From this epistle – we understand that Paul was alongwith Titus in Crete (Titus 1:5) for ministry. Now later Paul is writing to him – how this young evangelist should be as he works in Crete because Paul know the people there.

>> He is reminding the Titus and the church in Crete about the blessed hope (Titus 2:13) in Christ – as the people of Crete were always bothered about their matter.

>> Paul advised Titus and Timothy at the same time – as both these evangelist were built up on the word of God and put into ministry by Paul, now as they are also becoming shepherds or Pastor of church – so Paul is giving them an advice concerning churches. So Epistles to 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus are termed as Ministerial epistles.


>> About Titus – Gal 2:1-3 , then in Acts, in 2 Corinthians, in 2 Timothy




Verses 1-3  – Paul – introduces as a Bond servant (bound to obey and serve his master lifelong) as many of his Paul starts.

>> When he is a Bond servant to Jesus, he is anointed by God as an Apostle to the church

>> According to the faith of the elect – is not a common faith but a superlative degree of extreme faith. According to the faith and belief of those elected people who give all importance to holiness and His holy word.

>> According to the divine truth – which is not a lie

>> Manifested His word through preaching – in the needed time (due time).

So Lord mainly talks to us – when we hear the study or preaching form the Bible

**Paul says this word was entrusted to me by the Lord – I have no other option but to distribute as it was given – without any change

Rom 10:14 - How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?




Verse 5  – I left you in Crete because you should set things in order. And appoint eligible elders, as there were also branch groups of the main church in different cities which are nearby. So church is a ministry which should function very much in discipline and in order.

But usually what happens today is – many people come and go, the Pastor is not bothered what is happening in their personal life, the Pastor might have become like that because – if he tries to correct the believers – it might be a great headache for him and even he might be put out of the church.

But here Paul is exhorting Titus to put the things in order in the church, the Cretians are lazy and stubborn, they have their own way of doing things and are not maybe ready to accept a discipline or change in their life.


>> Lord is not bothered about who you are, or what you were, but now as Lord has called you, he wants to change us all to who He is – to His Holiness and Royal character.


Verses 6-9  – How a Pastor should be

7 – not greedy for money

8 – hospitable, self-controlled, holy

9 – >> holding fast to the faithful word (not to the verses which fulfill our dreams)

>> He should be able to explain the correct doctrine so that he can drive away false teachings from church. He should be able to exhort and convict according to the true word


Verses 10 & 11  – There are ministers in Crete – how are they –

>> Vain talkers

>> Deceivers – telling them the wrong way and cheating them

>> Their mouth has to be stopped – because they –

**some people – by the evil spirit – spoil many families – who were in peace

**having one thing in mind (their own benefit) they teach another thing – which they should never say.


Verse 12  – Now about the people – where Titus has to minister –

Liars (very common among believers now)

Evil beast – cruel

Lazy gluttons – lazy and eaters (big belly) – they are not hard working – like easy money – all focused on their needs and stomach.

As in a different parable apostle says – they serve their stomach – not Lord

>> Some people don’t like it when their faults are clearly exposed – but Paul has no other option – he doesn’t wasn’t their permission or acknowledgment for that – he wants the God chosen people to have a total change in their lives.


Verses 13 & 14  – this testimony about them is true

So rebuke them very strictly – so that -

·        They may be sound in faith

·        They do not give their ear to Jewish tradition (like todays Pentecostal tradition) - and finally turn from truth.


Verses 15 & 16  – Here according to the Jewish Christians – they still followed their old tradition – there were many meat, fish and things they didn’t eat or counted it as unholy, so here Apostle says – To the pure all things are pure. When Lord had purified it – why do you count it as filthy or sin.


>> Holiness is not in any food or tradition in life. It is according to the Holy word

Again there are two groups – One – who say they are Holy

Two – when God weighs them according to the word they prove Holy


For those who know desire separation and holiness and ask Lord for the grace, take new decision and keep it – they will slowly grow towards more holiness. (Rev - Let the Holy be more holy)


>> But there is a majority who always question back –

·        Why so spiritual

·        Why sanctification and edification

·        Why so much faith and trust in the Lord

·        Why to be fully obedient to the counsel of God

·        Why always studying the word of God

·        Why always worshipping in tongues

·        Why are there many things we cant do or have to stay away – why cant we live like other worldly people and a be member in the church.


Verse 16  – The people who are deviled and unbelieving –

Ψ They think they know God, but their life and works will prove that they are denying Him.

Ψ When God sees them – they are disobedient and not qualified for any work of God.





Verse 1  – Teach the proper doctrine – word with its discipline – the real true word.


Verse 2  – Older men  -   should be worthy to be feared and respected, sound in faith (if we are not serious in the word, faith and hope) – our children will be double cheaters (cheating  God). Sound in patience and love.


Verse 3  – Older woman –         serious in behavior, very much in truth and holiness , not babblers (very interested to discus others matters)

>> Teachers of good things – if you need to instruct you should be exemplary in your family life and a good testimony among your relatives and neighbours.


Verses 4 & 5  – To Younger woman –                         to do the work of home, the husbands and children = obedient to their husbands. Today many woman think it’s a shame, but look at what the Holy spirit says – it is the manufacturers law

>> So that the word of God may not be blasphemed


Verse 6  – Younger men  -          Be sober minded  (always understand who you are) and lead the family according to the perfect will of God – not the familys or friends will – but receive the counsel from God.


Verse 7  – There should be nothing wrong or blame in us – so satan or those who are trying and waiting to blame you – satan is patiently waiting for your fall.


Verse 8  – Again to Titus – let your teaching be blameless and serious. Let no one find mistakes in that.


Verses 9 & 10  – Let servants also be obedient to the masters, let them not rebel but be submissive. In all matters – even in our job matter – we have to be blameless. Believers think they can be anyway at workplace.


Verse 11  – Grace of God is to all these above groups – means to everyone.


Verses 12 & 13  – Looking for that blessed hope –

By denying  ungodliness (all that weakens us spiritually and makes us lose our confidence with God) and worldly lust.

>> And you live in this wicked world – in all soberly, righteously and godly.


>> If you don’t look at that blessed hope – you will lose eternity

Our hope is that – this world is not fit for me, it always weakens me and makes me sin (which makes God angry and punish me).

So our blessed hope is – that Lord will come and pick me out of this wicked – satan controlled world.


Verse 14  – Why is God demanding holiness from us –

Ψ He has redeemed us – from all lawless deeds (our old ways)

Ψ Then purified us for Himself –

Ψ As His own (His only) special people.

Ψ Made us zealous for God’s work


Verse 15  – This what you should teach

Ψ Teach this with all authority

Ψ And exhort them till correction (maybe we are not perfect but God and His word is perfect)

Ψ Let no one despise you (because authority is from God)





Verses 1 & 2  –  Paul exhorts Titus to tell the church in Crete to

>> obey those who rule over them

>> be ready for good work which the Lord tells them to do

>> to speak evil of no man

>> to be humble to all man


Verse 3  – Before we were all these following – but now as we know Christ – Lord and the world expects a great change in us.

>> Whatever is hidden in us – Lord gives us opportunities in between so that it pops out and we know that this old character was hidden in me, so that we take a decision on that matter


Verse 5  – we become saved not by our righteous works, but

By the washing of regeneration (baptism of water) and renewing of the Holy spirit (baptized by the spirit)

·        We are renewed daily, we always have a tendency to go back to the old


Verse 8  – A born again believer is not saved by our righteous work (its is like a dirty cloth in front of Lord), but a believer will be zealous in good works.


Verse 9  – If a man does not want to accept the truth, don’t enter into an argument or dispute with him, that will harm us and useless.


Verse 10  –If a person is divisive (very crooked – not straight – planning a lot underground) even after the second and third correction – REJECT HIM


Verse 11  – It is the hidden sin in them that make them like that.

>> Like when God asked Cain in Gen 4:6, 7