Author , Date and about the Place:

It is very clear from the heading that Paul has written this letter of exhortation to the church in Philippe.  Paul alongwith Silas, Luke and Timothy first came to Philippi (Acts 16) and because of that many people came to the Lord. After many years Paul is writing this epistle to the church there (AD 62) which is around 11 years later.


>> Philip 1:13, 4:22 prove it that He has written this epistle when he was in jail (here it was Roman emperors jail) – that is why it is one of Paul’s prison epistles along with Ephesians, Colossians and Philemon.


In Acts 16:12 – we see about this Philippi – main city of Macedonia.

>> This Philippe is a town built by King Philippe - the father of Alexander the great in B.C 357, so its known by his name.

This in verse 14 – met Lydia (from Thyatira) - (1st believer), She opened her heart so the word of God changed her life.

Through her – her family baptized

Then her home was opened for ministry

Then we see her business or wealth was not primary and nothing else couldn’t stop her from doing her part in the work of the Lord

Verse 16-18 – we see a slave girl (hopefully 2nd believer) who had demon, rebuked, full deliverance, joined the house of God

>> In many places we see that gatherings were formed and the work of the Lord being boosted by sisters(along with their family)

Verse 22-40 – Jailer (hopefully 3rd  believer, and a gathering was formed)

>> They sang and praised God at night – when they needed rest – verse 25

>> Even at rest – Job’s experience – Job 35:10

Only when there is Joy can a person sing – Eg: humming when stomach is full, when packing for a great tour the next day.

Returned to Lydia’s house (verse 40)– Satan did many things against this small start, but now Jailor(officer) and many others Lord brought to his presence for His glory.

>> Here in this epistle Paul also thanks the church for their support through Epaphroditus (Philip 4:15-18)

>> Philip 2:1,2 -  if there is any fellowship in Christ, be like minded. Only like minded(Jesus mind) people can gather together. (we all got to have the mind of Jesus)

>> He and Timothy suffered for the Lord in Philippe – 1Thess 2:1 – 4






Verse 1 – Paul and Timothy bond in the Lord

Paul a jewish person and Timothy-son of a greek man, but because their calling was to be very faithful and zealous, they could bond together in ministry.( Acts 16:1 (greek),    2Tim 1:5, Philip 2:21,22)

>> In all the epistles you can see that Timothy was along with Paul – his name is mentioned in all epistles.

>> Bond servants of Jesus Christ – not of the emperor or any group.

Bond – bound to him eternally – in this world and in the world to come – eternal relationship

Servant – a person who has a master above him


Verse 2 – Grace and peace – very necessary and only from God

Titus 2:11 – Grace given to all, we need to receive it when we become obedient and humble.


Verse 3 – He is now in chains and far from them, its been many years that he has left Philippe, still he remembers every help and fellowship the church in Philippe did to him

>> We easily forget what favors others did to us and what Lord did in our life – that’s why we become proud and arrogant, otherwise we will be humble and thankful.


Verses 4 & 5 – Even when he was busy in his ministry and now even in chains, busy writing and sending letters to churches, he kept aside a great time to talk to the Lord in prayers.

*We also see a great prayer time in the busy and fully engaged years of ministry of Jesus- Daily Program -  that’s why power of God was manifested through the son, and he could be faithful to the will of the Father.

>> Even in Jail – with all joy – Habakkuk 3:18 – still I will rejoice, means the situation is such that no one can rejoice, but still I will.

Acts 5:41- rejoicing to be called to suffer for his name

Rom 5:3 – glory in tribulation

2 Cor 12:10 – I take pleasure in tribulation and afflictions, when people make fun of me, coz he knew his eternal rewards are increasing.


Verse 6 – many times in the epistles, it is written – the day of Christ or that day

Here it is written – till the day of Christ – coz that is the deadline  - there’s no chance or grace or forgiveness after that – the day when the trumpet will blow.

>> so the Good work should be completed before that day, Lord is completely engaged in that work – 1Cor 1:8, but many a times we are not co-operating or our mind is not upon that.

>> 1Thess 5:23 – May the Lord guard you or preserve you, so chances are there that you go away from his training or path – 1 Cor 10:12 – lest you fall.

>> But the Lord whom we follow will not leave us half the way because the way is hard, but will give us all the change and complete the work He has started in us – if we co-operate and if we really desire.

>> Philip 4:8 – Concentrate only on that which is praise worthy


Verse 7 – You have been partakers of my grace in chains –

Either they visited him when in jail, or did his part in his absence

Defense – supported him and defended him when he spoke boldly

Confirmation – of the gospel and the word of God – through their lives, their lives proved Lords word.

Many place it says – partakers of the heavenly calling of the body of Christ

>> of my grace – Rom 12:3 ( the grace given to Paul is special, which makes him do special work for God)


Verse 8 – I am not flattering (many people simply say – just now I thought about you, I will pray or I will help you)

>> Here Paul is telling that God is my proof for what good I am telling about you.

>> Inside me, my bowels(in original language), you have taken place(through the affection in Jesus) - which means my love towards you comes from my inside, not show.


Verse 9 – Paul is thanking Lord for the strength which God has given the believers here, but he says not to stay in the same growth – abound in all Love, Knowledge and Discernment.

>> Paul says  - Let your love abound (1 Thess 3:12) more and more  (un-partial – not expecting anything-divine love)


>> Grow in all knowledge (how we should be – from the Word of God)– Bible says my people - Math 22: 29 – My children go wrong because they don’t have the knowledge or know the way. (Whenever Israelites adopted anything from the surrounding gentiles, the wrath of God was upon them.)

Ψ These last days children of God have become like gentiles – COMPROMISED - without any discipline (of the word of God) – No SEPARATION – No LIMITS

Ψ Can do anything – Then they say that Christ has given us the liberty in Christ.  Some say if you are born again and baptized – heaven is for sure.

Ψ Unfruitful to the Lord (axe is laid at your feet) and taking advantage of his precious grace.

Ψ Lots of traditional practices – we are Pentecostals – this is our rules. But no Godliness in their life


That is why we need to increase more and more in the knowledge of the word of God.

>> With great pain Jesus says –

Luke 18:8 – When Jesus comes into this world, will faith be found

John 8:43 – why don’t you understand my speech


>> Only when you grow in knowledge will you have the extreme desire to be FRUITFUL to God – Col 1:10 – otherwise there is always a fight of the evil to make you unfruitful – (and busy in the unfruitful works of darkness)




·        Then GROW IN ALL DISCERNMENT - gift of discerning – 1Cor 12:10 - it’s a gift of the holy spirit. To differentiate what is right and wrong, to know what we can do and what we cannot.


>> Natural man – not able to discern, accepts everything – whatever fellowship, friendship, messages, new theologies and confusing teaching – 1Cor 2:14 - But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God (also 1Cor 3:1)


>> So knowledge of the word of God should increase as we grow in the Lord. Paul says – according to the age should be teachers, but you are still babies in Christ – Heb 5:12,13


>>  Heb 5:14 – But when you eat solid food & grow, you will have the growth to discern.

Some people eat good food(hear all the bible classes they can) and don’t grow. (Usually it happens in the case of tuberculosis, diabetic, hookworm, aids virus etc.



Ψ To grow in the goodness of God is the hardest part, (to be weak in spirit and in prayers – it happens fast.) But to grow steadfastly is like swimming against the wave.

>> Bible says many times to be Steadfast in our spiritual life

2 Peter 3:17 (Take care),  1 Cor 15:58(immovable),  Heb 3:14 (steadfast till the end)



Verse10 – When you grow in all knowledge and discernment – Then you will approve only what is excellent and by the spirit, what is in the Bible

>> Let the churches change their laws or practices, let pastors preach their own, bible says even if the angel of God comes and tells you other than the real gospel – Gal 1: 6-12 – Do not believe.

This is a Satans trend from the beginning – to change you from the real word of God (to another gospel),  don’t forget that our Lord will judge us by this same old word, so lets not try to change it for peoples convenience or today’s trend.


Verse11 – filled with fruits of righteousness – Math 7:16,19,20

>> Salt and fresh water will never come from the same fountain – James 3:12


Verse12 – What all God did in Paul’s life (every beating, arrest, hurdle, being tried in front of different judges and rulers, jail, even constant attack from his brethren-believers) is for the FURTHERANCE of Gospel

·        to do more Gospel

·        to humble us, so he can lift us

·        to purify us (so he can fill us)

>> Only that desire he had – Rom 15:19, 20, 23

He was working hard to cover every home and village (he was doing it from heart)

As he did the work- this is what happened in his life –.


Verse13 – He was jailed in the Roman jail (Caesar’s – Philip 4:22), because he spoke for the Lord. He knows that he went there according to Lords plan.

Sometimes we are not able to understand Lords plan – Ish 64:8 – potter - clay

>> Rom 8:28 – All things work together for good for Lords children – what an arrangement

>> James 1:2,3 – great joy when your faith is tried, Verse 4 – you will be perfect wanting nothing

>> Here God according to His heavenly plan used this Jail period (even in Col 4:9,10 ,   2 jail inmates evangelist) in Paul’s life, for the Glory of Lord.

Paul never murmured or became down, coz he knew that God will never do anything wrong

>> When he is in jail, he is not able to go and strengthen people, but his powerful epistles are reaching places.

Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon – are all Prison letter’s


Verse14 – This training made him more bold and without fear. It also strengthened all who heard it and now strengthening us as we read it. See how many people being strengthened when we go through the trials allowed by the Lord.


Verse15 - There were divisions in many churches, some of them did not accept what God spoke through Paul (he spoke out the truth - with no compromise). In Corinthians also we can see Apollos group, Cephas group

>> Many of them came to the Lord through the ministry of Paul, later change their vision and style of ministry

>> They ministered with envy (jealous that God is using Paul so much) and strife (fighting and competition)


Verse 16 - Many of them - not sincerely - for selfish ambitions - for money and self-praise, not sincere to how God called them ( like Demas – 2Tim 4:10)

>> These kind of people who did not completely speak the counsel of God (added some of their own) to give people a change always),

slowly changed into another gospel(even they didn't know that they became influenced by Satan) - Gal 1:6,7 – easily moved into another gospel

>> From beginning onwards Satan’s trick is Jealousy and Strife - competition & groupism

>> We forget we are all called as brothers and sisters - our father is the same, we sometimes try to make an other person small or act as if we are great.

>> To add affliction to my chains -  I am going through a phase of  ministry even in my chains (chained in jail), but these envy group, they are rejoicing about my chain and making fun instead of praying for my ministry.


Verse 17 – God has also maintained a small group who understands Paul’s ministry and who prays for him.


Verse 18 – Even though the others don’t follow Paul, or love him or accept what he says, but atleast they are preaching Christ.


Anyway Paul says its not going to affect me - I will rejoice always because he is not alone - Ps 46:1 - In your affliction a sure help

Ps 119:92 - Unless your law has been my delight


Verse 19 - Deliverance from jail - I know when I do my work completely ( what God has entrusted me) - I will have deliverance.


Verse 20 - I am not ashamed - coz even if I am on a big stage(as in Athens among scholars) or even in jail with criminals - its all for Christ

>> As a human - Paul can be ashamed coz after a great and powerful ministry of 25-30 years –He is now in jail for few years - Col 4:18

>> But he has the confidence and hope  that its all for Christ, and he is completely obedient to the order and counsel of God.

>> If we are obedient to the Lord, what ever happens in our life, we will not be ashamed. Otherwise when we go through tough training times allowed by the Lord, we will be MAD(furious)  with God and man.


Verses 21- 23 - He doesn't know what is waiting for him, now he is in chains in the jail, waiting for the judgment. If it is to kill him- he is extremely happy to be a martyr for Christ

and if the Lord sets me free - yes again rest of my life for the Lord

>> Let Master’s will be done.


Verse 24 - He is not looking for his own benefit- only the work of God

Let us examine ourselves (Even Timothy was like that – by Paul’s training – Philip 2:21)

>> When we are in trouble - how do we react - what decision do we take - like Gentiles or will we trust in the God of our salvation, putting all trust and hope on Jesus - If so - then we can give all the glory to God - this is how we glorify God like David - even in our affliction.


Verses 25, 26 – Once again if Paul gets an opportunity to see the Philippians church and the other churches (many of them came to the Lord through Paul). Paul is telling – all our faith will increase and our love to God.

>> Many reasons for the progress of faith. When FAITH increases, JOY increases - it is related.


Verse 27 – When ever Paul comes to a place, his mission is to encourage them spiritually – Rom 1:11-13

You become worthy

** worthy to preach gospel, otherwise woe to you – 1Cor 9:16, 27

**worthy to fight with devil – we have to be spiritually STRONG-ANOINTED-TRAINED

** finally worthy to go to heaven – blameless – Eph 5:27


In One spirit – the spirit of God is one – so that Holy spirit will not tell one person in one way and another person an other thing. The holy spirit will guide all children of God according to the counsel of God. The spirit of God in all the Christians are the same. If vision is different, it means the spirit in that person is not from the Lord.


 Strive or fight with one mind

>> our fight is not with mankind, but with the principalities – Eph 6:12

>> without unity, we cannot get victory over Satan

>> without concentration  we cannot – 2Tim 2:4 – a soldier of India is not allowed to entangled or keep himself busy with the things of this world, then how much more – a soldier of God.



Verse 28 – As we fight for the Lord with devil, lots of Satans fighting will also be against us, but should have the faith and boldness of God to resist the devil.

>> Those who don’t do verse 27 – who stay away from it – doom or perdition – for those who do eternal life.


Verse 29 – It’s a gift of God to all those who –

** Believe – Have complete faith in God

** To suffer for His sake-

But Lord says – you are not alone – John 16:33 – In the world you will have tribulations

Acts 14:22 – Through many tribulations – we will enter into the kingdom of God

>> Paul’s testimony was – to encourage us to become more powerful, zealous and dedicated to the kingdom of God.


Verse 30 –This fighting is not only for me (Paul), its also with you (not only me, Paul is telling the church in Philippians that God is also allowing them to go through suffering – to be strong and able

>> Satan always tells us that you are alone, why always these problems only for you, but when we know from the word of God and through others life that all children of God are going through the sufferings allowed by the Lord(in one or an other way), it comforts us.

>> Lord’s plan is not to make us suffer, but that we grow in faith and learn how to trust in God only.

>> This is also to comfort an other person going through suffering (Paul strengthens and comforts us through 14 epistles because of his experiences in the Lord)

 >> So that we hate the world and all in it – James 4:4, 1John 2:15






In the first chapter Holy spirit was telling about their goodness and strength, now in the second chapter we can see, clearly saying where they need to be corrected. Its always satans trick to break the unity and make fighting in the church which is a spiritual family.


Verse 1 - There should be unity and oneness among the children of God. As an appeal/request Paul tells them that - 

** There should be consolation in Christ

** Comfort of love - divine love - as own - not expecting anything

** We should be led by the spirit only, and when all lords children be led by the spirit(only one spirit - the Holy spirit), then there won't be any problem, only oneness

** Also affection(closeness) and mercy(forgiving mentality) - as Christ forgave you


Verse 2 - Be like - minded - Gal 5:10 - one mind- same mentality - one vision- one goal

Let this mind be in you - Philip 3 :15 (also verse 13, 14)

>> Having same love - again one mind


Verse 3 - Do nothing with selfishness, crookedness and arrogance, trying to make your brother or sister small. Don't act as if you are great

>> To all those who think that they are great - Holy spirit says - Come down from your puffed up state and honor your brother greater than yourself - That is our Lords mind.


Verse 4 - Also consider your brethren's matter or deliverance, don't be selfish

Rom 12:10,  Gal 6:2 - this is the law of Christ

>> What you expect from others( Love, respect, gentleness, help and peace of mind) do to them - Math 7:12

>> Always remember that you are all adopted equally by Lord

>> Not that I grow strong, rich & in wisdom, but if you are a child of God, let your brethren also grow - this clearly means that there is no room for our fleshy worldly character(like jealously, arrogance selfishness)

>> Jealousy creates all trouble - let not your face change when your brother is blessed, rejoice alongwith him, that is the mind of the Lord.


Verse 5 – same mind of Jesus – our scale or goal


Verse 6 – Even though he was God, He did not show any resistance or dislike, but according to the will of the Father –

>> Laid aside all His divine form and power

>> Took the form of a servant(to minister-verse 7) for the redemption of mankind

>> Made into the likeness of man – a very humble birth – not in a palace (as Jews expected)-verse 7

>> Humbled himself (verse 8)

>> Became obedient unto death (verse 8)


** Being in the form of God – Ish 9:6, John 1:1, 14

Heb 1:8 – God from the beginning (also verse 3,4)

Proverbs 8:30 – Jesus was beside Father as a Master craftsman, in the creation, from the beginning

Rev 1:8 – I am the Alpha and the Omega (when John turned to hear the sound, he saw Jesus- verses 13-16)


Verse 7 – Who made himself of no reputation

>> people called him – carpenter, son of mary (born without a father, according to jewish they never call a person by the mother’s name – its an insult, always by father’s name.)

>> my Lord was tossed to and fro from different courts and judgment seats again and again, even though there was no sin in Him.


>> Creation spit on creators face, blasphemed(insulted) him), tore his dress

>> By Lord’s wisdom(difference of Lords wisdom and man’s is how high heaven is above the earth) and words, he could keep their mouths shut and escape from the judgment, but for our deliverance and for our sins, Like a lamb going to be slaughtered, Lord did not utter a single word, but as an example for us – endured it –  Ish 53:2,3, 7,      For us - 1Peter 2:24,25


**** My dear brothers & sisters – When Christ paid such a great price, can we not pay a little price to obey His words and , stand faithful for Him and to be like HIm. Let us be a cool to the heart of our Lord, instead of being like the Israelites.


Verse 8 – He humbled himself. That humbleness should be in us – Math 11:29 (learn from me), also in 2Cor 10:1

Lord’s obedience – Even though he was God, as an example for us(obedient till death)- Heb 5:8,9;    10:5-7

>> In our life – if it is to obey Satan’s counsel or to live worldly, there’s no problem, but to obey Lord’s voice, we have to fight with the power of darkness and overcome

>> 2Cor 10:5 – casting down every high thing that rise against Lord’s will.


Verses 9 & 10 – Because of His humbleness and obedience, God lifted him up

>> James 4:10 – Humble yourself in the sight of God

>> 1Peter 5:6 – Humble under His almighty hand

God lifted him up in heaven and on earth – to the highest position – name above all names – that every knee will bow down and mouth confess.

(Please don’t call him – NEE in your prayers or songs)


Verse 11 – 1 John 4:2,3 – Every mouth should confess – then only eternal life.

Almighty God – Don’t say that its impossible by my Jesus, and don’t fear satan, Fear the Lord.


Verse 12 – As you have always obeyed ( the word – just as it is), Paul says – not to show me but to be Lord’s beloved, you know how wonderful your life will be, when we obey what the Lord speaks to you.

>> Work out your own salvation – no one will help or even encourage, only discouragement from every side, but its your responsibility to be faithful to the Lord’s counsel and plan for you otherwise the hand of the Lord will be against you – that is something to fear and to tremble – Heb 4:1 – have a fear.

>> Rom 6:22 – When you work out, the fruit (result) is holiness and at the end everlasting

>>>> Heb 4:1 – Heaven is a promise – don’t be short of it

>> Why should you – 1Peter 1:4-9, 13-16 (Plan of God)


Verse 13 – For it is God who plans and works out His plans, you have no option to chose, what to do and which way to go.

>> So plan is lord’s, and the our work should be for God’s pleasure.

>> also in Rom 9:16

>> For those who are called with a great heavenly calling you cannot do or live like others, you have to be different, according to the guidance of the Holy spirit

Gen 6:3 – Holy spirit will not always argue with us (it will leave us whenever we continue in disobedience- our heart – then it wont be empty, immediately evil spirit will occupy the place, that when we lose interest in heavenly matters and finally spoils the name of the Lord)


Verse 14 – Obey the Lord and do the work of the Lord without murmuring, don’t look at it in a different angle ( in the worldly way)

>> We are not called to analyze the word of God according to the knowledge of the world – how the gentiles do, but as his children – blindly believe and you will see the glory of the Lord – John 11:40, Ps 25:3, 34:5.

>> If we are born of him, surely we will understand and obey without a second thought or  any ‘BUT’ or ‘What If’ .

>> John 8:42 – Jesus asks - Why don’t you always understand my words


Verse 15 – Blameless – 1 Thess 3:13 (till the end to establish you)

Eph 5:27 – without any wrinkle or spot – blameless

>> We live in the midst of a perverse generation – Luke 9:41, Acts 2:40

Perverse meaning – going away from what is good – like a waterfall – towards the flow- where majority is going.


Verse 16 – Sure – every effort of mine (to change and to change others) will be rewarded, on that day

2Cor 5:10 – Everyone should stand before His throne

Math 5:11,12 – great is your reward


Verse 17 – He is writing from prison, fully offered himself for the kingdom of God and made God happy  - He is not sure if this is his last (beheaded) or will again be set free to preach the word


Verse 19 – onwards about Timothy


Verse 20 –his sincerity towards God and his work – think verse 16


Verse 21 – All other servants of God became selfish

There’s a reason they become like this, they are in the battlefield front, so the fighting and temptation for them is many times more, they are not super natural beings, they are just like everyone, so our prayer support, covering and encouragement is always needed

Jesus says – Mathew 9:37, 38 – Pray to the Father for Faithful laborers, also in Luke 10:2


Verses 22-24 – About Timothy

**Acts 16:1 – half greek,  verse 2- good report

**2Tim 1:5 – full of Faith,  1Tim 4:14 – Neglect not this gift in you

**Heb 13:23 – He was also imprisoned for Christ

**He whole heartedly served the Lord – Philip 2:19-21 – For everyone seeks their own matter – but for Timothy – it is Lord’s matter.(This is the mind of Jesus, Lord poured pout his life for us, loved us whole heartedly - let us examine ourselves – how much of that mind we have)



Verse 25 – Epaphroditus – even though he was a gentile, Paul’s says about him as his brother and co-worker, look at love of God coz we are all adopted into His family and made us all equally His children, Now we all have the same Father and the same eternal address or home


Verses 26 & 27 – Epaphroditus – He was a fellow worker of Paul – again said in Philip 4:18

>> He was almost on deathbed, but his time was not over, so God healed him

>> Paul is thanking Lord for his deliverance, otherwise on the top of his suffering in the jail, he also would have to suffer this pain also – if anything had happened – Look at his brotherly love.


Verses 28 & 29 – Give him a warm welcome, because he is coming to you as a victor(trusting in the Lord)


Verse 30 – He ministered to me(even though he was weak), Paul thanks him for bringing the gift all the way from Philippian church to the Roman jail.






Here Paul is warning them of a danger, which Satan is planning in the Philippian church.

>> Lots of beware – Paul is speaking against the traditional and corrupt ministers, ministering in the name of the Lord, but Paul is bothered about the believers, who are believing what they are saying.


Verse 1 – Whatever happens – Rejoice in the Lord (1Thess 5:16)


Verse 2 – Beware of Dogs(many times in the bible – eating what they have vomited (2Peter 2:20-22) – knowing the truth, but not living according to it.

Evil workers – In Timothy its says, they say fables and jokes (1Tim 1:4,7)instead of speaking in the spirit, to make people happy. In 2Cor 11:13 – deceitful workers- they give importance to works rather than faith – 2Tim 2:2-4

Mutilation – to make splits or groupism’s.


Verse 3 – Paul says – We are the circumcision(special & separated) – so they might have been Jews forcing the people into traditions rather than the work of the Holy spirit.

Col 2:11 – we are the circumcised(not according to the jewish custom – In O.T it was just a matter of outside or bodily work) – not by the act, but by sanctification – putting off sins.


>> Worshiping God – not by works, but by the spirit.

>> Gal 5:18, Rom 8:14 – If you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law, then you are the children of God.

>> John 4:23,24 – Those who worship God must worship Him in Truth and in Spirit.


Who have no confidence in flesh –

>> So if you want to rejoice in the Lord – do not trust in flesh

Jerem 17:5, 7 – Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord and who puts his hope in the Lord - Cursed is the man who trust in man and in this world.


Verse 4 –Paul says I have more to trust or to be proud of, or to boast more than you all – but I will only trust in the Lord


Verses 5 & 6 – circumcised on the 8th day

Of the stock of Israel – Benjamin tribe (most loved)

Pure Hebrew concerning law

A Pharisee concerning zeal – he was persecuting Christians

Zealous of his traditions and the ways of his fathers

>> But at this time Lord touched him and asked him – Why are you persecuting me ??? – He thought by following all these traditions he was pleasing God.


Verse 7 – What benefit – No benefit  so I counted it loss (forsook it) for the glory of Christ (for the work of the Lord to be revealed in me)


Verse 8 – When he saw the glory of god, he understood that his good life and good works were like filthy rags (Ish 64:6) in front of God.

>> COUNTED IT AS RUBBISH - Counted all other things loss – Nothing greater

>> Many things he had to put away(as loss) to get this gain. He understood that all others were against the truth.

You alone are true – O Lord – Your word lead us to that eternal truth.

>> When he found that what he was following was false and waste, he completely forsook it.

>> Forsook it for the excellence of the knowledge of God

>> Acts 9:17-20, 22 – Completely his life changed in a day – the day he was anointed, he was filled with a knowledge and boldness to speak for the Lord, whom he hated till that day. He increased in wisdom and boldness day after day.


Verse 9 –(My own righteousness) - All what he had was the law, some philosophy, a position as a Pharisee and Sanhedrin council member, and his dual citizenship and his own righteousness.  But what he gained was 10,000 times better and much valuable than it, then he also escaped from Lord’s wrath.

>> Lord’s righteousness – will be on us when we are faithful (If un-faithful – To the crooked and wicked Lord is also wicked.)

Not by our works, but by faith – Gal 2:16

By the faith in Jesus does not mean – simply use Jesus name always for all our matters, but completely obeying His words and trusting in Him only.


Verse 10 –so that I may - Know Him –

Before maybe we have only heard of him ( as Job says in Job 42:5,6, till now he only had heard about the Lord, but when he went through the training, he says in the last chapter – till now I only heard of Him, but now my eyes see Him, when he understood how great the Lord was, Job denied(humbled) himself and repented.

But now, we know him more because we have joined into His body (the body of Christ) and we are changing day by day to be more like Him. We get this knowledge more by reading the Bible, hearing His sweet voice in our personal prayers, experiencing as we trust in Him. Lord will also share the deep things of His heart as we move more closer to Him.(Draw near to Him and He will draw near to us). Christian experiences is centered only on Christ.

If you know him, you will walk and live with Him – Gal 2:20

>> The power of His resurrection – Rom 8:11, Acts 4:33,13

>> fellowship in His suffering – it’s a must – 1Thess 3:3 – you are appointed for it.

Philip 1:29, 30 – from the day Paul was born again – suffering became a part of him (if it is not there in your life, you have to be afraid – you have moved away into the highway)

Luke 9:23 – Jesus says, If you want to follow me, daily deny yourself, daily take up the cross and daily follow me.

>> 1Peter 5:9,10 – All this God allowed suffering in your life is not to destroy you, but to perfect, establish(so that you will never be moved) and strengthen you.(also 1 Peter 2:21).

>> being conformed to His death – full submission to the will of Heavenly Father

>> All those who to live Godly will have to go through suffering – 2 tim 3:12 (also read 2:12)


Verse 11 – However (with full concentration) I want to attain resurrection from the dead.

>> When Jesus comes, only the faithful and chosen ones will resurrect. For that in this world also we need a separation – Eph 5:14 (also verse 8, 10(only do the things acceptable by God)), 11).

All the saints maintained their special life with separation, which made them acceptable to God – Daniel 1:8 – He did not defile himself with the worldly – that’s why Jesus joined them in the worship in fire.


Verse 12 – Because I am called (Christ has laid hold of me) – now no other way out – I too have to attain it

>> Run in a way that you obtain the prize – 1 Cor 9:24  - Fulfill the work – you have started the race and don’t finish – how shameful and great loss – I Press on – force myself forward with all might

>> Many a times we compare ourselves with other Christians, But Paul is always examining himself with Jesus Christ – who accomplished the mission(will of the Father) – and attained the highest glory – The name above all other names.

>>  And we are always satisfied with what we are spiritually, don’t want to grow more. Here Paul a mighty man of God says, still I did not attain it and I am not completely perfect(according to the Lords call)

>> Ps 42:1,2 – Look at that extreme desire and thirst – As a deer panteth for waters

>> When we still worry about a lot of tensions – Jesus told Martha – Luke 10:41, 42 – choose the good path.

>> 2Tim 2:4 – A good soldier (so most of them are bad) does not interfere in life affairs – then only you can make your Captain happy.

>> Again we can see David’s desire in Ps 27:4 – Only one thing I desired – To be in thy presence all my life (heavenly desire)


Whenever called and anointed children of God go away from their calling, immediately beatings from the Lord, that’s the case always – in Old and new testaments and in our life.


Verse 13 – Forgetting those things behind – Forgetting completely (if a little stays, it will pop up) so brain wash and be a new person, From what your fathers followed or practiced to the living word of God guided by the Holy spirit.

>> Reaching forward – to those ahead – you won’t simply get it where you are sitting or standing – but reach forward – towards which side – closer to the Lord – again next step closer – with a lot of tries and effort, and with an immovable decision – then only we can achieve it.

>> James 4:8  Draw near to him and he will draw near to you


Verse 14 – I press forward – you have to force yourself

>> UPWARD CALLING OF GOD - Not an ordinary calling ( as Kings and Priest – Rev 5:10 )

Not a mass selection – But a great upward (heavenly calling) – more thinking and working for the kingdom of God – Run in a way that you obtain it(1 Cor 9:24)

>> Our calling – 1 Cor 1:9 – fellowship (friendship) not with this world

>> 2 Tim 4:7,8 – if you finish your course – prize otherwise


IN VERSES 12 – 13 – 14 – Press on – Reaching forward – Press toward (we have to do it)


Verse 15 –  verses 8-14 – many mysteries – press on – reach forward etc

In the above verses Holy spirit was telling us –

** Separate from the dead (those who don’t have life)

** Once you know the truth, don’t go back

** Forget the things behind and run towards the goal (all what we get in this world are perishable) – run to obtain it

>> Now Paul is telling – only those who are spiritually MATURE – will understand. If you (who are called) think otherwise, God will make you understand (that would be painful).


Verse 16 – Everyone should have the same rules (decision) and same mind – unity in spirit

>>  Walk by the rules – 2 Tim 2:5 – No crown or No prize unless you strive lawfully  (every one should have the same rule and the same mind)

Always rules don’t make us happy or that is where we rebel. But in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, every saint of God have only obtained heavenly blessing by being submissive and completely obedient to the counsel of God.

>> These days people have money, wisdom and world to support – Then why God – You ask all the Israelites – who were killed in the desert by God. Because of their disobedience, Lord said in His wrath – None of them will enter into my land.

>> Out of approx 20,0000 Israelites who travelled through the desert (they had no UNITY only MURMURING), only 2 families )Joshua and Caleb) reached the promised land (Num 14:28-30). So was it for these 2 families that Moses was trained first for 40 years then ministered for an other 40 years. (No unity – not at all happy – always murmuring) – RATIO – 1 :10 lakh

In Jude verse 5 – it says – The same Lord who saved the people, later destroyed them because they didn’t believe.


Verse 17 – Make spiritual children your example – Having fellowship with spiritually minded people.

Heb 13:7 – Remember those who have taught you, the word of God, follow their faith.

Many times in Corinthians, Paul has said – Imitate me

>> Many people say – Follow my words – Easy to teach – How many people can say – Imitate me.


Verses 18 & 19 – Paul is weeping about MANY (majority of Lord’s children – not gentiles coz it is an epistle for the church) - have become

·        ENEMIES of the cross of Christ -

When we think of the cross  - what comes first is He died for us on the cross and he showed his love towards us – Rom 5:8

So the message of the cross – is not a very desirable one but it reminds us of the Shame, Curse (cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree),Obedience (He humbled Himself and was obedient to the Father till death), Suffering (more than what a man could bear) and finally Death (the whole program of salvation is based on the this death). We also ought to die or crucify ourselves to the lust and passions of this world.

>> Son of man came to 1 John3:8

>> 1 Cor 1:18 – The message of the cross is foolishness to many, but to those who believe it is the power of God.

>> That is why through the Holy spirit Paul says in Gal 6:14 – Boast in the cross of Christ only


·        Whose God is their BELLY (own matters – selfishness – living for themselves) -

Because servants of the Lord speak what people like and the whole church become focused to this world and themselves. The Bible says – Rome 16:17,18 - Avoid them.


·        They are PROUD(glory) and happy in what they should be really ashamed of (they are Lord’s children, not to live to spoil His name, when they are spiritually backsliding – they don’t care)


·        Set their mind on EARTHLY (worldly) things –

But don’t forget that we are called to set our minds on heavenly things – Col 3:2, Rom 8:5 (in verse 6,7 – finally death and enmity with God).


·        Their END is DESTRUCTION -

When Lord says  - its is destruction means – that is it. No one can save you – Lord means He will cut off your name from the book of the living and your relationship with God gets cut eternally – If you have any of the above mentioned problem in your life.

Rom 6:23 – Wages of sin is DEATH but the Gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE.


·        Lament 1:12 – Bro & Sis - Don’t you have any burden or pain that many are becoming the enemies of the cross



Verses 20 & 21 – The reason that we should be different is that our citizenship is in heaven. Here we are strangers – whatever God has given us – we are just the keepers of it - to use it  - in the courtesy (grace) of God.

>> So here Holy spirit reminds us, our focus should be towards heaven and eagerly wait for Him. The whole creation waits for the coming of the Lord – Rom 8:19, 22, 23 – like a woman with labour pains (no other desire – what she has waited for 9 months should come out one moment earlier). – and isn’t this what we have been waiting for – from the day we accepted Jesus and came to know about the heavenly inheritance. The day our body is going to be redeemed and we will join Jesus.

>> Only foolish people (always fooled by Satan – from day one) forgets all these Godly plan  – when we they some worldly things ( which is perishable and disposable) . – Let us not be one among them.

>> EAGERLY Wait - Lord reminds us to wait for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ – Titus 2: 12,13, 2Peter 3:11-14, Look for him – Heb 9:28.

>>Look at these wise people in the Bible who were FOCUSED to receive what God kept for them.

·        Abraham – Heb 11:9,10

·        Moses – Heb 11:24-27

·        Jesus – Heb 12:2 – Looked at the joy before him

>> our lowly body – which we give a lot of importance – in the twinkling of an eye – only the spotless and blameless will get – the same glorious body of Jesus.

>> by which power – by the same power (almighty power) which he subdued every under Him, no other power or name above His name. The Lord who said I am who I am.






Verse 1 – For every Pastor and bible teacher – it is their joy and crown when believers become strong and separated. Again in 1 Thess 2:19,20. So the fruit – when a person is transformed to the standards and scale of the word of God and to the image of Christ – that’s when a servant of God (servant) and the owner God (Lord has purchased us so we are not our own) is HAPPY. Otherwise when we live according to this modern world Christian trend and traditions – as told above in 3:18,19 - their end is destruction.

Longed for brethren – that was Paul’s only desire


Verse 2 – Paul says – I exhort these sisters to be of the same mind, coz Paul knows in a gathering – if we are of different mind and vision, God will not do anything among us.

>> Paul knows the mystery of unity that’s why he request the church – 1Cor 1:10, Eph 4:1-3


Verse 3 – Paul request the church or an anointed person (name not mentioned) to help these 2 woman in coming out of their misunderstandings (satan breaks unity). These women are called with a special calling, and there was a time when they labored for the Lord in love and unity, Now satan has binded them to destroy their spiritual unity, confuse many and spoil the name of the Lord.

>> Jesus clearly says in Math 5:23-24, before worship, first clear all the misunderstandings, then come and worship, in verse 25,26- otherwise you will be judged.

Again in Math 5:9 – Blessed are the peace makers, for they are the children of God.

>> Paul says – Clement and all other fellow labourers have their name in the book of the living. So two things are clear

** Those who labour for the kingdom of God, your names will surely be written in the book of the living – At the same time if you are making politics or division in churches or team – you are working against God –so He will be against you.

** Paul only had fellowship with and worked with those who were living a life worthy to be in the book of the living, not with simply namesake worldly minded Christians.


Verse 4 – Rejoice not with the world, but in the Lord…….then you will have inexpressible joy (1Peter 1:8,9), Paul is writing this(the epistle of Philippians) in jail, so no home food or stay but in chains, no one to comfort him or encourage him, but the spirit of the Lord. Here he tells Rejoice and again Rejoice – He has abundance of joy (overflowing) tHe has anundance He Hi;io;odfk


o give us and all the world (those who read this verse).

>> Habakkuk 3:17-19 – even if there are no fruits or there is no cattle in the sheds – still I will rejoice in the Lord.

>> David’s experience – Psalm 4:7 – when you work and live for the Lord


Verse 5 – As the Lord’s coming is near – it is clear from this verse that a lot of things will come in our life to make us explode, that is why Holy spirit reminds us to be gentle ( Let the world know you by your meekness).


Verse 6 – Be troubled in nothing, it is satan who works in our life to make us simply think this and that. Our heart is not a place for satan to process all worries – it is a place for Lord to reside in all fullness and glory, that when we will be filled with the abundance of exceeding joy (which the world cannot understand)

>> Real faith in the promises of God and a troubled anxious heart will not go hand in hand (Lord knows everything what happens in our life)

>> If we are troubled simply like gentiles – in Math 6:30, 32, 34 – If we worry Lord calls us - O ye people of little faith - it is gentiles who simply worry – and in the last verse Jesus comforts us.


>> With thanksgiving let your request be known to the Lord. When our prayers are in the spirit, only what God allows will we pray.

>> Luke 17:16 – Jesus healed 10 lepers, only one came back and thanked the Lord. Today also the ratio is the same.

>> To thank or praise the Lord, its become a shame for us these days. From the starting of a meeting to the end, if we keep on praising the Lord, satan cannot take our concentration away and we will hear the strengthening and comforting voice of God. So with our prayers and at all times – let us praise the Lord.


Verse 7 – When we are disobedient to the voice of God, we have fear, and fear takes our peace away. But here it says Lord will guard us from all fear and confusion which tries to put in our heart.

>> Look at Daniel sleeping peacefully among lions, which the enemy planned. As Daniel is sleeping with heavenly peace and assurance, the king is troubled without sleep and walking up and down. This is how the Lord works – Heavenly peace that surpasses (overtakes) all your understanding (and the worlds).

>> To receive this heavenly blessing, let us be completely obedient to the Lord – 2 Cor 10:5 – all that exalts against the knowledge of God, let us bring into captivity by our obedience in the Lord.


Verse 8 – Only think which is true(word is the truth), noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report(as a representative of heaven), of any virtue(benefit to God), which is praise worthy (not by man, but by the Lord). Meditate or fully concentrate only on these things – means your efforts, time and vision should be only heavenly then only you will spiritually grow.


Verse 9 – Its easy to teach and preach but to live according to it – we have to strive(work hard). Paul not only taught, but through his life – he proved the word. Let us take into our life the strong vision and good decisions from faithful and anointed children of God – ( Learned – Received – Heard – Saw )


Verse 10 –Paul is thanking them for the contribution this church started doing again for the ministry. For a long time, they had stopped – Paul did not ask or demand but maybe inspired by the Lord, they started this fellowship in contribution.


Verse 11 – In regard to his personal life Paul says – I am content(satisfied) in whatever situation – again in 1 Tim 6:6 (this satisfaction comes from the Lord)


Verse 12 – Paul tells from his experience – how to be satisfied always – abased and abound (lowliness and in luxuries) – whatever situation(now in chains) and in which ever place(now in jail) – hungry or full.

Satisfaction is not by will power or a strong mind – but by the Lord – John 15:5 – without me you can do nothing.


Verse 13 – What ever God allows me to go through – Christ is with me and I am strong

2Cor 12:9,10 – when I am weak – I am strong (coz the grace of Lord Jesus is sufficient for me in all my life)

Rom 8:28 – Al things work together for good


Verses 14 & 15 – When I was in need, no other churches supported the work of the Lord, except you. Paul is praising the Lord and thanking this church for their love of God.


Verse 16 – He is again mentioning thanks for the support this church sent for the work in Thessalonica. When he started his ministry there – (Paul even worked to support him partially – 2 Thess 3:7-10) – and partially this Philippian church also supported him.


Verse 17 – Paul is telling – not that I want – but your account be full. People always pray with this promise that let our barns be full – Prov 3:10 – but forget about the condition in verse 9 (only if you give your part to the Lord).


Verse 18 – If your offering to God has to be a sweet smelling aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God – it has to be a free-will offering (by full heart- not forcible)

Free-will offering – Ex 35:29, Levi 22:23, Ezra 3:5

>> This offering was send through Epaphroditus


Verse 19 – Paul is blessing them for their support


Verses 20-21  – with greetings to all those who joined him as a team – for the glory of God – once again proving that we are all part of the body of Christ.


Verse 22 – also all those who are in Caesar’s house – because he was in the emperors jail in Rome. Surely through him the light of the gospel and the spirit of Lord moved in jail and nearby areas – because of the anointment of the Lord in Paul.


Verse 23 – This epistle started with grace in Philip 1:2 and here ends with grace because the Grace of Jesus is most important in our Christian life.