        But also remember the honor is also in front of the whole men (born on this earth) on the day of judgement.


Verse 10 – Fools for Christ’s sake – In that arena(open-theatre) when spectators watch, they might think we are put in front of wild beast and our life is gone.

Like fools – who can win with the beast, put alone there to struggle till victory

>> You are wise – not at all engaging in the work of the Lord – so no suffering – and seeing what are the loop holes to receive blessings without suffering

>> So in front of the world you are distinguished – we are dishonoured


Verses 11 to 13 – The same is continued in these verses


Verse 14 – Paul was their spiritual father that’s why calling them sons

1 Thess 2:11 – how Paul exhorts as a father exhorts his child ( two times we see in bible Paul calling Timothy – my son)


Verse 15 – After that many people might have come there and instructed you, maybe that’s why you are moved, but only a spiritual father will have the responsibility.


Verse 16 – Follow or imitate me as I am following Christ – 1Cor 11:1

>> 1Thess 1:6 – followers of us – receive word with affliction

>> Heb 6:12 – Don’t be lazy, but inherit the promises


Verse 17 – Timothy was only Paul’s spiritual son – he was a half-greek – Acts 16:1

Paul calls him son coz of the Oneness in vision and most importantly he was faithful

>> Will remind you all my ways – so Paul’s ways were special

And it’s a mystery – how he could work so much

It’s a way which is proved and tested and successful

How he could win all the weakening crooked tricks of the devil and

How he could overcome all the hurdles


Verse 18 – Some are thinking that I am not coming to you – NO – I am coming – As a father comes

Be ready to answer me – how much you are wanting(or lack), how much you became worldly, are you serious, what about your reverence(fear and respect) to God.

You are accountable to answer you spiritual mentor.


Verse 19 – Many of you are puffed – thinking that you have reached a position, thinking that you are strong(1Cor 10:12) and reached a spiritual position , and full of knowledge and wisdom

>> Pauls says I don’t want to hear your speech – I want to see the power of God being revealed through you – Barking dog seldom (will not) bite. Paul means – I don’t want to hear your talking, I want to see what your work and life.


Verse 20 – Not in speech, but in power (for that you really need a separated and obedient life(to your master and all the guidance of Holy spirit)

>> There is no meaning in a spiritual life without power – you are called as living stones(1Peter 2:4,5)

>> In the Gospel – Jesus says – All power in heaven and earth is upon me – then Lord said – you wait in your place(Jerusalem) till you receive power(Acts 1:8) and then go to the world and do my work.

>> Rom 1:16 – I am not ashamed of Christ coz it is power to those who believe

>> 1 Cor 1:18 – message of cross is foolishness to this world – but for us – the power of God

>> Eph 6:10 – Finally my brethren, be strong in the strength of His(Lord’s) might.






Verse 1 - This kind of a sin is not among us but we live in a society which consist of all sins, how it can influence us.

>> After many exhortation, if still no change, how an anointed servant of God can deliver him to satan.

>> Here they were all tolerating  that man coz he might have been a man helping the church financially and everyone was liberal. We should be open-minded but not broad enough to tolerate  all lifestyles which the discipline of the Bible doesn’t allow us.

>> Mentality of people and pastors have changed – People should be there – numbers.

When a Pastor sees  another pastor – how many believers you have – now a days asking how many churches you have – So everyone wants numbers – not faithful numbers – so they are tolerating all kinds – In the first churches in Acts – fear of the Lord was there

>> Discipline in church – is good for that person, for the church and for the world – You should not close your eyes.


Verse 2 - You have not mourned (as mourning for a dead), If a close person is dead, still you will not keep for long you will take it out of your home to bury outside. That burden should be upon you – don’t compromise with it and allow that person to continue in it.

>> what we do these days is thru phone or personally spread the news to all, to blame that person – Then think I am safe – Let the other person go to hell.

>> Gal 6:1 – with a spirit of gentleness, spiritually restore that person.


Verse 3 - With the sin inside they are puffed up, thinking they are great and the best, even in the sight of God.

>> Such a person Jesus says Judge righteously – John 7:24

>> The job given to us – 2 Tim 4:2 – Be ready always – to rebuke, exhort and convince


Verse 4 – Judging the disobedient – In the name and power of Lord Jesus.


Verse 5 – To deliver a disobedient person to Satan – to withdraw all fellowship from him and in the authority give him to Satan, he will really torture (this is for correction)

>> These days Pastors don’t have the authority for that coz they themselves are not right and they only want - Numbers.

>> Here regarding this man’s case we see Paul telling in 2 Cor 2:6,7 – It is enough, now his sorrow is great and he has repented, now receive him.

>> Jesus has told about the discipline among the children of God – Math 18:15-18


Verse 6 -Sin is like cancer, according to science, we should not allow it to spread, we cut that cancerous area and throw it out, we will not ignore it or say that let it be there, its ok.

>> Also mentioned in Gal 5:9


Verse 7 – Purge out the leaven –

Putting away the disobedient, is not for groupism or revenge, but for holiness, love and unity, the same vision in all those who come to the dwelling place of God.

>> When guest comes suddenly, what we sometimes do is sweep and for easy job, they put it under the sofa, carpet or bed. If it is continued, after sometime your room will be transformed into a kachada(garbage) room – same thing happening in the church.

>> Only like minded people of the same vision and calling can gather together and be a team.

Sometimes what happens in mega churches is that people come, people go, no one knows each other. Pastors are also only bothered about the offering, more than sanctification or personal attention – but understand what the bible says about fellowship.

A brotherly love is not a hi-bye relationship but enquire how the other family is – help if needed


Verse 8 – The law was given to the jews that on the month of Abib, they should roast a lamb and eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs and stay in their homes till Lords tells them. When they had the feast once in a year, Paul says our Passover Christ is already sacrificed for us, so not once in a year but let us keep on feasting for the Lord has delivered us and paid the price for our sins.

>> So let us be joyous (as Old testament celebrate Passover) as unleavened, blameless and true with sincerity in relation with God and man – That’s when family, life, relationship and the church will be joyous.


Verse 9 – The fellowship or church should be holy and pure.

In the above verses we read that a little leaven leavens the whole lump.

Here Paul is telling, let all the leaven be out of the house of God, here in this case, it is an immorality. Whatever sin it is, a person is repeating, the church should not tolerate or close their eyes, but deal with the case and exhort him


Verse 10 – To keep away from sinners and disobedient is not gentiles (otherwise we will be needing a saints only bus), it is about believers who have gone back into bondages –

>> Covetous –(athyagrahi) – jealously eager of possessing something, desiring to have whatever they see.

>> Extortioner – obtaining money from others in an unlawful manner or by force – even when they help their spiritual brethren, they seek financial benefit. Doing everything in a business mentality.

>> Idolater – We are not worshipping idols when we join idol worshippers in their programs or festivals, we also become like them.

In old testament, many times Lord says(Ezekiel 14:3) that they have idols in their heart, so I will not hear their prayer and my wrath will be upon them.

What is idol in heart – our heart is the temple of God, anything that we keep in our heart, or give importance or love more than the Lord – Let it be proved through your life to whom you give full importance.


>> Only when we purge out all the leaven , then only the church can grow towards perfection. Otherwise in the church we will tolerate one such person then another one, like that this worldliness will spread to all.

>> Don’t forget that we are called to perfection (to be blameless)

Math 5:48 – You be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.

>> To put away that person - is not to blame or on revenge, but as he is put away till he corrects himself and reconciles with God, the whole church should pray for him.


>>Pastors are these days compromising and the church is getting polluted. Pastors and believers are only thinking about money and fame and the number.

That’s why when a person who has money or power comes to the church, everyone closes their eyes whatever that person does wrong coz let him stay in our church, it’s a name for our church.

And also the pastor tries to correct that person in any area according to the bible or doesn’t give him great honor, he will go out to another church. These days its hundreds of churches in a single area so selection is there to try, and some believers have the spirit of frogs, they keep on jumping from one to another.

So to avoid all this trouble Pastors and the church is tolerating all kinds and the motto of their churches have become – “We take all kinds here” and they can continue as they are.

I have even seen, they without discerning, mic is given to minister the word to anyone who comes new.


Verse 11 – Here in this verse one more serious sin which is –

>> Reviler – (vaavishtanam) – Talking abusive or making fun off, criticizing, useless talking.

In the next chapter 1 Cor 6:10 – again repeated – that they will not inherit the kingdom of God

Eg: Some people what they cant do or don’t have, but still criticizing an other person and laughing at them.

In the word of God, it clearly says – that we should have a proper control over our tongue – James 1:19,26,  Ps 141:3, Prov 10:19, again in James 3:5,6

>> The serious problem is – Can both fresh water and salt water come out of the same spring or fountain – James 3:11

Eg: That’s why people don’t have the confidence to declare the word, and it hinders a person from being anointed by the Lord with the heavenly tongues


Verses 12 & 13 –Why should we judge the outside people, that is God’s job. But to judge and correct a person inside the church is our responsibility. From the beginning onwards Satan tried to bring leaven into the church, so that the glory of the Lord will not shine upon us – 2 Cor 4:4 – Satan has blinded our eyes.

Once blinded then a lot of wrong teachings and theologies will also be welcome among them – it will be a ground for anything to breed.

1 Tim 1:18 – 20  - about Hymenaeus and Alexander

Now a days every Christian is speaking about Jesus, but a tree is known is known by its fruit.

2 Tim 2:17, 18 – like cancer, wrong teachings will spread

>> This joy of the feast of Passover is daily – Bible says – Rejoice always – only when we have this feast with unleavened bread and bitter herbs, with a lot of discipline from the word of God, exactly as the spirit guides, not by enjoying this world.







The Corinthian church claim to be very spiritual, that is why Paul says - what is you show outside is not how you are inside, you have become very worldly like gentiles.


Verse 1- In this church they are filing case against their own brother, between the children of God, where are they going - to Gentiles (whom they should instruct)

>> Very clearly Paul says - we should not go for case or for judgment to gentiles

>> If we go, we are. proving from our life that our God is not almighty, its a bad testimony

We are called to be good witnesses of our Saviour, a good testimony is very important in our christian life, o0therwise how can we share about our Lord to them.


Verses 2 & 3 - Here we read that we are going to judge the world and even the fallen angels

God has called us to a great position - a judge of the most supreme court which will judge people of whole world - only if we obey and are faithful to his counsel.

>> We will be seated with Christ in heavenly places to judge the world - joint inheritors of the riches of GOD

>> When we all go according to the guidance of the Holy spirit, then there won't be such problem

If we try to celebrate the victory against our spiritual brother or sister, its not a victory, its a failure, we have failed.


Verse 4 - Others who are really not Lords children - why are we going to them for their judgment.


Verses 5 & 6 - Paul says its a shame


Verses 7 & 8 - Its an utter failure for you - when they say that they have all the gifts of the holy spirit

>> Paul says accept where we are wrong otherwise we are being cheated by Satan

>> We should be ready to suffer loss which God allows in our life, because God has a reason for this

Verse 9 - Many times - Paul ask - Don't you know - that unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God

>> Don't be deceived - If a person after doing unrighteousness, is thinking that I am correct, I am born again and baptised, a child of God, even if there is wrong or disobedience in me, I will surely got to heaven - then you are deceived.

When the trumpet blows, it will be proved clearly. When God says - will not inherit heaven means- thats it.

>> In the bible we see fornication – along with idolatry (bible says those who serve them will be like them). Many from Corinthian church have come from such a background.

**In the 11th verse, it says now a wash(baptism) is given, you should b became sanctified(holy) and justified(correcting ourself). But in many of them, the old characters were continuing when they became spiritually weak. Understand that there is always a tendency for our old to affect us.

**According to the word of GOD, Lord's wrath will come upon idol worshippers even if its in a church or our home, when a photo or image(idol) of Jesus or Mary is kept. According to this verse, you are being cheated by Satan, and such people will not inherit the kingdom of God. They are not Jesus or any bible characters, Father God never allowed anyone to draw them when they were alive because Lord knew it would be and idol worship. Still different artist at different times drew a handsome man resembling that age, period and culture. But because it is not Jesus, and no where in the bible has God told us to keep a photo, Lords will punish. According to the word of God, he is the fairest of ten thousands, which no artist can pen down, Lords actual figure is clearly mentioned in Revelation chapter 1, which is not at all comparable to the present man's version. Who ever it is, We are not allowed to keep any man made figure or pictures of Jesus or Mary or any angels or any saints, priests or pastors in our worship place, then only the glory(shekinah) of God will come down among us.

>> Regarding fornication, we have come to a time, where big churches are allowing and encouraging homo-sexuals. Outside India, we gay or lesbian priests and pastors are ministering.


Verse 10 - Revilers, covetous, exhortioners --- will not inherit heaven


Verse 11- again in Gal 5:19,20

John 17:17 - so we get sanctified by the word

Titus 3:5 - cleansed and renewed by the spirit

>> When there is a wrong in us, immediately confess to the Lord. Prodigal son- when he understood, he said-I will go to my Fathers house, and stood up from that place. What happens to us is- many times we sit there and say - I will go, I will change, I know its wrong but we don't come out of it. But we know how the prodigal son stood up, from among the pigs, and turned to his father. His Father did not think about the filth on him, he hugged him. But if you want to enter inside the House, you have bath, change dress then only inside the House of God. Many people receive that first hug and stay where they are, again come for a hug, they don't want to change, they how will they be the inheritors of the kingdom of God.

**2Cor 5:17 - when a person is in Christ, completely a new creation, all the old has passed away.

>> God made us completely new, and newer day by day, he is cleansing us.


Verse 12 - God has a purpose for this cleaning, its not to go back and roll in the dirt or continue in what God has clearly told that its wrong.

>> Whatever we do, we have to glorify the Lord through our body (our body is God’s)

Then according to verse 14 - God will raise us by His power


Verse 13 – They had a very easy thinking about Sexuality. Many believers were into a very liberal thinking that it is just like food to the body, according to them, sexuality (desire to other people) is an appetite of the body. They forgot the law of the Lord – that even looking at a person with such a desire is as equal as having adultery with him/her, in the sight of God – Math 5:28.

>> In Bible very clearly God has dealt with practical issues – and many people’s life, their failure, so we will never repeat it.


>>In the Bible, for us to learn, God has many times dealt with many practical issues, many peoples lives, their failures – how the wrath of the Lord came upon them – so that we never repeat it,.

Here Corinthians say that they are spiritual, but many among them, their lives prove that they will not go to heaven.

>> So Christian freedom is not a license to do everything, whatever your body wants – today many liberal churches teach – Now you are a free person so you can do what you feel or what your mind says.

Just think about the case, if your children are given the freedom to do what they feel like, they will never be home.

>> Always we should consider God the father – zealous God

Jesus – by whose blood, you are made clean and redeemed

The Holy Spirit – who left the kingdom of God, to stay in Earth and in each and every one of our lives for the whole of this grace period (2000+ years), who will have to witness about us in heaven on that judgment day (Rom 8:16)


>> How can a person who is joined to Christ – at the same time be joined with the world – 2Cor 6:14-18, James 4:4

>> As we spend more time with the Lord and hear His voice in His holy presence, our desires and our intentions change


Verses 14 – 16 - The Corinthians thought we are free (Yes, Christ has set us free), but it is not to live as we want and jump into another bondage – not to be entangled again – Gal 5:1, 2Peter 2:20 – then their end will be worse than the beginning


>> What happened is slowly they became influenced by the evil practices and culture of Corinth, how the gentiles lives, their life style.

>> They once came out of all this, so they should have been cautious and disciplining themselves, because satan is always after us to put us back into the world and what we have left for Christ – then our herediterial character.

That why Paul says in 1Cor 9:27 – I discipline by body and bring it into subjection.


>> People sometimes ask – why so much strict discipline – we will not live like this.

But who are we to ask that – we have no right to question Lord – our creator and now our Master.

In verse 20 – God has purchased you so Lord will decide how you should be – not anyone else in the world or you.

>> Rom 12:1,2 – Let your bodies be acceptable to God, not only on Sunday’s or meeting time. We forget as a complete sacrifice means – 7 days – 24hours – body and mind (outer and inner man) is for Lord- so only do what the Spirit allow – let us be led by the sprirt.

>> As every day starts, let us bow down in the presence of the Lord and take a vow. My eyes, ears, my hands, legs and the whole body – I submit my body to Christ – Then only heaven.


Verse 17 – If my relationship with Christ needs to be strong, my relationship with the world should also be CONTROLLED BY MY Lord.


Verse 19 – Holy spirit is making us the temple of God

>> Today Devil makes – self boasting – People glorify themselves, peole live for themselves

>> But a person in whose heart the Holy Spirit dwells says – Philip 1:20, 21


Verse 20 – How many years the old owner had the object, whether a car or house or anything, Once transferred, old owner has no authority over it.






Verse 1 – Its an answer to the questions which they asked – that’s why in this chapter one after the other different practical issues are discussed.


Verse 2 – Very clearly this verse proves – No Male with male or female with female relationships, also no relation marriage relationships. Today even though the modern law is in support for all this kind of wrong relationships, but the word of God never changes.

>> In many families only one of the spouse came to the Lord, so can they be separated because their spouse is not a believer, this was one of their doubt. In verse 12& 13, very clearly says – Do not divorce in any case.


Verse 3 – Very clearly the responsibilities of husband and wife are mentioned – render(give) to the other person what they owe to each-other.

Render to each other – Eph 5:22 - submit as to the Lord (not make the person to submit, by force)

In the above 21st verse - reverence to the Lord.


Verses 4 & 5 – Decisions should not be taken alone but together, planned in the presence of the Lord.

>> Always pray together, travel together, spend enough time together, then Satan will be ashamed.


Verses 7-9 – Only if you have a gift or calling (from the Lord ) to do Lord’s work alone.

>> Some churches make it compulsory – which is satanic and wrong, which will lead them into horrible sin.


Verses  10 & 11 – Do not separate – but reconcile and join.


Verse 12 – Bible does not allow you to divorce, in any case for a New testament believer .

References – Malachi 2:16(God hates divorce), Math 19:6(What God has joined let not man separate)

Mark 10:11,12 (Adultery),   Round 7:2,3 (bound to you till death).

>> Many people say that it was written for that era or period. No, Lord never changes His law according to times, it is for ever and ever.

>> In many families, what we see is, it is the parents who support and counsel to go for divorce of their children. God has put parents to guide children into a good marriage, not to separate them, or interfere in any of the matter. Once they are a family, they should ask the counsel from God, and God will strengthen them to keep the vow(covenant) they have taken, till the end.

>> To break families – Satan always uses bitterness and unforgiveness

We have to forgive as our Lord forgave us.

>> When God says to forgive – Math 18:22 – 7 x 70 times = 490 times a day

And also forgive before the sun goes down – Eph 4:26

>> We think what will happen if I forgive, wont I be low, No – that’s when God will be on your side.


Verse 14 – Even if one side of the couple (either husband or wife) is a believer, satan cannot enter into their life, because that one side will be worshipping, changing, forgiving and praying. So through that person the grace and righteousness of the Lord comes upon that family, till they all become new in the Lord.

>> But this is not what we see now, the person who has come to the Lord will deal bitterly with other gentile family members or relatives, they are not able to experience the fruit of love from this believer, will not talk or deal with arrogance, you are hindering your dear ones to come to the Lord and you will have to give account for their soul also.


Verse 15 – If the un-believer spouse goes, don’t file a case or talk wrong against that person, no hatred, Give the matter to the Lord and pray loving your spouse, surely God will bring back, for the glory of the Lord. Even if that person doesn’t come, according to the Bible, you cannot marry till that person dies, coz your are bound with your spouse till one party passes away.


Verse 16 – All this happens by the Lord and Lord has a reason, we don’t know.


Verses 18 & 19 – Its an answer to the question which they asked


Verse 20 – How God has called us and we are placed into different families, different situations, different knowledge, talents and ability. Lord has a plan for everything, He will never go wrong.

>> Be satisfied in that and glorify God through how he has called us. We all have different desires and expectations, but being greedy and desiring for more will make us end up in satans trap and failures, as long as you are obedient to Lord’s council, Bible says, things will be well with you and you will be blessed.


Verses 21 & 22 – Who’s slave you are(in relationship with the world), maybe companies, friends of you families. Do your duties but don’t be their slaves.


Verse 23 – You are not the slave of man, but are bound to God. Relationship with parents and spouse is by the Lord, so first Lord’ matters. Many people go far away from the Lord or are not able to have close fellowship with the Lord, saying – my husband or wife didn’t allow or my children are not allowing me or I am being busy with my tensions and responsibilities.

>> But don’t forget, how much you do for this world, you only get pain and shame in return, but every small work you do for the Lord(Bible says, even a glass of water) is accounted and will be greatly rewarded.


Verse 24 – How God has kept us, abide with God


Verses 25 & 26 – Virgins – lots of sisters stayed un-married for the Lord because they came from their homes alone, and they enjoyed the Lord’s work. But the present distress – church is going through persecution, killing, it was not today’s position.


Verse 27 – If you are married, don’t try to come out of that relationship, and if by any chance one party goes free or divorces, then don’t try to re-marry (coz Bible doesn’t allow you as long as the other side lives)


Verses 29 - 31 – Now its not the time to concentrate on your family. Family is given to us not to pull all our mind and our effort to it but to encourage us and join us in the Lord’s work.


Verses 32 - 34 – As many these days, submit their lives to Lord’s work, then after when Lord gives them wonderful family and children, try to please them and not the Lord, that when Lord’s wrath will come upon that family. So the whole family should do their responsibilities for the Lord together.

Because this family relationship is only 70 or 80 years, otherwise till the Lord comes, but your relationship with your Lord is eternal (closer day by day when in the world and in heavens more- as His own).


Verse 35 – If God has allowed you to be a family, serve the Lord without distraction.


Verses 36 - 38 – Now advice to parents, of those who have girls of marriageable age, don’t allow them to sin. At Lord’s time, give them to marriage, so she can do the Lord’s work along with their husband, rather than doing alone.


Verse 39 – She can only re-marry after her husband (along with her or not) dies, this is the case for both husband and wife. (This was also answer to a question which was asked to Paul earlier)

>> A family should be bound together, as a team, for Lord’s work. When a family which prays and grows spiritually together - not only enjoy together - that same zeal and interest should be their to do Lord’s work , then satan cannot do anything.

>> Math 24:45,46 – And the Lord will call you a faithful and wise family.

>> Otherwise woe unto you – 1Cor 9:16 – If God has given you a wonderful family and you don’t do the work of the Lord.

So let the family be bonded together and plan in the Lord, how they can work for the Lord and please their Master who has called them with a purpose.






This is also an answer to the question they asked Paul regarding, eating food offered to idols


Verses 1-3 - Knowledge makes us puffed up - 1Cor 4:6,  13:4,  1Tim 3:6

Then not able to consider your brother or sister. You are feeling that you have more knowledge, experience, faith and decisions and forget to consider the new believers. Then there becomes groupisms, those who think they are spiritual and those who are growing in the Lord. When they become puffed up, they do not ask God, they become their own bosses, and try to make other believers small.

Paul say rather than being puffed up, in Love encourage your spiritual brother or sister to grow in the Lord, consider them and understand that everyone needs to be perfect in Christ, and we are all in that path of sanctification

Eg: How can you expect your 1 year child to run with you in your speed or to do a work like you do.


Verse 4 - Just like Isrealites, at that time, gentiles also had sacrifice, most of the meat available in the market, a portion of it was given for sacrifice, so the whole meat gets defiled.

>>There were lots of priest and people bought animals to them for sacrifice. The priest take a portion of the meat for their family and the rest is given to meat shops to be sold. In these kind of small meat shops, often near temples, meat was a lot cheaper than other fresh cut meat, so all people used to rush there.

>> When an animal is sacrificed, main portion goes to the priest, then the rest is given back to the person who offered the sacrifice. Because its a lot of meat, usually they host a feast at home, calling all the surrounding people and friends. There also children of the lord are not allowed to go bcoz the meat is offered to some evil deity.

>> So the children of God in Corinthians had to be careful to keep themselves un-defiled and separated.


Verses 5-7 - Some used to say that the gods and goddesses, they are offering to really does not exist, coz satan is behind all this. The deities which they worship by different names does not exist so they are offering to something which is not there, and its available very cheap, then why can't I eat.


Verse 9 - Paul makes it clear - just because Christ has given us the liberty doesn't mean that we can do what we feel like.

Some people say - 1Cor 10:23 - All things are lawful, but the things which are not profitable for Lord, God does not expect from us.

>> When a person who have come from a gentile background clearly knows that it is offered to idols. If he sees a believer eating it, it’s a shock for him because this is something he hated and forsook for the Lord, these deities or evil powers whom they left when they came to the Lord, now which they hate, even hearing that name, when they see an other believer saying - there's no problem and eating it, it’s a great shock for him - it’s a hindrance - that new believer can even go back from the presence of the Lord and we are accountable for his soul.

>> You should have a revenge, hatred and vengeance towards Satan – Ish 59:17 – He clothed me with a robe of vengeance


Verse 10 - It is not - Do not enter into a temple or these kind of place, but if we are entering, it should be to join them, but to gain a person for Christ. You should have the authority for that and you should be guided by the Holy spirit. God has given us the authority over Satan – Mark 16:16-18.

>> But the law is clearly given – Do not eat food offered to idols, or strangled meat or blood – if things should be well with you – otherwise Satan will bound us with that, he will not leave your life, he will trouble you constanly and you cannot win over him coz you have his item in your life, finally will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Three times mentioned in the bvible coz it’s a very serious matter – By the Holy spirit it is written, don’t put any other load of old testament laws on the believers, but this you should abstain from food offered to idols – Acts 15:20,  29, 21:25


Verse 12 – When you don’t have a good witness and you are not staying in the discipline of the word of God, you sin against Christ

>> If you hinder your brother, its better to put a millstone around your neck and jump into the water – Math 18:6

>> Again in Luke 11:52 – You tell a lot of laws, but you will not enter or allow others to enter.


Verse 13 – So Paul clearly makes us understand, none of our acts or works should make our brother stumble, otherwise for their soul also we are accountable on the day of judgment.






Verse 1 –There was a group in Corinth and other places, who opposed the strict doctrine  God gave through Paul.

They questioned him and did not accept him as an Apostle coz there was a thought among them that, only those who were with Jesus during His ministry(the 12 disciples) were apostles, and an apostle should be one who eye witnessed the resurrection of Jesus.

>> That is why when they selected the twelth disciple Mathias – Acts 1:22

Again in Acts 2:32, 3:15, 4:33 – this clearly proves – at that time, they thought – to be an apostle you should have been with Jesus and witnessed His resurrection.

>> That’s why here Paul replies to them – haven’t I see Jesus.

>> At that time this was the law which disciples passed, in Jerusalem and in the first churches.

When different churches have their own law Paul boldly says in 2 Tim 1:12 – I know whom I have believed (he didn’t say in what (church law or organization law) I have believed)

>> Then Paul proves his calling by saying – You( the fruit of my labour in Christ-strong believers) are the real proof that God has called me to be an apostle. You came to the Lord proves how effective was the ministry God did through me.


Verse 2 – You are the seal (the proof that Lord work through me) of my apostleship. Just like quality seal – that the product is working – and that the Lord has recognized me - The seal upon me proves how genuine I am

>> Maybe not to others – but I am clearly an apostle to you.


 Verse 3 – More than the other apostles, against Paul there was many blames, because he spoke and taught the word of God without compromise, always he had these oppositions from his own people and from those who came to the Lord through him(some of them later became weak and worldly)

>> To those who blamed Paul in many things – It’s a trick of Satan – to make us dis-hearted. How much gentiles blame or governments oppose – we become more stronger, but satan knows when blame and criticism comes from inside – you loose mind. But here the anointment upon Paul was not to be down – but to faithfully fulfill the will of Him who called him.


Verse 4 – When God is my provider and Lord is faithfull, then why can’t I eat or drink that God is providing for the work which I am doing for Him.


Verses 5 & 6 – Paul clearly says it’s a privilege for every servant of God

·        to live by the offerings from Lords work and also

·        to be with his own family (wife and children)

>> Peter – as catholics say – the first pope and the Jesus says – Upon you I will build my church –this Peter (Cephas) was married, Jesus also went to pray when Peter’s mother-in-law was sick (Mathew 8:14).(Then how can some churches say that’s its compulsory to remain un-married to do the work of the Lord from the bible)


Verse 7 – A minister should live from the church which is the fruit of his work in Lord.

Here three examples are told to prove it -

**  Which soldier goes for war at his own expense  means whatever a soldier needs, the government who has called him as a soldier will provide all necessities and arrangements for him and his family.

** Which person after he has planted a vineyard will not eat of its fruit.

** And who is the person after working hard to look after his cattle but does not drink its milk.


Verses 8 & 9 – From the law – again Paul takes references from Deuteronomy 25:4 – You should not muzzle the mouth of an ox (means it should be allowed to eat from the grain while doing its work)


Verse 10 – Those who threshes – even they are doing this hard work with the hope that after that work is over – we will also get a share of the grain.


Verse 11 – Paul is trying to explain that – Don’t think that the servant of the Lord is living by your money – its their share (Gal 6:6) – and its your responsibility and commitment to the Lord, to provide the Lord’s servant.


Again Verse 6 – Now Paul is coming to the point – about Paul and Barnabas – eventhough this is a privilege by God to His servant – we are different –

** They worked sometimes part time (tent making and any work) to support themselves.

>> They did it because their calling was different, as they work hard in a gentile region – when a church is formed – they entrust it to an anointed strong believer and move to the next un-reached field. So the could not much stay in a place or get the fruit of hard work from the churches which started through their work in the Lord.

>> They are not telling this as a law(that you should remain un-married or to work part time along with ministry), but this was how the Lord guided them because of their special calling. As it was the beginning of the spread of Gospel, to make the word of God spread from Jerusalem to Illyricum through different missionary journey’s , they had to work alone in full dedication and concentration.


Verses 12 - 14 - Actually servants of the Lord should live by what they get from the ministry.


Verses 15 & 16 - Paul says But I am being different according to the calling upon me and the great work entrusted upon me. To complete that vast work in the limited time, all the things which can deviate me the heavenly which like family and income from ministry, I put away and force myself only to concentrate in the great work of the Lord

>> He is not telling this as a rule(Because he has made it clear that only those who are called for this should be like Paul). But he is making it clear how much we are dedicated and concentrating on Lords, that much Lord will give his authority and make us powerful to do mighty things for His kingdom.

>> To gain a person for Christ, I was READY to be obedient to the Lord, even to death.

Look at Paul's READINESS to obey whatever Lords says. When we study this, let us also personally take a decision that somehow I want to gain a person for Christ and do my part in Lord's ministry.

>> For that, for Jesus name to be glorified through our lives, we have to step down from thinking about ourselves and living for ourselves.

>> Along with Paul let us say, that I will give all my effort for the edification of the church. Every work I do, when I sing, when I pray, when I read a verse, every statement and work, it should be with a desire that I should spiritually uplift others.

>> Let our priority be the kingdom of God. What ever God has given us, that is also for the Lords work.

>>  Rom 14:17 - For the kingdom of God is not eating or drinking or worldly matters.

Whatever we do for the Lord, let it not be due to fear or forcefully as a burden but rejoicing and with full heart. The work of the Lord should be done voluntarily, never desiring money or fame. These days we see people's vision changing and doing various ministries for monetary benefit, like running a business and administring their organization. Lord's work or our ministry should never be for money, this is not business.

>> Paul repeatedly says - for gospel's sake - to gain a person for Christ, I am ready to do anything.


Verse 17 - I should not do this forcefully, Lord says if you do not do your part in the Lords work willingly, then there is no reward. Any way because we are called to be a steward, God will make us do it, we should decide, whether with reward or not.


Verse 18 – Even though Christ has given me the authority, wisdom or all needed things. I cannot or should not misuse it ( use it for yourself or for the world). Lord has given me everything to do the work of the Lord.


Verse 19 – Even though Christ has given me th              e liberty, it is not to live as I want.

But to know the mind of God and to do your entrusted work, Don’t forget that the Lords eyes are always over you.


Verses 20 -23  – It does not mean Paul was doing a fancy dress – Changing characters and vision according to the people and situation, when among jews, gentiles and those who are weak.


Verse 20– Jews,    Verse 21-Gentiles,    Verse 22- Weak (know the word but no strength to stand on the word or decisions)

>> To gain the jews and gentiles, he used his closeness and friendship, but kept a strong limit according to the word. That friendship should not be for our benefit, but for Lord’s, to gain a person for Christ – Always keep the limits according to the discipline of the word of God.

>> To gain a weak person – with lots of prayers and encouraging.

All believers are not equal, some are weak – physically, mentally, financially and spiritually .

>> We are all organs of the body of Christ  – working is different in the body of Christ.

Just like – some organs are outside, everyone can see their working, but many of the major and vital working organs are inside and hidden, sometimes no one sees but Lord keeps it all in account.


Verse 24 – In the bible our spiritual life is compared either to a soldier or a running race.

We know in 2Tim 2:3,4 and Job 7:1 compared to a soldiers life.

>> In this verse compared to that of a runner.

Run in such a way that you obtain it – Focus on the Goal –

That you may accomplish Lord’s mission – not yours (As Jesus said in the gospel of John – I came to this world to fulfill Father’s will, I do not seek my Glory but may Father be glorified through me.)

>> Philip 3:13, 14 (also in verse 15 it says, let us be mature, then we will understand)

Not that I started this christian life – every one is running, so I will also jog – coz no other option

Anyway you have paid a great prize, and we are called for it, so lets concentrate on it and with all our effort, lets run in a way that we will get the prize.

Paul says – looking at the finishing point – I press on towards the goal – I want to win the prize – To which I am called – That calling is echoing in my ears

>> 2Peter 1:10 – Make sure your calling and your election

>> Heb 12:1 – Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us (by the Lord)


Verse 25 – Every runner should be temperate (should have limits, separation from this world).

>> Then whatever race or competition, the prize we get, its glory last for a moment.]

At those days, the person who got first for a race would get a crown made of olive or laurel leaves (later that became the Olympics and other games emblem). The person who received the crown used to keep it on a shelf, but within a day, the leaves fades and dry.

So that’s why here it says when the world gets a perishable crown, we receive from Jesus an eternal, everlasting crown which never fades – 1Peter 5:4, 2 Timothy 4:8


Verse 26 – Here it says about a fighter or Boxer – If there is no enemy or goal, and you are hitting – no victory. If you simply blow in the air, its only your shoulders which will pain

>> Satan makes many people out of real goal. Satan also brings into our mind many other worldly goals – to achieve – which has no heavenly reward – we lose our time – we strive with all our effort , we waste our time, strength and oppurtunities and we forget the real goal.

>> Real Goal - To be like Christ – To work for Him – To be like his image

>> Finally – My Lord is waiting to crown, All what my Lord has prepared for me (the mansion, other blessings, authority and the riches in heaven) – I want to receive.

>> For cheap popularity (fame) and for money when many servants of the Lord live, and teach Bible in a easy way just for their own benefit, and teach that it ok to live without any correction

Let us have a disciplined live according to the word.


Verse 27 – a strict disciplined life, where body and mind is brought under Lord’s subjection – then only victory – and bible says Heaven is only for the victors.

>> An athlete or runner has to hear what the coach says, follow strict exercise and diet, then only he/she can win the race.

>> Why this training to be disciplined –

To be a discipline means to be under the discipline of the teacher or master

In Titus 2:12-14 – Teaches us to say NO to all the worldly lust and ungodliness, to be sanctified and special for Jesus, then zealous of all good and godly work.






It is a continuation of the previous chapter, here again it reminds how much careful we should be about our spiritual life. First four verses say, even though Israel or Lords children were blessed, In the 5th verse it says they were disobedient to the voice of God, with out the fear of the Lord, they committed sin and Lords wrath fell upon them.

>> With all these blessings and privileges, they could not enter into the promised land.

>> They had a lot of experiences to taste God, every day they witnessed the miracles of God in their life but they could not reached the promised land

>> They had a wonderful beginning, but like Solomon’s life, they did not have a wonderful end.

** So even if you are blessed by Lord a lot, or have a lot of experiences who God is, lot of miracles you have seen in your life, maybe also had a wonderful strong beginning, but if you are not submissive, faithful and obedient till the end, you will not reach your destination – Heaven.


Verse 1 – In the desert journey, God provided them all what the needed.

Clouds (AC atmosphere amidst unbearable eat), Pillar of fire- for light and protection.

Due 8:4 – Their dresses or sandals didn’t wear out, means it grew alongwith them (its really opposite to the law of nature or of science)

>> Very hard for us to believe in the word and the Lord but people are easily moved to believe the worldly laws and principles. Now a days it’s a shame to trust in the Lord completely, but if you ask any of the anointed children of God in the Bible, alongwith Abraham and David they will all says how wonderful your life will be when you put your hope in the Lord (Blessing and warning in Jeremiah 17:5,7)


Verse 2 – Moses (was the mediator of the Old testament) who stands for JESUS (our only mediator between God and man) in the new testament (1 Tim 2:5).

>>While they were walking through the red sea, they were covered by water-all around – which denotes immersed water baptism.

>> Just as Israel(lords children) started their wilderness journey  to the promised land by crossing the red sea, which means a Christian life (being a child of God or being a part of the body of Christ) only starts after a person is baptized according to the word of God (fully immersed and in the name of Father, Son and Holy spirit-Math 28:19).


>> The all walked through the sea


Verse 3 – They all experienced God alike, they all heard the voice of God, saw miracles but only very few reached the promised land Canaan. Out of around 20 lakhs of Israelites who walked through the desert only 2 and their families( Joshua and Caleb) reached the destination – Numbers 32:10-13 (because of their faith statements – Num 13:3014:9 (6-9).

So its is not how much you received from God or experienced God, its how much you live for Him and serve Him. (This clearly proves even though many people start the race( 1Cor 9:24) only very very few(the faithful) will reach Lords dwelling place)


Verse 4 – They all drank the same spiritual water.

Water from the Rock followed them as streams where ever they traveled, even to their camps, to satisfy their thirst, and that Rock was Christ. So they even had Lords presence in their camps.

>> In Psalms 78 the life of Israel in the wilderness is very clear – verses 15,16, 35,36( they flattered, simply praise with their mouth – as sometimes we say  O Lord you are God - name above all names - almighty God – Jehovah El-Shaddai – Rapha – Nissi - now a days only in songs and as stickers on cars, but not in our life – not able to trust in the Lord completely when trials come. Then again in verse 41, 42)


Verse 5 – How they were killed –

Numbers 11:1, 34 (fire burned),   16:32 (Korah and team swallowed by the earth),   25:5,9 (24,000 killed in a single day because they joined Baal (they just joined the gentiles)

>> Even after seeing all this deadly punishments of the Lord, the people of Israel went more away from the Lord and joined with the gentiles to become one among them - Lord never tolerates a Christian life without separation.


Verse 6 – this verse onwards – after receiving blessings and promises from the Lord, they kept on going more into sin and lust.

>> Num 11:4-6The reason for that was they were mixed multitude (those who obeyed Lord’s law and others-many a times they also joined with gentiles while marrying and as friends, they also joined Israel because they did not maintain a separation).

>> In 11:6 they asked – Isn’t there anything else other than this manna, They questioned God’s providence and Lord’s plan for them.

>> Ps 106:14, 15 – They tested God exceedingly – Their mind was full of perishable food and lifestyle instead of the presence of God. God gave them what they asked for but finally – there soul was lost


>> In 1Tim 6:6 – Godliness with great contentment – is great profit  (otherwise great loss)

>> That is why in Prov 30:8 – it is written – our desire should not be more – “Feed me with the food allotted to me – Do not give me more or give me less” – this should be our prayer also.

>> Solomon had a good beginning, but his end was pitiful – So in this verse Holy spirit is reminding- eventhough Corinthian church was a church which lacks no gifts (1Cor chapt 1), but now their end has become worldy – So how much strong our beginning is doesn’t matter.

>> Heb 6:7,8 – If you receive blessings from the Lord and don’t bear fruits, you will be burned.

>> 2Peter 2:20 – you know the word and don’t live according to it, your latter end will be worse than the beginning.

>> Luke 13:8,9 – Don’t take advantage of Lords grace, bear fruits, its just because our Lord is interceding for us – we are not cut – one more year – my child will bear fruit.


Verse 7 – 40 days when Moses was with God. They went back to their old ways of life and worship (what they saw in Egypt). It did not completely go out of their heart, So when opportunity came and Satan worked amidst them, they made an image(which was an abomination to God)

Ex 32:6 – They sang , danced and played immoral like gentiles.


Verse 8 – Num 25:1-9 – Then Immorality – when they joined gentiles.

>> In Exo chapt 22 & 23 – we see who pushed them into this sin with the women of Moab is – the prophet of God – Balaam – for kings gifts, money and position (same what is happening to all the organizational apostles – building up their kingdom with whatever funds possible). This Balaam  - who was influenced by the Moab king Balak – tried to curse Israel – didn’t happen – so he told the King an idea to send young women of Moab into the camps of Israel – and the children of the Lord sinned – around 24,000 people died in a day – fools to be cheated by the trick of Satan.

>> Ezekiel 34:1-4  - Prophecy about majority of today’s servants of God – that they Feed themselves.

>>  Jerem 5:31 – And the people also like this trend.


Verse 9 – They tempted God – Result – they died

>> They saw the earth opened and swallowed Korah and team – How shocking – still the rest of them continued tempting God.

>> When arrogance increases, people feel like tempting and making God angry.

>> Many people think that I am doing wrong still punishment.


Verse 10 – Don’t complain and don’t murmur, this is something which irritates God, Not being happy in the providence of God and questioning Lord’s plan.

>> Num 14:29 – Because they murmured, Lord said in His wrath – You shall all die in the wilderness.


Verse 11 – There example is a warning for us, because Satan is using this same trick in these last days. Even though around 20 lakhs of Israelites started the journey, only Joshua & Caleb along with their families entered the promised Land, all others above the age of 20 were punished by God in the wilderness.

What Satan wants is – out of the billions of Christians who were called and started to follow Christ, no one should enter the promised land – and he is working real hard for that.

>> But I thank the Lord coz Lord is polishing His specially chosen children to become blameless and holy.


Verse 12 – Don’t think that you are strong, be vigilant otherwise you will fall down

>> 1 John 5:18 – Those who are born of the Lord keepeth himself

>> Heb 2:1 – Give importance to the things that we heard, otherwise you will slip.


Verse 13 – Always trials and temptation and testing – many verses in the bible

 Acts 14:22 – Though many suffering only a person can go to heaven

1 Peter 1:6 – These sufferings, only for a little while (compared with the eternal joy with the Lord)

1 Peter 2:21 – Christ went through this sufferings first, as an example to us, so that we follow His footsteps

John 16:33 – Jesus says, Surely you will have tribulations, but be of good courage, for I am with you.

1 Thess 3:3 – We are appointed to suffer for His name.


>> The testings only get over when the Lord comes, because Lord only wants the real faithful,

Who endure till the end, then you will be saved – Mathew 24:13

>> James 1:12 – who endures temptation – crown of life.


>> Lord wants us to win – He know all what we are going through coz He went through all this first – Heb 4:15 – (our High priest – Jesus)

>> When you go through trials, don’t try man’s ways or hear man’s counsel – Look at Jesus – Lord has surely arranged a way of escape.

>> His grace is sufficient for us and Lord’s counsel through the Holy Spirit guides us.


>> Finally we have victory and we glorify the name of the Lord. So instead of dialing a friend, call upon the name of the Lord (Ps 50:15).

Lord is a strong and mighty tower – Ps 147, Prov 18:10

Those who look upon His face will never be ashamed – Ps 34:5


Verse 14 – It is written to the church and not to the gentiles. Even though they didn’t directly worship idols, they had some relations and fellowship with what was satan’s.

>> In the book of Ezekiel, two times we see, Lord says, because they had set idols in their heart, God’s wrath will come upon them.

Whatever we keep in our heart(whether it be money or family or children or anything else) or give importance more than the Lord, if don’t give the first position which is for the Lord, its all idols.

>> Here Lord says – Flee (run away) from idolatory. Many time in the Bible Lord says Flee from many worldly things, lust and sins. It will follow you so you have to flee from it.

Those who don’t flee and think that I will win have become failures.


Verse 15 – If you are wise, personally judge yourself. We can only teach the word of God, but examine – are you giving Lord the position which is for the Lord.


Verse 16 & 17 – Because we eat of the bread of the holy communion, we are a part of the body of Christ, so we should be different.


Verse 18 - 20 – When we eat what is offered to the evil deities, you are unknowingly having fellowship with demons, if satan has anything of his in your life, he will not leave your life. Lord wants us to have separation.

>> Today about this separation, not much is said because much people will not be there in the church.

And people have the concept of mega churches, it’s a plan of satan coz they will have to accept and accommodate all kinds of people, those who don’t want to change and those who spoil the name of the Lord, for numbers, their goal or focus becomes only on numbers in thousands – who knows who’s coming and who’s going.

>> But Paul in all his epistles strongly speaks about separation – 2 Cor 6:11-18, verse 17 – separate

>> Where Pharisees and Sadducees asked Jesus – Why your disciples are doing like this on Sabbath or why are they different and not following the tradition, Jesus answered and said to them – My disciples are different because they are walking with me.

>> When you say NO to the things the spirit of the Lord doesn’t allow, The world will understand who you are and whose children you are, otherwise slowly you will be one among them.


Verse 21 –You cannot take part in both the tables, a person who takes part in the Lords table should keep separation.


Verse 22 – Otherwise we are making Lord angry.

Understand that we are not stronger than the Christ or the apostles, they went away or did not join things which was not allowed

*Joseph ran from sin, he got victory and later God honored into the greatest position in all the world which was under the great Egyptian civilization then.

*Lot also ran, his wife also joined, but more than the calling and warning of the angel(which was Lord’s counsel) her heart was full of this world or what she had in Sodom, because of her turning back, even today she stands as an example for all those who feel to turn back from Lord’s counsel.

>> Flee or run from it means- No continuing where you were, No compromise, accepting worldly offers for your benefit or your existence

If Bible says No, in our life also it should be No and escape from all the bondages and law of this world.


Verse 23 – You have the freedom, God has given us a freewill,(not to mis-use) but Lord says – Be wise – only do the things which edify yourselves, which bring you closer to the Lord, otherwise it will bring you closer to the Lord, otherwise it will lead you to slavery, again repeated in 1Cor 6:12.


Verse 24 – Not only in your spiritual life, think that God has put you here to the edification of many others, But we are still like Cain – When Lord asked him about Abel – Gen 4:9 - He said, Am I my brothers keeper. Don’t forget when God asks the same question to you – Where is your brother or sister – You can’t escape coz you have responsibility on your brethren. Through your life, lack of love, your works or words, they should not go back from the presence of the Lord.


Verse 25 - 28 – If you don’t know about the food, it not your problem, but if you know, then flee away coz in Acts, three time Lord said do not eat food offered to idols, if you want to be well – Acts 15:20, 29,  21:25.

In 1Cor 8:13 – If I eat and my brother stumbles, you are responsible.

>> 90% of the food given to you at festival days and their occasions are offered to idols, so you should stay away from it, otherwise you will be responsible for what will happen to your life.


Verse 31 – Whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, only do the things which give Glory to the Lord.

As in Col 3:17 - whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God


Verse 33 – Not seeking own things, but somehow to gain a person for Christ, anyhow to save a person from satan’s grip

Paul did not say to please everyone - Gal 1:10 – Not to please man but to please only Lord

2 Cor 5:9 – whether in body or not, in life or in death to please my God.


So the next verse – Imitate Christ.






Verse 1 – Imitate me because I imitate Christ, Look at the mind of Paul, before Paul came to the Lord, He was against Jesus, but now through the transformation through Holy spirit, Paul’s mind became like Jesus – His life is poured out for the kingdom of God, whatever price he has to pay, he is ready for that, somehow I might gain a person for Christ.


Verse 2 – The church remembered Paul in all things, obeyed and followed his teachings It is very essential to remember the work, servants of the Lord are doing and continually pray for them, they are not superman, but are prone to be affected by this world. The church here always remembered Paul in their prayers, just as we always remember our own family in prayers, understand that the church is your spiritual family.

>> Here its mentioned Traditions – it has no relation with the traditions of this world. Here Paul meant about the discipline, system and pattern we have. We are special – Lord’s children so we should always have that specialty(difference) in all the areas of our life. Always understand whose children we are – we cannot be like others – don’t forget that there are thousand eyes watching us – also the devil.

This tradition or teaching is not Paul’s – but by the Lord. It is not a tradition but a pattern.

>> Lord is completely against tradition – Col 2:8, Math 15:2,3, Mark 7:8, 1Peter 1:18, 19


Verse 3 – This is a big controversial subject, but we have to obey every verse from the Bible. Now it’s a time of feminism and gender equality. According to the Bible, there is a difference between man and women in the creation itself (in verse 7).

But in todays world, in many families woman go to work all day and men sit at home and look after children, surely there will be a lot of problems in their life because it is against the law of the Lord.

>> Don’t think that Men are superior that Woman or there is any difference in the gender – The Bible says in Gal 3:28 – Male or female – are all one in Christ.

>> Don’t look at this part in a cultural background, that it was told by a jew, so maybe its their culture – and now it’s a modern world influenced by the western style

NO – the word of God is written by the Holy spirit through many anointed people – it’s the voice of God – God of all nations

Here in these verses – there is no interpretations needed coz its very clear


>> Satan tried to create disorder in the Corinthian church – so Paul was clearing their doubts which they asked him – its written in the Bible for the church – the limits of men and women in the church and at home, about the Lord’s table and the gifts of the Holy spirit – so Paul was making it, through the Holy spirit.

The order in the Bible – GOD – CHRIST – MAN – WOMAN – children.


>> This means when God created Man and woman, God created them with a difference, that’s why there are physical, emotional and psychological differences. As told earlier, its not superior or inferior in the sight of God, but it’s different positions God has placed us – Don’t try to be in an other position and be wiser than God, you will never fit there.

>> This is the part in the Bible where it says about Husband and wife relationships  - Eph 5:21-32 (Even though todays modern world is giving very little importance to this voice of God, in verse 32  - Lord spoke this great mystery concerning Christ and the Church.

The great mystery  -  GOD >> CHRIST >> MAN >> WOMAN


>> Many husband become proud and puffed up that they are the head of the family but understand that you are responsible for the spiritual upliftment of the family (just as Christ over the church)

Now a days Satan is making many of the husband irresponsible and far from the Lord, then how can they guide the family closer to the Lord, then gradually wives have to take the lead – but this is not the will of Lord.


Verses 4 – 9 – clear and very strict

In verse 4 – to the woman to cover your head while you PRAY or PROHESY (share what God spoke to you – even when you testify), which means whenever you are in the presence of the Lord.


Verse 10 – In this verse  - To have authority over yourselves – cover your head , Because of Angels

That part makes a little confusion – what relationship does woman have with angels – Paul might have meant something which was in his mind or a saying at that time, it might be either because –

**Angels – they are not male or female – and they have no authority over themselves – so if you don’t cover your head – you have no authority over yourselves.

** or Don’t be cheated like the Angels(fallen) – Lucipher and the angels dwere deceived, they tried to get a greater position than what the Lord gave them, they tried but ended up in great trouble – God became their enemy. What God gave them-God took away. The other angels who always obey the counsel of God are still having Power and enjoying the heavenly experience in the Glory of God.


Verse 14 – And man should not have long hair (among the children of God.


Verse 16 – If any one wants to argue regarding this matter or any matter which is clear in the word of God, Don’t argue back – that’s not our custom – lets pray that the Lord open their inner eyes.


Verse 17 – Even if it is a home or a church , there should be an order (according to the Bible). When people don’t go in this order, everything becomes upside down, then don’t blame God for that.

>> All these orders are to make us worthy to dwell in heaven with God, so we have to force ourselves to change to the image of Christ – 2Cor 3:18

>> Rom 8:29-32 – Father didn’t spare his son (that Jesus had to die for our sins and He was obedient till death), then how are we going to be spared ?


Verse 18 – There are divisions among you, because no unity of spirit, the fullness of the glory of God is not coming down in midst of you. How much a Pastor prepares or prays, if there is no oneness in spirit and in vision among you – then Lord will not work among us.


Verse 19 – When factions(differences in opinion) come, stay in the love of God, don’t react in a worldly way, then God will approve you.

>> Those who have a heavenly vision, from above, will always grow in the Lord, and make others grow.

>> A tree is known by its fruit – Math 12:33, Luke 6:44


Verses 20 & 21 – They used to have feast after gatherings, when each one brings their part and have together here. But in Corinthians church, there were groups and divisions among them, rich – poor etc. People of the same group sat together, not all together. The food was also different, which led to divisions among them because one group had plenty of rich food where as others were hungry. After the feast they usually had Lord table. In the Lord’s Supper, they say that we are all one in Christ.

>> That’s why Paul says to them – Each time you take part in the Lord’s table, understand that we are all one family in Christ. None of us were worthy, all were outcast, it is through Lords grace that we were adopted into this Royal Heavenly family – so I ought to love my spiritual brother and sister as my own, without any differences.

>> When unity in the church goes, God will not work among us. So whatever confusion or misunderstanding Satan makes among us – Tell Lucipher – NO – we are one in Christ.

>> Sometimes our brother or sister maybe didn’t smile because they are going through some problem – you should go and ask them so they will share, pray and be with them in their trouble – that’s when satan will be ashamed – and Lord will honour us. So Lord’s supper should remind us every time he Love of Christ.


Verse 22 – Why do you come here and show off – Don’t you have houses to eat and drink – there do as  want. When you come for gathering and Lord’s table – come with all love and humbleness – Not even by the expression of your face should your brother or sister be provoked.


Verse 23 – The two main ordinances which Jesus gave us is Baptism and Lord’s supper. In baptism – we join in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, In Lord’s table we remember about it.

>> Many people think that there is some magical protection or blessing in taking Lord’s table – NO – we are once again renewing our agreement with the Lord that we will be faithful till the end and that we will spread the gospel till Lord comes.


Verses 24 & 25 – The bread and the wine – Lord makes it His body and blood – When we eat the bread we become His body (Christ is the head), When we drink the wine – we once again remember that it is His blood which is flowing through us – so prove it –the royal lineage.


 Verse 26 – We take a vow – that we will spread the word of God till Lord comes


Verse 27 – If we are clear in the sight of God (not only big sins) butwith a good conscience, confidence and complete obedience – then blessings and spiritual growth.


Verse 28 – Examine yourself – means to Look back – 2 Cor 13:5,  Ps 26:2


Verse 30 – Otherwise many become sick and many even sleep(die)


Verse 31 – If we judge  ourselves – we will not be judged.

>> It is very easy to judge others and criticize others. You are clean and OK because you are looking at yourselves through your eyes – Look through Jesus eyes – now examine.


Verse 32 – That is why Lord beats us in this world to b perfect in the sight of God


Verses 33 & 34 – When you gather – let everything be in order.






Verse 1 – Today many are ignorant of the spiritual gift, they are not bothered about it, Here Paul is exhorting - Son you should not be ignorant.


Verse 2 – Before the worldly priest guided the Corinthians to worship dump idols, but now the difference is that Holy Spirit is guiding them to the Living God – which speaks to us.


Verse 3 – Even if you have all the gifts of the spirit, unless you give complete control to Jesus, there is no use. Not in some areas, but all your past, present and future, not only of your spiritual life, but also of all the areas, then only you will be victorious and satan will be ashamed.

>> Here in this verse we see two phrases –

·        Jesus is cursed – Jews always told that Jesus was cursed because

>> Jesus spoke against their temple, He told that He will destroy it and build within 3 days.

>> In the law it is written Cursed is he who hangs on a tree – Gal 3:13

>> Jews used to force others also to blaspheme Jesus – Acts 26:11.

>> At that time of great persecution - Roman emperors(it was a time of emperor worship at that time) and their soldiers also forced Lord’s children to curse God.

Even today this is Satan’s idea – if you speak for God you have no place in the society, but if you join with them, then you are accepted everywhere.

·        Next is to say that Jesus is Lord – As mentioned earlier people were forced to say that Emperor is Kurios (greek – Lord) or Kuriakose (Aramic and Syriac). But without thinking about the punishments or consequences (we all think about the future), to say that JESUS is my LORD (Master over me) – you need the Holy spirit dwelling in you – John 13:13.


>> Not only to say Lord, Lord but only when we obey Lord’s counsel completely, God becomes our Lord (Math 7:21, Luke 6:46).

>> Many people take this verse and say – I have confessed that Jesus is Lord so there’s spirit in me.

Eg: Even if a glass has little water, ya there is water. But we forget that Lord has asked us to pray for the fullness of spirit( otherwise satan and world will occupy that empty part).

In Luke 11:9-13 Jesus says Ask, knock and seek not about material things, in verse 13  - You ask and how much more will the Heavenly father give to those who ask.

In John 7:38, 39 – Let it be full and over flow so out of our heart, let the rivers of living water(holy spirit) flow out. Again in Eph 5:18 – Be filled with the spirit rather than partying(enjoying) with the world. In the first gemenration apostolic churches (in Acts of apostles) we see whenever they gathered as a gathering they were all filled with the Holy spirit to the fullness and the Spirit of the Lord worked among them.

>> In Rom 6:12 it says – Let not sin rule over you, many a times worldly lust, people, money etc rule us. But you forget that you have given your life to the Lord, he has purchased you(1Cor 6:19,20) paying full price, so you are not your own. The Lord your creator, controller and master has full authority over you, and this same Lord will decide your destiny (heaven or hell).

>> Today for majority of Christian believers, Jesus is just Saviour (rakshakan) – when you are in trouble, like Superman he will fly and come and should deliver you, but don’t forget your confession when you gave your life to this Lord – Lord, I accept you as my LORD and SAVIOUR (not only Saviour)


Verses 4 & 5 –There are differences in ministries and diversities of gifts of the Holy spirit, but the Spirit is ONE.


Verses 6 & 7 – Diversities of Gifts and its operations – There are diversities or differences of gifts but it is Lord who should work through us. If it is so then no misunderstandings or confusion will be there regarding the gifts of the Holy spirit. But this is a topic which is misinterpreted and wrongly taught, an area where still confusion lies, so people are not desiring or waiting for it and they are not receiving, these gift are from the Lord for His ministry, so Lord will not give these gifts to anyone who does not know the value of it. Majority of churches teach that these gifts (all the gifts including tongues and prophecy) have stopped, which is wrong coz the Bible has not told so.

>> Many wrong bible teaches, influenced by the spirit of this world, will speak to make people happy and according to their convenience, If you are not worshipping according to the apostolic new testament church pattern in the Acts of Apostles, the how can you say you are Lord children (in biblical language – soldiers and disciples)

>> God wants to give each one of us gifts of the Holy spirit according to his desire and pleasure, so that we do our part for the kingdom of God faithfully and jointly when we(the church) works it becomes glory to the kingdom of God – many people from satan’s kingdom join the body of Christ and we build them strong in the Lord.


Verses 8-11 – Here the nine gifts of Holy spirit (it is explained in an other class regarding – Holy spirit and the gifts). Here 9 main gifts are mentioned – Word of wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Faith, Gift of healing, Working of miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of spirit, Different kind of tongues, Interpretation of tongues.

Then the rest of the gifts are mentioned in Rom 12:6-18 also.


Verse 12 –In the above verse we learned that when we make Jesus our Lord in all areas of our life, then we become a part of Lord’s body. So we have the same Father, same Lord (Jesus) and the same Spirit (we can see trinity in verse 4, 5 & 6)

In the 12th verse – same body, 13th verse – same baptism

>> Against this word of God – satan always makes the children of God stand on different teachings and opinions – To those who want both Lord and world – The spirit of God asks through Elijah – 1 Kings 18:21 – How long will you stand on 2 lines – still no answer (they know it was wrong  - but they did not have the strength to stand boldly for the Lord, so they wisely stood for the majority.


Verse 13 – Made to drink of the same spirit - All these gifts of the holy spirit mentioned above, God wants to give us – for a purpose.

>> It is for the Demonstration of Lords power – 1 Cor 2:4,5

>> and Manifestation (for the world to experience Lords power through – as we work it out) – 1 Cor 12:7

** The question is – Is it happening in our life ??? – Lets examine ourselves – otherwise we still haven’t been an organ in the body of Christ.


Verses 14-17 – Every organ is equal and important in the sight of God. We all belong to the same body – The body of Christ – That is why is essential to have the same vision, same knowledge and the same spirit. So we should live very different from this world – with that specialty of Christ – whatever Lord doesn’t allow – we cannot do – coz we are accountable to the Lord for everything.


Verse 18 – It is God who uses us in different areas according to His will – Lord puts more glory or less glory in us – again according to His will. In which position God has placed us – let us be faithful in that position.

Verses 21-26 – Again it says it is God who covers each organ with his honor and his power .

That is what we see in verses 8-10 - to each person Lord gives different gifts to do their part – wisdom – knowledge – faith – miracles – visions – prophesies.

>> Every organ is dependant on one another. Together when we work – as a team - in the guidance of our guide – The Holy Spirit God – Then we will be able to prove the Word of God – and bring Glory to God – which is Lord’s plan about us.

>> If one organ is weak, the other organ should compensate in encouraging till that person becomes equally strong as you (that’s your responsibility in the Lord)

>> Just like in our body – every organ completely obeys the command given from the brain and works together efficiently – we need to obey nothing else but what our Head says (Christ is the head of the church – body). Only when some syndrome or strange virus works in a body will some organs fail to obey the command from brain – and finally the body collapses – we are not called to collapse (that’s what satan wants).

>> If we say we are Lords children and live for ourselves and put our affection and mind on earthly things - Lord says – Their end is destruction – Philip 3:18, 19, Col 3:2.

So each organ cannot live for itself – but all the organs live for the body.

Eg: Some trees stand on this plot and give fruit to the next plot, how painful it is to the planter ???


Verses 28-30 – We are all assigned different gifts by the Lord – but we are not bothered about waiting in the presence of the Lord to receive the needed preparation and the gift because we don’t really know the value of it.

>> There is no organ in the body which is useless, so there is no one without a gift

>> It is God who gives gifts and places the order, but it also depends on our desire and faithfulness – Math 25: 21, 23 – Because you were faithful over few things – I will make you ruler over many things – See on what basis Lord promotes us with more strength, anointment and His glory.


Verse 31 – Paul says – Because I have eagerly asked and waited for the best gifts, you also earnestly (heartfully – more than anything else in this world) desire the best gifts of the Holy spirit.

(Ask, Seek , Knock and How much more of the Holy spirit will my Father give to those who ask – Luke 11:9,10,13)






Here the Holy spirit reminds that all these gifts work together effectively on this fruit – LOVE (gal 5:23). Our relation with God, our Christian life, our salvation, receiving gifts and talents – All these are based on the real heartful love towards Jesus.

>> In 2Tim 2:22 – Love the Lord with a pure heart.

>> John 15: 12, 13 – Love one another, as I have loved you

>> Now a days what we see is only miracles there and here, but inside competition, fighting, dirty politics, hatred, jealousy - all these work against the law of God.


Verses 1-3 –  Which is the tongue of angels and of men – the unknown tongue – 1Cor 14:2

>> Even if you speak in the unknown tongue or heavenly language (it doesn’t mean that it is not needed) and have no love – it is like a banging cymbal or like the echo of an instrument (we know that the vibration or bang fades and fades and finally its no more).

>> Only when you have the love of God, will people understand that your anointment is from Lord, otherwise its proved that it is from Satan (who acts like the angel of light)

>> Then again it is asked – If you have prophecy, interpretation, visions, revelation and even great faith – But no love – Bible says you are nothing in the sight of God (even though you might be great in front of people)

>> If the gifts of God are balanced with love – then only you will be complete – Col 4:12 (look at the desire of Bro.Epapras).

>> Divine love will surely include – Love for God,   Love for your brethren and   Love for lost souls.

Our songs, our life and our works should be out of love to God – Math 22:37, Luke 10:27 (love the Lord with all your heart, body and soul).

>> Rom 8:35-39 – Look at Paul’s strong determination (What can separate me from the love of Christ)

>> 1 Thess 4:9 – We are taught by God to love one another.

>> Rom 5:5 – This love of God comes from the heart – by the Holy Spirit.


Verse 4 –Love suffers long and is kind –

Long suffering – Math 18:3

Kindness – Eph 4:32 (verse 26 – you should forgive before the sun goes down)

>> Love does not envy (jealous) – it is from satan

Usually jealousy and envy comes when we hate that person

>> Love does not parade itself (not for show), is not puffed up (in 1 Cor chapt 5 & 8 – to the church Holy spirit says – you are puffed up)


Verse 5 – Love does not behave rudely

>> Does not seek its own – selfishness

Is not provoked

Thinks no evil – no underground plannings or talkings


Verse 6 – Does not rejoice in sin (any wrong doings), which means rejoices in the truth or enjoys the word of God


Verse 7 – Blind faith and trust in God


Verse 8 – This Agape or Divine love never fails, eventhough we might not see immediate results,  because it is from God. All the others gifts will fail if it is not balanced with love

>> Jesus reminds it from the parable of the unforgiving servant – Math 18:21-35

>> John 15:12,13 – Lord’s commandment that we love one another

>> Rom 5:5 – The love of God is poured into our hearts the Holy spirit


We say that we forgave but we cant forget – we store it in our heart  - and it will spoil our spiritual life, our prayer life, good conscience with the Lord and our relationships with our brethren. But Lord has told us to forgive how He forgave us.


Verses 9 & 10 – Some people wrongly teach that when Bible was printed – tongues or anointment of the Holy spirit stopped (they can’t say it was not at all there coz it is in the Bible clearly). They take this verse and teach that Bible was the “perfect” and when it came(the day when it was composed and printed – which version or language I don’t know) – anointment and gifts of the Holy spirit(like prophesy, interpretation, even healing) – it all stopped. Satan has confused many churches to believe wrongly that neither tongues or any gifts of the Holy spirit exist- It is baseless.


My dear brothers and sisters – do not be confused – it exist till the church is taken from here – as long as Holy spirit God dwells on this earth and in our hearts. Here the perfect is not – the bible – but the perfect is “Jesus Christ”. Bible is just an abridged(only what we need to know now) version of the real complete word in heaven. So when the “perfect” or Lord “Jesus Christ” will appear – then Holy spirit will also be taken from this world so tongues, prophesies, visions and all manifestation of the gifts will stop because they were all only a part – and when Jesus will come - the complete or fullness has come.


Verse 11–This clearly proves that there is a maturity process in our spiritual life – Eph 4:12-15


Verse 12 – Now we understand only a part of it – dimly – all is not revealed

>> Let us examine ourselves – aren’t we spiritually childish – going back after things we have once forsaken

** not able to take a strong decision for the Lord

** not able to trust in Him completely

** we still need the world’s help, support and company

** we don’t want heavy food (still desire milk – or God bless me, Lord give me, I want more – like a small child till we get what we are asking – we will cry and beg to the Lord

More than that we are not bothered about the great plan of God or the word of God, the burden of souls or satan’s work in our life. We are not at all strong enough or bold enough to stand as a faithful soldier in the army of God.


Verse 13 – Greatest is love – this 13th chapter only has 13 verses – but if you heartfully read it and study – it will change your life.







This chapter many people teach and misinterpret in many ways – about the anointment of the Holy spirit or the necessity of worshiping in tongues. Paul’s way of writing – as we know is always round and round (maybe a philosophical style of that time) instead of presenting the message simple and straight.

As we read in verse 33- Lord is not an author of confusion – as we mainly read verses 2, 4, 5, 14, 18, 39, 40, our need and purpose to be anointed is very clear by the Holy spirit.


Verse 1 – Here Holy spirit tells us to pursue and desire gifts of the spirit (1Cor 12:31) – at the same time pursue Love – so it should be balanced. This ia a chapter which is wrongly teached and misunderstood by many. But in verse 33 – we see that our Lord is not a Lord of confusion

>> Before going for an interpretation – if you read verses 2, 4, 5, 14, 18, 39, 40, then all your confusion (put into your heart by satan) will be cleared.


>> In John 3:3, 5 – unless you are born of the water(baptism) and of the spirit (anointed), you will not enter into the kingdom of God

>> Math 3:11, Mark 1:8, Luke 3:16 – As man baptizes you with water, Jesus will baptize you with the Holy spirit (It is compulsory)

Acts 11:15,16 – Holy spirit came upon everyone who submitted themselves to the word. All over acts we can see in the first apostolic churches, believers were all anointed with tongues and they magnified God.


NOTE ABOUT PENETECOST - About tongues and prophecy – many say it’s a Pentecostal stuff. But before that let us see what is Pentecost – its not a church  or a group.

>> The Feast of weeks - Ex 34:22, Due 16:10 (The festival of Pentecost) – On the 16th day of the month of Nisan – then 7 complete weeks festival (49 days), then the 50th day is the day of Pentecost.

PENTECOSTE (greek) – is a greek word meaning – The Fiftieth. Its not a church, as Lord’s children were fist anointed on this day, so the world started calling the people who worship in tongue as Pentecostals. Also mentioned in the New testament – Acts 2:1, 1Cor 16:8 etc.


Verse 2 – Very clear here – He who speaks in tongues (heavenly language) speaks directly to God and we speak mysteries at that time (a heavenly conversation between inner man and God), no one else understands.


Verses 3-5 – He who speaks in tongues – it is for personal strength and edification you receive directly from the Lord. In 1Cor 12 we see the gifts of the Holy spirit –

Different kinds of tongues – then interpretation, then prophesy, these are all gifts which everyone cannot receive as we want but Lord gives us according to our calling and ministry for the Lord., but worshipping in tongues is for all believers, Every child of God we see in the New testament from Acts onwards (Christians) worshipped in tongues

In verse 4, it says, gift is for others spiritual benefit but worshipping in tongues is for personal benefit.

>> Accordin to 1Cor 13:1 – there is a language of men and a language of angels (the language which is spoken in heaven). Gifts of different language is surely the language of men (you will speak a language which you don’t know, but the spirit will give you in your mouth at the time of speaking for others benefit and His word to be proved) but speaking in tongues (heavenly language which God gives in our mouth to utter –Acts 2:4) which no one understand – 1Cor 14:2

>> Some people say that tongues is not any other language in this world – so its not from God – but clearly in the above verses, it says it’s a language of angels, no one else in the world understands, you are talking to God and we are not saying just something but as the spirit gives us utterance.


Verse 6 – In the beginning as all the church were anointed with tongues and they were so zealous to worship in tongues always than singing and speaking in their own language. (This happens when you have tasted the happiness, comfort, strength and power as you worship.

>> Here Paul says if I come to you and worship in tongues only for one hour, how is it going to profit the church (even though it will be a reason for spiritual edification for me), so it is good that when we go to a place to minister or if another person should be spiritually encouraged, after the worship part, use the gifts which god has given you to speak revelations and biblical doctrines or prophesy what the Lord has to speak to the group.


Verses 7-11 – Therefore Paul is telling – If it is all anointed believers – its good for us – we are enjoying in the Lord. Paul here again reminds not to be selfish but think about the gentiles and the new believers who come among you, so say something in a language which they will understand

>> In the anointed churches - till recently people used to worship in tongues for continuously 2-3 hours, no one becomes tired but it’s a time when people see visions, receive new gifts, revelation and spiritual mysteries, every one wold receive something.

>> In apostolic times, maybe they used to worship in tongues continually for hours. When a church becomes more into worship, they became less into the Word, then how will a person be encouraged or grow according to the word of God..

>> Many people take this chapter and say that Paul has told – There’s no need of speaking in tongues. That is a clear blunder because in verse 18 the same Paul says – I speak in tongues than all of us.


Verses 12 - 13 – So don’t be happy with the anointed of tongues and stay in that stage but grow further and seriously desire (zealous) to receive the gift of interpretation or prophecy (so that you can also minister to others)


Verse 14 – Same subject Paul is repeating – As I worship in unknown tongue my inner man or soul is being strengthened but my understanding is not receiving any new knowledge about God.


Verse 15 – Paul says I know how to pray in the spirit and pray in knowledge, also sing in the spirit and sing in knowledge, but he prefers in the spirit because he knows the difference.

Sometimes in our life also we pray for a long time but rise up with being enlightened or touched by the Lord, but at times we pray for 5 minutes but moved by the spirit with powerful words one after the other and rise up fully charged – that’s the difference.


Verse 16 – If the whole church is worshipping in tongues only, what will a gentile or unlearned (a person who doesn’t know or hasn’t experienced this gift) think again repeated in verses 23-25.


Verse 18 – Paul is clearly stating not to be confused, he is not saying – not to worship but that it should be balance with time of exhortation from the word of God.


Verses 19 – 21 – Even though tongues is not for people to understand (as it says in verse 2- no one understands). But Paul says  - In a church where gentiles and new believers gather, it is good to say few words in our language than to keep on worshipping in tongues for hours.

Eg: If the pastor there worships for hours(it is surely a spiritual strength for him) – but what will the believers understand, but if he speaks the word of God – the church will receive spiritual edification.

>> The Corinthians church as you read in the first chapter were all anointed and the church lacked no spiritual gift. So everyone was very zealous always to worship in tongues rather than anything else – so Paul is telling the church – it should be balanced – so that everyone is spiritually enriched.


Verse 22 – Tongues are a sign for the unbelievers and the whole world that you born of the Lord and that you are His property.


Verse 23 – In this verse and in verse 16 it says – if the whole churches worships in tongues – what will the unbelievers (gentiles) and the uninformed (those who are not anointed) understand – they will think – the whole church is gone out of mind.


Verses 24 & 25 – But if a prophecy gifted person or prophet tells them a personal prophecy where they should change or what they are going through and God knows all what is in their heart. They will surely be convicted and understand that it is only by the spirit of God and the fear of God will come into their heart and they will submit their life to the Lord.


>> When King Belshazzar took the holy vessels and drank wine in it along with his concubines, immediately he saw a hand drawing  - “mene mene tekel upharsin”. Even though this inscription was in aramaic, they didn’t get the real meaning of it. He brought al the wise men but no one could, finally Daniel the man of God who was also anointed as a prophet by the Lord had to come and tell the King all what God was going to do in his nation in the coming years, because of his sin.


>> Then we see when David committed a great sin (took an other mans wife by killing him), he continued as if nothing wrong happened. That’s when God sent prophet Nathan  to him to remind him of his sin – that’s when he humbled himself in the presence of the Lord and reconciled with the Lord – eventhough there was a great punishment.


>> Then again when Saul (Paul’s old name) was touched by the Lord, he became blind and was disabled to do anything. Then God sent a prophet Ananias to touch him, heal him, deliver him and revive him. Then told him the prophecy(Lord’s personal message) - the purpose or Lord’s plan about Paul - his calling.


>> All the believers there were anointed and worshiping in tongues. Paul is telling them – not to stay in that level but into the next level of receiving this gift of the holy spirit – Prophecy­ ­-  so that it will benefit the church more.


>> Today’s prophets have become like fortune tellers. When they visit homes or churches – says something to make them happy and simply tell a false promise or false prophecy – that Lord is going to open big doors and lead you to great heights which you have never dreamt. And one prophets prophecy does not at all match with others. This happens because they were once anointed with the gift of prophecy from above but finally because they added a little of their own – God stopped talking to them. Even though as the Bible says – in the last days a lot of false prophets will come – But this is not the case with


Verse 26 – When you come together as a gathering – each one of you should have something to offer to the Lord – either a psalm(song), a teaching, a tongue, a revelation or an interpretation.

>> Let us examine ourselves – let us not go to a gathering without some personal prayer time and preparation. People usually are bothered with the outside dressing – a spend a lot of time for that rather than the preparation of the inner man – don’t forget we are going to worship the holy God – His holy presence and filling will only come into our heart if we are prepared for it.


Verses 27 – 32 – In this church as most of them were anointed and gifted, instead of being in order, there were conflicts and disorder as they exercised their gifts. So Paul is correcting them – as one person worships or prophecies or interprets, the other should wait and it should all be controlled by the Holy spirit.


Verse 33 – For God doesn’t create confusion but he is the Lord who saves people out of confusion, so whatever he tells you to say whether it is singing, exhorting, worshipping or prophesying – it will never bring a person into confusion but save him.


Verses 34 & 35 – This verse has become a confusion for many. There are some churches which do not allow to sing or testify because of this verse, while there are other very liberal churches which allow lady pastors and even lady apostles who ordain other male pastors.


As the ministry of ladies in the church of God has been a great argument worldwide let us look into the Bible with the guidance of Holy spirit God – our teacher.


>> Being a Pastor or Apostle is surely a ministry of authority (over satan and over the sheep) – with that authority they bind and set free and also spiritual ministries like Lord supper, conducting marriages, funnel services etc.

>> We know in the old testament – not even one lady priest or prophet, then when we come to the new testament – we see that Jesus did not select any female out of the 12 disciples, not even any lady in the out circle of disciples. Like today’s reservation for women’s seat in the parliament or any committee, could not my Lord select atleast 2 out of the 12 as women – so we could understand that it was allowed by the Lord. The apostles later put their hand upon many brothers to ordain them as missionaries to different places – but their was not a single sister.


>> Then the question which always arises is – If we are all joined into the body of Christ (both brothers and sisters) then why there is a difference in authority when it comes to family, church and ministry.


The answer is in the Bible –

>> 1Cor 11:3 – the order by the Lord is – FATHER – JESUS – HUSBAND – WIFE

Again in Ephesians 5:22-25 and 32,33 – we see how it should be in the family. Lord says it’s a mystery – The husband and wife    like    Christ and the Church.

>> So this order is by the Lord and from the creation onwards – when its by the Lord - no worldly rule of feminism or equal rights can win over the law of the Lord – 2Cor 10:5

These days as we know in many families – it’s the woman who go for work and men sit home and baby sit the children, do all dishes and even cooking, it is very much against the law of God in the creation (Genesis). Where ever things go opposite to the law of the Lord – whether in Church or in Family – there we surely can see great problems which the devil brings and God allows.


>> It doesn’t mean that woman have no part in the ministry or in spreading the gospel. In the new testament - we can see a lot of sisters helping the servants of the Lord – they all together work as a team for glorifying the name of the Lord – Acts 2:17, Acts 21:8,9 and in all the epistles.


>> Usually there are few verses which the woman pastors take to justify their part.

Ø Priscilla – where ever her name is told, it is clearly mentioned Aquila and Priscilla – mentioned in Acts, Romans and Corinthians (I still remember a woman pastor from Andhra once argued with me telling their names as two sisters – i laughed a lot that day thinking about her ignorance). They are husband and wife who helped and supported Paul a lot in his ministry.

Ø Then there are a lot of sisters Paul named at the end of almost every epistle he has written (especially in Romans 16). There itself we can see these sisters helped Paul in the arrangement of the meeting and in inviting others and also spreading the message from house to house.

Ø Then the main character they say about is Debora from the old testament – who had to lead Israel for a war where she got the victory and honour.

Joshua was leading Israel after Moses, then God chose the Judges – Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar, after their time  in Judges 4:2 – we see Israel again committed sin and was sold to Canaan. Sisera  was the commander of Canaan – a very mighty commander, his army had 900 chariots, and Israel who did not even have an army was no match for them. At that time there were no faithful man in Israel for God to anoint, Debora was a prophetess and people used to come to her to hear the counsel of God (Judges 4:4,5). Once she told the counsel of God that Barak should go with the army of Israel to fight with this mighty Sisera. But he was afraid and he told Debora – only if she joins he would go. She replied I will come and we will fight, I know that the Lord will give victory. But it shall be known to all that Lord gave their enemy into the hands of a woman.  He was too afraid that he agreed.

So because there was no faithful, bold or anointed man in the whole of Israel at that time, God chose this woman to lead Israel for this war, immediately in the next chapter itself we can see that Lord searched through all Israel and found Gideon – and anointed him as the next Judge to lead Israel and have victory in the next war. So this is a work of God which no one can question – it was because of the unfaithfulness of the men of Israel at that time.

In any way this does not justify any woman to be a pastor or apostle in the New testament.

As I told you from the creation onwards there was an order by the Lord, when we come to the New testament – our law – it becomes more clear – “FATHER – JESUS – HUSBAND – WIFE”


>> Lord has given woman a lot of ministries which they can do better than the men and they are anointed and really do spend a lot more time in prayers than brothers, But Bible says as they minister they are not given authority over men.

>> 1Tim 2:11-13 – I give you no authority over men, because Adam was created first(means the difference is made by God and from the creation onwards.

>> Then in 1Tim 3:2-5, 8-13 – Here we see who an Overseer(above Pastors should be), then from verse 8 onwards we see who a Pastor should be – Here the Holy spirit says – for both the ministries – they should be a husband of one wife, having good testimony. A person who keeps his wife and children under disciple. There the Lord is clearly asking – If you can’t keep your family under discipline, then how will you keep the church under discipline.

>> Again in Titus 1:6-9 – Here also the Holy spirit God says who a Pastor(minister or steward) should be.


>> Then again we see in this portion 1Cor 14:34,35 – That woman keep silent in the church. It doesn’t mean that they cant sing or testify, but when it comes to discussion about different matters of the church and ministries and questioning the things which happen wrong. These problems happened in the Corinthians church. So Paul made it clear that if woman wanted to say any opinion or any point for correction or an exhortation – let her come home, discuss the matter with her husband, so that if the husband feels it is a commendable and good suggestion or opinion – he will share it in the church.


>> Even when it comes to woman or unmarried – Bible makes it clear about their age, work and that they minister under the pastor and the church team.

** 1Tim 5:9,10 – Even widows below 60 should not join in direct ministry, otherwise Bible says what will happen. If they want to do ministry, they should be above 60, of good report and having taken care of their children well.

** To the unmarried woman – Bible say – To marry – so that they don’t spoil the name of the Lord.


>> Paul makes his point very clear in verse 37 – that it is not his suggestion or according to the jewish custom but a commandment of the Lord – so we dare not to try to defy the Almighty God.

>> We have come to a time where everything else is important other than the commandment of God.

>> We know now a days, looking at western woman who come here to minister(none of them cover their head and they usually keep one leg over the other while sitting on a convention or meeting stage – that’s their culture), the woman ministers here also don’t cover their head. But it’s a very clear law of the word of God – 1 Cor 11:5 – If you cant cover your head, let her shave off her head(which is shameful for a woman), it means nothing else but that law is strict so there was a warning in it.



>> Please don’t come to a conclusion that woman have no part in the ministry of the Lord or why did the Lord anoint them also. Let me make it clear that they have lots to do in the ministry more than the men. And it is the woman always who encouraged their family spiritually and trained the children to be good workers for the Lord. If we notice in any church or family, it is surely the woman who spend a lot of time in prayers and sharing their experiences with others, and it is the woman who take strong decision for the Lord before the men do.


>> In the New testament also for Jesus and for the apostles, it was the sisters who helped a lot in the arrangement of the meeting, in inviting the whole village to hear the word of God and see the work of the Lord. Many woman along with their husband have made their homes as gathering places or house churches and they have protected the ministers when the outsiders came to attack them – like Aquila & Priscilla (Rom 1:3-4, 1Cor 16:19). We can see Paul greeting a lot of sisters who helped him in the ministry in their places.

>> Even when Jesus was in this world – We see a lot of zealous woman who received deliverance from the Lord because of their faith.

** Infact it was 2-3 woman who first went to the tomb to see that Jesus resurrected, then we see they came and encouraged the weak disciples – Luke 24:9,10

**Then we see the Samaritan woman – who made her point clear with the Lord – and received the living waters. She then went to her village and proclaimed to everyone that she has seen the Messsiah – then invited all of them.

**Martha & Maria – because of their zeal and faith – saw the glory of God in their life

**The woman who had the issue of blood – did not think that according to their law she should not even walk on the roads – she would be stoned to death or strict punishment. But her faith made her come to the Lord – even if I touch the end of his cloak – I will be saved.

**Out of that – the Canaanite woman was the only case where Jesus delivered a gentile, because his ministry was only among jews and the others could get grace through Jesus only after His sacrifice for us and His resurrection. But in Math 15:21-28 – we see this woman arguing with Jesus with faith – which made Jesus to deliver that family – changing His plan.



>>So ministry is not just coming to the stage and preaching, that’s just one part of the ministry. No one can preach on a pulpit without hundreds of brothers and sisters in its arrangements and prayers. We are all different organs in the body of Christ, and we have our part do for the kingdom of God. The only thing is it should be in the guidance of the Holy spirit.


>> A lot of zealous woman in the new testament– their faith and works are commendable, they were a lot of encouragement for the spreading of the gospel and they all worked as good evangelist along with the church of their area.


>> Even today in a family or in the church, to read bible, to sing, to pray and in all the arrangements and providence – we can see the sisters more zealous, willfully and with great joy doing their part.




Verse 36 – Some of them in the church justified their wrong doings and said that it is not wrong, they also have the Lord and the spirit.

So to them Paul is asking – Did the word of God  or Christian gathering first start in Corinth – NO(It was in Jerusalem from where I come – and there is a good tested and proven pattern and order of the spirit which they followed).

Then Paul is asking – did it only reach you – NO(From Jerusalem the word of God and the anointment reached all those countries – so there is an order and pattern followed by believing churches in different countries) – Look at them


Verse 37 – I any of you think that what you are doing is correct (regarding the above matter – a group argued and out of them someone said that they have also received prophecy – so God is also talking to them). To them Paul is telling through the Holy spirit – this is not my suggestion but I write this to you as The commandment of God.


Verse 38 – If any person ignores or is not accepting the Apostolic doctrine – let him be ignorant


Verse 39 – Anyway desire to receive more gifts and fruits from the Lord(which is for the benefit of others), at the same time there should be some worship time in tongues (which is needed for your spiritual strength and edification)


Verse 40 –So let all the ministry of the Lord be done decently and in order (in the order written by the Lord in the Bible)

Because in verse 33 – Lord says – God is not an author of confusion.






Verses 1-3 – The gospel which I declared to you – by which you were saved

>> That word of God – If you don’t believe it completely what I preach, then it is useless. That message is – Christ died (for our sins), buried.


Verse 4 – And on the third day he rose up from the dead or resurrected  - that is the gospel which I preached to you – the message of resurrection.

>> There were many people who could not believe that as Christ resurrected – we would also resurrect, another group of new believer who found it hard to believe that  Jesus really rose up from the dead and is alive today.

>> All this confusion was because Greeks never believed in a life after death with the Lord, once we can see the Greeks making fun of Paul as he preached about the resurrection of Jesus – Acts 17:32.

In their greek mythology – they had a lot of super man’s and woman who lived in the world with outstanding strength or some magical power, some were warriors, late as they died they became worshiped and some story making them a god or heavenly, so this was their practice (just like Indians). Even Jesus a man – lived and did a lot of miracles and he died, they are ready to pray in his name (as they do in other deities names), but they couldn’t believe the truth that Jesus is the Son of God and death cannot conquer him because He is the creator, so he is now sitting on His glorious throne in heaven – that they could not understand.

>> So in the Corinthian church also there were different groups and some were confused regarding this matter so we can see that they wrote a letter to Paul asking him to explain the truth, that is why in this chapter Paul is teaching this church and all of us.

>> Rom 1:16 – I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ coz it is the power of God to all those who believe (so only those who believe this truth completely will see the glory of God)

>> Paul is making it clear – 1Cor 1:17, 23-25 – Jews thought that JESUS wouldn't resurrect - But He is now in the right hand side of GOD. For Greeks it is hard to believe. But jews or greek – if you believe – it is the power and wisdom of God.

>> Rom 8:11 – The same spirit who resurrected Jesus from dead – that great powerful Holy spirit God dwells in you – for those who believe.


Verses 5-7 – To prove that Jesus resurrected from the dead, lot of witnesses – he is showing as proof

5 – Peter – Luke 24:34,    to the 12 – Mark 16:14

6 –Maybe when all gathered to see Jesus resurrect from Mount Olivet – Acts 1:10

7 – Appeared to James(the half brother of Jesus- ref that he was Lord’s brother – Gal 1:19), then to all the apostles – the third time – John 21:14


Verses 8,9 – Paul is telling he was late and out of time – because he could not even walk with Jesus in his team once because he hated Jesus at that time.

He persecuted the church and did not believe in the resurrection of Christ(because it was against what he learned from his fathers or the practice which he followed)  till he was touched by the Lord.

After the Lord touched him, then an anointed man touched him and he was anointed, freed from his bondage, got up, had food, took baptism, immediately started preaching Christ is the son of God (Acts 9:17-20).

As long as we are not anointed and still practice the old laws or the tradition of our father we are persecuting Jesus or working against the Lord (for satan)

>> Then there was a saying in the churches then that only those who walked with Jesus and witnessed Him resurrect – they were the Apostles – Acts 2:32, 3:15, 4:33


Verse 10  – Through the anointment of the Holy spirit and the sufferings (trainings) in his life – God changed his old practices into a living relationship with Jesus.

>> All the training in his life made him stop loving the world and laboring for God

Gal 6:14 – I am crucified to this world and the world is crucified to me


He labored more abundantly than others – because faith should be balanced with works – James 2:17-26

** He labored more than others because He know the mystery

** He was completely obedient and he did not please man or love the world

** He suffered more than all the other apostles

** He always rejoiced and always praised God

** He was not simply preaching, but he convinced them till they understood


>> It is not because of my righteous acts but because of the grace – which makes me do it. If any one things that because of my strength, wisdom, ability or family background, that is why I am able to work for Lord, it is foolishness, it is only by the grace of God, that Lord has given us.


Verse 11  – If I or the other apostles preach, the message is the same through the same spirit – that Jesus resurrected – He lives  - and that same spirit will also make you resurrect.


Verse 12-19  – It is not the important thing but the most important in the gospel. If that doesn’t exist, we also don’t exist – as children of God.

>> Lots of arguments and doubts they had among them – so Paul is making it clear.


·        In all these verse He is making it clear that – There is resurrection of the dead

·        Verse 14 – If Christ is not risen – our preaching and the gospel is useless and your Faith is also useless. (But Corinthians cannot say that because they know the change which God gave them and what all Lord did in their life)

·        Verse 19 – If your Hope is only in this world, then you are the most foolish and pitiful in this world – Lord says. (So it should not be about this world life – we always need so Blessing verse – not thinking or worrying about our inner man, no putting our hope and desire on the joy of the eternal living with Jesus.

·        Paul is making it clear – Because Christ resurrected, those who believe in him and transform themselves to be like Him - will also resurrect .


Verse 20-23  – Then Paul is proving how death came and how life comes.

>> Gen 2:16,17 – When you eat of this fruit, you will die

>> Luke 15:32 – Prodigal son – The day you leave your Father’s house, you are dead. That’s why the Father later said – My son was dead but now he lives.


>> Through Adam we got death, and through Christ we get Life.

>> It was so easy for Adam to disobey, lose the glory and die (spiritually – in relation with God),

But it was so painful to the Lord to reconcile us back to the old relationship with Father, through the sacrifice of the Son of God, Jesus was born in an ordinary family, people used to call him – born without a father(born before marriage by the spirit), son of a carpenter, he passed tossed from court to court to be tried as a criminal, they spit on His face, pulled his hair, stripped him and crucified him on a highway side to shame – Don’s forget that Lord had to leave His glorious throne and the position – the name above all names – who controls the heaven and is worshipped by all heavenly beings – had to go through this shame – Ish 53 – He was disfigured for our sake – Jesus went through all this give us the Eternal Life – only through Jesus.


>> In Heb 6:4-6 – Once you are enlightened by the word of God, enjoyed the movement of Holy spirit and Lord’s work in your life, then if you go back, then it is impossible for such a person to come back to the Lord – so take care that we do not back slide



>> We have to live a very dedicated and spirit filled life to go to heaven.

>> Luke 9:23 – Jesus says – If you want to follow me, deny yourself daily and take up your cross (which Lord has given – your part of suffering) and follow me daily. (we are thinking if we stand for the Lord, no one else is there – do you know that my Lord - at the beginning of creation – when there were only two -Adam & Eve – took their glory and and what God had given them and threw them out of Lord’s dwelling place because of their disobedience – My Lord is a righteous and holy God – he will not tolerate any un-holiness or un-truth.

>> This affliction – is just for a moment – compared to that great glory we are going to enjoy with the Lord- 2Cor 4:17

>> Paul says in Gal 2:20 and Gal 6:14 – It is Christ who lives in me, so that world is crucified for me (my mind is not on this world)



>> Everyone has to die, we do not know when it is –Only God knows – it is all written there on our page in heaven – No specialist hospital can change what is planned by the Lord.

>> In Eccles 12:7 – The dust shall return to earth, and the spirit to God

>> This death does not come in the old age. When we are disobedient to the Lord’s counsel and we die – then there is no resurrection – completely relationship cut with Lord – Second death as it says in Rev 20:6.

As we do not know when death is planned for us and how long we have time to glorify Lord’s name – let us be faithful to the Lord always and be busy in doing our part for Lord.

>> That is why Bible says – before the sun sets – forgive everyone and clear all the debts with God and man. Many things can happen as we live in this wicked world, but immediately forgive and make our side clear so that we will have good confidence with our relationship with God.



>>The part after resurrection is very clear through the parable Jesus spoke in Luke 16:19-31 – The rich man & Lazarus

There was a rich man (though he could not continue in his riches forever), Both were Jewish – called the people of God – even the rich man called Abraham his father. Among the so called Lord’s children itself– a big difference. The law clearly says – love your brother and help him in need – here it was a shame for him to speak to him – even they are born of the same father(Abraham – Jewish).

For the rich man – he was full of luxury, arrogance, selfishness, respect and name in society and community which mattered. And as all Rich men desire – I should be the greatest and others should come to my doorstep for help (Lucifer’s mind).

Lazarus always lived in shame and only got what God gave him – but he was carried by angels.

Like today’s charity work for show – this rich man allowed Lazarus as a beggar to be at his gate – and gave him some bread crumbs. Surely at the rich man’s burial, the whole community might have praised him for his good works – no one including the politician or priest told anything wrong about him – because he made everyone happy- shook hands with everyone. He got the best funeral – according to jewish traditions with all the priest and the high priest(which lazarus did not get) – But now he is tormented in hell(in fire and not a drop of water) and angels carried Lazarus to heaven(abraham’s bosom).

In 25th verse – Lord say – in this world you went after the good(good in the sight of this world) things – In 1Cor 15:19 – If your hope is in this worldly life – you are the most pitiful man.

>> These verses are not to Seek the good and riches of this world – Luke 11:19-13, John 14:14-17, Eph 3:16 – Read these verses again clearly – it is clearly written there to ask for more of the heavenly filling –His anointment.

>> Even if riches increase – set not your heart on them – Ps 62:10

>> Math 6:19-21 – Jesus says – Do not lay for yourselves treasures on this earth, where moth and rust destroy, where thieves break in and steal (which means – Those who invest in Heaven – they are wise and blessed – any work for the kingdom of God)



About Lord’s coming – saint’s will be gathered from all four sides – Mark 13:27, 1Thess 4:16,17


>> Even in resurrection – the order is maintained. First Jesus then the church

So we have to be prepared for his coming and eagerly waiting got that glorious moment when we will be resurrected (redeemed completely) from this wicked world into a heavenly life with God.

So we have to be prepared – 1John 2:28 to 3:3


Verse 24  – Here it says about the end of the second law – New testament period – through Jesus. In both these Old and New testament time, mankind had failure in regard with Satan – eventhough Lord was ready to give strength to those who look upon him, but only very few faithful people got saved – all the others lost


Verse 25  – So Jesus now – one by one – what all man lost – taking that back from Satan’s hand, one by one having authority over it – till all his enemies come under His feet.


Verse 26  – That last enemy is not satan, it is death


Verses 27 & 28  – So all the enemies destroyed – after the 1000 year reign and Gog-Magog war, then satan bound in chain forever and thrown into the bottomless pit along with the other disobedient and unfaithful people.

>> Now God took the full control of earth from the hands of Satan, along with Father – Jesus will rule for ever and ever in the heavenly Joy – No more tears, crying, pain or death – Rev 21:4


Verse 29  – Answer to a question or doubt which Satan put in their heart – a wrong teaching

>> Later many thought – our dear ones died in persecution (1st century) before baptism - so they might not be in heaven. So for them their dear and near ones started being baptized – Even some pastors were ready to do it for these people’s sentiments.

So Paul is strictly clearing this doubt here because here the subject is resurrection.

>> And about Baptism – it is not for salvation. But those who are repented (died in sins or old man crucified) are baptized.

Not buried to die but those who have really died are buried. So it is repentance (conviction of sin, desire to be holy and an agreement to obey all what the word of God says) which is more important.


Verse 30  – Why are we in confusion ?


Verse 31  – To teach you this truth, Paul said – I die daily – outward man perishes


Verse 32  – To say you from sin, from confusion(which satan puts daily), from loving this world – Paul says – I even had a beastly fight with the dark powers and principalities of Ephesus. It was a centre of all pagan worships, sacrifice and practices. The devil there was really powerful because people from all over the world came there and offered and prayed to this Goddess Arthemes or Goddess Madonna (Velankani matha and many mother and child worship has come from this old deity.

>> As it was also a great commercial hub, satan was moving the church away from God and His word through prosperity and Paul had the toughest time here to convince them and make them spiritually minded.

Otherwise satan will bring the whole church to this motto – Let us eat and drink (enjoy the world and this life) – Ish 22:13,14


Verse 33  – Eph 5:6-12, 16, 17 – Do not be partakers with them – sons of disobedience (otherwise this spirit of disobedience will also influence us)

-         Eph 5:10 – Proving in our life what is acceptable to God

-         11 – Have no fellowship with them, but correct them – keep on telling them – it is wrong

-         12 – It is a shame to even speak about them

-         14,15 – Be wise awaken

-         16,17 – Understand what your calling is – what the will of God is

>> 1Cor 5 10,11 – In the Bible it says – Do not even eat with them (no company), it is not about gentiles, but with believers who don’t follow the word of God.


>> 2Cor 11:2,3 – You are engaged as virgins to Christ (10 virgins-parable), but that crooked satan, how he cheats Eve – to take out the fear of God – to corrupt your minds from concentration and from true love.


Verse 34  – Awaken from the worldliness and understand where we need a change, submit ourselves to the word of God, because we are called and separated from this world to be holy and blameless for God. After hearing the warnings in the bible and knowing about the final judgment, still when people are not serious and ready to fall a prey for satan’s destruction plan, Paul says – it is a shame.

>> 1Cor 3:16,17 – We are the temple (dwelling place) of the holy God. If we destroy it in anyway and make it a place not worthy for dwelling – God will destroy us.


Verse 35  – How are we going to be resurrected – with glorious body or not. Our resurrection is based on our obedience and sanctification – 1John 3:3 – Lord is holy, so purify yourselves.


Verse 36  – You will not be made alive or resurrect unless you die(in sin) completely.


Verse 38  – God gives us a heavenly body (the glory differs) as He pleases – according to the judgment and to

-         Each seed (soul) – his own body – according to the works he has done for the Lord.

-         That’s why in Math 6:20,21 – Invest in heaven

-         Otherwise Bible says – we are foolish, later we can’t remind and do something to change our eternity or to change our glory. It depends on our integrity as we live in this world, how much we love the Lord whole-heartedly.


Verse 39  – like the differences in men, animals, birds and fish (some are glorious & useful, some are common and useless.


Verses 40 & 41  –Even in space – among plants and stars – these differences are there, planets like earth where creatures can survive but most of the others – no living things can exist but only rocks and darkness.


Verses 42 - 44  – So in our resurrection – the glory differs

SOWN IN      –          RAISED IN

Corruption   -           Incorruption

Dishonor       -           Glory

Weakness     -           Power

Natural body           -           Spiritual body


>> According to our works the glory differs – those who suffer for the Lord will surely have an unthinkable glory in heaven. Just like there are powers according to the designation of police or military.

(There are surely differences in glory in heaven)

>> Philip 3:21 - The Lord shall change your lowly body into his glorious body

>> Col 3:4 – When Christ shall appear, we also shall appear like him.


Verse 45  – Taken from Genesis 2:7 - First Adam was a living being (Man) but last Adam (or Christ) became a life giving spirit


Verses 46 - 48  – Diffrence from worldy man and eternal man


Verse 49  – As we now have the image or body of a worldly man, If we are faithful to God’s word and our calling, we will also have the heavenly image or body – Math 22:20 – Render unto God what is God’s.

>> Rom 8:29 – we pre-destinated to the image of Christ.

>> Rev 22:11 – Let the worldly become more worldly (among believers), let the holy become more holy.

>> 1John 3:2,3 - So purify yourself because He is pure

So let our prayer be – Strengthen me Lord to receive more glory, to have more purification in me.


Verse 50 - With this body(flesh and blood), we cannot resurrect


Verse 53 - So the corruptible, mortal, temporary(disposable) body (which is nothing else but a soft case for the valuable inner man - have to change to an immortal or eternal glorious body.

In this corruptible body - we have sickness, weakness, tensions, worries, jealousy, selfishness and all kinds of sin and lust.


Verses 51 & 52 - That is the mystery - when we hear the trumpet, those who have made themselves purified and holy will rise.


Verse 54 - They can say - Death is swallowed up in victory (taken from Ish 25:8)


Verse 55 - After we have resurrected and taken to be with Jesus in the mid-skies first, then we will proclaim and challenge -

O death - Where is your sting (poison bite) - First death - death from world

O hades(hell)  - Where is your victory - Second death - complete relation cut from God - to hell fire - because that person as he died was un-faithful - Rev 20:6


Verse 56 - Sin is the sting to spiritual death

And the law (word of God) is the strength to stay away from or come out of sin

Rom - For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus


Verse 57 - Thanks be to God who gives us victory through Jesus

Only those who keeps on getting victory (a victorious life) will get the final victory over second death - eternal life

>> In Revelation chapters 2 & 3 - we can see the promises of God - To the Overcomers - I will give you a new name, crown, make you sit on my throne, make you the pillars of heaven and give us all the inheritance of God

>> Rom 8:37 - We are more than conquerors (read from verse 35)

>> 1John 5:4,5 - Really born of God are the victorious

So it is Lord who keeps on giving us victory - not our will power or by our personality

That is why in John 15:5 - Jesus says- Without me you can do nothing


Verse 58 - That is why Holy spirit is instructing us - Be steadfast, Be immovable

Always abounding in the work of the Lord (without bothering all the troubles and filthy games satan works in our life - what can he do to me unless allowed by my Lord)

>> Our foundation is firm - we stand on the Rock of all ages - Jesus Christ

Again in Col 1:23 - it is repeated Be steadfast and grounded(deep rooted)

>> Heb 6:19 - Our anchor is in heaven.

You know a anchor is put down from a boat or ship so it doesn’t move by it weight or its hook shape hooks on a rock to be stable. Here in this verse - the promise is - our anchor is placed in the most holy place - behind the curtain - where our Lord is. Here Paul spoke to the jewish christians in Jerusalem, that is why he used the example of the tabernacle, most holy place and curtain.

So it means one side of the connection is in heaven - firm and immovable, the otherside is our inner spiritual man.


>> Abound in the work of the Lord then only we will get a glorious resurrection - Let this word encourage us to do more for the Lord. More than all our priorities and liabilities to this worldly relations, let us - with full effort and mind work for the Lord. Let Lord's matter be in front of everything in our daily life.

Ezekiel 2:7 - Even if they listen or not, our duty is to keep on reminding them the word of God, we will be rewarded bountifully by the Lord for that glorious work.


>> Knowing that our labor is not in vain - Lord is coming soon to reward everyone exactly according to our work - (Faithful and unfaithful will be separated)

Every work, every day, every second, every opportunity God gives is recorded there. For all the health, wealth, wisdom, blessing and talents God has given us - Bible says we are account table to the Lord






Verse 1 - In the third missionary journey Paul was travelling to strengthen the churches, As he travelled, because of the burden in his heart, he also collected an offering to help the needy church in Jerusalem – Rom 15:25-27

>> In Jerusalem, those who came to the Lord were outcast from their families, society and even the jewish council - because they were a adamant and traditional people who did not even listen to the direct voice of my Lord.

>> But at the same time - Lord showed more grace on some of the gentile churches - especially the Macedonian churches. So Paul's reasoning was - If the people of the Jerusalem church ministered to you spiritual matters, then you ought( liable) to give them a share of your material things also (almost all the apostles and the first believers were from the Jerusalem church - where the first baptism by Peter and where first anointment of the Holy spirit came and the children of God who eagerly waited spoke in tongues or the heavenly language).

>> In Jerusalem, as people came to the Lord in the beginning - Acts 2:44-47 - they shared and helped each other so that no one lacked anything, no one exhorted or taught them any of these, but it was in the salvation package to love and share so that they can live in fellowship of love and unity. That is the main concept of fellowship in Jesus.

>> In the beginning as the Jerusalem church grew, they all stayed there and worked for the Lord there, so the gospel was only shared in Jerusalem, then according to the divine plan of God, to disperse them - Lord allowed Stephen to be a martyr for Christ. Then people(jewish Christians) were afraid and scattered to different countries – Acts 11:19-21 to spread the gospel, also to the gentiles

>> Paul then told them – not only preach but also remember the poor and needy among brethren – not simply charitable work. (This is the only verse in the bible which charitable organizations have to take)

>> Here it is for the Lord’s work in Jerusalem, But Paul is making it clear that it is not for a person or church (to make them inferior), but they are giving their part to the Lord for Lord’s work.

Philip 4:18 – our gifts should be sweet smelling sacrifice – well pleasing to the Lord


Verse 2 – So {Paul is telling the Corinthian church to collect little by little every Sunday, don’t wait till I come otherwise when I come you will have to collect together which will be a load to you.

>> Giving to the Lord is not from the left-over but from all what God gives.

Eg: I remember a believer who once told, I am only getting to give to Caesar (render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to the Lord what is Lord’s).

In Malachi 3:8-10 -  it says otherwise you are stealing what is God’s.

Math 5:20 – If your righteousness does not increase the righteousness of Pharisees (they were zealous and correct in tyth, even in cumin seeds (a very small matter), they used to give)


Verse 3 – I will send a spiritual brother whom you will approve to collect the funds which you have collected for the church in Jerusalem.


Verse 5 – These were called the Macedonian churches (Corinth, Philippe, Achaia etc). God allowed more grace in their financial matters – 2Cor 8:1-4, 7, 14, 15 – grace of fellowship

>> One thing is for sure that in every area of our life we are accountable to the Lord. Don’t think that we can live and plan our life as we want. For everything that we do against Lord’s plan and counsel, maybe not immediately but there will be a punishment and fear the part that we have to settle the account with the Almighty about every opportunity, talent wisdom, strength, time, contacts, honor and everything God has given us – Rom 14:12, Heb 4:13

Even Pastors and Bible teachers have to give accounts for the souls entrusted to them – Heb 13:17


Verse 6 – On his journey towards Jerusalem – to give them the offetry. First his plan was Macedonia to Corinth – to spend the winter time there because that season was not viable for a ship journey.

>> But lets see if it worked according – then he changed his plan for a short visit to Corinth – 2Cor 1:15,16, different plans he had but again Lord’s plan was different – 2Cor 2:12,13 and 7:6,7

>> So we plan many things but its always wonderful to change our plan’s to God’s plan for us, otherwise we will be punished. Let us not be wise in our own eyes, fear the Lord and may the Lord plan – Prov 3:5-7,  16:9

>> So in Paul’s life also, as a man, he plans many things. But when the spirit of the Lord directs him, he leaves all other plans and gets ready to suffer all consequences which comes in Lord’s plan for benefit of the kingdom of God.


Verse 8 – Paul is writing this first epistle to Corinthians from Ephesus, that why he mentions that he will stay there till the Pentecost is over (As in the old testament we see from the 16th day of Nisan – 49 days or 7 seven weeks is this feast of Pentecost, as the people at those time(specially the jewish Christians) knew that season by that name, Paul just mentioned it) It doesn’t mean the new testament church celebrated this old testament traditional festival.


Verse 9 – A great and effective door (Lord opened for Paul at Ephesus) is always yoked with a lot of fightings. A door God opened in our life (which benefits Lords kingdom) doesn’t mean that there is no opposition. But God will strengthen us to swim across the waves.

Ps 97:5 – In the presence of the Lord, every mountain will melt like wax.

>> Paul was not bothered about the adversaries, but he was excited about the opportunity which God opened for the expansion of Lord’s kingdom. As we know Paul is only bothered about the benefit to the kingdom of God, even in Philippians jail (chapt 1& 4) – Paul is writing epistles and preaching to the jail inmates and the Caesar’s household. So whether inside or outside – as long as there is life in Paul, he will speak as the spirit gives in his mouth.


Verses 10 & 11 – About Timothy –

>> Here Paul says – Don’t give me fear (which means encourage him) – he is also travelling and coming from far

>> For he does the work of God like me – his integrity and sincerity is special – whole heartedly served the Lord – Philip 2:19-21 – For everyone seeks their own matter – but for Timothy – it is Lord’s matter.(This is the mind of Jesus, Lord poured out his life for us, loved us whole heartedly - let us examine ourselves – how much of that mind we have)

>>Then more about him – 2Tim 1:5(Zeal passed on from generations – parents have the greatest role in building a person in dedication , Acts 16:1-3(from Lystra),  1Tim 4:14(the instruction Paul gave him)


Verse 12 – Paul desired Apollos also come to you, but he was busy.


Verse 13 – In Cor chapt 1 – we see satan tried to bring confusion, splits and other sin into this church, that’s why Paul wrote this epistle to them – so here warning them


>> Watch or Be Alert – Alert and eagerly waiting – like the wise virgins

Math 26:41 – temptation

1Peter 4:7 – Watch and prayer

Acts 20:29 - Like grievous wolves creeping into the church

1Thess 5:6 – Don’t sleep

2Tim 4:5 - Be watchful and fulfill your ministry


>> Stand firm in faith – lots of verses in the bible – stand steadfast – 1Cor 15:58


>> Be brave (like a man – in greek and other Indian languages and also in English amplified version) – the gender difference is only in this world, when we receive a heavenly body, there will be no difference.

>> So male or female – Lord wants to stand bold for the Lord and his word – Lord does not want cowards or people who always change their decision. For my Lord it is Yes yes and No no, nothing in between – his children should also be like that.

>> Being brave is a state of No fear

>> If we fear man, its always a snare for us – Prov 29:25, Acts 5:29, Math 10:28


>> Be strong – not our might, but to be strengthened with His(Lord’s) strength - Col 1:11 & Eph 3:16

That is why in Philip 4:13 – I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me – Lord’s each touch makes us stronger each time.


Verse 14 – Whatever you do, do it with love. Love with Jesus(first) and then your brethren – 1John 3:16, Rom 15:30

>> That’s why in Ps 133:1 – Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together.

>> Paul had warned them to be one – 1Cor 1:10 - that’s why repeating.


Verse 15 – Stephanas and family – first Christian believers from Achaia, they are addicted (means devoted) to minister to the servants of Lord and other saints – they know the greatness of their calling and they are doing their part with great zeal.


Verse 16 – Paul told the church to look at that family, so that all the children of God will be encouraged to do that divine work.


Verses 17 & 18 – These three brothers went to Ephesus and refreshed Paul, he was very happy with the things they brought for him from Corinth and the words of love and encouragement.

>> This is very essential – after a long and continues battle(in the front end), lots of cuts and blows (as it is a battle from satan – when we give mighty blows, surely there will be an opposite reaction – even though Lord will not allow beyond a limit), so discouraged and dishearted, that is when this kind of encouragement is needed from the brethren for them to continue steadfast in the battle without turning aside.


Verse 19 – Aquila and Priscilla – very zealous couple – encouraging for the ministry. Their names are mentioned five times in the bible.

>> Rom 16:3,4 – they even risked their life to save a servant of the Lord and protect the ministry there.

>> There was also a gathering in their house

>> Understand that all our works (for the kingdom of God) are accounted and rewarded greatly on that day.


Verse 20 – Brotherly love- as a single family – children of one Father.


Verse 21 – Hard to write on scrolls – but this one is by his own hands


Verse 22 – If anyone does not love Jesus, let him be Anathema (means Cursed) – Love with all your heart

Then Maranatha – which means our Lord is come soon.


Verses 23 & 24 – Benediction