The written time and place is not certain. But it is to the people of Galatia. This area of Asia minor got its name because of the Gaulish settlers. The people there are Gauls(they were always engaged in war and have conquered a very large area – Gaulish Empire). Here in this chapter you can see their character – unsatisfied, they keep on changing their views , desires and ideas, they always need new things (somewhat similar to Indians)


Gal 1:6-9, 3:1-5 proves that they were easily moved by other ideas or theologies or teachings


This is an epistle which will show all our spiritual coldness and moving away from the word of God.




Verse 1 – Paul an apostle, not ordained by man, but calling from God(not manly ability – man has different criteria’s to accept a servant of God) – Acts 9:15,16 – chosen by God.

>> who called him – who raised Jesus from the dead (power of resurrection)


Verse 2 – churches in this region of Galatia


Verse 3 – Greetings of heavenly peace – so when an individual or family becomes right in the Lord - they have peace.


Verse 4 – Jesus gave all His glory and completely himself – Why- To deliver us from the Evil one and his world


Verse 5 – Glory to Lord – for our deliverance – a great reason

>> When we become spiritually weak, people lose the interest of praising God- Let us examine ourself.


Verse 6 – I am astonished, that you are moving from (the grace and guidance of the Lord) to ( a different worldly accepted gospel) – this is Satan’s plan from the beginning.

>> This is what the world tells us – you also need to do some works, not only by faith, But the Bible tells us in Eph 2:8,9 – Not by works but by faith.

>> Everywhere in the New testament you can see – Believe in the Lord, in the Word of God and you shall be saved.

>> For our Salvation – Lord has paid the complete price, doesn’t need half of our work to complete it.

>> Now what Satan makes us think is – don’t completely(blindly) believe, you should have wisdom, God will give Doctors or Lawyers the brain to save you, The Money or Experience which you have will save you, your Friends or Relatives will help you. Isn’t this how the worldly people do.

>> Bible says in John 11:40 – Believe and you shall see the glory of the Lord.

>> The fear of the Lord is not there now. In this time everyone thinks they are smart and wise and know how to do things. We trust in ourselves rather than humbling ourselves in the presence of the Lord, sometimes we glorify ourselves.

>> This is by Satans spirit and it is for super punishment, If there is a calling of the Lord upon you, Lord will not leave you until you surrender.

>> Here it says UNKOWINGLY you are turning away from Him so soon

Eg: Like a ship or plane which lost its navigation

*You are changing team – your are leaving Jesus who called you.

>> In the following verses and chapters it says where all they went wrong.


Verse 7 – There are some who trouble you

>> Satan usually works in Believers and Pastors, When an outside gentile comes, that cant much influence you.

>> through believers to create problem and spoil unity

Luke 17:1-4 – those who create problem, let him tie a millstone to his neck and be thrown into the sea.

>> Sometimes through false pastors and false teachers- to confuse us.

>> So we should have a spirit of discerning – 1Cor 12:10


Verse 8 – Even if an angel comes and tells you, don’t believe

>> We know sometimes Satan as an Angel(2Cor 11:14) of light, tries to confuse Lords children through false bible teachers, even though they are all speaking about Jesus.


Verse 9 – Twice repeated – Any else preaches anything more than what the spirit says – CURSED

>> Don’t believe in what they say – Pauls grudge is not against any man but against Satan who confuses them and makes them fall.


Verse 10 – If still, after receiving strength and the word from Lord, and still try to please man – You cant continue in relation with Jesus - I am not bonded with Christ.


Verses 11 & 12– It is not according to man or the convenience of man, or how people believe, but I received it as a Revelation of God

>> Many people are teaching what they hear and see from others but they are not directly receiving revelation from God.


Verses 13 & 14 – The change which came in Paul’s life, he is clearly showing it one by one. The change in our life will make other people think.

>> If he started loving(Jesus), what he once opposed, this proves how much he was convinced by the voice of the Lord(once whom He persecuted)


Verses 15 & 16 – When God separated me, I did not ask people(flesh & blood or body & life)


Verse 17 – I went to Arabia (for about 3 years)

This is God trains people –

*Moses – God separated and trained in the desert

*Joseph – was in the jail

*Jacob - was trained in Labans house

*David – was trained in the wilderness & caves

*John the baptist – was taken into wilderness by the spirit to be trained powerful before a great ministry

*Even Jesus (to prove that we all have to go through this way of separation) – Luke 4:1

*Paul was also separated, trained and strengthened in the deserts of Arabia (Allthe disciples were trained with Jesus 3 years, maybe that’s why Paul was also trained 3 years later in Arabia)


Verse 19 – No one accepted him – Acts 9:26,27


Verses 22–24 – The people in Judea only heard of me and they glorified God through me

>> They glorified God because of the miraculous change in me – Once who persecuted Jesus – now His strong follower – what a complete change – Acts 9:17 – 21






Verse 1 –Titus was a young evangelist(who came from gentiles), so will they force him to circumcise. because the first gathering and the apostles were in Jerusalem, it was mostly from the jews who became Christians by the preaching of Peter, James & John and other apostles, but they kept there jewish customs and traditions, became circumcised because they also visited the jewish temple


Verse 2 – I went to them by revelation of God

>> I preached the same gospel which I spoke to the gentiles ( So this was different from what the other apostles(who were at Jerusalem) preached.

Building a gentile is from the beginning – putting off all their old traditions & customs


Verse 4 – some false brethren – spies


Verse 5 – We did not compromise( to be right according to the word of God) or hear their word or fear these false brethren.

>> Paul boldly said – Titus is not going to undergo circumcision or any custom.

>> Math 6:24 – You cannot serve two masters.

>> Acts 5:29 – Fear God rather than man

>> Prov 29:25 – fear of man will be a snare for you

>> Math 10:28 – Fear not them who can kill your body but fear the One who can kill your body and soul and put you in hell.


Verse 6 – The reputed ones (Pharisees, Scribes, committee) or their words doesn’t make a difference to me.

* To any man I will share what Holy spirit tell me to

*I don’t fear them as they are of no benefit to me


Verses 7 & 8  – The same anointment which was upon Peter is also upon me(Paul). As Paul was not with Jesus or was not His disciple at Jesus time, but still they understood that it’s a great anointment which is upon Paul.


Verse 9 – The Jerusalem team acknowledged Paul and Barnabas because  they were of the same spirit and vision.


Verse 10 – They also told – Don’t forget the poor because Paul came from a rich background, his standards and association was also high class. At that time it was a lot of common man which came to the Lord through Peter, James and John. Both the teams were learning new things. Jerusalem team was also learning how to accept Gentiles and completely leave their Jewish traditions.

>> How they shared what Lord had taught them – We are all learning, still different areas to learn

>>The wise people always observe others, how they are anointed and strengthened by the Lord and understand the difference why they are not able to receive that change in their life.


Verse 11 – Peter is now in Antioch but he is very different now – (Acts 10 – Cornelious – Lord himself showed and spoke to him – What I have sanctified, you don’t count as un-clean.

>> That Paul you can see in Antioch fearing jews, stoop up, separated and joined jews to eat.

(In Jerusalem it was not a problem for him because all food is prepared according to the jewish traditions and its mostly jewish people.

>> I withstood(opposed) him because that was very much against the will and word of God and it was a great blame, also against what he told in verse 10.

>> Paul opposed him publicly because what happened in public should be dealt in public otherwise many people will be in confusion.


Verse 12– when brothers from Jerusalem came, the mentality within Peter was revealed, otherwise hidden. Sometimes God allows our insides vision to be public. We cannot make the world and Lord happy at the same time – because we have to be faithful and obedient to the Word.

>> Holy spirit God is our teacher. Lots of change happened in our life till now, let us give all the areas of our life to the control of God. Let us co-operate, not hold back some for our planning, Enjoy the change in our life, otherwise very painful.

>> Peter knew what Lord wanted but he also wanted to be acknowledged by men.

>> But Paul was not bothered about the respect of jews or gentiles.


Verse 13 – Even Barnabas followed Peter and the unity in fellowship was gone. Barnabas was trained by Paul, joined him in a missionary journey and taught the word of God very correctly by Paul. But when Peter a great apostle did such a thing, Barnabas thought, maybe that was correct and Joined Peter.

>>  So a work of ours can confuse others who are not strong in the word, and we become accountable to the Lord for that.


Verses 14 & 15– Paul was not there, when he came and knew about it, immediately called Peter.

>> Satan always make us to observe some man made laws and make us feel satisfied, as if we have done something. Where as really that person is very far from the real truth.


Verse 16– Justification only by Faith in Jesus

>> By works of law, no flesh can be justified

(Catholics believe that by alms giving and social work, you can receive justification because there are supporting verses in their Apocrypha(the books between old and new testaments in catholic bible-which is not from the Lord).

>> Justified – is opposite to Sinful or Sinners (De-Sin us), making us worthy to live in the house of God forever and ever.

>> Justification – Rom 5:18 – through one man sin entered into this world, through one man we get this free gift – to be justified.

>> Luke 16:15 – Not in our ways, our justification is abominable in the sight of God.

>> Gal 3:8 – We became the children of Abraham through faith.


Verse 17– We need to be justified because all man were sinners,

Jesus was also living under the jewish custom and spoke in synagogues from the Old testament(works of law), so was Jesus a minister of sin? Not at all  - He left all His glory and became a man to save mankind.


Verse 18– If I try to support or build (Jewish) what I destroyed once, That is when I become a sinner.


Verse 19– Through law people were punished, judged and killed, but by Grace we live through Jesus.

>> I am dead to the law, I cannot and will not go back to the law.


Verse 20– I am crucified with Christ – All mine is gone is gone, my life is not mine

>> Crucify – a means to be fully dead

>> Now I am living for the Lord, my life is for the Lord, a new life which is completely(100%) for the Lord, is it?

>> We have a desire but when time comes our works and praying for ourselves becomes 99% for us.

>> Paul is telling Ownership changed, now Christ dwell in me and controls me.


Verse 21– Only one way to save man – through the grace of Jesus Christ




Verse 1 – Now Paul coming back to Galatians

>> Foolish – Doing without thinking

>> So clearly I taught you the word of God and plan of God.

>> Then why were you so easily moved by false teachers (who were not by the real holy spirit)

>> 1 Cor 1:18 - For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.


Verse 2 – Paul is challenging them through a question – Did you get spirit by the works of law or by the hearing of faith. Galatians tried to mix both – which is not possible.

>> No one should against the word of God – let him be accursed – You might think many people are doing it – they will be judged.

>> So we should always check the Word – otherwise we will be moved away.

>> Paul is asking many questions – so that they will understand where they went wrong, how false teachers moved them.


Verse 3 – Again Paul is asking – are you so foolish. Lord does not want us to begin in spirit and end in flesh.

Rom 8:8,9 – If the spirit dwells in you, you are His, otherwise No.

Rev 22: 11 – Let the holy be more holy (that is why Lord has put the Holy spirit in us)

1 John 2:17,20,26 – You who have the Holy spirit know everything.


Verse 4 – That was a time where believers had to pay a great price. So Paul is asking- all this labour & suffering – should it be in vain

>> There’s a saying – Did everything for them and finally in one word spoiled the whole relation.

>> Whatever we do –

*Prayer or Song – if it is not from our heart- it is vain

*Bible reading or sitting in Bible class – if not able to concentrate – vain or waste

*What we do for the Lord, if not with great desire or full mind – waste.


Verse 5 – How are miracles or Lord’s work happening amidst you, is it by (works of law) or by faith(ministry through spirit – spirit-filled ministry)


Verse 6 – Taken from Gen 15:6(he just believed 100%) in God and it accounted to him for righteousness, So it was not through law or circumcision  because Abraham was justified (or became lords child) before law and circumcision came.

>> Both circumcision(in O.T) and baptism(in N.T) is just an outwardly act of what really happens inside.

>> His faith – he believed when there was no scope according to the science of this world.


Verse 7 – Know that- those believers(who have 100% faith) are the children of God

>> Heb 11:6 – without faith, it is impossible to please God.


Verse 8 – Having this great plan of God in heart, that all people will be saved through the same faith of Abraham – so not by confession or baptism, but by full faith in his word, we will be saved.


Verse 9 – Those who believe are blessed – They will see the glory of god (John 11:40)


Verse 10 – Paul went there and taught them but they could not endure, they were moved away from what was taught to them – (verse 1)

>> Who does not continue in the things we understood from the word of God – Cursed.

>> Those who are under the works of law – Traditions – doing some work and being happy in that – they are cursed – Pilgrimage and many vows Man does to be justified, but they don’t.


Verse 11 – Just shall live by faith – Habukuk 2:4 (To have faith in Jesus, you need to really KNOW him)

>> Only those who KNOW GOD will have eternal life – John 17:3

*Luke 24:16 – Their eyes are holden, so they don’t know him

*Phil 3:10 – No other desire – but that I may know him and the power of his resurrection.

*1 John 2:4 – I know him and keep not his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

*Ps 34:8 – O taste and see that the Lord is good (Taste – if it is really good, we will want more, more we have , more we enjoy.


Verse 12 – Levi 18:5 – taken from O.T

If you are living according to the Old Testament, then there is no need of faith.

>> The people in Galatia again tried to live according to the O.T law even though they had faith in Jesus

Here Paul says, Ifyoudo things according to the O.T law, then you are living in that, not Jesus.


Verse 13 – Law was a curse, Christ redeemed us from that curse by , being a curse himself, because it says in Due 21:23 – Cursed is every one that hangs on a tree.

>> Usually according to the Jewish system, they always stone to death, but in rare cases- to humiliate that person, in the case of a horrible sinner, to be exhibited to all – they crucify on tree.

He bore all our sins and curses on and redeemed us from it completely, there is no need of any curse breaking ministry or prayers, all our curses are broken the moment we believed in the sacrifice of Jesus.

>> 2Cor 5:21 – He was made a sinner for me.


Verse 14 – He became a curse for us, so that by Faith in Jesus – the blessings to Abraham’s seed might come on us(gentiles), before only Jews could be Lords children.


Verse 15 –A covenant (between two parties) once made cannot or should not be changed.


Verse 16 – The promise to Abraham that I will bless you was through his seed – Gen 24:7 – Jesus (we entered into that geneology or family.


Verses 17 & 18 –First God made covenant to Abraham, about a promised land – that happened 430 years after God promised Abraham – Ex 12:40,41

>> But this promise of blessing came even thousands of years later through Jesus

>> We are blessed through the faith in Jesus.

>> We are not like others, we have Faith and Hope – that God has chosen us – engraved and protected us – Nothing comes into our life other than by the Lord, we are led by the Holy spirit.

>> A tension free – Joy packed wonderful life.


Verse 19 – Law was by God, but only till the seed comes

>> added because of sins (transgression) – law only shows sins and blames you as a sinner, but it cant move the sins or change your life

>> Luke 16:16 – Law was until John, then gospel was preached

>> 2 Cor 3:14 – veil of O.T law removed by Christ.

>> Heb 7:28 – Law makes manly high priest who are weak, but the word of oath gives us a perfect and blameless high priest.

>> But still traditional Christian churches are continuing with manly priest and high priest.

>> God gave the old law to Moses through angels – Acts 7:53

>> Moses was the mediator of that time between God and Man – John 1:17, but now we only have Christ.


 Verse 20 –Mediator – one and only one – Jesus.

1 Tim 2:5(One God),  Heb 8:6, 9:15, 12:24 ( No need of even confession to priest or pastor, its all directly to the Lord.

>> that is why it says here – Mediator is two but God is one(Rom 3:30, Eph 4:5) – both of O.T and N.T


Verse 21 – Law is not against the promise of God, but there is no life in it.


Verse 22 – Bu O.T, only sin and death comes

Ezekiel 18:20 – sinners should die

>> According to the bible we all became sinners and now the only way is – through the promise of faith in Jesus – O.T only blames, it never gives life.


Verse 23 – We are kept under the law and shut up like in a jail or bondage.


Verse 24 – Law was strict like a school master(tutor), so the discipline part and the fearing part we understood through the law.

Eg: Now many Christians say I have a “come yar…go yar” relationship with God, there is nothing wrong in being free with God, but never forget who He is (eventhough he has exalted us to be his friends and family members, don’t forget to give Him all the reverence.

>> Word of God or law is just like a mirror to show who you are – 1 Cor 13:12

>> But cleansing or justification is only by the blood of Jesus (the faith in the sacrifice on cross)


Verse 25 – Till now who we were(above), now who we are – from the 25th verse onwards


Verse 26 – Now we are not captives but children (In OT, we see David a man after Gods own heart – But God called  - My servant David, also – My servant Moses

>> Nicodemos – was a holy man, fastings or world or law or religion could make him a child of God

John 3:1 -5 – only by the faith in Jesus and obedience and submission to His words

>> Don’t forget how much the Lord has lifted us up

Mathew 11:11 – we are greater than John the Baptist(greatest among the old testament) and all the old testament, also greater than angels and other heavenly beings


Verse 27 – Into Christ – 1Cor 12:13

Put on Christ – Gal 3:27

1Peter  - Rom 13:14 – not adorning outside – put on Christ

Who ever you are – old Christian or new beliver






Verse 1 – Now we see that we are his children and we are growing in the Lord in the discipline of the word of God, all our childishness is leaving us – 1 Cor 13:11 – till now I thought as a child

>> What is childishness – Whatever happens I want my need, we are not bothered about the tension in Lord’s heart (as some children don’t care what parents are worried about)

*We are not taking Lords law and counsel seriously


Verse 2 –Father decides if his son is able or not

*Till then he is under training – under the stewardship of our Lord

Eg: Some become able at the age of 15, some not even when they are 50 or 60

>> 1 Cor 3: 1,2 – They were still babies because they were carnal or worldly – They were childish


Verse 3 – When we were childish we were under the rules and systems of this world – science, traditions beliefs

>> Col 2:8,20 – still in the things of this world

That is why we were still babies spiritually

Heb 5:12 – According to the time, we should be teachers


Verse 4 – When the fullness of time was come – Lords appointed time – everything God does according to His time – a child being born – young or old leaving this world, being high or low, being weak or strong.

>> Science or rules of nature world does not control us but the Master of all


Verse 5 – Those who were under this law was redeemed to be His sons

Redeemed – payed full price and adopted you – from outside the family, to be inside his house always eternally – to be a equal share holder

>> This is a mystery – only spirit can reveal – 1 Cor 2:10 (also 9 – that is the differences in different churches and groups- To some all is not revealed – because they are not trusting in the Holy spirit – teacher

>> Theological colleges can only teach some church history, bible geography, greek or Hebrews but mysteries will not be revealed to you, that is possible only from the heavenly teacher who is the source of all wisdom and knowledge.


Verse 6 – To make you his son, God has sent his spirit to you, the anointment of the holy spirit is the most important thing. The spirit makes us worthy and gives us the closeness and the change so that we can call ABBA father. (A servant does not have the confidence or cannot call him ABBA)

Rom 8:16 – Holy spirit has to witness that you an eternal child of God (also read Rom 8:11-16)


Verse 7 – No longer a servant or a slave – No longer obeying his voice forcefully but enjoying it and working for the betterment of our home.

A Christian life is not bound by some laws, but it is a life of freedom and relation by love – that the difference between a Slave and a Son.


Verse 8 – What you served were dumb idols, not God – 1Cor 12:2 – But now you are serving the Living God and we are in relation with him.


Verses 9 & 10 – from the real truth – turning into beggarly elements – Observing day – Sabbath   - and other Special days – Col 2:14-16

(It is non-biblical and satanic because its not there in the Bible, not at all told for a New testament believer to follow – When it is not from the Lord – you know where it is from –

(Good Friday, Easter, Birthday of Christ, Lent days, Remembrance days, Months and seasons, New moon and years (in Col 2:16 and Levi chapt 23)


>> Doing some works and having the satisfaction that we are spiritual.

Only outside works – w go for a Sunday, put some offering and thinking that we have done something for the Lord. Understand that its not your works or offering that Lord want – there’s a lot of change to be in our life to be the image of the Son of God.


Verse 11 – If you think all this observing of months and days lead you to salvation – Paul says – Then all my work has become useless.


Verse 12 – Be like me – Galatians were influenced by many people and doctrines – They had a diplomatic character to make everyone happy – But Paul was opposite.


Verses 13 & 14 – Even in my physical weakness(it was unbearable or always with him), you received me. That was not a hindrance for him because he knew the mysterical formula to do Lord’s work – 2Cor 12:7-10.


Verse 16 – They didn’t like Paul because he told about their worldly love, lack of strength and where they need to repent. (every likes buttering and messages which make them happy, message and prophecies which make you great in this world – Paul says – I have to tell you the Truth.


Verse 17 –Paul is telling about the others Christians who gave importance to Old Testament law – traditional. They are showing this zeal to put you into their group


Verse 18 – Zeal should be there, but not to any person or organization, it should be to Christ and the heavenly work. Bea zealous in the New testament(which leads you to sanctification ad perfection rather than in the law(Old testament).


Verses 19, 20 – My little children – I exhorted you because of love, Only a person who has the love of God will desire the good change of a person (eg: otherwise like many of today’s teachers and pastors)

>> He wanted people to come out of their traditional works to a spirit filled Christian life.


Verse 21 – If you want to still live according to law, look what is written in the law –

Rom 8:6 – (fleshy minded – death) and spiritual – life & peace.


Verses 22-24 – from this verse onwards, the difference between the two sons –

Bond woman (according to flesh or mosaic law) and

Free woman (according to the promise and grace of Jesus Christ

>> The birth of Ishmael was possible according to science or law of this world

>> But the birth of Isaac was special and impossible by any science, Lord gave live to the dead womb of Sarah.


Verse 25 – Hagar is compared here to Mt.Sinai (law) and her children – Israel – under the Roman bondage at Paul’s time


Verse 26 – But the New Jerusalem inheritors (we) is free, not under any bondage. The grace of Jesus – whose children we are.


Verse 27 – taken from Ish 54:1

The barren (Sarah) who had no child, now as God has promised – Your seed shall be as the sand of the sea, she (Sarah – at Lord’s time) had more than she (Hagar) who could conceive.


Verse 28 – as Issac – we are the children of promise

Children who have life – 1 Peter 1:20 – by this incorruptible seed, which never dies.


Verse 29 – Born of the flesh (worldly and traditional), even today these traditional Christians constantly persecute the real separated children of God. They always hate (just as in Gen 21:10) the spirit filled and spirit guided children of God, whom God loves, who are the inheritors of God’s home. Understand that Isaac will always be home, along with Abraham (Father).


Verse 30 – So let not there be traditional Christians be among you, spirit filled and Old testament Christians cannot go together.


Verse 31 – We are children of Grace, you cannot be saved by the Old testament law, but as you are made free by Jesus, so obey the New testament law which exist (the pattern of worship and living mainly) today.






Verse 1 – Its a continuation from chapter 4, it is special to be a christian.

>> Christ has made us free from the yoke of the works and tradition from the old testament. When we obey a set of O.T rules or any church rules - we become a hypocrite.

>> Stand fast in the liberty - 1Cor 16:13 (stand fast like a man)

>> Christ has made us free - to make others free

>> Don’t be entangled again - 2 Peter 2:20 - Don't be stuck up in the worldly way of serving Jesus - just to have their things done.

>> Come out from the yoke of bondage and be under the yoke of Jesus.

>> Once you are strong there is a great ministry (service) that you need to do for the Lord as you are called with the same calling of Jesus.

Calling of Jesus - Ish 61:1, same in Luke 4:17,18. Paul says he was also called for that.


Verse 2 - Circumcision was a badge that he was a jew, like todays christians have cross or photos or festivals.

>> If you go after what Lord has not asked you to do, then Christ has nothing to do with you - no relation.


Verse 3 - Once you do a traditional or old testament way, then you are a debtor to keep the whole Old law.


Verse 4 - If you are going after Old testament, then you are fallen from grace. You are saved by grace and you have to continue in grace and in the guidance of the Holy spirit.

>> The Lord is telling very strong that if you follow the old testament pattern and try to please God, you are out of grace or the book of living, because this is the grace period, No one can be justified by the law.

>> This is the same trick satan is playing these days in many churches - priesthood, celebrating days and festivals which is not at all in the New testament, no direct praying and receiving from the Lord, satisfied by some works and a christian only by name, without faith or anointment or authority of Christ.

>> Its very important to continue in grace - Acts 13:43

Again in 2Cor 6:1 - Let not the grace of God you received be in vain.

Heb 12:15 - Look carefully lest any man fall short of the grace of God.

>> All these verse clearly prove that satan is always trying to move us from the grace of God.


Verse 5 - Hope of righteousness - is a promise for us.

>> Our righteousness and goodness is Jesus. So to get Jesus as our own - we are eagerly waiting from the day we started our journey with Lord.

>> Through the spirit, by Faith - spirit gives us the desire, the same spirit gives us the Faith and Hope.


Verse 6 - Nothing else or no label matters, But Faith working through love towards God - Rev 2:19

Many times in the bible, it says - let your love and faith increase.


Verse 7 - You ran well - Christian life is compared to a running race - 1Cor 9:24, Heb 12:1

>> They were running well, then some satan influenced people hindered them from obeying the truth. This is the problem always.

>> Satan works through our friends, relatives, own family, sometimes even through false prophets or wrongly teaching servants of God. They teach like that for their own benefit and to make you happy in a diplomatic way, buts that's never the work of God. The word of God is for correction and cleansing.

This happens by 2 things - they don't know the truth

and some they know the truth but teaching according to the trend of the people, to make them happy so that their pockets will be overflowing.


Verse 8 - This moving away - did not happen simply like that or by Christ. There is a dark evil force working behind it - our enemy.


Verse 9 - Here leaven represents the world or the satanic influence

In Math 16:6 and in 1Cor 5:6,7 - Put out the leaven from your life and family

>> Many people get it confused with the leaven in Math 13:33 (there it is about the spiritual goodness, let it spread among you)


Verse 10 - Because they got moved away - Paul is asking in Gal 3:1 - O foolish Galatians.

And Paul believes that - because they are called - they will surely come back to Lords expectation

>> But he who tried. to move them away from the real truth - they will surely get punishment.


Verse 11 - Long back Paul had taken Timothy for circumcision(Acts 16:3) - so that the christian will also accept him - this he did by his own wisdom.

>> Later as Lord spoke to him - Paul strictly preached against it

So the other False preachers who came to Galatia started blaming Paul on this matter and convinced the believers that all what Paul has taught them was false. (See how satan with his crooked planning closes doors by some mistake that happened from us - so let's be very cautious)

>> Paul is telling - I am not preaching circumcision but the message of cross - that's why Jews don't accept me.

>> Always the message of the cross is an offence because it says to change our ways(it does allow us to continue in our plan) and receive sanctification. To be born again - it was also an offense to Nicodemus - who came to Jesus.


Verse 12 - Paul is using tough language - it is good that those who hinder your race would cut the relation from you.

Eg: As you are running, if there are people calling you, tempting or distracting you with many things, putting a wrong direction board or putting hurdles on the way so that you are not able to run.

>> Paul says in Philip 3:14 – I press towards the goal and run.


Verse 13 – God has given us the freedom (not like gentiles who always live a life of fearing their deities)

>> But not to sin – Rom 6:2 – Can we continue in sin – certainly not.

>> Mistakes happen, but immediately we reconcile with God.

>> Don’t use this liberty to live as we like.

>> We have the liberty through the relationship of love with Jesus.

John 14:15 – If you love me, obey my commandments.


Verse 14 – Paul is telling – even in the new testament law or the commandments – You can see the relation of love.


Verse 15 – But instead of love, Satan makes us fight with others – don’t be finished in that.

>> Among church members, satan sometimes puts us in a mind setup that we don’t want to see each other, call the, or go to their home or have a cup of tea from your brother’s or sister’s home because we are not able to accommodate that person in heart – due to competition ands lack of love. This is satan’s plan to finish us.

>> We forget that if we can’t love each other here, Lord will not take us to heaven to be a head ache there. There it is only one place which we share in unity with Jesus, he only wants the fully transformed souls- who believe that we are all one in Christ.


Verse 16 – God has given us freedom, but don’t walk according to flesh(for body), automatically it will lead you to the lust of flesh.

>> So always walk in spirit, otherwise you will walk in flesh.

>> What is walking in flesh – Entertainment, sleep, food (they all are needed, but let not our lives be for that), Laziness, then Puffed up – 1Cor 4:6,18,  8:1,  Col 2:18


Verse 17 – Flesh x spirit

Flesh is always flesh (John 3:6)- That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

Are we walking how we feel – flesh


Verses 18 & 19 – you are not bound under a set of rules but under the freedom of spirit


Verses 20 & 21 – A set of filthy worldly character and competition, maybe they are not a problem for the world, but none of those will inherit the kingdom of God.

>> Also written in 1 Cor 6:10


Verses 22 & 23 – onwards the fruits of the spirit,

>> Rom 7:18 – I know I am called to do good, but not able to do it.

Also verse 15, 19 – what I want t do , I am not doing, what I hate to do , that I do, therefore walk in spirit and grow in spirit, because this Holy spirit should bear witness whether you are the children of god (Rom 8:16).


Verse 24 – Those who are Christ  - have done this.

>> Col 3:3 – You are dead, your life is hidden in Christ

>> Gal 2: 20 – I am crucified, now not I but Christ lives in me.

>> A child of God should not compromise with sin – even with our flesh

To discipline our flesh also, you should not have a soft corner

Coz we are in a trial or test and we want to be victorious. The judge Jesus will not show any grace or mercy in judgment (coz he is the righteous judge), there is no appeal or a higher court,  its is the final judgment and we have a Lord who will not compromise with sin, we know in the bible how he took a whip.


Verse 25 – Live in the spirit – even though we are living in the world, we are not living for the world, but according to the special relationship, covenant and agreement with Jesus, completely obedient and submissive to His words.

>> Walk in the spirit – What is walking, each step forward – step by step – not into this world but towards Jesus.

>> Draw near to Him - Be like Him - for that - walk according to the spirit.

These classes should not only be in our notebooks but also let our lives change and be more acceptable for our Lord. When we obey, follow and take decisions - we are walking in the spirit.

>> We might fall as we walk, fall might be painful -This is how our steps become stronger

>> Live in the spirit - not live in the world

Eventhough we are living ion this world , don't forget that we are in a special relationship, covenant and agreement with our Lord (Its not I who lives but Christ lives in me)


Verse 26 - Suddenly we feel the topic is changing because it says  - Don't fight, Don't envy(jealous).

NO - Holy spirit is saying if we always don't walk in spirit, there are two things which will conquer us






Verse 1 - A disobedience to the Lord (don’t blame him)- its like taking a rod and hitting on his head.

Instead of putting him out - here the spirit says - SPIRITUALY RESTORE him/her - with a spirit of gentleness. Make that person stand because remember that you may also fall tomorrow

>> Falling is not to be encouraged, but in each situation - don't take your own step - hear what the spirit says - walk in the spirit.

>> Spirit will guide you what action should be taken - sometimes spirit might tell you to shut your mouth and watch- an other time spirit might tell you to boldly speak what holy spirit is giving in your mouth.


Verse 2 - Don't be selfish - to think about yourself

>> But also join in the other person burden and encourage them, as the spirit guides and exhorts.

>> Burden - there are burdens which we share with others and maybe some burdens which we cannot share - those we have to carry ourselves

God has given all of us some cross, those who endure that cross without murmuring - we will get rewards in heaven.

So burdens which they don't want to share, let us not try to interfere.

>> But here the Lord says Burden - when a person is suffering for Christ - we are a family - so we don't need any ego or complex - share by telling and share the burden together.

>> Fulfil the law of Christ - what is it- John 13:34, 15:12 - Love one another as I have loved you.

>> You can see Job's friends joined with him for many days in his sorrow.

>> That's why Bible says - it is better to go to weeping house rather than a party

>> Jesus also wept at his children pain.


Verse 3 – If a man thinks, he is higher than others, and not able to join them, he is nothing.

>> Look at Jesus – Mark 2:16, also 17

He was anointed to speak among the humble – Luke 4:18, Ish 61:1


Verse 4 – But let him examine his own work, instead of proving it to others

Prove it in the sight of God –

**Whatever God told you – which ever you did

**Whatever Satan tried in your life – whichever you could have victory

**In what all areas you could be faithful to the counsel of God

**The price you paid for standing on the decisionsyouhave taken in the Lord

**The sufferings you endured for the name of the Lord

**All the work of God, He is doing through you.

>> Then each one will be proud and happy how God is using you rather than looking what the other person is doing.


Verse 5 – Each of you have your own load – (Greek – PHORTION – responsibility)

>> Things which God wants you to bear

>> Responsibilities for the kingdom of God, which you are called to do.

>> Math 11:28-30 - wants you to bear

>> Responsibilities for the kingdom of God, which you are called to do.

>> Math 11:28-30 – Yoke might be heavy or impossible to endure, by the wisdom of this world but Jesus said I will make it light and easy for you.


Verse 6 –Now Paul is telling so Do’s and DoNot’s – straight forward and through the Holy spirit

>> It is compulsory that you give a share in all good things to him who teaches.


Verse 7 – Don’t be deceived by Satan, because from the beginning onwards, he confuses mankind, not to give importance to Lord’s order – Did God really say, it is because you will become like God and he does not want you to be so.

>> Take Lord’s work and relationship with God – serious – its not a child play, its not like fooling around withyourfriends,

Don’t think that He will not punish or everything is not possible for the Lord, He is not in-capable.

>>What He says – He does it – Almighty God

He is a loving God but don’t forget he is a consuming fire.

>> Whatever you saw, you shall reap,

Eg: If you plant bitter gourd, you will not get sweet mangoes as fruit.

**Then many people say, I did or said but God did not punish me – Be afraid to say that.

** Always Paul uses the word – God forbid

Around 20 times Paul says – Roma 6:12, Gal 6:14

David was sorrowful when he cut the tip of Sauls cloth ( a once anointed man)

>> Punishments does not come immediately because it is the grace period – but for everything you did and said, Bible says that we are accountable to the Lord, and have to settle this account in this world itself, then only we will be sanctified and received by the Lord at His coming.

>> He is not punishing immediately because we will perish

** Eg: In the bible we see the life of Jacob – he cheated his father and his brother, ran away and took refuge in his uncle Laban’s house. He thought he escaped punishment because long time and no problem yet.

But the word is word – Exactly what you sow, you shall reap.

Jacob’s marriage – he felt more cheated than Esau when he worked for 7 years like a slave and finally after the marriage, in the bedroom, when the veil was taken, what can he now do, he was cheated by the same game telling that he was the elder one to his father, now God gave him the elder one when he wanted only the youger one, he had to carry that punishment lifelong.

** In King Ahabs life (1Kings chapt 21) we see when they crookedly arranged false witness against Naboth(a child of God) and made the people stone him to death just to get his vineyard, you can see how was Ahabs and Jezebel’s death – pitiful – throwed by her men from the top of her palace, and as Eliah said, dogs and fowls ate it.

>> Ps 18:26 – To the crooked, I am also crooked (forward)

>> 1 John 2:28 – Let us not be ashamed at His coming.


Verse 8 –It says about our sowing or investment – where – in the world or for the glory of the kingdom of God.


Verse 9 – Don’t be tired – don’t faint in doing good things – for the kingdom of God – which is accounted – even a glass of water.

>>Let us not be tired in sharing the word of God and our testimonies – in due time Lords says we will reap the rewards for that.

Ish 55:10,11 – My word will go and do its work, it will never come back void.

2 Thess 3:13 – Don’t be tired in doing good things

>> Again in Luke 18:1, 2Cor 4:116, Eph 3:13

** These verses Paul is taking the example of Harvest

>> In Due season – Lord will reward in this world and in the world to come

Eccless 3:1 – For everything God has a season and a time – His perfect time

>> Reward – is there but on a condition – if you don’t faint till the last.

Here the Lord says if you feel to faint or tired – Remember Jesus – Heb 12:3,5


Verse 10 –Let us – do – (many times in Galatians)

Specially to believers because we are members of one family – and this is accountable in judgment


Verse 11 – Paul has written bigger epistles, but only he dictated and others helped him in writing.

>> Either it might be because its hard to write on scrolls – and he was weak or

The weakness in his flesh might be his eyesight problem, that’s why he says here I myself wrote to you in big letters.


Verse 12 – Those who came to the Lord from the gentiles, were forced by the jews to be circumcised.

>> Even though Lord did not ask them, it was not necessary or not in the new testament law, taking from the old testament and they used to force them these traditional laws or outward rituals, so gentiles who did not want to be outcast or suffer problems – many of them got themselves circumcised – even though they were the majority.

>> Paul says – When they boast in circumcision – I boast in the suffering for Jesus Christ


Verse 13 – Even the jews are not completely following their laws – they just wanted to force you to make you also like them in flesh – and be happy. Paul says - That is not what Christ wants.


Verse 14 – Paul clearly says that I should boast or give importance only to the cross of Christ.

>> Others might give glory in circumcision (or being a jew).

>> But Paul says – All what others give glory to – whatever great in this world – they are crucified to me – and I to this world (worldly relation cut – because he is a new being in Christ).

>> 2Cor 5:17 – In Christ a new creation (All what I used to glory in – I have crucified them to the cross – wisdom, riches, family etc – what all that we have to boast)


Verse 15 – The point is more clear in this verse. None of these traditional rituals – which is not mentioned in the new testament(our law) has any benefit. It is waste of time and we are going away from the concentration of the word of God

>> The most important part is to be a new creation – in all the areas of mind and character.


Verse 16 – Walk by the new rule – of Christianity – our pattern of worship is mentioned in the new testament form the book of Acts onwards (even though all the other books are important to know about who God is and our relationship with God) –

>> The new rule is completely free from the law of Moses – here no circumcision, no sabath, no special days or festivals to celebrate or honor.

>> It is very different here – controlled by the guidance of the Holy spirit – which dwells in us. We have to walk by this new rule - Philip 3:16, 2Tim 2:5

>> Satan is afraid of us when we walk according to this new rule or the will of God rather than being tradition and following what the majority is doing – that is separation.

>> Whenever Israel kept the separation – the whole world was afraid of them because God dwelt among them.


Verse 17 – Pauls says – anyway you live according to how you want but I am special in Christ because the mark (chood adayalam) is upon me.

>> In Greek – STIGMA (only here in the Bible – Slaves were branded(a mark was put upon them by hot orange red metal as it burns the skin) – to know whose they are.

>> As in verse 12 & 14 - When they boast in circumcision – I boast in the suffering for Jesus Christ.

2Cor 11:23-28 – The list of suffering or stigma – the mark of the suffering of Christ is upon me – which I boast.


Verse 18 – Benediction – Paul started this letter(epistle) by telling the Galatian church their wrong and strengthless areas but here ending with a comforting verse that – the Grace of the Lord will strengthen you.