Out of the epistles Ephesians is very important, it teaches us how to fight with the devil. Then mainly to make us one in Christ, Christ the Head of the body and we the parts, Church is not a Christian club but a spiritual Home.

Author – Eph 1:1, 3:1

This is also a circular letter, this was the system at that time – Col 4:16, that is why no personal names or issues are mentioned.

Time – AD 60_64 in Roman Prison, sent by Bro.Tychicus (Eph 6:21)


EPHESUS – near Smyrna and Patmos, famous business city, big port, main road to Rome.

Rich town, Had a population of 2,50,000 people in first century, making it the second largest city after Rome,  Now this place is a miserable Turkish village  3 km from Selηuk district of Turkey, only ruins and no Christian churches – Rev 2:5 (How great you are, you disobey Lord orders, you are gone)

Temple of Diana or Arthemes- Acts 19:24-35 (27), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the structure of that temple still exist(Wikipedia), centre of gentile worship, pilgrim place (ARTHEMES Mother, 1000’s of Devdasi’s), They believed Goddess fell from Jupiter(Head of Gods), In Roman time, it was the capital of Asia, A big open stadium which seats 50,000 people(still there)(Wikipedia).

Paul struggled a lot with this Devil beast – 1 Cor 15:32

Centre of black magic – Acts 19:19

2nd missionary journey, Paul stayed there some time – Acts 18:18-21

3rd missionary journey, Acts 19:1, 17, 26, 35, He came from upper coast and stayed there for 3 years(long time for hard working Paul) –Acts 20:31

Then Timothy was told to stay (1Tim 1:3), then John the Apostle(Revelation)

When this message ws written, the church there was around 40-45 years old.

Lot of things earthed from Arthemes temple are in different museums, they always leave buildings and statues for ages as a mark, we don’t leave a mark here, but we leave a mark- where – Satans chest.

Selηuk district of İzmir Province, Turkey



Chapt 1- 3    What God has done for us

Chapt 4-6  Our responsibilities






Verses 1- 3 -       Introduction – Calling and Designation- 

>> By the will of God – also  in 1 Cor 1:1

Greeting ( a style at that time, who to whom), Selected according to the will of God, not that He chose it, Not something he achived, but grace and gift of God.


Many people questioned his Apostleship & ministry – 1Cor 9:12 – he is defending himself because he was not with Jesus, even Gal 1:1 (not of men but of God – because there was a saying at that time – by the other apostles and the church in Jerusalem – that Paul did not witness the resurrection of Jesus nor he ministered with Jesus – then how can he be an apostle)



APOSTLE( is a an English term meaning Messenger or Representative(Ambassador)  – same verse mentioned in 1 Cor 1:1

Philip 2:25-Messenger, Acts 14:4,14-They are spreading Gospel not taking Glory, Rom 16:7 – fellow prisoner(suffering)

Mathew 23:11 – greatest among you, let him be your servant


Gal 1:16,17 – Paul, apostle of Gentiles,   Gal 2:8 – Peter, apostle of circumcised


Written to the SAINTS (not to so & so church) – HAGIOS(greek), separated & dedicated for God – a peculiar people, a chosen & special people


FAITHFUL – Those who always keep the faith, not changing according to the situation

Rev 2:10 – Be faithful till end, crown of glory

Shadrach, Meshek, Abednego – death – heat 7 times.


What ever happens in my life, humble & obedient to my Lord – Bonded slave Paul

A gathering of such people is called Gods church


The difference between others

2 Cor 6:14, 15 – what difference between believer & unbeliever, Verse 16–18

Belial – Heb – name of a devil


In Christ Jesus – In Ephesians itself 35 times, Christ is the main focus,

1 Cor 1:12, 13- many groups & focus given to many individuals


Verse 2- Christians only have Lord as their Father, so we become His children

LORD – Jesus Christ – 1 Cor 12:3, Rom 10:9

Paul knows very well because God told him, till now you did what you liked, but now on you obey what I say.


Grace & Peace from God(Paul was Greeting with a blessing)

We get peace when we have a right relation with God, then with men & self.


Verses 3-14 – In original language, without a fullstop


Verse 3 – Spiritual – Eph 1:13 – sealed with the Holy Spirit


>> This is not about worldly riches, but spiritual blessings

When a rich person came to Jesus, Jesus knew in this way - he can’t be my disciple

Love of money is the root of all evil – 1 Tim 6:10, Judas betrayed & ended his life

In OT, Abraham, Job, David – material blessings was an achievement and a blessing from the Lord, But in NT wealth is not shown as a spiritual blessing, that is why Jesus & his disciples were not rich, or a criteria, read Math 5:3-12.

1 Tim 6:8 – If you have food & clothing, be content with it

Verse 6 – Godliness + Contentment is great gain

Jesus says in Math 6:19 – 21 (invest in heaven)

In NT, God doesn’t tell to be lazy(bible is against the sluggard) or to be in poverty always, but also not in riches.

Prov 30 :8 – with what is allotted by the Lord

If any one wants to be great among u, let him be your servant.

Bible teaches a simple content life, always trusting on the Provider God for all our needs.



Verse 4 –He chose us - before the foundation of the world

He chose Isreal – Why – Due 7:6-9,  14:2 (not because of your number, but because God loves you)

He chose Abraham, Joseph(out of 13 children), David from his brethren, Choice is completely Gods

>> Jerem 1:5 – called and separated you

Why – Blameless & Holy, that is great position (always along with a great position, a great responsibility is there).


Holy – separated from others, Holy not outside but inside


Blameless – Philip 2:15 – Among the wicked worldly people, shine out as lights.

2Cor 5:17 – When a person is in Christ – new in all things ( Every where a cleansing, in all dealings)

Heb 9:14 – Jesus was without a spot

Church should always be like that – Eph 5:27 (Blameless, without wrinkle), As Christ is His church should be

Levi 11:45 – Be holy for I am Holy

1 Peter 1: 18-20 – We are not redeemed by Gold, silver or our charitable works, but by the Lamb without blemish


Verse 5 – We are adopted as his sons, Bible says if we are his sons, then inheritors, joint-heirs

Predestined – Marked us & separated us beforehand

Rom 8: 28-30 – Those whom he foreknew, he predestined

1 Peter 1:2,4 – Elect according to the foreknowledge of God


Verse 6 – Why predestined – To PRAISE and GLORIFY Him


Verse 7 – Our benefits – redemption through his blood, forgiveness of sins

Redeemed by paying our debt and made us His own

Rom 3:24 – Freely redeemed by his grace, and forever (you don’t need to do anything for that, help your way by doing some favor of urs, for all your sins, not one by one)

>> Riches of his grace – lavishly, In abundance upon us – His wisdom, strength, courage faith & authority

·        Enjoying the riches of His GRACE and PROTECTION

Verse 8 – Wisdom enables man to judge

Prudence – practical wisdom (Vivekam)

Many people are academically great but failure in life, because this prudence is only received from the Lord.

Lord has a lot of things to teach us, like he taught the Israelites(through the journey in the wilderness). Today also he is teaching in our path to heaven – through this narrow way - many people don’t want to change, they are fools.


Verse 9 & 10 –  For His Good pleasure which He PURPOSED in us – 2 Tim 1:9


Mystery – this mystery before the foundation of the earth – Eph 3:9

1) Mystery about Christ & the church   Eph 5:32 , Eph 3: 4, 6,   Col 1: 27

That gentiles would be inheritors of the body of Christ – Bible says it was hidden to the OT prophets and revealed to us at God’s time by the Holy spirit to the Church.

2 Tim 1:19 – the good pleasure which he purposed in us

1 Cor 2: 8-10 – No eye has seen (No princes knew)…deep things of God


2) – Mystery of his will about you

>> To know this mystery and the plan of God about you – your inner eyes has to be opened.


Ψ He is going to make all in heaven & on earth -  one in Christ


Verse 11 – In whom we got an inheritance, this was all pre-destined(pre-planned)

>> Now Lord has got a purpose upon us – to walk according to His will


Verse 12 – He chose us that we become His GLORY – look at so & so - my glory (Lord should be proud because of us and make us as an example for many)


Verse 13 – Holy spirit does that work in your life – BUILDING UP and ESTABLISHING YOU – TRANSFORMING you

>> You are sealed by the holy spirit

1-    Whose property you are , their SEAL – by which name are you known by – whose property you are – who has control over you, whose counsel do you hear ?

Jews are known by circumcision - Greeks are known by their diety symbols - a born again believer – is known by the anointment of Holy Spirit – by your calling

2-    Protection – Eph 4: 30 – You are sealed unto the day of redemption

2 Cor 1:22 – sealed & guaranteed


Verse 14 – Acharam – AROBAN – guarantee, that surely you will receive all the spiritual blessings promised by the Lord

Philip 1:6 ( Mal-4) – Lord who has started this work in your life will fulfill it.


Verse 15 – I heard of your faith

Rom 1:8 – your faith & love is known all over the world (should be)

2Thess 1:3,4,  Philemon 5,  Col 1: 4

Ephesians had a lot of problem from inside & outside, also the governments side (still their faith was steadfast – not depending on their physical, mental or financial conditions)


Also of your love – When there is Divine love, then there is no place for politics, hatred or jealousy.


Verse 16 – Verse 16 onwards – a good prayer pattern which can be followed.

-(Mention of you, not me), (not our needs, but for others) – in my prayers


Verse 17 – What should we pray - May God give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation & knowledge of Him.

-How much wisdom of world or word a man has, Only if his inner eyes  are opened, he will understand the truth.


>>Only when we get the spirit of wisdom – will we understand what is spiritual – what to give importance - 1 Cor 2: 12-14 – through Gods spirit, what Lord is going to do is revealed to us.


Verse 18 – Paul did not pray for their material needs, but they are able to understand

1)    The hope of His calling

2)    What are the heavenly riches of Glory

3)    How we can attain them

>> For that Eyes of your understanding(heart, inner), let it be enlightened – (If it becomes darkened, then we will be living in unholiness and shameful things will be OK for us)

>> How much wisdom of world a person has – no use – it is only by the wisdom of God and you inner eyesight that you understand the eternal truth of God.


-By their works & speaking, we can understand the difference

2 Cor 4: 4 – God of this world has blinded them

>> 1Cor 15:19 – If our hope in Christ is for this world – then you are the most miserable.

If we have hope only in this world., we are the most pitiable

>>  1 John 3:3, 4 – We will be like him, and all those who have hope, purifies himself


Verse 19 – His great exceedingly great power – not for all  – only for those who believe (who completely obey His counsel and trust only in Him)

Our change – complete transformation, filling us with his wisdom, (wise as serpants and harmless as doves), (Gods children able to accomplish the will of God) – all this by the strength of the Lord.

>> He makes the impossible possible, when hospitals or world tell nothing can be done, that’s when God starts his work.


Verse 20 – This great power made manly Jesus to heavenly Jesus – This same work should happen in us – for that the same Holy spirit is put in us to fulfill that divine work of God

>> The raising of Jesus from the dead is an exhibition of the power of God. They sealed it & put royal guards there (govt. power), but Jesus had victory over death. From then on what all different groups did to kill and finish this group, to his children God gave victory, that banner of victory(Jehovah Nissi) even flies today, even we will resurrect the same way.

Rom 8:11 – That same power (Holy spirit) dwells in you


>> Philip 3:10,11 – that I may know(believe) the greatness of that power.

This should be our heartful desire and


Verse 21 – He is above all ( Nature and even Satan)

In Philippians chapter 2 – Lord says Jesus was lifted up to the name above all names – because of His obedience to the will of Father.

>> In our life also – complete obedience is what Lord expects.


Verse 22 – He has made everything under his feet – Math 8:26,27kjhfdkljhl;h;lgflgf

-          - Even wind and sea obey

John 17:2 – Jesus gives eternal life (to those who are on the Lord’s side)

Authority over everything – OT & NT

That authority he handed to his disciples – Math 28:18…

>> Even selection is his – Mark 3: 14, 15 – He called whom he liked and gave them power.

So that same life of Jesus is in you, in this there is a lot of trust and fellowship


Verse 23- Christ fullness- He fills his church 100%,His body becoming full with the church, those daily added to the church

>> Spirit of Jesus – should fill the church

>> Holiness of Jesus – should be filled in our life

Math 16:18- I will build my church

1Cor 12:13-31 – Christ–Head and  Body-Church, the in John 15 about the wine.

Life of Jesus should flow into churches these days, so that his power & works will be revealed.





Verse 1-  Contd from chapt 1, Life is given to us(made alive)

– Jesus has made us alive – with the fullness of His power (which power - continuation

- a spiritual revival

>> In trespasses(falling) and sins(fallen)


Verse 2 – We were children who went according to the course of this world (the worldly trends – the new trends in ministry), and childrens of disobedience.

**  Now the Lord has made us against the course of this world by 100% obedience to the counsel of God. Now you can’t walk according to the trends of this world.


>> Course of this world – is controlled by the evil prince, that is why we should stay away. When we go in our ways- we become children of disobedience (eg: Adam& Eve, Moses, David, Saul, Solomon, Samson etc - God punished them badly because of their disobedience)


Verse 3 – Just as others - Walking according to the lust (fulfilling the desires of flesh & mind, finally relation with lord cut, due to sin.

>> we become unstable (always influenced), without a strong personality

>> James 1:7, 8- He will not receive anything from God

>> By nature- children of wrath(born sinners)- Ps 51:5-David says-I am born in sin


Verse 4 –  Verses 4-7 – why he has redeemed us

The change in us – Rich in mercy – Ps 145:8,9


Verse 6 – Giving us all the change to go to heaven


Verse 5 – Salvation – by his grace –

Salvation is God’s gift – not by our merit, but we attain it by obedience & humbleness

>> Rom 3:24 – freely justified by grace

>> Titus 2:11 – grace of God – nothing to boast


Verse 8 – (5th verse)- Grace – the gift of God


Verse 9 – No one should boast

Calling is by God –

·        So No boasting and

·        No complaining


Verse 10 – We are His WORKMANSHIP – to reveal the greatness of the sculptor (the maker)

Why are we saved – for good works, a special plan he has, To reveal his power and glory to the world

>> Pre-chosen

>> Even the RULES are pre-planned- that you should walk in them

>> A member of a Royal family or a kings son is always taught  to ask himself 2 questions –

1-    Whose child you are?     2 - Who are you going to be?

In Palace(church) no problem, all royal people and limitations, but outside?

>> We should always think, now who we have become is through his grace

>> We are his workmanship (created by him, his best craft of his hand)

>> Those who live recognizing his plan(which he had beforehand), many are living without thinking of it – WHO CARES


Verses 11 & 12 – (Gentiles) what they don’t have -  >> who are not circumcised (sanctified) >> who are without Christ, >> who have no relationship with Israel(Gods children)>>  who have no hope of heaven or a life to come, >>  who are without God (living God)


Verses 13 - 18 – Lord broke the differences and made one


Verse 14 – On the wall of Jewish temple, It was written – No gentile or uncircumcised inside. That is why they tried to kill Paul because he made Trophimos (an Ephesian) enter into the temple – Acts 21:29),(acts 22-his testimony, last verses – his wisdom & zeal)

Gal 4:6 – spirit of his son to call Abba father

Rom 8:15 – Not a spirit of bondage, but of adoption

So the role of Holy spirit is to bring us closer to heavenly father


>> They were not living according to the law, simply boasting on it – Math 23:4-heavy burden of law.

But through blood, we have unity & reconciliation

>> Eph 4:4-6 – One spirit, one hope, one faith, one baptism etc


Verse 17 – Gods peace to those who are near and far


Verse 18 – through Him(Christ), all those reconciled to God, they become the gathering, they have their experiences & happiness to share .

>> Christ intercedes for us – Rom 8:34, Heb 7:25

>> through one spirit – 1Cor 12:3 (Only through spirit you can testify about Jesus)


Verses 19 - 22 – the positions we (gentiles) have through Christ

>> Fellow citizens – we are all equal in front of the Lord, equal powers

>> Joint-heirs – Rom 8:17 – partners with Christ

>> Household of God – members of heavenly family

So no politics, hatred, in the first churches, no one lacked anything, because of sharing, nothing was their own.

·        We are one family among brethren

·        We are one family with God


Verse 20 – 1 Cor 3:10, 11 – How each one build on the one & only foundation – Jesus Christ

Stones & builders are from all the nations – how happy, praise the lord.

>> One pattern and One teaching


Verse 21 – we – church – holy temple of God, so it not in the big buildings which we call church

>> FITTED TOGETHER – like a Jig saw puzzle – we should be in the place where we are called for.

1 Peter2: 5 – You are built up as a spiritual house, it is not a community or religion but spirit filled gathering, not to built by rich or wise stones, but only living stones.

>> grows – not in number, but into a holy temple, where separation is there

Holy means – separated and purified from the world


Verse 22 – I will dwell among them & in them – Levi 26:11, 12

2Cor 6: 17, 18 – If separation, then god will dwell in our heart, that is when we become blessed, if 1000’s gathering, but if God is not amidst them.

>> come out from them and be ye separate.





Verse 1 – for this reason – that a great burden of gentiles

As in the above verse, Lord is joining them also into the body of Christ( he is very happy about that)

>>  Prisoner (also in 4:1) – he is ministering as a servant, the day God called him onwards

>> Bound by the spirit


Verses 2-4 – The mystery that gentiles are becoming one in Christ, alongwith Jesus

>> Gen 12:3 – all the families of earth (that prophecy is being revealed now)

Again in Romans 15:9-12, prophecy in Isaiah revealed (Ish 11, Ps 117)


Verse 5 – The CHURCH – Body of Christ – a mystery hidden in ages past, but now revealed


Verse 6 – fellow heirs of the same body

Partakers of his promise(now promises of OT & NT for all


Verse 7 – Not as of a great apostle, but as a minister(seva)

1Tim 1:15 – chief of sinners)

Eph 3:8 – least of saints

1Cor 15:9 (least of apostles)

Humble yourself before God and Lord will lift you up – James 4:10,  1Peter 5:6

In Above verse 2 – dispensation(received) of grace –

 1Cor 15:10 – The grace which he received from God was - to labour more abundantly than others



Verse 8 – Unsearchable riches of God – Rom 11:33

This gospel should be light on all people – Acts 26:18 (calling to turn the people from darkness to light), 2Cor 4:4 (satan has blinded their eyes)


Verse 9 – To reveal this mystery to all (that all may see and understand), Paul was chosen, we are also chosen for the same

( All should know why God has chosen – our specialties, the authority of our calling – it will be revealed in according to our Obedience and our Holiness)


Verse 10 – Through the church (not building but the body of Christ – living stones), it should be revealed

Eg: Ananias laid his hands on Saul and made him Paul. In many houses, people are waiting for a personal encouragement(spiritually) we should do that work

And also evangelism


Verse 11- what He accomplished through Jesus, witnessing the purpose of God

>> It should be revealed to the world why we are called


Verse 12- we will have boldness to God - only through - complete faith in Christ


Verse 13- When you look at my tribulation (lots of), don’t be discouraged, its for your glory (just as

>> Now Paul is in jail, Lord has opened the gates of jail many times in the Bible, only one word of God is enough, but now Lord has planned Paul to be in jail.

>> Jesus was an example, just follow His footsteps - 1Peter 2:21

In 2Tim 4:6 & Philip 2:17 – I am poured out as a drink offering for you

>> The mystery is clearly revealed in – 2 Cor 4:10-12 – death (shame, pain and suffering) of Christ – so that the life of Jesus might be revealed in me.


Verses 14 & 15- From this verse onwards it’s a prayer of Paul for the inner man strength of the church in Ephesians.

BOW- bow our head – bend our knees

We Bow because we respect the king & master, OT people usually stand and pray, but in some places we can see Jesus(gathsamena), Stephen(when he bowed bowed his face was filled with glory), at times, when its too serious, we also bow. Ish 45:23, Phil 2:10

Ps 95:6 - Oh come, let us worship and bow down;            Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.


Gal 4:7 – not as a servant but as a son (difference in mentality and faithfulness)

>>  Everything in heaven and in earth is named after him, his property


Verse 16 -  This is a very much mis-interpreted verse – people take that “riches” and teach God will give you riches according to His heavenly riches – NO – that’s not what this verse means.


>> This verse means that God will strengthen your inner man – with His might – by the Holy spirit – according to the riches of His glory (Lord’s standards)

If inner man is strong, wherever you go, you will not be moved (it is by the holy spirit), then only you will really understand what is written in verses 17-19

>> Rom 7:22 – My inner man delights in the law

>> 2 Cor 4:16 – even if outward man weakens, inner man renewed day by day(8,9)

Rom 9:23 – as vessels of grace according to the riches of His grace

Riches of his goodness –Rom 2:4

Riches of his grace –Eph 1:7, 2:7

>> For all these riches - HE is the source, he will give in abundance and unlimited – to those who ask and seek


Verse 17 – Christ dwells in you – John 14:23 – Trine God dwells in you

>> That Christ may dwell in your heart – otherwise not

>> When Christ dwells in u, it a special experience-Gal 2:20 – Not ME but Christ

>> Rooted & grounded in Love, also in Col 2:7(riches in faith)

Here our spiritual life is compared to a plant or a building(foundation-Big-Height)


Verse 18 – LOVE-height, length, width, what its greatness is?

No one is exempted-it’ll touch all types of people(everyone)


Verse 19- Love is greater than Knowledge- this love is exhibited & experienced in the fellowships where Jesus is Lord(master)

>> The more you get into closeness with your bro & sis & Christ, the more you’ll understand the depth of it

>> In these fellowships of Love- we grow to the fullness

>> Eph 4:15 – grow in all things till the Head-Christ

Math 5:48 – perfect as the Father in heaven


Verse 20- He is closing with a strengthening prayer

>> The Lords fullness & strength is beyond our imagination(Till now I only heard about u)

>> Jesus told his disciples- till you receive power from above, wait in Jerusalem

>> Phil 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Not asked for material but spiritual promises – 2 Peter 1:4

Lord opening Doors for us is based on our work we do for his kingdom


Verse 21- (Generation after generation), from (church to church) this encouragement should be passed on





Verse 1- This epistle is also written from the prison(also chap 3)

He counts it as a great honor, for Christ, for gospel

2 Cor 12:10 - Therefore I take pleasure in persecutions, distresses for Christ's sake, then I am strong

Philip 3:7 - But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.

>>  beseech – earnest request( more than 20 times Paul has used this request in his epsitles

>>  that you walk worthy of your calling –

Col 1: 28, 29 – he is laboring & striving to make a man perfect in Christ

Acts 20: 27, 31 – great hard work so that no one is lost, weak or confused

>> Calling -  2Peter 1:10 – make sure your calling


Verse 2-  How should we walk-

>> Walk in all humbleness – 1Peter 5:5 (God gives grace to the humble), Acts 20:19 (with all humility of mind)

(Ish57:15-god dwells with the humble) (What does God ask from you - Micah 6:8), (you have a good examplery master, look at him – Math11:29 – take my yoke and learn from me), (Jesus not only spoke but showed it- John 13:4,5 (Jesus washed the disciples feet)

>> Walk in all meekness – Math 5:5

>> Walk in all longsuffering

>> Bearing another in love, 1 Cor 13:4(longsuffering & love)

>> Col 3:12-14 – you can see these four point repeated there also.


Verse 3 - When we have these above 4 qualities, we will have peace

Work hard to be in this Unity, through Spirit

UNITY- verse 13 (we have to come to this unity, then only perfect)


Verse 4 - >> we are the body of Jesus Christ(all fitly joined, without any differences)

Gal 3:28 – no Jew or greek, Master or slave, one in Christ

>> One spirit – 1 Cor 6:17 – He that is joined with the Lord is one spirit

Phlilp 1:27 – that you stand in one spirit – striving

Nehemiah 2:18- Then they joined their hands together for this good work (building the wall of Jerusalem)

>> More than a person doing it alone, when many hands join together, how simple and fast the work is done - Lets together do - Evangelism, Battle against Satan, work and pray for many peoples deliverance and strength(encourage them when they are weak)

>> That is why Satan always creates mis-understandings (Like how Indian Kings were made to fight with each other, cheated by the British

>> There can be many reasons that try to separate us, but here we see they join us together

1 – One body – the Body of Christ

2 – One spirit – the Spirit of God

3- One Hope - 1John 3:2 – when we meet Him, we shall be like Him

>> Only need  to concentrate in this one relationship - with the Lord

4- One Lord - this is a land of many deities, Satan will bring a lot of things (other alliances, ideas, other theologies, other desires, sometimes confusion-why)But let us learn and practice how to concentrate only on the Lord for all our need, sicknesses and counsels.(as a husband and wife)-How peaceful , joyous life and blessed life"

5- One Faith- Heb 11:6- Without Faith it is impossible to please Him.

You are not a Christian if you don't have complete faith in him.

1Tim 6:21 - Some have erred and gone away concerning faith

6- One Baptism - Gal 3:27, 28 (26-Faith)

7- One God and Father of all - all - all

Holy father, Heavenly father, Abba father- 1Cor 8:6


Verse 7 -  >> To make this unity possible- God has given each one a measure of God’s gift

>> Acts 2:33- Christ gave this gift which you now see and hear

As it says in 1Cor 12:4 – there are differences in the gifts, but the spirit is one.

According to your calling, faithfulness, holiness – the gifts of the spirit Lord will entrust us – and according to the gifts entrusted – God will impart more of the measure of grace upon us.


Verse 8 – This verse is taken from the old testament - Ps 68:18

>> What did He (Christ) give to the men, from high – Acts 2:33 – Holy spirit

>> In this Psalm we see the Prophecy of Christ who got victory over all, became the name above all name, and now became the only one worthy to open the scrolls and set the captives free

>> Here we see a Christ who has victory over every thing – and He gave us the Holy spirit so that - we will also have victory over everything.


Verse 9  – Christ who ascended means – first He descended (there is only a incline after a decline). Christ who had all the splendor and glory left all that holiness and came to live among us – being born as a cursed man (Genesis) into this wicked and unholy world.

>> First He descended from Heaven into this world, then after crucification He again descended into the lower parts of the earth ( where captives or spirits of the old testament were resting).

>> He descended and humbled himself so low that He might be worshipped throughout all the world – so that every knee will bow down in front of Him and confess that he is Lord (Philip 2:6-11) – because He was obedient till the point of death.


Verse 10 – That he might fill all things –

>> After the crucification if He would not have resurrected (like all the other deities, gurus and babas) – what would be the situation – But here the word of God is making it clear that  He descended into the lowest parts of the earth to be righteous in His judgment – to preach gospel even to the old testament people – and then he rose up from there and ascended into heaven

>> The same spirit of God who rose up Jesus from the dead – dwells in you – Rom 8:11 - That is the most important part (verse 8) – the gift – The Holy spirit of God

>> That He might fill us – with the fullness of Christ through the spirit –

** Because in Christ dwells all the fullness of God bodily – Col 2:9

** To fill us with that same fullness of the Father – through Christ - Eph 3:19 - to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

>> Real filling of the Holy Spirit and heavenly Joy- Rom 15:13



Verse 11 – Servants of the Lord should be build on the real foundation – Jesus Christ – to be like him (Eph 2:20 – built through the apostles and Prophets)

>>  Five different ministries – we can’t choose what we want, everyone like to chose a honorable and high seat, but in front of God, all are equally great – A church should contain all these divisions – all gifts(1Cor 1: 5-7)

>> Each one of us – some gift is given – Eph 4:7

>> A Pastor should always be an Evangelist & Teacher, because a Pastor’s job is to build strong in Christ, and blameless (not through joke or wisdom) but through the word of God, This Word is now least important, but that’s what Satan fear, you ask Satan, he will tell u.

(The Chief good shepherd(John 10:11), Jesus should be the model - throughout all the years of ministry- Jesus was always Teaching.


Evangelist - Rom 10: 14, 15 (how can they hear if we don’t preach)

>> All the ministers should be engaged in

Strengthening the weak

Bring them out of confusion( now a days many, old days mormons , salvation army)

Speak out the truth – even if people like it or not

Pull them and teach them to come out of their weakness and bondage

Exhort them to keep separation.


Verse 12 - To Equip (perfecting & edifying) and to Build the church or saints for the Ministry of the kingdom of God


Verse 13- Till all (all should grow, not some) come to the unity in faith

One vision, one knowledge, one growth

>> Perfect knowledge of Jesus

>> a perfect man (in character & works) until the scale - Jesus-in fullness

>> This is how we (the body) will be fitting and matching to the head- Jesus Christ


Verse 14- Many moved by many things - 1Tim 4:1

>> Many are not able to believe- 2 Cor 4:4 (God of this world has blinded them)

>> Some turn to fables(stories) because they don't know the word - 2 Tim 4:4

>> Commandment of men turn people from truth - Titus 1:14

>> Carried away with every wind of Doctrine. - Trickery of men, deceitful plan, their gain.

Ψ Another Gospel – 2 Cor 11: 3, 4,  Gal 1:8


Verse 15 - Speaking the truth in love- a special knowledge- Till perfect in Christ

Heb 12:14, 15- Follow peace with all men (Peace and Love – but at the same time – no compromise – don’t be influenced)


Verse 16 – Each part is fitted together – like a jigsaw puzzle – If all are in its place – others get to know the picture -
Every joint – should do – what is needed for the effective growth.

 when all the parts do its designated work efficiently and perfectly – other parts are encouraged to grow likewise – and the whole body becomes healthy and grows to Lord’s fullness


Verse 17 - Futility of mind- Vanity- our waste planning and ideas

Don’t walk like Gentiles- Separation – don’t look at how others walk


Verse 18 – Children of God’s minds - understanding darkened (alienated from the light of God) and confused – like Gentiles.

>> Why does all this happen - because of the blindness of their heart

and the ignorance of the true word.

>> Who will show them the way ?


Verse 19 – Before they were after the love of the flesh and the greed of this world – then came out of it – but now satan is making them back again – to bondage

>> They have become stubborn & Hard-hearted, not Hearing the counsel of the Lord


Verses 20 & 21 - Your case - you have heard from servants of God, then Lord directly confirmed it.

>> Many others might have learnt the word differently - but you have not learnt the word like that

Because of that each day you are becoming new in all ways - old man going, Satan is not having any hold on you

2 Cor 5:17 - behold all things have become new



Verses 22 & 23 - Put off old lust (Satan) an put on Christ - Col 3:10 ( 7-10)


, BE ABLE to do the work of the Lord


Verse 24 - Put on -  the new man – which the Lord has planned for you

Then promises - 2 Peter 1:4 – this is the real promise according to the Bible

Change happens through the spirit - Rom 8: 9,14-16

Put on (greek - ENDUO - to be clothed on) – what the world would see

Luke 24:49- until you are endued with the power of spirit from high


Verse 25 - what we need to put awaw.........

>> We get a new life style and spread it to the world

>> TRUTH.   and Good CHARACTER not only to the church members but also to the world

(LYING - Satan - John 8:44, 2Thess 2: 11-13, Rev 22:15)


Verse 26 - ANGRY - is from Satan, make us out of Control and Balance - we fall

Mathew 5:22 - If you are angry with your brother (in christ) or call him fool, then hell fire.

Bible says, clear all accounts before Sunet otherwise we forget.


Verse 27 - Nor in any other way give place to the devil


Verse 28 - Be Hard working, not lazy, living at others expenses


Verse 29 - Unwanted talking - Don't bla-bla


Verse 30 - Why, we are the temple of the Holy Ghost, we are sealed by the spirit, so Holy spirit is responsible for our life, (Not for 1 or 2 days, but till the Lord comes

Eg: When sealed by the post office, its that post office responsibility that our letter reaches its destination.


Verse 31 - What all should leave us


Verse 32- As Christ forgave and loved u, the same mind of Jesus should be in us





Verse 1- Our greatest happiness is that - I became a child of God, For that we need to be holy like God

>> Imitators of God - Look only at Lord, only follow Him - Heb 12:2

>> When we follow God - examplery- Others can follow us.

1Cor 4:16, 2Thess 3:7,9 - Look at me,

Do we have the confidence to say that to others, then only we will go to heaven - blamless and perfect.


Verse 2- Walk in love (a new life style) with others, but not compromising for the strict law we have.

>> Not to join in everything, but to deliver them from the grip of Satan

Luke 6:28,29 (32,33,35) – bless them that curse you, show the other cheek

In verse 32- what speciality – verse 33 & 35 – This is what Jesus proved – heavenly love

Not manly love – Imitate Jesus – he loved Judas (even till the last)

>> Offerings and sacrifices (Prayers, works & life) – Let it be pleasing and acceptable to God, Saul & David, Joseph & brothers, Elijah & prophets, Isaiah, Ezekiel & Daniel, They were all imitators of God.

>> Acceptable to God – Sweet smelling aroma

Levi 22:20, Ps 19:14, Rom 15:16(I have to teach them), Eph 5:9,10, 1Peter 2:5, Rom 12:2

Then only heavenly promise.


>> Let your prayers, worship and all your doings be acceptable to God, otherwise it will be rejected.

>> Both prayers & offerings – Philip 4:18


Verses 3 & 4 – When we follow Jesus, change comes in all the area of our life, it’s a sacrificial life, a path of suffering(to change us)

>> whatever which is not fitting, should not be ever named

>> That’s why world always says, you people are not joining with us, yes, separate.

For that leaning on the Word is important.

People should say that you are different, That change should come.

>> All the filth (things that spirirt does not allow in our walking, speaking, word and life). Only Songs & Word should be there in our heart  our mouth.


Verse 5 - Otherwise no place in heaven

>> Idolator – Person having lot of desires in heart(keeping it),

>> anything more than the Lord, Word and Kingdom of God, God counts it as idolatory – Ezekeil 14:3


>> Covetous – over desires(duragraham) is idolatory – Col 3:5

Greedy – wants more – not satisfied with what God has given now – will not inherit the kingdom of God


Verse 6 – Empty words – Vain (useless)

Worldly – Selfish talking & planning

>> Words of wisdom is also vain

Misinterpretation (According to our convenience) is also vain

(A tree is known by its fruit)

>> Rom 1:18 – If the truth is withheld, then the wrath of God


Verse 7 – Do not join(have any part) with the disobedient

>> What did Lord do with them – Rom 1:28

>> That is why the obedient should gather together, even a small gathering – of those who have submitted themselves to obey everything what God speaks to them.

>> All the apostles & disciples obeyed and followed Jesus, let us not imitate anything of the disobedient.

>> Nothing fitting in our life because we are a peculiar special group – 1Peter 2:9

>> A great difference as between light and dark

>> People feel that only some people can live like that.

Who are the people of light, the people in who Jesus dwells(I am the light of the world)

John 1:9 – This light makes every man (whoever whatever) lighten


Verse 8 – Before you were dark, now when in light , their desire is how I can make my lord happy – submissive


Verse 9 –Then the fruits of the spirit is in you and all the works of Spirit.


Verse 10 & 11– Then you cannot join in everything, only what is acceptable to God, join nothing which is waste.


Verse 12 – When you see, hear, speak or do (Is it acceptable or useful for the kingdom of God)


Verse 13 – Differentiate the works of darkness (world - satan)  and of light


Verse 14 – God says, Awake, Arise (great meaning in it), almost same written in Ish 60:1,2


Verse 15 – Fools – join with the dark of this world

Wise – always keep a separation as Christ did

Circumspectly – careful (meaning)

>> when we jointly walk with Christ, a change comes to all the areas of our life.

>> Everywhere, where ever God has placed us, show that difference – whose children we are – walk in light – and show others the light

>> We have to force ourselves, Not in a mentality that God will do everything

We are responsible to walk with God, stay away from others

Put our life under the discipline of the word of God.


Verse 16 – Redeeming – Don’t waste time and opportunity

Be wise – Col 4:5,6 – How you ought to answer each one

We make others happy and forget to think about your commitments to God

– parable 10 virgins – the wise were always cautious about whom they are waiting for – they never bothered to be lazy or forget about their bridegroom even for  moment.

>> Walk and speak in wisdom – Math 10:16 – as sheep among fox, wise as snakes.

>> the days(end-time) are evil -  End times – a wicked and selfish world

2 Tim 3: 1,2 – People will be selfish, lovers of money, boasters  and proud

>> In the Bible - Lords coming is compared with – Luke 17: 26-30

1 – the time of Noah – He preached around 70 – 80 years, no one listened, he was saved

2 – the time of Lot –they were only engaged in their life – they completely forgot God, no fear

>> With our life we can change the present system – don’t think that it is impossible or we are alone, Lord is very happy when we stand special in areas where God has placed us

>> Philip 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Verse 17 – Will of the Lord – 1 Thess 5:14–18 (Not only this) also verse 21

>> Many people say, because I am born, I have to live – some Christians and servants of the Lord are also like that - anyway I came to lord, now pushing and dragging their Christian life.

>> Those who are not able to understand the will of God, they are fools ( wise -  opposite)


Verse 18 – At that time – among greek, this is how they enjoy the world – drink and party (even today Rome or Greece(paris) and all French people – (wine & lady)

>> So this just means “The enjoyment of this world” , don’t be engaged in that, but spend time worshipping the Lord and singing spiritual songs, being filled in the Holy spirit.

Eg: Some people miss meetings (even Sundays), and go for trips, sit at home eating good food and enjoying movies and even parties or outings.

How can they – without the fear of Great God ???

>> But be filled with the Holy Spirit – overflow ( the Christian experience in apostles time)

(If not filled with spirit, we might go in bad worldy ways

>>John 3:5 – Surely, if you are not baptized by Holy spirit, you will not enter into the kingdom of God

>> In apostles times, it was given very importance –

>> 1Cor 14:18 – I speak in un known tongue more than you all

>> Acts 1:8 – When the power of the Holy spirit comes upon u, be my witnesses all over the world


Verse 19 – Speaking to one another in songs and praises – means worship together in spirit singing spiritual songs

>> 1Cor 14:26 – what is in a spiritual gathering, verse 40 – all things in order

>> Acts 16:22-26 – Here Paul & Silas weak in front of Jailer, but when they sang and praised the Lord( in spirit) - deliverance and shaking experience.

>> Song, praise and melody should come from the heart because it’s the centre where body is being controlled


Verse 20 – Giving thanks to the Lord -

again repeated in verse 4 – rather than useless talk, it is better to give thanks to the Lord

>Col 1:12,13 – Giving thanks to father for the salvation and deliverance

>Ps 92:1,2 – It is a god thing to give thanks to the Lord

>Many times in Psalms - O give thanks to the Lord, for he is god and his mercy endures for ever

> Enter into His courts (presence) with thanksgiving

>1 Cor 15:57 – Thanks be to the Lord who gives us victory

>2 Cor 9:15 – Thank be unto God for his unspeakable gift

>Phlilp 4:6 – Thanks always in prayer

>1 Thess 3:9 – Thanks for all this Joy

>Rev7:12 – Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power be unto our God for ever and ever


Verse 21 – Everyone to be under the fear of God – Whatever we do hear, think, without any disobedience- then a healthy spiritual & family life

>> Even today Divorce is common or seriousness of relation is not there

Many people (even among believers) are breaking apart so easily, and immediately ready for an other relationship, the most pitiful thing is Pastors are ready to conduct the re-marriage knowing everything, for an offering.

>>DIVORCE IN THE BIBLE – Mal 2:16, Math 19:6, Mark 10:11,12, 1Cor 7:12,13, Rom 7:2,3


Verse 22 – (22-32) – Here it’s a balanced explanation about family life, both have their parts (its compared with the relation between Christ and the Church

>> Live with satisfaction - Philip 4:11,12 – I know to live with what God has given me, in need and in plenty, at all times with satisfaction or contentment.

This is the secret of a successful family life – we should learn to be content. A family breaks or failures happens when one or both of them, go out of the budget control – Let LORD be the decision maker.

>> Don’t think what others have and you don’t have, Think about what you have which many others don’t have. Eg: when we visit rural villages(no current, transport, mobile coverage or toilets), even mental hospitals, jails and other centers. In work sites and camps(hows people stay together,hardly any space but hundreds of people together)

>>Bible teaches us to be happy with what God has given us, praise the Lord at all times, and to live within the budget God provides us.

>> Verses 22&23 repeated in Col 3:18,19

Eg: Head cannot stand alone, or even body cannot, (the idea of FEMINISM is to stand alone-wrong, it’s a mutual deep relationship

>> In some homes, between husbands and wife, the wife might have a higher pay, or qualification or even smarter, according to Bible-whatever it is the order in the bible has to be maintained in the family.

>> 1Cor 11:3 – order and discipline according to the Bible



Verses 22&25 - The comparison and pattern in the these verses are so wonders

>> Wives respect and submit to your husbands, as to the Lord

>> Husbands, love your wife as Christ loved the church


>> Some discuss the family matters and ask counsel with their friends or parents, that is the reason for all problems, everything should be openly spoken between a husband and wife, and decisions should be prayerfully taken together.


Verse 26 & 27 – Without blame – 1Thess 3:13


Verse 29 – nourish(provide the necessities) & cherish(make the family life and relation enjoyable)


Verse 31 – they are one flesh (just like Christ and church)

>> No need of an Ego, one body


>> 1Cor chapter 13 – If love is not there, nothing is there.





Verse 1 & 2 – To be wonderful parents and wonderful children, how we can make that relationship enjoyable.

Verse 1 – obey parents (in the Lord), first obey what the Lord says , then parents


Verse 3 – Due 5:16


Verse 4 – Don’t make them angry but - 

>>Prov 22:6 – training from small age, now a days that disciplining part is not there, only providing what they need, finally out of hand, (wherever discipline, they become blessed)

>>Due 6:7-9 – Teach the word, day and night and make them walk in that.

What we see today is- parents try to walk, children are left for their own freedom, finally great headache for parents, instead of joy, lifelong pain. Eg: some children even don’t know from bible.

>> Heb 12:5-8 – Bring them up in training, here it says even God chastens(rebukes or beats) those whom he love, whom he beats, they are his children.

>>About the sons of Eli – 1Sam 3:13,14 – why God punished them, and priesthood taken out from their family.


>>Due 6:7-9 - Teach the word day and night


Verses 5-9 - To the master and to the workers

At that time servants(slaves) had no right

>> Gal 3:28 - we are all one in Christ (verse 27 - among the baptised)


Verse 6 - As we work let us work to please the Lord, integrity in our work.


Verse 7 - With agood will doing service'


Verse 8 - Prathiphalam - The benefit(goodness or blessing) we get from the Lord, wether anyone sees or not


Verse 9 - Masters, think about the great Master in heaven

Parable - Math 18:23-35- Parable of a king who punished the person who did not forgive.

Here What Paul means in the (husband-wife), (parents-children),(master-servant), a great change should be noticed in our life by the society. This change should go to others into the church and wherever God sents us.


Verse 10 - Be strong (otherwise we fall), we have an enemy and we have a battle or war (contd till the trumpet blows)

>> Be strong in his power - spiritual man - annointing


Verse 11 - 1Peter 5:8 - like a roaring lion

24 X 7- Satan work is to search who is my prey - without any classification

Mathew 24:24 - Satan will try to devour even the elect

>>Trick - always attack from back or side, not face to face

>> Eph 4:27 - Don't give place to Him (Anger, selfish, jealosy, lust)

>> 2Cor 2:11 - We are not ignorant of his tricks (weapon)

>> James 4:7 - Resist the devil and he will flee form you

>> Mathew 13:25 - He will sow the TARES when you sleep

>> What Satan does is put FEAR - about children, Future, Family life, Job(so they don't work), not able to overcome the struggles,

>>The main trick is to make us BUSY, Actually doing nothing

We should diffrentiate between useful and useless appointments

>> The for some, making them LAZY - some to escape hardwork, they say I will do the Lords work

>>Even in prayer time, not able to concentrate, because Satan knows only if you concentrate you can hear Lords voice or receive any annointing from Lord ( Some people during a 5 min prayer, 4.5 min eyes open)

>>Wiles(tricks) of Satan – 2 Co 11:3

Minds be corrupted – concentration – simplicity in Christ – confusion



How Satan Decieves

Eph 6:10 onwards we see the Lord awakens us by saying Be strong in the Lords Strength

Because we have an ENEMY, a WAR(without rest till the trumpet blows), so we must need a complete armor

1)    Belt – Truth

2)    Breastplate – of Rigtheousness

3)    Standing on the Gospel (as shoes for protection, we have a long & bad road ahead)

4)    Shield of Faith – Protect from Arrows

5)    Helmet of Salvation

6)    Sword of the spirit – Word of God


>> Bible Teaches us to Resist him, Not to RUN when we see him

No one who runs back or turn back is not fit for heaven – Luke 9:62


>> We see Satan as a good Warrior, but that is not how it is in the Bible. (He is described as a cunning fighter, who attacks, not face to face.

>> Rev 13:14 – He Decieves them on earth

>> 2Cor 2:11 – You should be aware of his tricks

(As in Eph 6:11 – wiles of the devil)

>> He will not come with 2 horns (as in Onida TV’s advertisement), but like an angel of light(2Cor 11:14) – very good approach – maybe even through our dear & near ones. He will not show what he is (always differently)

>> He is a pretender(like a roaring lion) of “The Lion” - 1Peter 5:8 – (satan is confused whom  to attack – and about the opponents power– but Lion is never confused) not the Real Lion – who is Jesus – Reve 5:5 – Lion of the tribe of Judah

 thakarkum)(hindi – kuchel dalega)

>> James 4:7 – Resist the devil and he will flee from you – Will a Lion flee ???

>> But still we look at satan with a magnifiying glass, he is not big or powerful, but CROOKED.

>> He cannot make original, always imitation or duplicate to all what Lord is doing and planning(copy cat) and then CONFUSES us – Math 13:24-28.

>> Always Satan sows tares(kalla) but when you sleep only he will sow (Math13:25)

>> That is why Bible says in Eph 4:27 – Don’t give place to Satan

>> These days Satan is using Pastors and Bible teachers to preach another Gospel (These days we have to be alert (1 John 4:1)

>> 2Cor 11:4 – How are you bearing them, means Put them out, they should be stopped so they don’t confuse other people.

>> Some people believe everything they hear – DON’T

>> You should know the truth – John 8:32

>> Lord is not allowing TRADITION or wrong teaching

>> Holy spirit God through the Word of God will make everything Clear

>> Jesus against TRADITION – Math 15:2,3 (Mark 7:8)

Col 2:8 – According to the tradition of elders

>> We think, everyone is doing, so I am also doing. This is how slowly Satan brought Easter(Anglo saxon German goddess of fertility – Eastre(from Wikipedia Encyclopedia), Christmas (Sun–festival), Lent(Lament days-mourning for Tammuz – Ezekiel 8:14, Never mourn – Nehemiah 8:9-11), Facing East while Prayer – Ezek 8:16), Thanksgiving day(Thank the Lord at all times and for everything, not on a certain day once in a year, Bible clearly says, Do not observe days – Gal 4:9,10, All-Saints Day, Santa Claus(from ODIN or St.Nicholas), then Indian traditions like Vastu (Vastava(Booth) belli), Raghu kaalam and other Superstitions(bible says should not be even named among the children of God)

>> In 1 Peter 1:18,19 – it says that you are not redeemed by silver or gold according to the traditions passed from your fathers but by the blood of Jesus Christ ( here also holy spirit speaks against traditions)


>> So you should know the way, Anyone can read Bible a 100 times or study a lot of specializations in theology, can have KNOWLEDGE but not the REVELATION

>> Even only very few theologians and bible college teachers have that revelation, which is to be received directly from the Lord.

>> Jesus tells Peter – Math 16:16,17 – Its no one else but the Lord who revealed this to you.

>> Math 11:25 – hidden to the wise, but revealed to us(babes)


Verse 12 – We don’t wrestle with flesh and blood (MAN), but with the evil one inside them.

Wherever we go, fighting is always against Lords children, we have a battle – wether it is in the market, travel, study, work place, relatives, neighbours, always fighting against us.


>> Our battle is not with the church members or any one we see, but with invisible dark forces, they are different for each home, place, village, district, state, country and spheres – Different categories of devils. They too have their administration and planning in their work. How cautious should we be.  - >>Nothing to fear as long as we receive new strength and new anointment, we can fight and we will surely have victory – not possible with old strength or knowledge or anointment.


Verse 13 to 17  -   Christian Armor

It is mainly written in Eph 6:13 onwards

also in Ish 59:17 (two new coverings – VENGEANCE(revenge against Satan) and ZEAL(erivu)

>> Rom 13:12 – Let us put the armor of Light

>> Lord said in Jer 46:3-10 – When you put the armor, I already see them fleeing


1 – Belt of Truth

Ex 12:11 – Belted and always ready

1Kings 18:46 – When Elijah tighted his belt, he ran in front of Ahab horses

>> This belt of Truth always -

Eph 4:25 – put away lying lips

Rev 22:15 – Liars outside heaven


2 – Breastplate of Righteousness

Philippians 3:9 – Not my own but through the faith in Christ

1Kings 3:9 – Give your servant a discerning heart – (right or wrong)


3 – Standing on the Gospel

Rom 10:15 – How beautiful are the feet of an evangelist

Also in Ish 52:7 – repeated, which those who are Strong in the Word and those whose teach it with the same Strength & Depth.


4 – Sheild of Faith

Ps 3:2,3 – You protect me, lift up my head

1Peter 1:5 – you are kept safe till that day

Ps33:20 – My soul waits for the Lord, He is my shield & my help


5 – Helmet of Salvation (Jesus)

1Thess 5:8 – again repeated Armor, also Helmet

Ps 140:7 – O God, you have covered my head

Col 1:18 – Jesus is the head of the body


6 – Sword of the Spirit (Word of God)

Ish 49:2 – He has made my mouth like a sword

(In Ezekiel 3:9 – do not be dismayed by their looks)

Heb 4:12,13 – Word is powerful and sharper than any 2 edge sword

2Cor 6:7 – by the word of god in right & left hand and fight by his power


Verse 18 – and above all Prayer(in the spirit), it is only complete by prayer,

Every day we can see Jesus praying – That was the success of his ministry.

Pray without ceasing(break), then you can Rejoice always – 1Thess 5:16,17, Rom 1:9

So that you can be according to the will of God

Col 4:2 – Continue in prayer and watch

>>1 Cor 14:15 – Paul says – I know how to pray in wisdom and pray in the spirit.

>> Jude 20 – Praying in the Holy spirit

>> Rom 8:26 – Spirit gives us groaning or words in our heart, what we ought to pray.

>> That is why we don’t need a prayer book – Lord wants us to pray in the spirit – as the spirit gives us utterance – not from a prayer template(Mathew 6:7 – the gentiles repeat same old prayer)

Nowhere in the Bible it says to look at a book and pray – they are man made prayer samples which the Lord will not accept.


>> Watch an pray – Jesus says in Math 26:36-45 (also in Mark 14:38), otherwise you will fall into temptation. (Verse 41 – Spirit(inner man) is willing but flesh is weak)


Verse 19  - Praying for the saints (and then for me)

What should I pray for –

1)When I open my mouth, the utterance may be given to me

Utterance – Words(Mark13:11) and worship(Acts 2:4)

2) Give me the boldness for that –

This only from the Lord –

>Before anointment the same people, sat in a closed room-afraid,

>Peter who said that I will die for you(Math 26:35), denied Jesus three times.

>He who said – You have the words of eternal life – He backslided and went back to his old job-fishing- not alone, he took the other disciples along him. ( He had the knowledge who Jesus was but no Boldness)


After anointment – BOLDLY – Acts 9:27,29

Boldly spoke the mysteries of God – oppositions will surely come

>>Acts 13:44-46, 52,  chap 14:3 – jews and gentiles against but they were filled with the joy in the holy ghost, they were filled with boldness and zeal so thay did not go, stayed there for a while and teached.

>> Acts 4:13, 29, 31 – they were filled with boldness and the wisdom of God

>> Rev 12:11 – Your words of testimony should be declared bodly against Satan, then only, then only satan will be ashamed and we will have victory.


Verse 20 – Ambassador – spokesman of God, representative of heaven, on earth.

>> In chains – I am ashamed to speak bodly – but I am bound by the spirit(Acts 20:22) to declare and glorify His name.


Verse 21 –Tychicus – First we see in Acts 20:4(from Asia minor), then 2 Tim 4:12, Titus 3:12, Col4:7

>> This brother is doing the ministry of travelling and circulation

He was a Faithful and Anointed brother, who was a great help in Pauls ministry. Lot of people together as a team made Pauls ministry a success.

>>Col 4:7(it’s the same as in Eph)- Paul says he will tell all the news about me. In the epistles he only mentions spiritual matter, which was an encouragement for the church. He did not give importance to himself.


Verse 22 – Tychicus has a great mission to do here

1-To share the exact facts (this brother is faithful)-no backbiting (2Cor 12:20  Prov 25:23)

Today people of the same family or fellowship talking bad and wrong about their family members.

2-To comfort your heart (he is anointed for that), some people eve spoil your mood and take away your peace.


Verse 23 – It’s a conclusion with a prayer.

Peace to the brethren, you need the same anointment of Jesus(Jesus said, Peace to you) to say that

>>Love with faith (the joy of your faith – Philip 1:25), so love and joy increases with faith.


>> Peace, love and Joy from Heavenly Father – Fatherhood of God– He is a merciful father – John3:16

>> and the Lordship of Jesus Christ –

Today many people see Jesus only as a Savior(not sins) but from fear, debt, problems, sicknesses etc, but they don’t give all the areas of their life under Lordship.

JESUS – Lord – one who controls me, one who takes decision in my life

>> Gal 2:20 – See how Paul declares his Lordship (Not me but Christ lives in me)

>> Math 7:21 – Don’t call me Lord, Lord if you cant do my will


Verse 24 – Covered with Grace

All Provision, Salvation, Calling and Position(equal to God) by Grace, and we are covered by His grace.

>> To all those who love Him with Sincerity (whole hearted – no second thought)

>> 1 Cor 16:22 – Those who don’t really love Jesus is cursed. (Love Him not by words – Live for Him – Glorify Him)

>> 1 Cor 6:19,20 – Therefore glorify God in your body & souls.

>> 1Peter 1:8 – You love Jesus, though you have not seen Him, then you will have inexpressible joy and fully of glory.

>> Rom 8:28 – All things will be good for them who love Him.

>> 1 Cor 8:3 – If any man(whoever you r) loves God, God knows him(that’s enough), you are blessed.

>> 1 John 4:19 – we love Him because He first loved us (not because of our goodness)

>> Father did not send an angel but His own son to be sacrificed.

>> Jesus left His glorious throne, people spit on His face, called him as son of Mary(born without a father), tore His clothes and crucified Lord naked(people once saw Him turned their face away).

How much insult and humiliation among His own people.