Reveal what was hidden or covered

Heb 1:1   God revealed at various times & ways

Revealed to John the apostle, son of Zebede ( Math 4:21 and 27:56)

Always with Jesus – JOHN (Peter, James and John)

>> 4 times in Rev 1:1,  1:4,   1:9,   22:8 – That JOHN wrote it


The blessing and greatness of studying Revelation is that – a day is coming soon that the bride of Jesus is going to be revealed. You have to be prepared for that and prepare others for that. It is the responsibility God has trusted every called and chosen person. You have to prepare others for their good, don’t think that its is for the goodness of Jesus (He is the Holy of the Holies) but for your good that you become wise virgins and be received by the bride groom. The marriage is going to happen soon – MARANATHA


1 John 3:3 - And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure



In Patmos & Heaven. About 96 AD at the reign of Emp. Domitian – (who never killed any Jew but exiled them), Some say Nero, but he used to immediately kill and his reign was around AD65.


Revealed to John, taken to heaven Chapt 1, To seven churches(Chapt 2, 3) in Asia minor (present Turkey) – in verse 4

Events after Rapture of church – 4,5

Seven seals – chapt 6,  7

Seven trumpets – chapt 8 – 13

Seven Vials (bowls or jar) chapt 14-18

The Marriage & Victory of the Lamb  chapt 19

Millennium – chapt 20

New heaven & earth chapt – 21

Conclusion – Behold I am coming quickly – chapt-22


>> It is a book for those who obey –

Rev 1:3 – Reads & hears – Blessed

Rev 22:7 – Blessed who keeps the words of Revelation

Rev 22:18 – If misinterpreted, plagues

Verse 19 – If any one takes away anything, his name will be deleted from the book of life, Holy city and from all blessing written in this book.


Reason for this Revelation – Hope and wait

Rev 3:11 Hold fast what you have I am coming quickly

Rev 22:12 - Behold I am coming quickly

Rev 22:20 – Surely I am coming,     Our reply should be – “Yes Lord come fast”


>> God Reveals to us –

>> Jesus tells Peter – Math 16:16,17 – Its no one else but the Lord who revealed this to you.

>> Math 11:25 – hidden to the wise, but revealed to us(babes)






Verse 1 -       > which God gave

> things which are going to happen quickly

> Christ revealed it through his angels


Verse 2 – John just revealed what he saw and heard.


Verse 3 – Blessed is he who reads, hears, keeps (it’s a book of spiritual blessing, that’s why satan’s fights as you study this book)


Verse 4 – 7 churches means – to all church

Lots of 7’s in this book – In the Bible 7 denotes – COMPLETE – so to all the churches in the world.

>> The 7 spirits before His throne –

Its is not 7 different spirits but the fullness of the Holy Spirit – which is again clear in Ish 11:2 – spirit upon him (what is the seven spirits – fullness of the spirit of God)


Again more 7’s we can see in Revelation - Rev 1:4,  3:1,  4:5,  5:6

Lamb  with 7 horn, 7 eyes and 7 lamps of fire.

>>  It just proves the fullness of Spirit –

That same spirit dwells in us - Rom 8:10, 11 – (Otherwise Dead) – if no spirit (Alma poornan)

>>  It denotes His fullness and power of the Lamb before His throne – even the judgment part – 7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 bowls


>>  Grace to you – we are not worthy(protection)

Peace – Rom 5:1

Grace and Peace – Col 1:2

Gal 1:3 – (Father, Son), Gal 5:22 (Fruit of Spirit)


Verse 5 -       >JESUS -        >Faithfull witness- John 8:14

                                                >First born of the dead – Col 1:18

                                                >King of kings – 1Tim 6:15


Verse 6 – made us Kings and Priest (1 Peter 2:5 – holy priesthood)

Rev 5:10 – kings & priest to reign on earth.


Verse 7 – Every eye shall see him – Gentiles and Jews


Verse 8 – Nothing was there before him and nothing after him (supreme power)

Alpha and Omega – first and the last

Many times in Revelation

In John 1:1,2 – In the beginning with God

John 8:58 – Before Abraham was I am

Micah 5:2 – who is from the old – everlasting

Prov  8:22-31 – Before the foundations were laid

Job 38:4 – Lord asks Job (all throughout the chap 38 & 39, 40 & 41)


Verse 9 – John 1:6,7,8 – About John, a man sent from God



 Even in Rev 2:9,10


Rev 5:10 – Kings and priest to reign over the earth

Rev 11:15 – World became Gods and He will reign on it forever and ever

Rev 20:6 – Blessed are those in first resurrection-Christians, we have no place in the second

Rev 22: 3-5, 7 – About his children and heaven (face to face – see JESUS face)

>> PATIENCE of Jesus Christ – endurance in the suffering of Christ (we should receive His patience)

Rev 2:3 – suffered and not tired

Rom 5:3,5 – tribulation worketh patience

Math 24:13 – endure (patient) to the last shall be saved

Acts 14:22 – Through many tribulations, one must go to heaven

2 Tim 2:12 – If we endure, we will reign with him

James 1:4 – Patience makes us complete


>> I was in Patmos (by the Lord) – (For the Lord) – all what happens in our life is surely by the Lord,

>> For a purpose – for the word of the Lord – for the testimony of the lord


PATMOS – A volcanic treeless rocky island about 6 x 10 miles, where great criminals were exiled to death, 40 miles near Ephesus town.

Today also called Patmos, it has 883 feet high hills. According to the census in 2001, there were only 3044 people living there. Few years he was there, then maybe when Emperor Domitian (at whose time he was exiled) passed away(AD 96), he was released.


>> John saw the Heaven in a strange and foreign land, where every situation was against him.

>Gen 28:17 (11-17) – Jacob saw heaven in a strange land – ANGEL-LADDER-BETHEL (in verse 19 – before that it was call LUZ )

>Exo 3:1,2 – Moses saw the burning bush –Mt.Horeb

>1 Kings 19:7 – In a strange land Elijah heard God’s voice – into the wilderness

>Ezekiel 1:1-7 – Ezekiel heard in land of Chaldean’s

>Even in Daniel - Whole chapt 7(In Babylon)

>Paul saw heavenly vision – 2 Cor 12:1-4 (I know a man taken to the third heaven) also verse 7

Acts 14:19, 20 - Paul stoned & dragged as a dead man–that might be the time when he saw heaven

2 Cor 11:24 – other times


Verse 10 – IN SPIRIT (4 times in Revelation)

1 – 1:10 – To reveal glorious Jesus (the figure of Jesus)

2 – 4:2 – To show things in heaven (glorious throne and presence) – I was in the spirit

3 – 17:3 – The bride of Satan – those who are with him – verses 4-6 – I was carried away in the spirit

4 – 21:10 – To show the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, it consist of the church(bride) – I was carried away in the spirit



Lords Day – In the emperors time(AD), they used to keep aside days to worship the Emperor and called the Augustian day etc. So Christians used to keep aside Sunday (day of resurrection) for worshipping Christ and called it the Lords day.

LORDS –in greek and syriac – it is “KURIAKOSE” meaning – Belonging to the Lord

only two times in the Bible – 1Cor 11:20(lords supper) and Rev 1:10(lords day) (Syrian names like Kurian and Kuruvilla are derivatives of this name)


·        So the Lord’s day here might be a Sunday, anyway in his loneliness and unfavorable condition, he was filled in the spirit and enjoyed the happiness of a glorious Sunday worship.

>> In verse 10 and 12 – Loud voice as of a trumpet –

When law was given to Moses also, a loud trumpet like voice came Ex 19:16, 19


Verse 11 – What you see exactly, write in a book

These days we need to receive from the Lord and exactly teach the people what Lord says, then only we become his spokesman.

>> More than 10 churches are told in the Bible, but these 7(complete) represents all the churches today.

To all the churches Lord has said – Those who have ears, let them hear – WHY


Verse 12 – I turned back to see the voice that spoke – 7 golden lampstands

Jesus standing between his churches wearing long garments, golden belt

>> Another example of a Turn Back – John 20:14-16 – Mary Magdalene

When she was crying, she was also searching Jesus. Turned back, saw Jesus, didn’t understand who He was. When He called, she understood. In her sorrow she was satisfied.


Verse 13 – Jesus in the middle of –

Math 18:20 – wherever 2 or 3 gather

If thousands gather, if not in His name, Jesus wont be there.


Verse 13-18   

>> John is now in the Heavenly land, so everything is Heavenly

>>  Loud and clear voice, like thunder

>>  12 specialties

Garment down to feet, Golden gird,  Head and Hair white,  Eyes like flame,  Brass feet, Sound like many waters,  In His right hand-7 stars, Two edged sword,  Face like sun,  First and the last,  Dead but now alive,  Have the keys to death & hades

Garments down till feet – In  O.T Kings, Priests and Prophets wore long dress, common man might have worn a more shorter and practical (for walking and working).

Our Lord is the King of Kings


Verse 14   – HIS HEAD AND HAIR – Daniel 7:9 -  white as wool (because He is Holy)


HIS EYES – flames of fire (nothing is hidden),

Jer 23:24 - can u hide from God,

Heb 4:13 – everything is naked in His eyes

God who sees everything– Ps 11:4, 33:18, 121:4, Due 11:12, 2Chron 16:9


Verse 15   – HIS FEET – like fine brass (burned in a furnace) – no compromise (for the truth or law)

To stamp the enemy – Ish 63:3

Ish 52:7 – Wonderful are the feet of those who proclaim the good news(gospel)


HIS VOICE – like floating waters

Strength and comfort – John 10:4 – His sheep understands his word

Roaring against enemies – Jer 25:30


Verse 16   – HIS MOUTH – double edged sword – Heb 4:12

>> Rev 2:16 – to fight with false teachings

>> 2Thess 2:8 – to fight with the evil force in Gentiles, slay with his breath

>> Luke 4:22 – words of Grace (lavanya)

>> Mathew 11:28 – comforting words – (I will give u rest)

>> Ish 49:2 – made me a sharp sword


HIS FACE – like sun

Math 17:2 – Mount of transfiguration

1Tim 6:15,16 – Un-approachable light

Malachi 4:2 – God shall be Sun of righteousness – (Healing in my wing)

Acts 26:13 – light from heaven touched Paul

Ps 84:11 – Sun and shield

>All this shows the godliness of God –

Our face also shine – Exo 34:29,30 – Moses face


Verse 17   – Because of Fear he fell down, In the whole bible around 80 times Lord is telling us – “Fear not”. When there is fear, we cant defeat Satan or grow spiritually, Satan gives all kinds of fear - Lord doesn’t make us afraid, He comfort and strengthens us.

>> All those who fell at his feet humbled themselves and their lives changed

>> He put His right hand upon them –

>Daniel 10:8-11 – Daniel - weak became strong (also verse 6 -  Jesus)

>Math 8:2,3 – Leper’s immediate deliverance

>Math 17:6,7 – Mount of transfiguration –Jesus touched them and they were strengthened.

>>  Math 10:28 - Jesus has keys of death then why being afraid of Satan and his works, give reverence to the Lord who has authority over your body and soul

>>  Ish 49:16 – I have engraved you in my palms (no satan can do or even near u, without the permission of God)

>> First and Last – Rev 2:8,  22:13,  Ish 41:4,  44:6, 48:12 – Lords specialty-unique


Verse 18   – I was dead but now I live – Proclamation of his resurrection and our’s (at the time of rapture)

Rom 8:11 – Power of resurrection

>Satan tried his best that Jesus would not resurrect, but at Lords appointed time – all the seals were broken, and the king of kings resurrected to His glorious throne.

>> Rev 4: 9,10-   (24 elders worshipped the one that liveth for ever, they put their crowns down)


>> Keys of Hades and death -

Heb - SHEOL,  Greek – HADES

All spirits are resting there, they cannot speak – dead cannot praise the Lord – Ps 115:17, Ish 38:18

(No more chance that’s why there’s no meaning in prayers offered)


Where will the OT saints go after death -

Gen 37:35(Heb-Sheol)in RSV  In O.T 65 times used

In some areas it is translated-Grave in English, its a mistake in trans because for Grave in Heb its KABAR

Also in 42:38, 44:31(About Jacob)


SHEOL (Padaalam)– Num 16:30,33, 1Sam2:6, Prov 1:12, Hosea 13:14, Ps 89:48, Ish 14:15, Amos 9:2, Ezekl 32:27 – some in RSV, some in KJV.


Again SHEOL in some translations - 2 Sam 22:6, Job 11:8, 17:16, Ps 16:10, 18:5, 86:13, 116:33, Prov 1:12, Ish 5:14, 14:11,15, 28:15,18, 38:10,18, 57:9, Jonah2:2(belly of sheol)


According to their knowledge, it was in the lower, in the Earth(the lowest sheol)

>> Some more important references – Gen 42:38, Ps 139:8, 30:3, Math 16:18


NT saints will go to PARADISE (whether it is in heaven or in earth, not sure)

Col 3:3,4 – All those who die in Christ will surely resurrect to glory, when he appears. (hid in Christ)

*We also don’t know if it in that Garden of Eden, which is now hidden to mankind and guarded by Angels.


HADES - Luke 16:23, Acts 2:27,31, Rev 1:18, 6:8, 20:13,14

>> Jesus said to the thief- Today u will be with me in Paradise(Luke 23:43),


(He went to Sheol(Math 12:40- 3 days ) and took all the OT saints(after preaching the Gospel – 1 Peter 3:19,20) to Paradise

(Also refer – 1 Peter 3:18-20,  Acts 2:31,32,27,  John 20:17,  Ish 61:1)


>> Heb 2:14 – through His death, He moved our death, v15 – saved all those who are under the fear of death.

NOTE -  You are not living under the mercy of Satan, but he is living under the mercy of our Lord.

>> Why are we loving our life and fearing death, we are in the hands of God(Ish 49:16-Engraved), seek His kingdom

Those who love their life shall lose it – Math 10:39, John 12:25


Verse 19 –seen, which are, and hereafter


Verse 20 – In His hands – seven stars (Greek-ANGELOS – messenger)

Angels(messengers) of the church – Pastors – 2 Cor 8:23


Pastors duty compared with the types of ANGELS -

>> Protect – (like Michael) –

Protect from Satan, false teachings(thru false prophets and teachers) and cover them with prayer, also feed them with what is needed for them – Acts 20:28, 1Peter 5:2,3

>> Messenger Angels – (like Gabriel) –

How I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, all the message which you needed (if u like it or not, how I revealed all what God told me to tell) – Acts 20:20, 27

>> Worshipping Angels - (like the Seraphims) –

They worship and make the people worship – John 4:23, Philip 3:3


The pastors are in the Hands(control) of Jesus, Church is His, not the pastors. Lord is the owner of every church, not the pastor or the committee or the director of any ministry(this is all man-made administration for their own benefit.

>> Pastors come and go but Lords build the church

– I will build my church, says the Lord the gates of hell will not prevail over it (Math 16:18)

>>Heb 13:7,8 – Lord has told to look at the pastor (whom God used to mould you) and learn spiritual values from them, and follow their faith.


Mystery of Stars – (Pastors)

>> Just like stars shine in the dark night, they should shine out with the light of the word of God.

>> Because they are the messengers of God, they should receive message from the Lord, and give it directly to the people (without adding or deleting)

>> Like a postman – passing on the message, no interpreting it to the convenience of the people.


>> Lord is great, He is also loving, but also a consuming fire,

so serve Him with all reverence - Heb12:28,29 (Only he is Reverend)

Philip 2:12 – With fear and trembling, work out your salvation.


Seven Golden lampstands – (Church)

>> The local church should be a light bearer in those areas, otherwise God will cut off.

>> Lampstands were used in the tabernacle to give light to the priest or who minister.

The church should be a great help to the ministers to minister.






Verse 1 – Mathew 16:18 – I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail it.


EPHESUS – near Smyrna and Patmos, famous business city, big port, main road to Rome.

Rich town, Had a population of 2,50,000 people in first century, making it the second largest city after Rome,  Now this place is a miserable Turkish village  3 km from Selçuk district of Turkey, only ruins and no Christian churches – Rev 2:5 (How great you are, you disobey Lord orders, you r gone)

>> Temple of Diana or Arthemes- Acts 19:24-35 (27-which all Asia worshipped)(also 19 – centre of magic), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the structure of that temple still exist(Wikipedia), centre of gentile worship, pilgrim place (ARTHEMES Mother, 1000’s of Devdasi’s- from that system the catholic church had nuns), They believed Goddess fell from Jupiter or Zeus(Head of Gods), In Roman time, it was the capital of Asia, A big open stadium which seats 50,000 people(still there)(Wikipedia).

>> Paul struggled a lot with this Devil beast – 1 Cor 15:32

>> 2nd missionary journey, Paul stayed there some time – Acts 18:18-21

>> 3rd missionary journey, He came from upper coast and stayed there for 3 years(long time for hard working Paul) – Acts 20:31

Then Timothy was told to stay (1Tim 1:3), then John the Apostle(Revelation)

When this message was written, the church there was around 40-45 years old.

Lot of things earthed from Arthemes temple are in different museums, they always leave buildings and statues for ages as a mark, we don’t leave a mark here, but we leave a mark- where – Satans chest.

Selçuk district of İzmir Province, Turkey


Verse 2 – Praises about them, God says I know ur works, Lord tells this to all the 7 churches, Everything we do for the Lord, God knows, everything ( even small and un-noticed )is accounted.

WORKS – LABOR – PATIENCE (These should be balance) Some people have faith, but not in their character or works, sometimes the opposite.

A bout Ephesus

>> Cant tolerate Evil – they are in the second largest and modern city, but there zeal was strong, they guarded themselves from all wickedness.

They tested all the teachings(compared) with the word of God

You cant tolerate wicked (unfitful, good for nothing)

2 Thess 3:14 – If any man does not obey, no company with him

Titus 3:10 – If a man creates problem in church    -  put a mill stone around his neck – Luke 17:1-4

When we tolerate and keep on compromising, such a gathering will be a gathering of the unfitful, do not approve a person who is not right in the sight of God.

Acts 17:16 – When he saw the idols – he was stirred up

>> Lord first showed the good merits, then only the faults, means it was to correct, not to condemn, instead we would have shown the demerits first, to blame.

When his children back slide still my Lord calls him by sweet name and loves him, so through that life he will never repeat it again in his life. – Peter called other disciples and went fishing – John 21 : 5, 7, 12

Verse 15 onwards, 3 times – he called Simon son of Jonas, by his old name to remind him of the past. Till he submitted he kept on repeating the same, when he submitted gave him a great responsibility and reminded him why Jesus called him, that is when he became FIT.

>> Satan send these kinds of Apostles or Big preachers (as they call themselves) but Jesus says – they are liars (because they don’t teach what Lord tells them to teach) – they speak their own teachings which makes people happy.


Verse 3 – They suffered all problems but still with patience, looked only on the face of God

Even thought all tough situations came(allowed by the Lord) in their life, they did not become tired. Many people say, Is this why you have called me, please take me , it is enough – Even Elijah (tough man for Lord) – in 1 Kings 19:4. Will God say a good testimony about us that we did not murmur or become tired.

Your labors are not a waste – 1 Cor 15:58 – abounding in the work for our Lord


Verse 4 -  Here Lord says, come back to the first love –

Eg: After marriage, when husband comes home, looks on the wives face, where the centre of love is focused, After having few children, when he comes home, looks on the youngest, then the second, then the third, then finally his wife. – Our case is somewhat the same, lot of things came in between, when we were born again, your focus, hope, faith, love only on Christ

>> Here in 1 Thess 1:3 All needed qualities are there, but when Jesus speaks to Ephesus, everything else is there other than Love, which binds all the others together.


Verse 5 – Remember from where you have disobeyed,

Today when the spirit reminds No one accepts, same happened to the people in Ephesus

First servants of the Lord going away – 2 Cor 11:3 (I fear how serpent cheated Eve, your minds become corrupted from the simplicity of Christ)Devil slowly binds the preachers, then the believers

>> REPENT – HUMBLE – and come to the LORD

1 John 3:18 – Do the first work (Love not in words)(Not by words and in tongue but in deed)

Otherwise I will remove the candle stick from its place, no heaven

Today Lord is out of the church, and no Holy spirit

Like a field without rain, Churches exist, but spiritually dry, no flow of Holy spirit, it is Holy spirit that makes our life green – John 7:38 – rivers of living waters.


Verse 6 – NICOLAITANS (Acts 6:5)-a proselyte(a person who came from gentile to Judaism), He and his group tried to make it in the OT style (when he became spiritually weak – his old ways came up) where the priesthood had power over the common people, but according to the new testament,

(when he became spiritually weak, his old came up)

1Peter 2:4,9 –royal priesthood,

1Peter 5:3-not to rule over them, but be example to them.

It finally became a sect where they gave importance to the priesthood dress, accepted many pagan or gentile rituals into the church, sisters (devdasis in Ephesus) and many local customs.

(The founder NICOLAUS is one among the seven called to minister on tables(Acts 6:5).

Two people – Stephen & Nicholas – look at the difference

Let us submit ourselves to preserve the teachings by our Lord

Rev 2:14, 15, 20 – similar to doctrine of Balaam & Jezebel


Verse 7 – Many hear but don’t obey, Reward is only for the overcomers (victorious)

>> Paradise of God-NT 3times- Luke23:43, 2Cor 12:3,4, Rev2:7

The dwelling place of God, His throne, our eternal dwelling place

Tree of life – for eternal life – Gen 2:9 (tree of life in the midst of the garden)

Gen 3:22, 24 – God drove them away, so that he should not live in sin forever.

Both these were kept for mankind, after the test ( if they are worthy for it, relationship with God, on whose side will they stand).


Verse 8 –  SMYRNA - 35 miles North to Ephesus, second largest richest city, In AD 178 it went through a great earthquake, then later a flood. The church in this place also went through a lot of persecution. A senior servant of the Lord Polycarp (age86) was searched , caught and brought to trial, they thought, killing this person would stop the spreading of Christianity. When he was caught to be killed, he asked 1 hour time to pray. He heard the voice of Jesus-“Be of good courage”. First he was lit as a torch, still not dying, Each time Emperor was asking, you are 86, at this age, but he replied, “all these years He did only good to me, then how will I deny Him”. Hearing his testimony many came to the Lord. Finally a soldier pierced him with spear. Polycarp was a disciple of John,


>> The only church – about which NO SIN was written by the Lord (so when we go through great tribulation – it means we are still with the Lord – and in His ways.

>> But usually we see – when its all a little settled – immediately arrogance, competition, lies, jealousy – our old comes back.

>>  Whose message - from Jesus who died, and now lives. This message of resurrection gives hope for those whose relatives died and for those who are going to give their lives.

First & last – I control everything


Verse 9 – Tribulation - Heb 2:18 – Jesus is sharing his experience (Lord went through, He is ready to help us)

>> Heb 4:15 – Jesus was also tempted in everything except sin, we thot we were only suffering

Also read Acts 14:22 and 1 Peter 2:21 – we are appointed for this – we have to follow the foot steps of Jesus.


Poverty but u r rich – James 2:5 – not to be rich in this world, but rich in faith, that’s why he put financial problem in our life. (If riches increase, Faith in the Lord is sure to decrease)

(Poor in the world – rich in Faith. Only when we have needs, there is a need for faith)

2 Cor 6:10 – poor – rich,   sorrow - joy

Peter & John told the lame man – Silver & gold don’t have, but the authority of Christ (In church or in family, when money comes up, spirit & word comes down.

2 Cor 8:1,2 – Liberality in their poverty


Jews – They were against the Christians here, the same thing also happened in Antioch – Acts 13:50,   Iconium – Acts 14:2,5, Thessalonica-Acts 17:5.

God called them the church of Satan – Priest dress, churches(synagogues), law, many discipline but no spirit, so it became evil and controlled by Satan

>> They were only Jews outside(not inside – Rom 2:28,29)- Hypocrite

>> I know all the suffering you are going through, We think God is not seeing, that is why we remind him through prayer & words


>> How to win over Satan – ( as a roaring lion, resist the devil) – Don’t be afraid of Satan

>> Acts 4:8, 13,14, 31-34 – Peter became so powerful after anointment, and the church was spirit-filled. Acts 5:15 – Shadow of Peter, the same peter denied Jesus 3 times and went back to old job before anointment.


Verse 10 –

>> Rev 12:11 – Blood of lamb, the words of their testimony - did not count their lives dear

Math 4:1-11 (Jesus tempted)– By the word, John 1:14(Word=Jesus) – so by Jesus.

Eph 6:18, 19 – By Prayer which is the armor of God

>> Word and spirit should be balanced, some only know word and some only spirit.


10 days – suffering for a few days ( bracket period), Lord has defined the time for it- for all our disgrace.

In the time of ten emperors

>> Rom 8:18 – suffering(tribulation God allows to test us) of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the great glory which is going to be revealed in us.

>> 2 Cor 4:17 - This light affliction, but for a moment is works for a exceeding eternal glory


>> Be faithful till the end – then crown of life

2 Tim 4:7,8 -  Paul says about his crown


Verse 11 –


Second death – Rev 20:14 – eternally relationship cut from God, for ever and ever.

That is the second death – Rev 21:8

That is why in Math 10:28 – Fear Lord who can kill your body and soul and put you in hell


PERGAMOS – main town in MYSIA, 50 miles north to Smyrna & 20 km from the Mediterranean sea. On the 800 feet high mount, this town and the Acropolis or Athens temple, a 40 feet high altar is there(Wikipedia – photos are there, also in ), where 24 hour sacrifice goes on it. This was the Pergamon deity – ASCLEPIUS(god of healing & The Savior), So they had to speak very boldly that Jesus was the only Savior. There was a very big library with the largest collection of books at that time – 2 lakh books(wiki), there is a legend that later Mark Antony gifted it as a wedding gift to Cleopatra, clearing all the shelves.


>> Verses 12-Intro, 13- Praise, 14& 15- Fault, 16-Warning & Exhortation, 17-promise


Verse 12 – Lord introduces - 2 edge sword – Heb4:12-Lord says with authority, otherwise punishment

Rev2:16 – With the sword of my mouth

Luke 2:35 – Bring out the thought of your heart – Rev 19:21

He makes me(my mouth) His sword – Ish 49:2     - after a lot of sanctification.

Ish 6:5-10 – Isaiah sanctified


Verse 13 – Lord praises them - Satan’s throne – big altar, also because of the big Satan’s fight there – where satan dwells

>> Jesus called Satan 3 times – Ruler of the world – John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11

John & Paul also calls him – Ruler of this world - 2Cor4:4, Eph 2:2, 1John 4:3,4

Each period(era) he finds a region to make his throne – Daniel 10:13 – Prince of Persia

>> In the beginning it was Egypt, the Babylon (persia), then Rome(at Jesus time), then U.S, then we don’t know who.

Our Lord knows where we are dwelling so grace is also given accordingly,

In Rom 12:2 – Do not be confirmed(fashioned) to this world

James 4:4 – Friendship with world is enmity with God


Hold fast to my name – Very important

Which NAME – The name above all names, the name where all knees will bow

Acts 4:12 – The only name to get saved

When 2 or 3 gather in His name – Fellowship – Round table conference, otherwise worldly – problem

Rev 3:3 – Hold fast what u have Received & heard, I will come unexpectedly

>> In Christian life we have to hold on – that’s why endure till the last.


My Faith(Did not Deny) – what Lord is teaching us – His faith

ANTIPAS – faithful martyr (history says he was burned in an Ox like altar, made of brass(wiki photos)

Math 10 :19 – 23 – verse 22 – Hated for my name

Verse 19:29 – 100 fold blessing


Verse 14 –Now their fault - They tried to be worldly later

1)                Doctrine of Balaam & 2) Nicolas (Acts 6:5) called along with Stephen (look at their differences)


The false doctrine which later came to the churches were worshipping cross, angels & saints, Mary, Priesthood dress, last prayers(andhya koodasha) and prayers after death(they started teaching about a place where they purify souls), sisters( which they call kanyasree or virgins) so that the real church won’t be bride.


(Num chapt 22-25) – The rulers of Midian & Moab hired this prophet Balaam to curse them. Isreal is getting ready to cross Jordan, to go to Canaan. Once Balaam was a lot useful to the Lord. Balak ( king of Moab) chose Balaam(a once spiritual man). God said, Don’t Go, again Balak send gifts. Again he asked, Please Lord, Then God said, Go but only tell what I tell you. Many hurdles Lord made, for him to understand, still he went, 3 times he could not curse, but blessed, Read the portion, He said – A people who stay separated from others, how can I curse a people whom God doesn’t curse, He told an idea to Balak, because he took his money & gifts. The idea is not written in Numbers but in Rev 2:14. To eat food offered to idols & immoral sexual works.


>> As long as Israel had separation in these, they were powerful, victorious and God was with them, Satan could not do anything to them. Final Balaam who was greedy, died with their sword Num31:8, his name was not written with his fathers, many times in Bible,

>> As a warning this incident is written in -

Numbers 25:1-18, Numbers 31:1-17, Deuteronomy 23:3-6, Joshua 24:8-10, Nehemiah 13:1-3, Micah 6:3-5, 2 Peter 2:14-15, Jude 10-12, Revelation 2:12-16


Lord does not want his church to be ungodly, Jesus request to the father – John 17:14-18 (even thought living in this world – be out of this world)


Today church which is spiritual is not accepted by the world, but which is good in the eyes of world.


Verse 15 – Nicolatians  (followers of Nicolas from acts 6:5) – always tried to bring OT form of worship, specially the priesthood(who rule over people), in OT we see priest who blame always, but in NT, follow the pattern of Chief shepherd, He has paid the price, he does not want anyone to lose.

Not to rule, but to be ensamples to them – 1Peter 5:3,  examples – 2Thess 3:9, 1Thess 1:7, Philip 3:17


Verse 16 – Warning – He is strict in his laws, he will fight with the sword of his mouth.

His word is enough – for us to perish

Some times when we are disobey he gives us for a debased mind – Rom 1:28 – to do the things which are not fitting for us.


Verse 17 –Eventhough when all these liberal false theologies grow in church, there will always be a small faithful group, a remnant. They will be honored with white stone, the name on it is a mystery, Lord will change our name and destiny, a heavenly being.


Hidden Manna – Due 8:3,4 – special grace, strength & guidance, which no one knows. Manna fell in front of everyone, all could take it, but this is given personally for all your needs – Hidden mysteries of the word of God, Verse 4 – God leads you against the law of science


THYATIRA – A small town 40 miles from Pergamos, smaller than all other churches, but message is long & strict. In Acts 16:14,15 – Lydias(sellingPurple) transformation. Lord opened her heart


Verse 18 –Only part in Rev where it says Son of God, Here he is revealed in full authority

Ø Eyes like flames of fire, he searches all things, nothing hidden – Ps 139:1,2,  7-11

Flames of fire – Every other things become ash in front of him, Removes all curtains & obstacles (in 2 Corinthians – The veil is moved away in Jesus)

>> Gen 16:13 – Lord u see me & u call me by my name (to Hagar)

>> John 21:17 – Peter – Lord u know it all (first confess, the mission will be given)


Ø Feet like fine brass – His holiness, Holy of the Holies, He will not tolerate anything worldly or any crookedness. (to the crooked – Lord is also crooked – Ps 18:25,26)

Eg: Whatever come in contact with the orange hot metal – sshh..sound…it will be no more.


Verse 19 – Last are more than the first – Good report – here there is a growth – what about us ???

All our good work, eventhough no one sees, God knows, small faith gathering- there’s a growth.

They grew in all these good work. Today people do ministry without love, but it will not last and will not be fruitful - what we see in bible – Acts 11:29, 2Cor 9:1, But like the church in Thessalonica, they did everything in love.

We should grow in love because 1Cor 13:13 – love is the greatest

>> 1Thess 1:2-4 – All the 3 grew in Thessalonica church

>> Jude verse 20,21 – Building yourself in faith & love

Eventhough all the good qualities, when looked through Jesus eyes some fault is found – you have to be perfect in all these areas.


Verse 20-23 –This Jezebel tempting everyone to sin, she represents the wife of an old King Ahab ( 1kings 16:31 onwards), she was also the daughter of an other king. She took Ahab(king of Isreal) as her own, tried to implement Baal worship in Isreal, and stop worshipping Lord. This Ahab built many temples and did many offerings for Baal and other deities and provoked the Lord by doing wickedness more than all the other kings(1kings 21:1-16). For her husband, she worked crookedly to kill one Naboth to make his vineyard a vegetable garden for Ahab. She arranged false witnesses against him so that he should be stoned to death. She tried to kill Elijah the prophet also – I kings 19:2.

(Ahab did many crooked things to please his wife)


2 kings 9:33-37 (verse 7 onwards) – how God killed her, she is a symbol of all idol worship & all worldly sins. (1 Kings 21:23 – prophecy)


Just like that, this Jezebel(a prophetess) from Thyatira, she has control over the pastors & the church through her prophesies. In every area & every church Satan will influence one person to destroy that church, that harmony, love, peace & happiness.


God gave chance to repent – verse 21, she did not. This adultery might be worldly love (James 4:4, Hosea 9:1(harlot against God- offering sacrifice to other Gods – system of that time)


According to the verses, all those who heard her prophesies, God will punish. Many such women pastors are there these days.

Man looks outside , but God sees the inside.


Verse 24 – Here we have a sound of love, no other burden, I give you, but hold Fast.

Depths of Satan – Rev 12:9 (decision)

A small group - Remnant( the rest in Thyatira) who have not been deceived. Lords says, No burden, his help will always be there.


Verse 25 – Hold fast till I come (only a little more (afflicted for a moment- 2Cor 4:17 – compared with the eternal years of happiness)

>> 1 Cor 15:2 – Hold fast the word

>> Titus 1:9 – faithful word

>> 2 Thess 2:15 – Hold fast what was taught

>> Heb 3:14 – Hold fast the beginning of our confidence (aadi viswasam)


Verse 26 – I will give you authority (to him who overcomes and keeps my word)

We have authority over many things

Ø Math 19:28 – To rule the 12 tribes of Israel

Ø 1Cor 6:2 – To rule the whole world

Ø 1 Cor 6:3 – To rule the angels


Verse 27 – Power over nations –like a ruler with full majority and full authority.


Verse 28 – Morning star – The redemption from the darkness of the wicked world

Rev 22:16 – Jesus is called the morning star, So the victors will get him, or can be His.







SARDIS – between Thyatra & Pergamos, 30-50 mile from these place, a very fruitful place. Once it was a beautiful capital city of the country LYDIA, then after a war & earthquake, it suffered a lot, now river of a temple of Arthemis and of a church in the name of St.John have been excavated, Now a small village Charr only exist there.


Verse 1 – Seven stars are the angels or pastors of the churches – Rev 1:20

In Rev 1:4, seven spirit of Jesus in front of his throne.

Ish 11:1,2 – it says about this seven spirits and its works

7 shows complete in bible, God wants to make his church a perfect one, this work is donethrough7 stars –through the pastors the churches must be revived, so how much strong and exemplary they should be.

>> 1 & 2 – Thay had a lot of work(works to show), that is what others observed, but Lord says, you have a name that u r alive, but u r dead. Like today’s churches, they have all programs, they give, gather but no life. When Lord looks, no life in worship – dead. Fund is raised & collected for all Christian activities but no work of the Lord is being revealed, No fruit as outcome of these meetings and programs.

1 Tim 3:15 – living church of living God

1Peter 2:4,5 – Christ corner stone – we perfect – as LIVING STONES

Rom 12:1,2 – Only if u repent u can have life, separation

2Peter 2:20 – If u r entangled again, your last is worst than your first

Rom 8:6,13 – u can live only through spirit


Verse 2 – Some living still there, but now sleeping – Eph 5:14

>> Be watchful – 1Peter 5:8 – Be awake from satan the enemy who is waiting for a chance

Jesus also told his disciples – Couldn’t u watch for an hour

1 Cor 16:13 – Be strong like a man (purushwatham)

>> Strengthen that which is dead –Remains – Nahum 2:1

Samson – Delila cut his hair, then to him, Samson, here comes the philistine, Like every time he woke, but he realized No strength, Gods glory and anointment left him. Then in the temple of philistine, he cried to the Lord, and he was strengthened one more time.

>> I have not found your works perfect before God.

Perfect - In OT Law says sacrificial animal should be faultless, not with cuts, scabs(chori), broken bones, disabled or internal disease ( Levi 22:21-25), Lord will not accept. Then how much more strict will be NT worship.

In OT (Daniel 5:25) King Belseser made a feast of 10,000 people. His father Nebukanesar had brought the Lords vessel in their temple. He told it to be brought, so that he & his concubines drank in that vessel. That night the wrath of the Lord was upon him, a hand came & wrote on his wall, he couldn’t read, Daniel was brought to read – Mene mene teke uparsin(I weighed u & found you lacking, so I will divide your kingdom & give to Mede & Persians.


Verse 3 –  Remember (what to remember)

Eph 2:12 – Your past (when u were living without Christ)

2 Tim 2:8 – Remember that Jesus raised from the dead

Ps 50:22 – Remember that punishment for those who forget God (no one will deliver)

>> Luke 17:32 – Remember Lots wife (backslider), not able to forsake, loving that which was left behind

Ps 63:6 (5,6) – I remember thee upon my bed

Mark 14:72 - Peter remembered Jesus words and cried (old experience with our Lord)

>>  Then Hold Fast (what you remember)

Holding fast (strict & firm in what you hear) is always a sign of growth-being loose leads to destruction. (also to Philadelphia church in Rev 3:11)

Heb 3:6 – Hold fast to the Joy (gathering) in the Lord

Verse 14 – Hold fast to the First Faith unto the end

>>  2 Tim 4:7,8 – I kept the faith, now crown for me

>>  Then REPENT – Have a mind to change otherwise

Luke 13:3 – If no repent – Perish (ala ala….)

His coming is unexpectedly – Heb 10:37 – He that cometh shall come, and shall not tarry.


Math 25:13 – 10 virgins parable – for u do not know the hour

Math 24: 42, 43 – Lord comes as a thief


Verse 4 – It is clear from this verse that majority did not have separation, because they mingled with the world, their dress were defiled. Today also worldly love is the enmity of God – James 4:4.

Majority did not have separation – but there was a minority for the Lord

>> specialties – they will wear white garments and walk with God

White dress we see in bible representing holiness & victorious

Dan 7:9 – garment as white as snow

Rev 4:4 – 24 elders wearing white robes on throne

Rev 7:9 – a great multitude clothed in white


Verse 5 –  Mark 9:3, Math 17:2, Luke 9:29 – At the mount of transfiguration, his dress became very white

>>  3 things which victors will get –

1 – white garment/dress – this also the dress of his bride – Rev 19:8

2 – His name shall not be erased from the book of the living

Exo 32:32, 33 – Lord – Moses

Rev 20: 15 – if name not there – eternal death

Luke 10 :20 – Lord to disciples

3 – I will confess their name – its an act of accepting

Math 10 : 32, 33, who confess before, them I will confess


Verse 6 – Not only to Sardis church, this is to all churches for all ages

Math 13:44 – Compared to a parable of treasure hid in the field

There was a time when common man did not know bible


Verse 7 – Philadelphia – No mistake told about Smyrna & Philadelphia. It is near Smyrna. Till 1st world war it was a nominal Christian town(not much influenced by the invasion of Muslims) A Volcanic Lava valley, so soil very rich, and its full of grape cultivation and then wine processing. Because it a volcanic zone, people often stayed in temporary homes. Today it is Alad-Shahar(Gods town), They had fought with muslims, so today also a good Christian presence is there.

He  who is HOLY – 1 Peter 1:15

Holy One – Ish 40: 25 (also many other references)

Heb 7:26 – Holy & un-defiled

1 Peter 2:22 – No deceit in his mouth

Who is true – John 14: 6 – I am the way, the truth and the life

He who has the key of David – Ish 22:22(taken from this ref – Here it says about  Eliakim, son of Hilkiah (He was a governor in the palace of King Hezekiah), Here Lord is giving the authority upon them.

Thru Jesus we receive that authority – Math 28: 18, 19, The key or authority is only with Jesus – He will open or shut he will lift us or put down.


Verse 8 – I have opened a way for u (because I know your works)

A little strength – not they had no strength, but little in number, not a big group

Joel 2: 11 – Those who obey his words are strong


>> Acts 5:41 – rejoicing that they were worthy to suffer for his name

1 Peter 4 :16 – let him not be ashamed to suffer as a Christian (be proud)


>> I will open a door which no one will shut –

John 10:9 – Door of salvation (Jesus says)

Col 4: 3 – Door of utterance(mysteries of word)

Rev 4:1 – Door to heaven ( Glory) open

>> Kept my word – the good part


Verse 9 – The other so-called christian groups( in that area) which mixes tradition and confuses believers.

Even though they call themselves church or Christian (God calls them church of Satan). All the messages, prophecies and teachings which makes a man close to this world is from satan, only that which humbles you, transforms u and moves u closer to God, that is by the Holy spirit. (Eg; ship moves far from port, that seems smaller & smaller) – Which way are you travelling ?

Here Lord says he will bring the others to your feet and will honor u in front of them.


Verse 10 – Because of that when great trials come(there a time allowed by the Lord), a great protection(under the show of His wings). Understand that unless Lord protects or strengthens we’ll fall, whoever he is.


Verse 11 –Behold I am coming quickly (22:7) Like a wife for her husband.

That little strength we have, let us use it to hold tight (till the lord comes)

>> Lord is coming for –

>> For those who have not prepared themselves, It ‘ll be – Math 24: 48-51(Also 44 onwards), 2Thess 1: 7-9

>> A comfort to those who are afflicted – James 5: 8(Be calm & wait),  Heb 10:37 – Only a little more to go.

>> Crown of life, of Glory, of Righteousness, that never Fades, a golden crown(Rev 4:4)


Verse 12 – He who overcomes, so it means the end time trial(test) is great

Heb 2:12, 13 – Look at Jesus, how he went through patiently for that great Joy to come.

Luke 21:34 – 36 – A warning- that days will come like a snare(trap), Verse 36 – awake & pray

>> Pillar in the temple of my God(Gods dwelling place) You will never go out – Support on which heaven stands, it exist because of u, have authority over all the heavenly beings, without u there is nothing in Heaven, the pillar of New Jerusalem. Buildings exist because of pillars.

>> I will write on him,  the name of my God, the name of the city of my God, my new name(regarding the relation to us, till now God)

Even Lucifer is Jealous, the greatest position which he desired but didn’t get…….

>> Promises are more to this church, nothing to blame, let us examine ourselves. On that day we might think we should have worked Hard for the Lord when we were here, but too late. Eg: when a person goes for a job people think, it was nice if I had a degree or a PG, would have got a better job now.


Verse 14 – Laodicea located in Phrygia, about church & members of Laodecians mentioned in Colossians by Paul-Let this epistle be read in Laodicea church-Col 4:15, 16

>> Amen – Truly or Verily (surely) (Heb)

2 Cor 1:20, John 1:51 and many places, Amen, Amen or Verily

>> Faithfull – Due 7:9 – The faithful God, Rev 1:5-Faithfull witness

>> Jesus from the beginning-John 1:1,2, Rev 1:8

He is the creator of all – John 1:3, Eph 3:9

Col 1:15-19- firstborn of every creation, all fullness, head of church


Verse 15 –Neither Hot or Cold – Hot springs from Herapolis(5miles south-carried through stone water pipes(pic in Wikipedia). When it reaches Laodicea, joins with the (cold) water and becomes undrinkable(stomach upset)

Cold is useful, hot is also useful, but lukewarm makes you vomit


Verse 16 –Lord will vomit(not accepted by the body(church), cut you off list (just like a big sinner)

Traditional Christians Lord hates – trying to make god and man happy


Verse 17 – Proud & self satisfied, ignorant of the true state

>> I am rich, wealthy(increased with goods)

>> I need nothing,  Lord says , No u r (5) things

>> When a person spiritually dies, he says about himself, and doesn’t say about Christ – When a person is filled with the life of Christ – he always testifies Christ – Acts 1:8 (power of the holy ghost upon you to witness Jesus to all the ends of the world

>> Pauls says (wretched) in Rom 7:24- when a person is spiritually weak

1 Cor 15:19 – putting hope only in this life , they are the most pitiable


Verse 18 – Receive-Do things to get it – Buy from me

Gold, White garments, eye salve

Ø Because this place was a producer and exporter of

Special silky haired goats – woolen coat

Special natural eye salve which brightens eye


>> Ish 55:1 – What is from the Lord is free – but only received as we pas the testings

Gold refined & purified in fire- (sufferings)-tested in fire

·        Job 23:10 – test so that u come out as gold

·        1Peter 1:7 – testing your faith

1 Cor 3: 12-15 – your valuable works will come out as gold

>> Ish 64:6 – our righteous works like filthy rag (Rev 3:4,5)

Rev 19:8 – white garments is the Works of saints


>> Apply eye salve, so your eyes open-Ps 19:8, Eph 1:18

(a person with cataract will not be excited whatever is in front of him because it is not clear to him)

This place is a market of a costly coat (made out of a special silky haired wool) which they produce a, and here a world famous eye liner is made (which will brighten sight) and sent to many places


Verse 19 – Chastens – Heb 12:6-8

Repent – Be zealous


Verse 20 – Hear his voice & open the door – Luke 12:35-37

>> When He suppers with us, all our need (providence) are taken care of.(Peter and other disciples – Jesus called them Children, Come, Dine)

>> In many gatherings and many lives, Jesus is out.

>> Laodecian church can be compared with the present day churches

>> Great supper – Rev 19:17

>> Otherwise Jesus said in one the parables – Math13:47 – 50

>> In churches now – not transformed, coming for their own benefit, they also want only numbers.


Verse 21 – The greatest of the greatest promises in the Bible -To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne – what more can a person desire – to sit with God is God’s throne.

>> Also repeated in John 14:3






This chapter onwards the things that must take place after this, it has got relation with Daniel 7:9

>> In the bible we can see the Heaven’s opened – 7 times

1 – Gen 28:12- To make Jacob into a good dedication (Ladder – Bethel)

2 – Ezekiel 1:1 – (captives including Daniel)

When Ezekiel was sitting among them to bring them to the Lord, heavens opened for the backsliding Israel.

3 – Math 3:16- Jesus, when baptized, Here also heaven opened for our baptism, great commandment, heavens rejoice (Also in John 1:32)

4- Acts 7:55,56 – For Stephen- Here I stand, heavens opened, saw the throne of glory and Jesus standing from his throne,(today also Jesus stand to help u when u r in tribulation)

5- Acts 10:11- Fore Peter to go to Cornelius house, To receive from all nations, without any difference, a great vessel

6- To John – Rev 4:1 – calls John to Heaven

7- To John- Rev 19:11 – Jesus will come with his church, after 7 years of tribulation for Har-Megiddo war


The Holy One who called John up, he is sitting on the throne

>> when the heavens opened, many things are going to happen – 1Thess 4:16,17

(first 3 things happen in heaven, same time the other 3 happen on earth)


*1-Shout of God – John 5:28, 29(cried)

At Lazars grave, that is why he shouted Lazar , come out

>> Just like in Rev 4:1 – the shout is “come up here” – (Malayalam song – Ivdie kayari varuvin enne dhaiva sabhdam kell)

>> The voice of Jesus calmed the sea & wind

>> Many voices – Be clean, be healed, receive sight, take ur bed & walk, Thalitha Cumi, serve them wine, then Food(5000, 7000men), his transforming voice.

*2-Voice of archangel – Jude:9

>> Why did archangel make sound( also in Due 32:50,52, We see that Moses died(Due 34:5,6), dispute about body, because he became angry & disobeyed God

>> Daniel 10:13 – 21 days(the prince of Persia) hindered the angel who came from God with the answer for Daniels prayer, then Michael came and rebuked that satan, this prayer of Daniel was for the redemption of Israel

>> Rev 12:7 – Michael

>> So this time also Satan might try(even if he can’t win)he will never allow anyone to go free from his grip, so that’s why sound of Michael

*3- Trumpet of God – Num 10:9 – when u go for a battle, blow the trumpet when you have victory in war.

*Joshua 6:20 –people shouted, priest blew trumpet, because of the great sound of praise, walls of Jericho fell(trumpet of victory)

>> Ezekiel 33:1-5 – trumpet of judgment

>> NT- 1Cor 15:51-57 – trumpet will blow (Lord gave us victory over the second death – hell fire) (also 1 Cor 15:23,24 – Christ has victory over death)

*4- The dead in Christ shall rise first – (only those who are dead in Christ – Rev 2-:6) also verse 55

*5- All the alive(for heaven) shall join –verse 57

>> Rev 14:13 – The dead in Christ are resting that’s why we don’t scream like others – John 5:25

>> The world says – 1Cor 15:32 – Eat, drink, enjoy, tomoro we die

*6 – Together transformed and received to midskies or clouds – 1Cor 15:52 -  in the twinkling of an eye


Heb 9:28- He will come for those who look for him and Holy

John 14:3 - To make u sit where I sit (also in Rev3:2)

Mark 13:36 - Be prepared, when master comes, he should not find u sleeping




Verse 1 - Door opened in heaven - John is called up to heaven(in vision)

I will show you things going to happen(future)


Verse 2 -In Rev 4 times he was filled in the spirit

Rev 1:10,   4:2,   17:3,   21:10(carried in spirit)

It is Heavenly Father who sits on this throne


NOTE : Each chapter pictures a different scene in heaven

>> Rev chapter 1

Verse 1 – It is a revelation of Jesus Christ

Verses 8,  10-20  - Here also Jesus is pictured as the Almighty

>> Then chapters 2 & 3 – we see Jesus’s message to the churches and its Pastors

>> Chapter 4 – Here we see the throne of Heavenly Father, at that time also Jesus is there, Holy spirit is also there.

>> Chapter 5 – Here we see Jesus as the Lamb which had been slain – but now with the authority to judge and rule.

>> Chapter 6 onwards – Now it’s the Lamb which imparts judgment phase by phase

Because Jesus is the righteous judge who will sit on the glorious throne and impart the final judgment – 2 Tim 4: 1 & 8


Verse 3-

Jasper – Yellow whitish stone (the color of fiery glory)

Sardius – Deep Red

This white and reddish is what John could describe when he saw the glory and beauty of God. Jesus is also of the same color and glory

That is why in Song of Solomon 5:10(My beloved is white & ruddy(reddish brown))


>> green (emerald) – Rainbow(peace contract), Green is in the middle(VIBGYOR) – (mercy & grace)


Verse 4- Around throne – 24 seats

24 elders – (clothed in white) – crown of gold

12 from OT, 12 from NT(representatives)

(They are not angels or heavenly beings because they are on thrones and are crowned, in bible, no ref that angels can sit – In Ezekiel Gabriel stands, everywhere stands or flies – Kings, Daniel, Luke, Rev)


>> We will be throned – Math 19:28(disciples judging 12 tribes) , Luke 22:30, Rev 20:4, 3:21

>> This verse the picture is about Lord to start the judgment of all, so representatives

They have crown & white dresses

Crowned – 1Peter 5:4, Rev 3:5(white)


>> Even though this throne is a white & glorious throne, it’s also a judgment seat – 2Cor 5:10 – We can understand it is the same – not two different thrones – It is the Kings throne


>> About JUDGEMENT in 1Cor 3:11-15, we can understand, among the children of God, some will get reward, some loss, some lose all rewards but hardly escape.( Everything is based on your works, how u want it – if u r expecting praise or fame(its like stone, wood, hay, straw), but maybe some of your works, no one knew or honored, its small in quantity but valuable in front of God, it stays and u will be rewarded. Everything will be passed through heavenly fire on judgment day(like through green channel in airport)

>> Col 3:24 – Lord himself will crown & reward

>> 2 Tim 4:8 – Crown of righteousness – To all who love

>> This crown is only for the victors – so we need to be wise & careful, without interfering in any other thing – Eph 6:10,11 (He says after being victorious – I have fought a good battle, kept my faith, now a crown waits for me.

>> To reach there u need to suffer as a Christian – 1Peter 4:13-17


Verse 5- Seven spirits – complete Sprit

Eph 4:4 – spirit is one

Rev 1:4 – 7 means complete

Ø The spirit which came down on the Day of Pentecost has now gone to heaven with the Church – for judgment (Rom 8:16 – on that day the Spirit has to witness about us)

>> Lightning & thunder & great voice –

When God came upon Sinai to give law – same-lightning & thunder – Exo 19:16

*Ps 18:13 – proves the greatness of God

Also in Ezekiel


Verse 6- Four living creatures –Full of Eyes

>> GIANT LCD SCREEN - Sea of Glass, like crystal(in front of the throne), all our works will be displayed there.

For some it is honor, some it will be shame(all the un-cleared account)

>> Ps 50:21 - These things you have done, and I kept silent; You thought that I was altogether like you; ​​But I will rebuke you, ​​And set them in order before your eyes.

>> In heaven-lots of heavenly beings –

Michael & Gabriel - equipped for war and conveying messages

Seraphim’s – 6 wings – who worship

>> This four living creatures – full of eyes like 360 degre motion recording cameras– recording all our works


Verse 7-But these 4 are always around, like those always on both sides of the ark(Ps 99:1, Exo 25:18-20)

Ezekiel 10:1, 9-14, 20,21 - Cherub

These 4 can be compared with-

The 4 flags around the tabernacle –

Because 4 faces surround the Throne of God

>> According to the Jewish traditions, they believe that these were the flags around the Tabernacle – Also from the New testament we see that the GOSPEL was repeated four times each time picturing Jesus differently.

Old testament and New Testament comparisons -

*LION- Judah- Numbers 2:3 (Mathew were Jesus is shown as a KING)-Math2:2

*OX- Ephraim- Num2:18 (Mark - SERVANT)_Mark 10:44,45

*MAN- Reuben- Num2:10 (Luke - MAN)-Luke 9:56

*EAGLE- Dan- Num2:25 (John- GOD)-John 1:1


Verse 8- Day & Night – NON-STOP Eternal worship

Happiness or Life, Punishment or Pain, Its all eternal, everything is eternal, just like Worship, they never become tired.

>> Full of eyes – They are around in all 4 directions so that every direction it can move, and nothing is hidden in those eyes. (they can see what’s inside another creations mind also, inside & outside)


Verse 9- Who lives Forever & ever – They are getting new life in worship, not getting tired

>> We also get supernatural LIFE as we praise the Holy one with all our heart, with all our body and with all our soul – who lives for ever and ever.


Verse 10- There is a great mystery in falling down & bowing – (Satan knows it, that’s y he told Jesus in Math 4:9.

(Job fell down – worshipped – Job 1:20 & 42:5,6)

>> All should be from him and to him.

>> Many songs(11 times)- Worthy, Holy, all heavenly beings are always singing

24 elders – 12 + 12


Verse 11-Cast down their crowns – salute to the Great Holy One

At worship, we should be filled with the glory of God in full concentration(how angels, great multitude and elders praise him)





In the beginning, God gave the authority over all the earth – Gen 1:28

>> Through Sin man lost that authority and now it’s in Satans hands, that’s y in Luke 4:6(Math4) – You bow down worship me & I will give u all.

>> 1John 5:19 – Whole world is in his Satans hand

>> 2Cor 4:4 – He is now the God of all world


>> In Rev 5 – The seal of the scroll(Book)

>> In OT –Levi 25 – a man sells his things, when very poor, even himself (Then the next relative can purchase them through a law or agreement written on scrolls, sealed in front of witnesses, then if it has to be opened, again only in front of all the witnesses.

>>  Here in Rev 5, we see no one coming forward because no one has the power or is worthy to redeem(many Babas, Manmade Gods, Old Kings & Emperors etc)


Verses 1 – 3 - Scrolls sealed by 7 seals – Ezekiel also saw in 2:9,10

Daniel 12:9 – sealed till the end of time

Here 7 seals in the presence of 7 witnesses, all should be there at the time of opening (It contains the future of the world)

>> Also in Levi chapt 25


Verse 4- Revelation Chapters 6:1 to 22:5, is the contents of this scroll

>> John wept because till now world was under Satan’s rule, all creation in pain was groaning to be saved from Satan’s grip – Rom 8:21 – 23 – whole creation groans

>> Even now no political party or ruler can give us a peaceful rule


Verse 5- Luke 7:13 & many places Lord comforts by saying – Do not weep

>> Lion of the tribe of Judah – only mentioned once in the bible – here.( Lion because he is the king, and Judah because David’s seed(Ish11:1-10, Luke 1:32,33)

>> Heb 9:11,12 – Not by the blood of a lamb but His own blood

>> So God wants to restore that and give it to us

He has now redeemed our souls – Eph 1:7, Col 1:14 – redemption through His blood) – Now for Soul…….soon for our body also


Verse 6- John came to see the Lion, but saw a lamb, because that’s how he redeemed the world. As a lamb which was slain – So God lifted him (humbleness & obedience) – Philip 2:2-11

In verse 5 – as Lion, In verse 6 – as Lamb (obedience till death)

Lion – His Ruling(dominion)  and Authority, but Lamb shows his Humbleness & Grace( A child of God even though we should be full of grace (even words & Character) and Humbleness But the Power , Anointment & Boldness (No Fear, No turning back, even a step) should be of a Lion.

>> Lamb (many times in Rev), he is standing in the midst of Trinity, Here in verse 6 between the elders),

>> In the MIDST of - Lord is always between everything and everyone – disciples, synagogue, elders, priest, Pharisees, sinners, demon possessed, troubled ones, on the cross between thieves, coming between angels, next coming with the saints.

>> Worship – Math 18:20 – where 2 or 3 gather, I will be in the midst of them

 7 horns and 7 eyes -

>> Horn show the strength, In OT we can see in Due 33:17, so full strength

>> 7Eyes - sees everything, Nothing is hidden in his sight - Zach 4:10 (runs to and fro),  Heb 4:13,  Prov 5:21,  Ps 33:13

>> 7 spirits - Spirit in its fullness

Verse 7 - Jesus collecting it from God-the authority to judge

Verse 8 - full of incense & prayers- Ps 141:2, Rev 8:4

·        Here 24 elders bowed before Jesu,

·        in Rev 4:10-24 – 24 elders bowed in front of Father

>> All the seals were not opened together, but one by one, first seal in chap 6:1, then read all in it, and the other end was rolled in that position, like that each seal at its time, one by one.

4 creatures and 24 elders. are singing giving praise to the One who is worthy

Verse 9 - Out of every tribe & tongue & people & nation

>> This gathering of mixed race is only in heaven and then this gathering

Verse 10 -  We will be made kings to rule - Rev 20:4,  22:5,  Luke 22:29,  2Tim 2:12 (mal–11)

Verse 11 – Thousands and thousands of heavenly beings praising the Lord






From Chapter 6 onwards we see the start of the Tribulation period (7 years). Now a day’s Satan has influenced people’s mind to teach a liberal theology to say that  - Even not if in this chance, there is a hope of a second chance in this seven year period. It’s very clear from Daniel chapter 9 that this 7 year is the rest of the 70 weeks for the deliverance of Israel. When you study the whole book of Revelation and the whole Bible, it is very clear that we have only one chance – that is the Rapture or the silent coming as it says in

>> Rev 20:6 – Blessed are those who have part in the first resurrection, they will only reign with Jesus in the thousand years and over them hell or second death has no power. It means on all the others who are LEFT BEHIND, hell has power (Also in 21:8 – second death is nothing else but eternal relation cut with the Lord – then to eternal hell fire)


>> For everyone who lived in this grace period, there is only ONE CHANCE – that is when Jesus comes to receive His bride or the church to the mid-skies.

If Lord gives a second chance for those who are left behind, God will be un-righteous because he gave a second chance only to those who are living at that time, what about those who already lived un-faithful and died.


>> All over the Bible it only says about

·        One Door through Christ

·        One Salvation plan for all mankind living in this Grace period(2000 years after Jesus)

·        One Hope – the coming of the Lord

·        One resurrection – the dead in Christ shall resurrect and then the living(we) will also join Christ in the mid-skies


To those who put people into confusion -

Eph 5:6, Rom 1:18 – Lord asks – For those who know the word and disobey, the wrath of the Lord will come upon thee


>> 2 Thess 2:7-14

In verse 7 it says the SPIRIT, who hindered devils work, will also be taken along with the church

Then Satan in the form of Anti-Christ will start his full wickedness and mass destruction.




>> So finally as we study the whole book of Revelation and the 7 year tribulation we will understand that it completely says about the redemption of Jews, there is not a single mention of the left-behind Christians or any evangelist ministering at that time(as we see in some of left-behind movies) because the spirit of the Lord is not there on earth.


Also read Daniel 12:1 – All those whose name is found in the book of life


>> The Christians and people who knew the word and did not care to obey it or to be faithful and obedient(when the spirit is with them), how will they ever live for Jesus, when the church and holy spirit is taken from this world, it will be the spirit of Anti-Christ ruling this earth at that time.


>> When Daniel asked God, when will Israel be redeemed, that when Lord answered him through this vision in Daniel chapter 9:1-3, 20-27  it is sure that the last 7 years (Anti-Christ fights with and torments  Israel) is not for left behind Christians or gentiles, but only for the deliverance of Jews. Israel redemption shall be in a single day at the end of the tribulation period when they will look upon Jesus, whom they have pierced and understand that He was the real Messiah.


70 week years - ???


>> According to the Bible, there is no church or evangelist preaching at that time, but it is two old testament witnesses (Revelation chapt-11)  going to preach to the Jews – about the ONE whom they pierced. For almost 3.4 years they will preach they are preparing the Jews to look upon Jesus whom they pierced and cry – Zach 12:10, again in John 19:37, then Jesus will come with His church(or us) and fight with the anti-Christ to save Israel – as a whole nation – in a single day.


>> If God gives a second chance only for those left-behind people who are living in this world at the 7 year time, what about the others who heard or knew the word and were not faithful to God, but were dead n the past 2000+ years, don’t they have a second chance, wont they ask God about it, God is a righteous God, he will not give a second chance for few left behind Christians and gentiles only.


NOTE - Even though everyone left behind will have to go through it, but it is able to make Israel cry out to their Savior and recognize Jesus – Rev 14:19,20

as a prophecy in Zephaniah 1:14-18

Jeremiah 30:7 (Jacobs trouble-but Israel will be saved)

2 Peter 3:10-12, then verse 14 – different names of that day in the bible


>> For the New testament – Delivered us from the wrath to come – 1Thess 1:10, again very clearly in 1Thess 5:9 (For God has not appointed us for wrath)


>> These will be the days of judgment for those who are left behind – Rev 14:7, again in Rev 15:7


>> So if any of you are waiting, for the second chance, it’s impossible, you are doomed forever, into hell fire. So may the Holy Spirit God prepare you with full holiness and hope of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


>> Israel only knew about these 490 years(from Daniel 9). But about the church period(grace period) of salvation through Jesus, No Old Testament prophets knew, it was a hidden plan for us, in the heart of the Lord – The mystery of Christ(Eph 3:2-6)

Acts 2:39 – to all those who are far, whom the Lord will call. From the first gentile family Cornelius to us – Lord proved His love for all mankind.



Verse 1 – When the Lamb (Jesus) opened the first seal, one of the four living creature shouted with a thunder voice.


Verse 2 – At that time, A person on a white horse (means with the message of peace – disguising himself as Messiah, so that the Jews and the whole world will accept him).

He had a crown, He went on conquering and bring countries one by one under his control.

>> Crown because – He will rule as the ruler of the world for seven years.

>> Jesus says in Math 24:15-21 (in verse 21 - a chain of explosions and great tribulation.

In verse 15 – will bring idols to worship place – confirmed in Rev 13:14

>> Daniel 8:25 – first he will come very diplomatically, and conquer.

Daniel 12:11, 11:38, 39 – 3.5 years


It was granted (ordered ) by Jesus


Verses 3 & 4 – Till now Anti-Christ was uniting the world and campaigning for Peace, but now suddenly his policy has changed. That change is written in 1Thess 5:3 (read verses 2-11)

>> He got the order (from Jesus), to take peace from the earth. People killing each other – so cruel. (now people try to help each other, but on that day, kill each other because Holy spirit is not there on earth)

>> In Revelation, it JESUS who judges and punishes from the beginning to the end because

In John 5:22 – Father gave all the judgment to Jesus.

>> John 5:43 - When Jesus came, no one believed, but when Anti-Christ comes in his Messiah’s name, people will receive – Look at satan’s work and man’s policy

>> Jews couldn’t accept Jesus because they expected a powerful king to help them out – John 1:46 – will any goodness come out of Nazareth – they expected only good thing, not salvation or holiness – Even today selfish people expect the same

>> Daniel 9:27, 7:25, 11:23 – Anti-Christ changing policies and becoming stronger and making covenant, then in Revelation chapt 12 – changing agreement.


>> Each time one of the four living creatures, as the voice of Jesus orders the seal to be opened. As we know about the four living creatures in Rev 4:6,7,8. Each face shows Jesus in four different aspects as in the four different gospels.


Verses 5 & 6 – The Third creature in heaven told John to come and see - When the black horse came – the demand of essentials increased, but not available anywhere, so great famine, and items at an un-thinkable price, but here we can see the mercy of the Lord – even to the disobedient.

Lord says – don’t completely stop the survival of man – so to drink and to cook – wine and oil.

>> A great famine – which never came to the whole world together – every country and region – no produce from earth. So only ration by the Anti-Christ. No country or person can help from this situation – which is by the Lord – a great punishment to the disobedient and left-behind.


Verses 7 & 8 – Fourth creature said – Come and see

This happens just after war & famine

>> A person named DEATH sitting on a pale horse

>> To kill by Sword

>> To kill with hunger, by wild animals (till now they dwelt only in the forest, there was a limit by creation, but now the limit is taken out, so they all came to cities and villages)

>> Many killed with epidemics, great diseases leading to death

Because this is a punishment which our Lord is giving to those who did not obey the word of God, when Lord was gracious.

The wages of sin is death –Rom 6:23

Ø  Here Hades(pathaallam) followed Death because those who are death are directly going to Hades or Sheol (the place where the spirits of the people destined to go to hell dwell, the opposite place is Paradise)


>> The signs of the coming of the Lord, we read in Mathew chapter 24.

Also in Luke 21:24 – at that time the Israel will be trampled.

Verses 25 – 26 – signs and warning for us to be more vigilant

Verses 34 – 66 – again as a warning – how we should be.


>> Coming of the Lord shall be like in the days of Noah and Lot – Luke 17:22-36

Lord spoke to the people, through Noah, but they did not accept – finally destruction - Noah and his family was saved.


Verse 9 – When the 5th seal was opened, no creature was calling, No horses, but cries of some people who stood faithful for the Lord.

Who are these people and who strengthened them to be faithful, when the church and Holy spirit is taken from earth – They became strengthened by the two witnesses God send to revive the people – To understand this verse more clearly –



>> Like in Nebuchadnezzar’s time, how he made a gigantic idol and ordered all in his empire to worship it, similarly in Rev 13:14,15 and 2Thess 2:3,4 – Anti Christ will make an idol himself and make everyone worship it forcefully, If the mark of the image and the beast is not taken, then they will be killed.

>> Then Lord sends two witness as we see in Revelation chapter 11, the Jews will stand together faithful for the word of God they heard from these 2 witnesses.

>> They will together oppose the policies and rule of Anti-christ, they will not bear the mark of the beast.

>> And Anti-christ will start killing the Jews who have now decided to stand together for the real Messiah, many Jews will be killed, phase by phase, still others who are living become zealous to give their lives for the Lord.

>> And the cry which we hear in these verses are of those whose soul have reached a place where God has kept for them, and Lord is telling them to wait, till the number of souls be complete.

>> So these 7 years of tribulation – Israel was crushed and judged by the Lord so badly


Verse 10 – Lord – Holy and True (true Judge)

>> Their(those who are killed) request- PUNISH anti-christ for every wickedness he did.


Verse 11 – White Robe (Lord made them holy, because this time they stood for the Lord)

>> a little while – till this 7 years is over

>> till that time their brethren(Israel) will be killed daily

>> Because of the words they told to Pilate about the crucification of Jesus – Math 27:24,25

(Just like that – Every word of ours is counted and we will be judged – Math 12:36,37)


Verse 12 – Sixth seal – Earth, moon, planets, stars (whole solar system)- all what is around the earth collapses.

>> Great Earthquake – Earth quakes happened when heavenly Father did great things –

Jesus crucification time – Math 27:51, 52 (the curtain of temple),       Resurrection time – Math28:2 (Angel came and rolled back the stone from the tomb)

But this time it’s a series of great quakes to shake the world with fear and destruction – all the 7 years, But the greatest is in Rev 16:18

>> Sun became black – just imagine – all these 7 years like horrible darkness

>> Moon like blood red – it completes the horror extreme feeling which man cannot adjust.

>> Joel 2:31 – this is confirmed in the prophecy book


Verse 13 – Huge stars fell upon the earth (prophecy in Math 24:29) – many stars are bigger than the earth, so imagine the impact, and what all is there in that part of the world will be powdered.

>> Like late fig – over ripe fig falling from the trees with a splash


Verse 14 – Sky went back (rolled back) as a scroll

>> Lord is not exaggerating or telling a lie – Numbers 23:19 – God is not a man to lie

>> Mountains and islands moved from its places (surely the building on it also fell).

Again prophecy in Isaiah 13:9-11 and Ish 34:4


Verse 15-17 – From every great (big earth quake resistant buildings) and small houses, all will ran out, because they will all collapse. They will try to hide in the mountains and rock – but it will also not save them – All this wrath happen because they did not accept the strong Rock of Salvation (Ps 62:2)

>> That is why in the next verse Lord asks – who will be able to withstand it.

This is just the beginning of Lord’s wrath - now 7 trumpets – then 7 bowls etc

>> So let us not suffer like these Israelites, who were called but did not obey the Lord, not faithful. Let us also not be like the once anointed servants of Lord – whom God used once but then Lord left them to the devil – Saul, Solomon, Balaam, Judah etc.- (in all of them it was arrogance, stubbornness and they were greedy).

>> But with fear and trembling – serve the Lord – obey every single word – what Lord speaks to us.

>> Now is the accepted time – Now if you obey now fully – Exodus 19:5


17 – Who is able to withstand the wrath of God – Malachi 3:2,  4:1,  Ezekiel 22:17-22






Verse 1 – We see about this when the fifth seal was broken, those who reach the altar – Lord telling them to wait till the number is fulfilled – Here it speaks about the number.

>> After the series of horrible things – a pause – even the four winds were stopped – All nature stopped.

>> About the four winds, it is mentioned many times in Old and new testament. The winds coming from the four sides of the earth control the water cycle and all nature – here all that is paused.


Verses 2 & 3 – So the angel who has the authority to seal is telling the other four angels – Not to harm the earth, seas and trees with the wind, till these numbers are sealed

>> This number is again repeated in Rev 14:1 (1,44,000)

>> Here it says they are servants of God – so they have worked for the Lord.


Verses 4 – 8  – There are churches who teach that these 1,44,000 people are their saints who have left everything and doing the work of the Lord – but it is a great blunder because here it is clearly written that they are Jews and it is 12,000 from each tribe. From Rev chapt 6 to 19 – there is no mention of the New testament church because it is Israel’s deliverance time, the time of church is over by the silent coming of the Lord.

>> In the above verses about the 1,44,000 people who are sealed, it is again sure that it is the jews and not from the church because in the bible it says – we are sealed by the Holy spirit – Eph 1:13, 4:30.

Jesus has not promised them, but to us, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ promised us that it’s good that I go, when I go, I will prepare a mansion for you, when it is prepared I will come and receive you – The church – The New testament saints.

>> Very clearly in the Bible it says that we have a greater position in heaven than all the Old testament saints – Math 11:11 – There it says – John the Baptist is the greatest(in all Old testament) born among woman, till that time(Jesus time), but the least in my kingdom(even a new believer who joined the body of Christ yesterday) is greater than John.


Verse 9 – Maybe these might be the people who never got a chance to hear about the savior – because word of God never conflicts.

>> We can also understand it as the JEWS scattered all over the world (As the Ethiopian Eunuch – he was a Jew who came to Jerusalem for the yearly feast, bought a costly scroll of Isaiah (it was not affordable for a common man to buy a scroll because each scroll was hand-written with great time and effort by the authorized scribes and it was very costly) and he was reading the book of Isaiah in Hebrew, so he was a Jew and Philip spoke to him in Hebrew not Ethiopian language)

>> Not a word of left behind Christians in Revelation, then according to all the old testament prophecies – this seven years is only for the deliverance of Jews. Grace period through Jesus Christ is over, now this is the rest of the old testament period for the deliverance of Israel according to Daniel’s vision, all this time we can see the deliverance is also based on old testament worship pattern, where a golden altar and golden censers for their prayers – you can see this pattern from Rev chap 8 till chapt 19, till Jesus comes with his saints(we) and the angels to fight for Israel.

Along with the church -  Holy spirit also leaves – then the whole world is in the influence of Anti Christ or the evil beast – then how can an left behind evangelist or pastor preach, when the Bible says only one chance, one way, through believing in Jesus – one hope – to join Jesus in the rapture, even the two witnesses from heaven are from the old and speaking to the Jews. Then it says clearly – when Jews look upon Jesus whom they pierced and cried – then Jesus will come with his church and the angels to fight for them – so it’s not Jews or left behind Christians, then who.

>> Anyway it’s never a backslider(bible says impossible)


>> They are clothed in white robe with palm leaves in their hands – in the bible we see it as a law for Israel at the time of their feast – Levi 23:40,41 (also mentioned in Nehemiah), then we only see in John 12:13 – where the Jews sang Hosanna to the King of Israel (both are Jews).

Anyway it’s not the Lords children because here they are going to stand but we are going to sit on thrones with crown and judge the world and even the angels. We will also rule in the millennium(1000 year rule) along with Jesus and there are people in this world at that time whom we rule. So this is a different group which will finally receive a white robe but not the church (bride of Jesus). We are in the New Jerusalem with Jesus (the home which Jesus prepared for us and him), and these people along with the 1,44,000 Jews may outside (because we read about 12 pillars outside the New Jerusalem).

>> The glory of those who live in heaven differs – as the glory of the stars differ – 1 Cor 15:41


>> Left behind people cannot die, DEATH WILL FLEE FROM THEM – Rev 9:6


>> With this verse there are a lot of new generation churches which teach that it is the church – it is wrong and a confusing teaching. They say that the church (we) will go through the first half of the 7 years of tribulation and at the midpoint of tribulation church will be taken.

It is a blunder and baseless – in 1Thess 4:16-18 it clearly says about his silent coming for the church or Rapture.


Verse 10 – It is made clear in heaven and to the above group that  - Salvation is only through Jesus.


Verse 11 – After each scene we can see the heavenly angels and beings worshiping God (This show how the heavenly pattern of worship is) – they praise with mouth – they fall on their faces (humbling themselves – not only body – like Jews or muslims – but by submitting 100% to Lord’s will). All fell down because they cannot stand smart in front of the Lord, but we will be sitting on thrones and with glorious crown alongwith Jesus as heir or share holder.


Verse 12 – Blessing, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honor, power and might completely to the Lamb of God – our master and Lord – Jesus Christ (7 Greatness)


Verse 13 – One of the elder asks John – who they are and where they come from ?


Verse 14 – John doesn’t know – so he says – You know.

About that group even the elder doesn’t know much – so only Lord knows – they are a group from all nation and times specially chosen by the special grace of God.

>> John is an apostle of the New testament – he doesn’t know – because they didn’t look like an organ in the body of Christ – where John is also an organ. So they are not and will not be the church or the bride of Christ. They might be a people chosen by God who have a place equal to the old testament people.


Verses 15-17 – Here it says about the general system in heaven – how our input and output is – the comfort and the joy we will receive as we are eternally going to be in front of the throne of Glory. No other worldly needs or feelings will be there – because we will be satisfied by His holy goodness.






Verse 1 – Here we see a pause on the opening of the seventh seal – a silent time before an unbearable and unthinkable time to come. This pause clearly proves how horrible it is going to be after this. Many times we can see such a pause in the work of God before a very serious judgment to take place.

>> Lord is not willingly doing it – but with great pain – Lament 3:33


Verse 2 – Seven angels are ready with the 7 trumpets for that great work of God (In Rev chapt 8-11 – you can see all these 7 trumpets).


Verses 3 & 4 – While the seven angels are ready with the seven trumpets, here we see another angel (a main angel) who is sanctifying these people. The another angel might be a seraphim (because in Isaiah chapt 6 there also it was a seraphim who took a burning coal from the altar and touched Isaiah’s tongue to sanctify him).

>> As we studied that this 7 years is for the deliverance of Israel so even the way of deliverance is also in the old testament pattern. Here we see a golden altar- this altar will be in heaven till the last of Rev chapt 19 (when Jesus will come with his saints and angels) because this period is a continuation of the old testament. Grace period to join into the body of Christ is over, and after the church is taken this remaining 7 year for Israel begins, which is clear from Daniel’s vision.

>> Many martyrs are added according to Lord’s number and plan, so because of this great number, lot of incense is needed for their cleansing, along with their prayers. (we can also see about their cry and prayers in Rev 6:9,10)


Verse 5 – When the judgment and deliverance was made – we can see the sound and sign of that great heavenly work – also proving that it is the end of a series – of seven seals. We can see the same at the end of the seven trumpets – Rev 11:19(also verse 15) and at the end of the seven bowels – Rev 16:18(also verse 17).


Verses 6 & 7 – First Trumpet – hail (pieces of stone like ice falling from sky) with fire and blood – then 1/3 of trees and all green burned up, we remember hail also fell on Egypt when they were punished.

>> In the O.T Israel was warned by God, but they didn’t bother – Levi 26: 24, 28

(Punishment 7 times so - 7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 vials)


Verses 8 & 9 – Second trumpet – something like a great mountain (maybe a bid meteorite) – burning with fire – thrown into the sea. 1/3 of the sea became blood, 1/3 of the creatures dies, 1/3 of the structures in sea destroyed (ships, refineries etc). When the water turns to blood, all the fishes will die, same thing happened in Lord’s judgment over Egypt in Pharaoh’s time.


Verses 10 & 11 – Third trumpet – A great star – burning – this time fell in all the fresh water(drinking) – river and springs, before it was sea water. Water became horrible bitter (by the Lord) – all those who drank it died. Lord had done this twice before – Marah and once in Elisha’s time.

Now 1/3rd, rest Lord has kept for the next level of punishment, 1/3 of different destruction and famine going on in different areas means – in one place no drinking water another place no food or light, so people keep on running up and down in panic, no one can settle anywhere, the whole world will be unfit to dwell.

>> At the same time, those who accepted Jesus and were faithful and obedient till the end, they will be rejoicing in the mid-skies with Jesus, they will be experiencing the sweetness of the relationship with Christ. The disobedient(including the left behind Christians) are going to taste the horrible terrible experience whole throughout this period  with hell fire as their final destiny.

>> Prophecies in the old testament about this time – Malachi 4:1, 3:2


Verse 12 – Fourth trumpet – Sun & moon will be struck – 1/3 of light. Already Holy spirit is taken, and the whole world ruled by the spirit of Anti Christ(Lucifer), then no light of sun or moon, when all these calamities shaking the earth – even normal power or current won’t be there – so all the horrible crimes without any humanity will rule in this time.

>> For every being to grow – light and heat is needed, without that – lack of oxygen( we know it is produced with the help of green leaves - photosynthesis), and all the balance of nature collapses – making the whole world like a dry desert.


Verse 13 – A warning to alert the whole world that three more trumpets to come – which are more horrible and unthinkable (something which no one will expect.

>> Look at the angel crying – woe - woe – woe, which means – this is something worse than what happened till now.

>> So let us forsake all our spiritual lousiness and laziness (for our worldly matter we are entirely opposite), all the spiritual coldness with lack of interest in His word or His presence.

>> If Lord is not happy with our life.

If we are not led by the Holy spirit

If Holy spirit God does not witness our spiritual life, then we will also be in this group – Lord shows no partiality – He is a righteous judge and a Holy God. That’s why in Rev 22:11 – Lord says – Let the Holy be more Holy.





For the first four trumpets John described it in 6 verses but for the 5th and 6th trumpet – it takes the whole 9th chapter(21 verses) because it is that horrible and scary what John saw the things going to happen.


Verse 1 – Here we see a star(angel) fallen or coming from heaven. Here an angel is termed as a star. In Rev 1:20 also angels are called stars. Also in Job 38:6,7 – morning stars and sons of Gods shouted praises when God laid the foundation for earth – both referring to heavenly beings or angels.

>> So here this is an angel who has the authority to open and close the bottomless pit (hell). In Rev 20:1 – also mentioned about the same angel.

>> Bottomless pit (hell) – many times in Revelation, also in chapt 11


Verse 2 – when the pit was opened – great smoke came out – which darkened the sun and the atmosphere. When sun becomes dark – even the moon will not shine – so day and night – great darkness.

Mentioned by prophet Joel thousands of years before – by the holy spirit in Joel 2:2(also verses 10-13) – so repent


Verse 3 – They are not ordinary locust but a kind of demon army from hell.

In Prov 30:27 – it says locust have no king but here in verse 11 – we see these devils have a king – so they are not really locust but a devilish beast made by God and put in hell to torment the disobedient of the world including Lucifer. The shape of these satanic beast is described from verse 7 to 10.

>> Anyway it came from hell and came to destroy like the legions that affected that man in Luke 8:31 – They cried to Jesus – Please don’t send us back to the abyss (bottomless pit), so they came from there.


Verse 4 – They should not harm anything else or anyone else in the world except the people without seal. We know 1,44,000 Jews are sealed by the Lord, so these locust will torment – sting – bite all the others in the world – a great majority

>> Actually locust destroy only the green(we know what happened in Egypt), but here as the Lord did not give them the permission to touch green – they couldn’t.

So one thing is sure – unless our Lord gives permission – no devil or even Lucifer himself cannot do anything in this world or our life.


Verse 5 – For five months – like the bite of scorpions (the deadliest poison). They will keep on tormenting – all the symptoms of a scorpion bite – turning pale and fainting with poison – not able to breath – but will not die – the whole world.


Verse 6 – They will desire to die but no death. To escape from this horrible time – there is only one way – Fear the Lord – obey the word of God and do the work of God according to our calling – But cannot die because death will flee from them.


Verses 7 & 8 – Shape of the locust like horse for battle (like an Armoured Horse) – something like a crown on its head – face like a man – hair like a woman – teeth like lion’s teeth – to bite like scorpion.


Verse 9 – Breast plate of steel made by the Lord – Bullet proof – so that man cannot destroy it by their warfare or ammunition.

When one locust lifts its wings the sound of chariot with many horses – a fearful sound which will tranquilize the world with fear – so that they cannot run away or fight back.


Verse 10 –They have tails to sting and the power to torment them day and night continuously for 5 months(150 days)


Verse 11 – The angel who is the king of these locust or beast is ABADDON (heb) or APOLLYON(greek) which means DESTROYER – these name are there in many greek and other mythological stories as a devilish beast.


Verse 12 – Out of the three WOES (3 trumpets) only one is over two more horrible ones to come.


Verse 13 - Second woe - we can see it is so terrible but within hours - it gets over

whereas the first woe or the 5th trumpet took 5 months.

>> The voice came from the golden altar before the throne of God - it might be the cry of the saints as we read in Rev 6:9,10 & Rev 8:3 or the Voice of God saying -


Verse 14 - to the angel who blew the 6th trumpet - Release the 4 angels who are bound at the great Euphrates - Gen 2:14

As the garden of Eden is hidden to mankind now, it is guarded by a Cherub - Gen 3:24. But it is not this cherub because Lord's angels are never bound.

>> Bound angels - only mentioned twice in the Bible. One is here and the other is about Lucifer being bound in chains. So somewhere near Eden or Euphrates - God has bound a good number of fallen angels for years - they have been waiting for thousands of years for this voice of God.

These 4 angels are the commanders of these 200 million army of devils (verse 16)


Verses 15 & 16 -  4 angels with this army to divide and got to 4 sides of the world and does this judgment very fast like a wind in the hour of the Lord. The hour, the day, the month - it is all planned afore by the Lord.

>> Gal 4:4 - In the fullness of time - so Lord always has a perfect time, which no one or no prayers can change - to do His work. Even it be the devil - it also can only work according to God's time and only what is allowed by the creator - The Almighty God.

The devil's know this truth - but we fail to understand

>> Here the mission by the Lord is - To kill 1/3 of mankind (which is presently around 7000 million (equalent to 7 billion or 700 crore)

 (As I was just doing a little calculation - 1/3 of the 7000 million is 2300 million. This was the greatest killing done together in all this 7 year period. So out of the 2300 million, 300 million might have died in the tribulation till now, then balance 2000 million which have to be killed by 200 million devils. I was amazed by Lord's perfection in planning and figures - so each devil had to kill around 10 people  which can be surely finished an hour)

>> That is why in Jerem 25:31-33 - like a whirlwind - thousands of years before - Lord revealed this judgment to the prophet – (Disobedient people piled up like dung)


Verses 17 & 18 - On the horses were these horsemen or devils (bound angels) - and they have 4 leaders to guide them. Their armor or breast plates were very strong - maybe to resists the firing of men.

>> They kill by fire, smoke and brimstone(sulphur). God has used this sulphur many times to punish the wicked. It is mentioned in Deuteronomy, Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel & Luke.

We know what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah - Gen 19:24, also in Ps 11:6


Verse 19 - Their operation - John saw something like a dragon, mouth- fire comes out, Tail again like a snake having many heads. This is explained as it is - so that we will have a fear about what's going to happen if we are left behind


Verses 20 & 21 - Those who survived while they saw many killed, how much grateful they should be. But here we see they - without any fear - repeating sins and tempting God to destroy them also.

>> This is how satan darkens our mind - Eph 4:18

>> 2Cor 4:4 - so that the God of this world has blinded your minds


Don't be deceived – satan is destined to be bound - he wants us for company - look at the other fallen angels - they were also deceived. Man is always attracted to sin more than any good work - this is the work of satan in our life - Let us not be cheated.






Verse 1 - This is a time after the 6th trumpet and before the 7th trumpet. The 7th angel blows the trumpet only in Rev 11:15.

Here in this verse we see - a mighty angel. By the description we understand it is none other than Lord Jesus. The same description of Jesus is also mention in Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation chapter 1 as they see vision about the Son of God.

In the old testament many times when Jesus appeared to man, it was mentioned as Angel (heavenly).

>> In Exo 3:2 - there it says that the angel of God appeared to Moses from the burning bush, in 4th verse it say - God called him from the burning bush

>> In Gen 32:24-30 - We see Jacob wrestled with a man till he was blessed. Then Lord changed his name and his calling (only Lord has the authority for that). The Jacob understood who that heavenly being was and said I have seen the face of God and named that place - Peniel(which means Face of God) – verses 26 & 30

>> Again written about Jacob wrestling with God in Hosea chapt 12


Verse 2 - In verse 2, 8, 9, 10, 11 - we see a little book which John had to eat - which was a prophetic book to be revealed to the whole world again and again.

>> Here we see the authority of the creator - Even though the control of earth went from Man's hand (in Genesis we see - Lord to Adam and Eve to rule over the earth and all the creation) to satan's hand, But always Lord is the supreme power over all the creation's including Lucifer.

Here we see Lord standing - one foot on the sea and one foot on the land - meaning Lord has come back to take full control.


Verse 3 - Then to prove that it is Lord - his thundering voice which is like the roar of a lion(many times mentioned in the Bible by the prophets) also in 2Sam 22:14.


Verse 4 – Then a voice from heaven told John – not to write down the message he heard now – but seal it- for a later time. So what John heard is a mystery.

Also in the book of Daniel, God had told him – Dan 12:4 – seal the book for the end of time.


Verses 5 & 6 – So this mighty angel or Lord – lifted His hand and swear by the name of Heavenly Father – that there is going to be no delay in time – but at Lord’s perfect time – the mystery is going to happen.


Verse 7 – The mystery of God – as He has revealed to the prophets is about the rule of Messiah (Jesus) on this earth – what the Jews were waiting for.

>> In creation Lord told man and woman to rule the earth and everything in it, but when man sinned, satan won the control of the earth – in the Bible we can see many times – satan being called the ruler of this world.

Now the mystery is that – the complete control of this world is coming back to Jesus, till now God had allowed satan to test man (and only those who pass all the trials and temptation – will receive back that glorious body which we had lost in Eden).

>> This mystery is being revealed when the 7th trumpet will be blown in Rev 11:15.

And the world slowly completely in the hands of our Lord – Rev 12:10, 19:6

In Rev 20:6 – Because we have joined into the body of Christ and Lord has exalted the faithful to be equal inheritors, we shall also rule this world along with Jesus and at the same time be priest of Father and of Jesus –

Our calling is very very great – 1Peter 2:9 – Royal priesthood (kings and priest)


Verses 8-10  – It was not really a book but a message of prophesy (in verse 11 it is clear), which he had to receive from the Lord(eat). So as apostle John received that living prophetic word of God – it was as sweet as honey. (Even in Ezek 3:1-4 – we see Lord telling prophet Ezekiel to eat the scroll)

>> As we receive the word and accomplish the word – we have to go through a lot of bitter experiences allowed by the Lord as we stand strong for His world, but Lord will honor us and bless those who endure and successfully fulfill His word.


Verse 11 – You must prophecy again – so it is even a prophecy for the whole world – the things going to happen as Lord takes full control and has victory over satan and his army. That is why it says prophesy again to all peoples, nations, tongues and kings – as we are learning these – the prophesy is revealed again to us by John.






Verse 1& 2 – It was commanded to John to measure the temple and the people who come to worship. It was not the heavenly temple but the one which existed in this world (this one might have been constructed by the Anti-christ (who acted as Messiah) in favor of the Jews.

>> At  times Israel had different temples to worship –

·        Moses built the tabernacle (which also had the most holy, holy and common place)

·        Solomon built the magnificent temple of God in Jerusalem (BC 957).  1,53,000 workers built it in 7 years (1 Kings 6:38), but it was later destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in BC 606 – it stood for 410 years

·        After the slavery of Israel in Babylon for many years, when it was over – Zerubabel built a temple for Israel (BC 538) on the expense of King Cyrus (the grandson of  Nebuchadnezzar – who destroyed Solomon’s temple).

Then after BC 167 – Antiochus IV Epiphanes -  erected a statue of Goddess Zues had sacrificed pigs on the sacred altar purposely to trouble Jews – who had troubled him. Which led into a great revolt – The Maccabean revolt (The sons of a jewish priest – Mattathias – out of them the elder son Judas Maccabeus (the hammer) led the revolt against the Seleucid Empire and is acclaimed as one of the greatest warriors in Jewish history. He re-dedicated the temple, then again after few years it was partially destroyed by enemies.

·        Then came the temple which Herod renovated and built to make the Jewish community happy. That was the temple at the time when Lord Jesus lived in Israel. But as Jesus prophesied – that a day will come when one stone will not exist over another – similarly in AD 70 Emperor Titus and the army came and destroyed it.

·        Later after AD 600 Muslims dominated Jerusalem and built their mosque – the Dome of the Rock. As the muslim mosque stands there even today, they are not able to build, but now with the help of US and UK, they have already funded, planned and collected the material for building. They want to built the temple in the exact place where Solomon built the temple, so they are waiting for Lord’s time.

The temple which be built once the church and holy spirit leaves this world. In the first 3.5 years they will receive full support from Anti-christ, but later as the satan comes into him in fullness, then he himself will bring abomination into this new temple, defile it and destroy it – Math 24:15, Daniel 11:31, 12:11

·        Then we see in the Bible that Jesus will come and build the temple for the Millennium (1000 years stay) –

Zach 14:4 - Jesus will come with his angels and saints coming down to the mount of Olive, and satan will be bound for a 1000 years.

·        Then finally an eternal tabernacle in heaven – where we will stay with God forever


Verse 3 – Lord will give power to the two witnesses to preach and prophecy for the first 3.5 years. Satan will try to stop them and kill them but with the authority they will preach till Lord’s time (When we speak for the Lord with heavenly authority, no devil can do anything unless Lord allows - this is the real anointing – being the mouth of God)

>> They will speak till Israel repents and turns from their sins and arrogance and look upon whom they have pierced – Zechar 12:10, John 19:37


>> Clothed in sack cloth – they are nothing(denying themselves) – it is Lord working through them.

>> Two witnesses – One of them is Elijah (Malachi 4:5,6)

Then we again see that these two witnesses came and ministered in this world. When Jesus along with Peter, James and John went up the Mount of transfiguration. The great glory of the Lord came down and for sometime Jesus was in His glorious body. That is when the disciples saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus – Math 17:3,4.  As Elijah was taken into heaven, Moses was also carried to heaven by angels – they might be the two witnesses again coming in the 7 year tribulation period.

This period is for the redemption of Israel – for Israel to recognize their Messiah and confess with their mouth (we also got saved by confessing that Jesus is Lord), they have not yet done that. That is why these two witnesses are the anointed ones from the Old testament period, they will minister the Word of God bolding in the anointment of the Lord to bring fear and repentance to Israel till Israel looks on the Holy One they have pierced.


Verse 4-6  – Their powers are mentioned in verses 5 and 6.


Verse 7 – Till they finish their testimony (witness what God has given to them) – no one or beast can do anything to them(No Lucifer can do anything until my Lord allows)

>> This beast came out of the bottomless pit – the same place where in Rev 9:2,3 – we see millions on locust kind of demon’s came out, so Lord had preserved these devil’s to judge the disobedient. Anti-christ is a man but when this horrible beast comes upon him – he becomes inhuman.


Verse 8 – Their bodies are lying on the streets of the great city which Jesus was crucified – which is surely Jerusalem. Here it says that which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt.

In this city for years as the presence of the Lord is not there (among Jews) – when light is not there its full of darkness – so it is the devil which is now ruling their heart and making them horrible sinners – so in the sight of God – now they are not that old – God’s own people but sinners like Sodomites (sexual immorality) and like Egyptians (full of idolatry).


Verse 9 – 3 ½ days – all the people, tribes, language and nations(all the countries) – they will see their bodies lying there. At that time when John did not know what the Holy spirit told him to write but now we know about Live broadcasting and watching it in the TV – so that the whole world can see their bodies lying there at the same time.

>> God made the people to protest and did not allow them to bury – because Lord wanted to bring them back to life and make them stand on their feet in front of the whole world – so that the whole world will fear the work of Lord.

>> So protests or people turning against us as we witness the Lord is all by the Lord – for the glory of God.


Verse 10 – Satan and his people were rejoicing thinking that the work of the Lord is over, because the heaven send witnesses were killed.  They were celebrating it like a festival fiving sweets and gifts to others.


Verse 11 – But after 3 ½ days – the breath of the Lord entered them and they stood on their feet. Just think about that situation, they are singing, dancing, giving sweets and presents – >> Suddenly these 2 witnesses stand on their feet – Great fear upon all the earth.

>> One more time satan became ashamed. Satan’s rejoicing is always short lived – only till Almighty God starts His work.


>> Only when the breath of God comes upon us, we will stand strong for the Lord, without fearing or pleasing man.

The breath of God is compared as the Holy spirit, this life of God comes into our life by the Holy spirit and by the word of God – Job 32:8,  Job33:4,  2Tim 3:16 (inspiration – in original language and in many translations – God’s breath).


Verse 12 – Lord said – Come up here, and they ascended into the clouds. All those who made fun of them or worked against them – saw them carried by the Lord into heavenly places (greatest honor) – while all the others in the world are still being tormented.

>> Our time of honor is going to come very soon.


Verse 13 – At that time – a great earthquake – 1/10 th of the city destroyed – all the building and structures fell, 7000 people killed, rest of them were afraid and gave glory to the Lord.


Verse 14 – second woe over, no third woe or seventh trumpet


Verses 15 & 16 - In the 14th verse onwards they are proclaiming, so here through this song also the 24 elders are proclaiming to the world who our Lord is.

So in our songs more than the melody, the message which speaks out to the world is more important - it should be written in the spirit. Along with the 24 elders all the heavenly being surely might have joined in singing.

>> The message in the song is - The complete control of the world is now going to be in Lord's control (we after creation of man, the whole control of the creatures and the world was given to man and Lord told them to rule over the world, but when they were deceived by the enemy, man lost, satan took the control, from them on in the Bible - satan is called the prince of this world. Because our Lord is a righteous God, by the mercy of God he was enjoying the right what he won from man) But now it is Lord's time to take it back completely from satan.


Verses 17 & 18 - Whatever is going to happen in the coming times(very soon) is written here -

>> The nations were angry (in this 7 years and even after the 1000 years when satan will be released)

>> Spiritually dead (disobedient) - they should be judged - so it is about JUDGEMENT.

>> That is when majority will be horribly punished - something which they never expected But Lord's servants, prophets and saints (holy people) will be rewarded by the Lord ALMIGHTY.

SAINTS - Those who really fear the Lord, give all importance to every word and obey all his counsel.


Verse 19 - When the heavenly song was sung, Now John is seeing the glorious dwelling place of God, he was excited by that heavenly sight and saw the ark of covenant there. In the old testament temple's most holy place, that is where the shekinah of God or the presence of God dwelled, so here this vision is compared with that.

When the law or covenant was given to Moses on Mt.Sinai, similar lightning, thunders and earthquakes came.

We read in John chapter 1, that the word came down as flesh and lived among us, that word was there from the beginning, that is our Lord Jesus Christ.

>> Heb 8:5 - The law or word of God we have is a copy of the master copy which is in heaven. Our Bible is an abridged version(only what we need in this time) of the heavenly pattern which is in heaven.

Bible says - Even we are created according to the image of God - so every model and guidance comes from God. The heavenly is important, not the worldly and here Apostle John is sharing to us how glorious and desirable is the heavenly sight and life. Let our hope increase for the heavenly.





In this chapter the happenings going to take place are presented in a dramatic presentaion. The main characters are woman clothed in sun, the baby she delivers and the dragon, the dragon is fighting against the army of God.

From the beginning onwards we see satan working against the plan and people of God. In this 7 years we know it’s the deliverance time for Jews after a long grace period - and satan is working like a dragon to destroy Israel before their deliverance or before they look to the real Messiah whom they have pierced and confess with their mouth.

Ø Rev 11:14 – Second woe over – third woe is coming quickly


Verses 1 & 2 - Here a great sign appeared in heaven and then a woman clothed with the sun appeared - In the Bible many places we can see Israel compared as a woman, the daughter of Zion, also as a woman in travail, let us look into some of the references to make it clear.

Here around her head is a garland of 12 stars - which is surely the 12 tribes.


>> The reason why satan is opposing is because woman gave deliverance to the child - who will rule the world with rod.

>> Many verse in the Bible we can see Israel being compared as a woman - Micah 4:10(daughters of Zion), Ish 54:6,   50:1(woman)


>> Ish 9:6 - Unto us (woman-Israel) - a child is born

>> Here it says Woman clothed with sun, under her feet moon then a garland of 12 stars(we know they are the 12 tribes).

>> So as it was in the dream which Joseph saw - Gen 37:9-11 (here it says others couldn’t understand but his father kept it in his mind because it was a mystery.

As in the dream Sun(Jacob), Moon(Rachel) and his 11 brothers - the 12th is Joseph. From Jacob(who was named Israel) came the 12 tribes or whole people of Israel


Verse 5 - Jesus came - lived - died - resurrected, But still the pain of Israel continues

In verse 5 & 6 we see still the devil is after Israel as he was from the beginning. Every anointed child who was born - satan tried to kill him right from the beginning, and also the whole nation -

>>  In Pharaohs time also, they were all tortured as slaves, killed every male - but the anointed one Moses escaped by the Lord.

>> By many emperors and dictators, they all tried to kill all the male of Israel, so they take gentile husband, and the whole of Israel would be sinners in the sight of God. But God did not allow

>>  Then the Prophet of Israel - Balaam (for the king's money) told the gentile king Balak an idea to sent all their gentile virgins to Israel, so that they would sin - to make them lose their holiness and separation - what all satan did.

>>  Then again in Nebuchadnezzar time - all who didn’t bow down in front of the statue (Shadrakh, Meshech, Abednego)were commanded to put into furnace of fire, but still the Lord delivered,

Even Daniel from the lion's den

Joseph from the Pharaoh's jail, Elijah

Jeremiah and other prophets for speaking the truth and standing for the Lord, but at all times, even today - Lord will protect and honor those who stand boldly for the Lord and His word.

>>  After the time of Jesus also lots of Roman emperor (mainly the first 5 emperors) after the church was formed

>> and Muslim powers tried to wipe out Israel from the face of the Earth. Their temple was destroyed after AD 600.

>>  Then in the time of World war-2, from 1935 onwards mass killing of Israel took place - like it never happened in history before. The german NAZI party led by Adolf Hitler killed around 7 million Jewish people in gas chambers and other concentration camps in cruel torturing methods - HOLOCAUST. As the Nazi party spread to other European countries like France, Austria, Poland and many other countries as Hitler conquered, about 15,000 labor concentration killing camps were set up. When Germans invaded Russia from 1941-43 - even almost all the Jewish people in many of the Russian countries where killed. Mass graves were set up and around half a million people were killed in it.


Verse 3


Fiery red dragon (we know it is no one else but satan because he is called in the Bible many times as the big serpent and that old serpent – here with –

7 heads – full of wisdom once received from the Lord – Ezek 28:12

10 horns – to attack

7 crowns – full control (prince) of the world now



Verses 4 & 5 - The dragon's tail hit 1/3 of the stars in the sky, so this dragon is a huge sized dinosaurs kind of monster. Only in the second half of the tribulation period God allowed satan to come upon the dragon in its full power.

>> The devil is angry with the woman(Israel) because the Savior was born through them, what all satan tried, when it got a clue, even through Herod, satan ordered all the male babies below two, in that region to be killed (the prophecy in Jerem 31:15 was fulfilled in Math 2:18). But Heavenly Father through a vision, spoke to Joseph take his family and escape to Egypt (again the prophecy in Hosea 11:1 was fulfilled in Math 2:13, 19&20)

>> The dragon stood before the woman to devour her because of the promise which God told in Gen 3:15 - I will make an enmity between Satan and the woman's seed, the woman's seed(Jesus) shall crush your head - We know in Calvary - our Lord Jesus made Satan a public shame - had complete victory over him, that all those who believe in Jesus shall also have victory over Satan and his bondages.


Verse 6 - She ran to the wilderness - to a place prepared for her by the Lord, as it is written in Ish 26:20,21. And God transformed their long time enemies Moab, Edom and Ammon to feed them and care for them till this destruction is over - what a mighty God we serve - to make our enemies - our keepers.

>> Wilderness around Israel = Philistine and other surrounding gentile nations

It is written as a prophecy in the Bible - Math 24,  Ish 16:1-5, Ezek 20:33-37, 41-44, Hosea 2:14-23


Verse 7 – Here we see – war broke out in heaven or in the upper sky – As usual satan failed.

>>Michael – the arch angel is usually sent by God to fight with Lucifer and his army.

>>  In Dan 10:13 and 12:1 – we see when the evil powers of Persia fought blocked the answer of Daniels prayer – Lord sent angel Michael and team to fight with the principalities, powers and dark forces of the air.

>>  In Jude verse 9 – we see when satan argued for the body of Moses(because there was a very small disobedience in His life in the end), Lord send this Michael to fight and have victory.

>>  Again now here in this chapter we see Lord will send angel Michael to fight with the dragon and have final victory.

(This powers of darkness or powers of air is also now(end time) working a lot among the children of God and making us – sons of disobedience – Eph 2:2)


Verse 8 –

·        There was no place any longer in heaven for them (most of the versions)

·        They lost their place in heaven

·        There was no room for them in heaven anymore


So till that time satan and his angels had a position or place (office) in heaven – where they could go and come –

Job 1:6, 2:1,    2Chron 18:18-21,   1King 22:19-22 (21)


Verse 9 – Here called as – Great dragon, that old Serpent, Devil, Satan and Deceiver

Now he and his angels are cast to the earth, so that place which they had in heaven is no more.


Verse 10 – also a new name – Accuser (one who simply blames)

Accuser of our brethren – he is the same person who makes us sin (who pushes us, tempts us and when we fall – goes to the presence of the Lord and accuses us in regard with the word of God) – so Holy and righteous Lord will have to punish us.

>> Accuser from the beginning onwards -

*Accused Joshua - who was a high priest - Zach 3:1-3

*Accused Moses - and fought for his body

*Accused Joseph - even though he did not do any wrong - and put him in jail

*Accused Job - and made the Lord take the fence of grace from him for sometime

*Again accused Peter - Luke 22:31,32 - to sift him as wheat (blow him away from the presence of God like husk) but knowing that Peter was not anointed and not strong inside, Jesus did not allow satan to touch him (Only after the anointed Peter spoke boldly for the Lord and even gave his life - before anointment Peter denied Jesus 3 times - even in front of a small girl and went back to his old job)

*Accused all the anointed servants of God (and faithful) believers in the New Testament


Verse 11 - How the children of God should overcome the accuser -

>>  By the blood of Jesus - in the initial stage we are washed in the blood of the Lamb and we are made new, again we trust in that name to be clean

>>  But as we grow, if you are not able to stand strong for the Lord, always falling, has a desire in your heart - but not afraid to proclaim to witness Jesus and scared to stand for him alone - but simply saying - blood of Jesus won’t work -

You have to know who Lord is, then your relationship with the Lord - then proclaim your stand publicly - the bold words of your testimony

>>  Then again as we grow in the Lord - we will become into a spirit-filled position to deny even our life - for the glory of the Lord - Luke 14:26 - otherwise Jesus says - You cannot be my disciple - means you have no part with the Lord (In Mathew 10 – He is not worthy for me)

Philip 2:17 - Paul says - I am ready to be poured as a drink offering to the Lord.


>>Our words of testimony or our witness - You can testify only if you are standing on the true word. Only what is in your life, you should proclaim. Otherwise what happiness to the 7 sons of Sceva will happen to us - Acts 19:17-20 - because of that fear came upon the people.


>> Boldly speak for Jesus -

>>  Acts 4:13,31 - Peter and John were anointed and they were obedient to all the counsel of God, so they could boldly speak for Jesus

>>  Acts 9:29 - Paul boldly spoke in the name of Jesus, even though they came to kill him

>>  Heb 10:19 - Bold because of the blood of Jesus

>>  Due 31:6, 7 – Moses said to Israel and Joshua – “Be strong, for the Lord is with you”

>>  2Tim 1:7 - For the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, but to be bold enough to stand for the word of God


>> They did not love their lives - even to death - Math 10:39, 16:25, Luke 9:24, 17:33 - all are the same verses -(Whoever loses his life will find it)  -  whoever tries to save his life (give more importance to is life than the Lord) will lose it, but whoever loses his life(does not bother about their personal life or personal benefit, but the Lord's matters first) will gain it - they will only go to heaven and be honored on the judgment.

>> Acts 20:24 -  Paul says - I do not count my life dear.


Verse 12 – Rejoice O heaven and everyone in it (we will also be with Jesus in the mid-skies) - But woe, woe, woe to the left behind and the disobedient on earth.

>> Devil knows his time is near – Only a short time is left -  so he is showing all the panic and trying to destroy everything.


Verse 13 – In verses 7-9 – satan lost the war with the heavenly army and he was thrown to the earth. In verse 8 – he lost his place in heaven(even the permission to visit heaven)

>> Satan got angry and now to destroy the woman who gave birth to the child(Jesus) – Israel.

>> So the devil started working against them –

>>  First by spoiling their worship place – Daniel 11:31 – because Israel has only relationship and comfort from the Lord when they have a temple

>>  Again it is repeated in Math 24:15,16 – that those in Judea(main province) will have to run away to the mountains (where Lord has arranged for them)


Verse 14 – Here we see an arrangement of wings to take them to that hiding place,

>>  Either two great wings might be two great nation like US and UK secretly transporting them(the sealed 1,44,000) by air by specially arranged flight (which John might have understood as great wings)

>>  Or Lord might have carried them to the secret place as mentioned in Exodus 19:4

>> And they will be nourished there for

A time – 1year,  a times – 2 years,  then half a time – ½ year – so altogether 3.5 years, they will be nourished there by the arrangement which Lord has [prepared for them.

>> Just like manna, pillar of cloud and pillar or fire – Look at Lord’s special protection, providence and care for His dear children.


Verse 15 – Serpant (or satan) spewed water like flood out of its mouth – it may not really be water but the army of anti-christ because in many biblical references, armies have been compared as flood – Daniel 9:26,27,  11:21-26, also in Jerem 46:7,8


Verse 16 – But that flood of armies or water – the earth opened up and swallowed.

When the creator commands – it will be so, even in Moses time – Numb 26:10 – when Korah and two others along with 250 people stood against Lord and His anointed ones, the earth opened and swallowed all.


Verse 17 – Again because of failure – satan was enraged

>> Look at satan’s character – He gets angry and with revenge works hard for victory, on the other side we – who are in battle with him – are spiritually sleeping and are not at all bothered or cautious that we are in war.

>> After Lords children(the sealed 1,44,00) were hidden – satan went to attack the rest of the offspring(rest of Israelites). This is when from the rest of Israel who are on this earth, they will get a chance to be saved by confessing to the Lord and without receiving the mark of the beast or 666 (Rev 13:17,18). Here in this time not the left behind Christians, but the children of Israel will receive salvation if they pay the price and give their lives because they forsook Jesus or the Messiah, Lots of verses in the Bible where it says that this 7 years is a time of deliverance , only for the Jews.

So let us be prepare for the coming of the Lord so that we will be received by the Lord in the only chance for us – the rapture or this silent coming of Jesus, before the tribulation starts.





This is a very important chapter because in this chapter, we can see Antichrist coming into full power, as a ruler, as one who is made to be worshiped. Satan is going to give him his seat and full power.


Verse 1 – This chapter has to be compared with Daniel chapter 7 and studied, because there, as a prophecy it is repeated.

First Beast ( as a political leader)

>> 7 heads – acting like Jesus- In Revelation and other books, about Jesus it is written – 7 candlestick, 7 eyes, 7 spirits etc (7 means complete or full authority). Here satan I acting to be a replica of Jesus.

>> 10 horn are 10 kings out of their countries – Daniel 7:24

>> 10 crown – Only 7 heads – I don’t know where he is going to fit rest of the 3 crowns.

As Jesus in Revelation – had a lot of 7’s. here satan is just acting to be more powerful with 10’s.


Verse 2 – According to Daniel 7:3-6,  then verse (17 and 23-25) – we can understand that these four animal figures represent four great nations (super powers)

>> Leopard, bear, lion and dragon – many people compare it with some countries, but which country is not clear in the bible, so let us not go for a declaration. It might be 4 super powers of the past (like Persia, media, Babylon, Egypt or Rome) or 4 super powers of the present or maybe 4 emerging powers, anyway that’s  in the hands of our Lord.

>> Anyway which ever country doesn’t matter for us – Because we are not here –

Why should we worry about the food in jail – when we are not going there.


>> Lucifer will give this man (Anti-Christ) all the power, his seat and great authority –

Anti-Christ is compared in this chapter with two beast – May be same or two different we don’t know – Maybe one person with the power and quality of two.

This beast (might be a super natural human) is going to :

·          To blaspheme God – Rev 13:5,6

·        To Do as he wills – Dan 11:36

·        To change times and laws – Rom 7:25

·        To do a lot of Miracles – Rev chapt 13

·        All this he will be doing to mobilize the Armageddon war (Rev 16:13-16)


Verse 3 – To confuse people, he is making a replica of Messiah, so that beast will be worshipped by people. Here Satan is making a drama that one of his head got wounded, then healed or came back to life (like Resurrection – as a great miracle). Then the people marveled and followed the beast (obeyed and worshipped him – they fell for that drama and believed him)


Verse 4 – Satan does all needed things to make him to be worshipped. He does not have a body now. When Lucifer was in heaven, he had a heavenly body with precious stones on it and when he lifted his wings, sounds of instruments use to come, but when he sinned Lord stripped him of that magnificent body. That is why in Eden he came into a snake, then when Jesus rebuked him, he went into the pigs, then upon the children of Sceva.

So here satan or the dragon is coming into the man Anti-christ to do horrible things on earth – as different beast.

>> To be worshipped and to be like the Most high, to put his throne above the throne of God was Satan’s desire from the beginning – Ish 14:13,14 – that is why he was thrown down from heaven, again he is trying that dirty game.

>> About the Lord – Bible says  - Who is like him (Ps113:5)

Worthy to be feared – Rev 15:4 and many other verses

Reverend (it’s a name only for God – Ps111:9 (Holy and Reverend is His name), also in Malachi 1:6 & Heb 12:28. So it is by ignorance or by this satan’s spirit that people take the name of God and call themselves or desire to be called Reverend.

>> Here satan is also taking Lord’s name and making people fear the beast and worship him.


Verse 5 – For 42 months or 3.5 years he is speaking blasphemies (filthy words to disgrace). The same Lord who created him by His word can make him destroyed also by His word but God has allowed him till he is chained and thrown in the bottomless pit very soon.

>> So he is given the permission by God to continue this for 3.5 years (after that he will be destroyed)


Verse 6 – He started to blaspheme the Almighty

>>  Then the tabernacle – the temple of God at that time in Jerusalem (2 Thess 2:4-8 – he put his image in the temple and defiled it)

>>  Then those in heaven (at that time we will be rejoicing with Jesus in the mid-heaven’s). Satan is not able to bear it because we are completely out of his power for ever, now he can do nothing to the body of Christ (the bride or the church), so the only thing he can do is talk bad words against us – who cares – we have already received the heavenly body now.

Rev 20:6 – Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection, second death (hell) has no power over us, we shall reign with Jesus for a thousand years as kings and priest.


Verse 7 – In Rev 12:12 – we read that Satan knows he has only a little time, so in full wrath he works all that he can.

>> He will fight with the rest of saints (jews who do not bear the mark of the beast) and with all the other disobedient.

>> Even in this end times he is fighting with the (pre-destinated ones in full swing).

Verse 8 – All the left behind people – gentiles and jews who were disobedient and whose name is not written in the book of the living – will bow down to this dragon.


Verse 9 – Very serious so clear very clearly – take the counsel of God very seriously and be faithful.


Verse 10 – When the sword and captivity of the Anti-Christ is all around and people are accepting them fearing death – the Jewish saint who have not yet beared the mark of the beast – will need a lot of courage and patience and faith of saints.

(There’s a message for us – without patience no one can gain your soul)

>> Luke 21:19 - By your patience possess your souls.

>> James 1:4 - But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.


Verse 11  – Here we can see another beast coming out of the earth.

>> First beast (a political leader) in verse 1 was coming out of sea – he was leading countries and super nations.

>> Now this Second beast is a religious leader – making all world to worship him.

·        Satan is working in these beast because he got a throne to rule for 3.5 years- 42 months (verse 5) his last and only rule with complete power and control over the earth.

·        All this time he will be speaking blaspheme against Lord and His bride

·        He is making the world say – Who is like this beast ? (Rev 13:4)

Just a duplicate of – Who is like the Lord ? (Ps 113)

·        He is again acting here like Jesus – who was killed but rose again

>> In verse 14 – the beats who was wounded but again living

·        He is making all the world – worshipping him as a Savior (here and in Dan 7:23 &24)


Verse 12  – This second beast – just like the first beast practices all the filthy power because it is the same satan.

>> He is using the same trick like in todays world. Same satan being revealed through many images and names and sizes and figures.

>> Satan is afraid and doubtful of his power- so he is using the marketing strategy – one product in different label for more promotion.

>> Our Lord doesn’t need that – because if my Lord tells satan NO – he will have to stop that moment itself. The whole world knows who GREAT GOD is and who the devil is.


Verse 14 – He deceives the people – to make its image and worship it (so because of idolatry – Lord will be more angry – (like satan made Aaron make the calf and all Israel worship it, then later be punished to death and lose the Canaan) – Here also deceiving people.


Verse 15 – Satan now gets the authority  - (from God)

Ø To give life to this beast, make it speak and deceive the people (people today also are only bothered about miracles – new things happening – they are not bothered about anything else. (Todays believers also searching – Will any good thing come out of Nazareth)

Ø To kill all those who do not worship the image of the beast.


Verse 16 – This beast forces all rich and poor, people of power and all people to receive – the mark of the beast – on their right hand or foreheads.

In Due 6:6,8 – God tell his children – the words which I speak to you, you shall bind them on you hands and let it stay on your forehead.

Lord told them this because He wants His children to be known by the His name and His property –

>> Who’s image is on you – If Caesar’s – then you are for Caesar – If the image on you is of the Lord – then live and work for the Lord.

>> Here satan is copying the same method – he is trying to be the Hero – trying to be like God.


Verse 17 & 18 – This is going to be the number of the Beast – 666.

>> This 666 has already taken space in many codes, beginning of credit cards.

Also believed t be a very lucky number by the world

>> And the name of the European Union’s main computer in Belgium is called – The Beast.

(A three-story computer in Brussels, Belgium called “The Beast,” is described as being the brain-child of the European Common Market.  It is said to be “self programming” (taken it own decisions) and is intended to track the buying and selling activities of every person on earth. It has a lot of sensors which can read the identification number from chips inserted into our body.)





Verses 1-3 – Jesus is always with the Holy and sealed (that’s why we always have to be HOLY and SEALED by the Holy Spirit)

>> Lord says-  I have called them, made them Holy and separated for me

>> Where two or three gather in my name – I will be amidst them

>> The Father’s name is written on their foreheads (they are 12,000 from each tribe) – who were redeemed from the earth

·        Whose image is on the coin, if Caesar’s – give it to Caesar, if Jesus – He should be submitted for the Lord. (all others have image and number of Anti-Christ)

·        All those on the Lord’s side – come out of the mixed gang and stand separate (you need a Godly boldness and Calling for that.

·        You are sealed by the Holy spirit

Just like Jesus was among Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and gave them songs in their mouth (in this 7 times heated furnace) – similarly these selected people from Jews also got songs in their mouth – songs specially made for them.

>> About ZION it is mentioned in Psalms 126

>> Zech 8:3 - “Thus says the LORD: ‘ I will return to Zion, And dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth, The Mountain of the LORD of hosts, The Holy Mountain.’


Verse 4 – They were virgins – means holy and blamless –

>> James 4:4 – Adulterers – Don’t you know that friendship with the world - love of money – makes you defiled

>> 2 Cor 11:2 - For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy. For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

** What to do – some wrong teachers and groups – take this chapter and teach their groups that – the un-married brothers or sisters are these 1,44,000. They are these Holy ones. – NO – NO – NO

Here it clearly says – 12,000 from each tribe

**And its not living with woman – but who have safely kept themselves from loving the world.

**Because – Lord says – It is honorable for a man to get married - he should not stay alone.

**In 1 Timothy chapters 3, 4 & 5 – It clearly says – who a Pastor should be (husband of one wife and a person who disciplines his children and wife)

What younger widows and older widows should do. Woman should be married – otherwise they will spoil Lord’s name.

>> So if any one thinks that marrying and living with wife is defiling yourselves – its because of ignorance of their word of God and because of a false spirit upon them.

Heb 13:4 –  Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.


Verse 5 – It is clear in this verse – that

·        They were without fault before the throne of God – Blameless – without spot or wrinkle

This is the answer to all those who ask -
Why so much Holiness ??
Why to live exactly according to the bible ?? Why to obey every verse

·        There was no deceit in their mouth.

Lord does not desire a single lie – only truth – because we received this great salvation by our confession – so this tongue is to witness Lord.

** We need not tell everything to others – But we can surely do one thing to escape from the judgment of God – Keep queit – only say what is needed.
**If they ask you so much – I cant tell that now.
**Or may be you have money or something, and someone asks, if you feel it not right to give that person – then you should say a lie to escape – but tell him – I have – but cant give you.

>> Omit all un-necessary talk – 2 Tim 2:16 - But shun profane and idle babblings, for they will increase to more ungodliness.
Liars – Rev 22:15,  Col 3:9,  Eph 4:25,  1 Tim 1:9,10


>> Math 12:37 - For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”


Verse 6 – Again the gospel being preached to the rest on earth – to people of all nation – maybe to those who never got a chance to hear till the true gospel till now .

·        To prepare the jews to look on the Holy One whom they crucified

·        For the gentiles who didn’t get the message of the gospel clear

All have to glorify God with their mouth, because in the Millennium – once satan is chained for 1000 years – whole world will automatically worship – The Holy one who is worthy for all worship
>> Now it is this satan who has blinded the eyes of people so that they know the truth – that’s why people are rebelling against God

Because now – next the whole world is going to enter the Millennium (100 year rule) – when satan is going to be bound

>> As a prophecy it is mentioned in Mathew 24:14 - And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.


Verse 7 – The message of this Gospel is –

These are the main two things these days people are not willing to offer – to fear God and to give Him all the glory – people have their excuses to think - WHY

·        Fear God (than any other law or power of this world)

Deuter 10:12 - “And now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you, but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all His ways and to love Him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul,

Prov 14:27 - The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, To turn one away from the snares of death.

·        Give Glory to Him (give Him all the Glory)

Col 3: 17 - And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

John 15:8 - By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.

·        For the hour of judgment has come – now where will you escape – No one can

Now it is judgment in this world and the final judgment to all including satan.

Jude verses 14 & 15 – To execute judgment upon all,

Meanwhile in Jude 20 - But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,


Verse 8 – After the declaration of the first angel – Fear God, give Him glory,

Immediately the second angel declares – Babylon has fallen – the great city is fallen.

>> Actually its written about its fall in Revelation chapter 18 – but angel proclaims here – as a prophecy

·        Rome was called as -  Babylon the great (in John’s time) – in full immorality

·        But in the last it might be a country like America or any other world power – because of leading power and leading in sin (immorality)

·        The real Babylon is Iraq and Iran – but this is a name given to another super power country of the world.

>> Anti – Christ rules and controls the whole world from this country


Verses 9 -11 – Now the third angel declares - The judgment is upon all the disobedient, also upon those who bears the mark of the beast – they do that to save their lives – and that is what Anti-Christ declares

>> You can save your lives by bearing the mark of the beast – eternal judgment for sure.

>> So salvation for gentiles is only through Jesus – in this grace period –

That is why Bible says in – 2 Cor 6:2 - ……. Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

Ø Do not give ear to satan’s reasonings.

Ø Here in these verse – about the cup of the wrath of God – who can excape – In arrogance people say – what God – what Word.


Verse 12 – ** Those who keep the commandments of God

** Who keep the faith of Jesus

** Who obey all the counsel of God

Either Jesus – or the Beast ???
There is nothing in between – when you live – who will do you fulfill – the life in eternity depends on that.

>> It says about a patience of the saints – only they are delivered


Patience is what saints should get these days from the Lord – none of our material blessings will help us a bit to go to heaven (it is always a hindrance). But the patience which saints of Jesus should have will take us to heaven.

Patience or Endurance –

>> 2 Thess 1:4, 5 - so that we ourselves boast of you among the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that you endure......

that you may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you also suffer;

>> Rom 5:3,4 - And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance (patience)

and perseverance, character; and character, hope.

>> Math 24:13 - But he who endures to the end shall be saved.


Verse 13 – Blessed are those who die in the Lord – who are called to be with the Lord

Also in  Rev chapters 1, 16 & 19 ( 19:9 ), again in chapters 20 and 22

>> For all those who die in the Lord (faithful till death or till the last) – the are blessed


>> Write – 12 times in Revelation – its very important – Note the point

>> Now rest from their labour (blessed are those when the master comes find doing His work) – so our labour and hard work should be for the kingdom of God – that’s our calling.

>> Their works will follow them – not the works which gentiles do – what reward in heaven for that? The work which a worldly child cannot do – a work which only a called, faithful and anointed child of God can do.

>> For all the works for the kingdom of God – we will get reward

>> Rom 2:6 – who will render to each one according to his deeds

>> 2 Cor 5:10 - For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done……

>> 1 Cor 15:58 - Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

>> 2 Chron 15:7 - But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded !


Verse 14 - 16 – Now we see two types of harvesting in the following verses –

1)    The harvest of the earth

2)    The gathering of the grapes for winepress


>> The son of Man is surely JESUS who has the authority over souls – Golden crown – sharp sickle

** Now slowly the control is coming from the Anti-Christ to the Savior of the whole world.

** Anti-Christ was acting till now – but now he is going to be shameful because the real King of Kings and Messaiah (Savior) is going to be revealed to all the world – every one will believe and every one will confess.

** That’s why before we read – Babylon is fallen


>> Till now – it is a continuation of the 7th trumpet, then in chapter 16 – the seven bowls (of the wrath of God) are going to be poured.

>> Verse 16 – The first sickle is in the hands of Jesus – when the angel declares – Jesus is throwing it and reaping


Verse 17-20 – Now the second sickle is with the angel – he is throwing it and gathering the grapes – on which Jesus put them in the winepress of the wrath of God

>> Verse 18 – Now again another third angel – who has power over fire cried with a loud voice saying.

>> How patiently – and lovingly – so humbly Jesus spoke about the salvation to the world, at that time, satan made them arrogant, and they were influenced by that power to rebel against or reject the counsel of God. Now where is satan who influenced them ? – he escaped – people alone are facing the wrath of God.


Didn’t they say – Math 27:25 - And all the people answered and said, “His blood be on us and on our children.”

>> Here as it is a time of the redemption of faithful jews – it is also a time of judgment to all the disobedient and un-sealed jews. Others will also go through it along with them but Bible is only concerned about the sons of Jacob – as it is their time as prophesied through Daniel.

>> They will be crushed in the vinepress.

>> Ish 63:3, 4 -  I have trodden the winepress alone, And from the peoples no one was with Me. For I have trodden them in My anger, And trampled them in My fury; Their blood is sprinkled upon My garments, And I have stained all My robes.

For the day of vengeance is in My heart, And the year of My redeemed has come.


>> Lord only planted this grapes in His beautiful vineyard- Lord is the planner and the farmer – but as Isaiah 5: 1 – 7 – Lord waited, but instead of good grapes – wild grapes sprouted out – Lord himself took the hedge off –

Lord says – “It shall be eaten up – It shall be trodden down” – verse 5


>> Now to the New testament church (children according to the New covenant of God) – In John 15  - Jesus says – I am the wine and you are the branches

John 15 : 5,6 – If you are not able to bear fruit – you will be gathered (as in this chapter) and burned down.

>> Read verse Rev 14:20…………..





Verse 1 – Now John is seeing a new scene in heaven –

Seven angels having 7 last plagues (7 bowls of wrath) – by this the wrath of God will be complete against all disobedient and unfaithful humanity.


Verse 2 – Now John sees two things –

1)    Sea of glass mingled with fire –


2)    Those who had victory over the beast, over his image, over his number – they are standing on this fiery glass of sea (very huge)


Verse 3 – They are mainly the Old testament people because here – it says –

They sang the song of Moses, and the song of the Lamb

>> Even in verse 5- it says the terms – temple and tabenacle

>> The war of the beast is with the woman who bore the Child – Rev 12 :4, 6,   16 & 17


Verse 5 – TABERNACLE – a place built for Holy God to dwell

>> All the tabernacles and temples of Gods – churches are all just a figurative place for God, but in heaven – there is a real place – which is the temple of God – where God dwells in His fullness – that is what Johns sees and tries to explain in many chapters in Revelation

>> Heb 8:2 - a Minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected, and not man.


>> In Old testament  - priest dwelled and ministered in the tabernacle – as in New testament period – we are all Royal priesthood – so where we gather in Holiness – Holy God will be amidst us.

>> Eph 2:19 – 22 – Now we are the family of God, being fitted together, as a Holy temple of God , a dwelling place for God – we are prepared and built for that in the Spirit.

>> Rev 21:3 - And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God.


Verses 6 & 7 – The bowl of the wrath of God is prepared and given to the seven angels. Now itself the world is not able to bear, now what is to come again is more unbearable.

>> We know how the Lord made his anointed servant Noah to patiently (for around 70 to 80 years(God spoke to Noah when he was 500 years old and the flood started when he was 600 years old) – written in Gen chapt 5 and 7) preach the true word (of how to escape from the judgment of God), he did so, but for people it was a joke,

Oh will our loving God judge the whole world.

>> But God punished as he said and they were not able to bear it – too late – they could not escape because the only door of the ark was shut.

>> Bible says – Now also the coming of the Lord will be like the time of Noah.


Verse 8 – This smoke shows the glory of God (written in Exodus, 1 Kings and Ezekiel)

>> Actually this Glory should be revealed in churches today –

But in churches today usually – it is the  Apostles or the Preacher who is shining in many flexes and screens and not the word of God, and even being praised by many people. Lets take a decision, instead of praising the Pastor or the church, the children of God should praise and give all glory to God.

>> In Acts 12- We know how Herod was punished by God to be eaten by worms - because he took the glory of God.

>> This clearly proves that man is weaker than worms (because worms ate him) in the sight of God.




Verse 1 – The angels are waiting for the voice of God – and the angels are going to pour it out on earth and sun.

>> The same Lord who saw on the seventh day – His creation and said that it was wonderful – doesn’t like to do it – but because of our disobedience and because He is true and righteous – is now pouring the final bowls of wrath to earth as the end of all wrath.

>> I heard – John clearly heard it.


Verse 2 – FIRST BOWL – was poured

>> The worshipped the beast and got the mark on them because Anti-Christ said that I will kill you, they might have thought I escape death – NO – no one can escape from the counsel of God.

>> Immediately they got a foul and very painful sore (boils) came on their body.


Verse 3 – SECOND BOWL – It was poured on the sea – All the water became as the dead of a dead man (stinking sticky blood) – poisonous so all fish died,


Verse 4 - 7 – THIRD BOWL – Before sea became, now all fresh water (rivers and springs) and they became blood.

>> God is righteous – that is why He can’t compromise in Judgment.

>> We might be afraid hearing about Judgment but understand that Lord will surely judge all the disobedient because He is RIGHTEOUS,

Even in Judgment he is righteous.


Verse 8 & 9  – FOURTH BOWL – When the bowl of the wrath of God was poured on the sun, the heat of the sun increased many many times and the people and everything was as if they were scorched with fire.

>> They were influenced like satan, and felt like blaspheming the name of God.

This is surely by the Lord to melt the disobedient,

They thought till now – Lord wont punish, He is not so serious about obedience and Holiness, but now when Lord started melting them, still no repentance (actually no repentance from the beginning onwards).

>> This will melt everything and all water or moisture will be dried up.


Verse 10 & 11 – FIFTH BOWL – When Lord poured this bowl on the seat of the beast (from now on all glory of the Anti-Christ gone for ever),

all world was filled with utter darkness. We see this is the plagues upon Egypt.

>> Exodus 10 :21 – 23 - So Moses stretched out his hand toward heaven, and there was thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days.

They did not see one another; nor did anyone rise from his place for three days. But all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.

>> When Lord’s utter darkness covered them, none of their own lightings worked out or could overtake the greatness of this darkness.

**Now our lights are working because it is not this utter darkness, there is stars and moon to light at night.

** When this utter darkness comes, no one can move, they will have to be in one place where they were till it is gone, cant eat or drink, because this darkness has fused out their life.

>> They were already in sores, no water to drink,

Melting heat melting the whole world – fully weak

Every where stinking like the blood of a dead man,

this evil and horrorsome life will be for a long time – WHOLE WORLD IN DARKNESS.

>> Even now they are cursing God. (what wrong did God do – Lord will always show His grace and give us a lot of time – finally JUDGMENT – where no one can escape)


>> JUDGMENT does not make anyone submissive to God – only if you are pre-destinated or pre-chosen – then only you will be able to repent when the Lords chastens (beats)

>> 2 Thess 2:11 - 13 - And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie (not truth), that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


NOTE : Now we have a war by the name – ARMAGEDDON (Har–meggido) – at the end of the 7 years of tribulation.

>> The we have the GOG – MAGOG war – which happen at the end of the 1000 year reign (Millennium) – a war between Jesus and Anti - Christ


>> In the Armageddon war – all countries are going to turn against Israel

>> Ps 83:4, 5 - They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,            That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” (prophecy in Bible)


Verse 12 – A great river (Euphrates) – The old Euphrates might be one of the big seas today like Red sea or Arabian sea or Mediterian sea – when it is completely dried up –  all the countries from the East – (mainly Russia, European countries (without Britain) China, India, Arabia, then all the small islands and countries like Japan, Korea etc) can come together from all sides and attack Israel, they will not be able to escape – like a checkmate.

>> Ezekiel 38:14 - 16 – prophecy about Gog and other countries turning against Israel.

>> We can understand Gog as Russia from the Bible.

>> Ezekiel 39:4, 5, then verses 11 - 16 – Gog and countries all destroyed – all dead soldiers will be cleaned

Ezek 39: 9 – the ruins of warships Israel will use as fuel for 7 years.


>> Ezekiel 38:23 and 39: 7 and 21 – Lord is doing this that all the knees will bow in the presence of the Lord and all will confess that Jesus is Lord.


Rom 11:15  - Their casting away – became a chance for gentiles

Their reconciling will also be a great event

11:16 – God gives all importance to Holiness

11:17, 21, 22 – In all these verse, if Lord cut those branches, if we don’t walk exactly according to His counsel (not as we like) – then there are chances that Lord might cut us also – so fearfully serve Him.


Note : Israel was scattered  all over the world when they denied Jesus, now when they are accepting Jesus – that is also a great world event.

In Sept 14 (2016) News Headlines it came that America helped Israel with warfare of 380 crore dollars (Rs.26000 crore deal) – this is the biggest warfare deal and transfer in the world – the whole world doesn’t know why they did it – but it is for the prophecy of the Lord to be fulfilled.


>> Ish 31:5 -Like birds flying about, So will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem. Defending, He will also deliver it; Passing over, He will preserve it.”

Now as they are accepting the Messiah – Lord is defending them from all the countries gathering around them to destroy them.


Verses 13 & 14 – Out of the Beast, the Dragon, the False prophet, the unclean spirits came out.

Gathered all the kings (rulers) of all the countries of the world – against Israel

>> Zech 14: 1 – 4, then verse 7 – The Lord will gather all the countries there in one place and Lord will come down for battle.


Verse 15 – Again Jesus is proclaiming His coming to the whole world as a warning – as a thief – never when you expect.

Like a lightning – will come (do the work) and go


Verse 16  – Har–Megiddo – The mount of Megiddo

Written about this mountain and its valley in 2 Chronicles 35:22 and

Zechar 12: 9 & 11 - It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem

>> In the book of Joshua – we can see that Megiddo was the capital of the portion of Canaan that was given to Joshua.

>> 12:10 - And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced (so we need the GRACE of the Lord to look on the Savior.


Verses 17 & 18 – SEVENTH BOWL – When the seventh bowl was poured, then a great sound – IT IS DONE.

>> As it was God who said – The voice was accompanied with great mighty earth quake – as which has never occurred in the world ever.


Verse 19 – Because of this great and mighty earth quake – the great city – JERUSALEM - was divided into three parts. And the cities of the nations fell

>> This great Babylon (from where Anti Christ rules) also is remembered by God to be utterly destroyed – by the wrath of God


Verses 20 & 21 – Because of that great bombardment and blast – the islands and mountains fled and moved away

>> And these hailstones and mountain pieces





For us to understand Lord is using these woman , beast and a figurative Babylon (not the real Babylon)


Verse 1 – In this verse and verse 5 – this Babylon is called Harlot or an adulterer

>> We know the church of God is compared as the bride of Christ and we are called as a pure virgin.

>> So we understand this term – harlot – is called because of the un-faithfulness (which Lord cannot tolerate). Many times in the Bible it is mentioned.

>> Ish 1:21 - How the faithful city has become a harlot! It was full of justice; Righteousness lodged in it, But now murderers.

>> Jer 2:20, 21 - And you said, ‘I will not transgress,’ When on every high hill and under every green tree You lay down, playing the harlot.

>> Also in Ezekiel chapter 16

>> James 4:4 - Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?


2 Cor 11:2, 3 - For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.


Verse 3 – John is carried away by the spirit – to clearly see – the vision

What Lord is going to do to this harlot – the judgment

>> When the church of God – our mouth is filled with the praises to God – her mouth is filled with blasphemy

>> On our foreheads it is written the Bride of Christ – but here in verse 5 – it is written Harlots.


Verse 4 – Outside she is adorned very beautifully – but the spirit which is working in her is of all abominations and filthiness. It was hidden till now – because outside very wonderful, holy and glorious show – but Lord is going to prove to the whole world who she really is.


Verse 5 – In Malayalam – the abominations of the earth – is not there. In the original language it is there.

>> So it means – the mother (who started this great abomination on the earth)


>> In 1 King 11:5 & 7 - For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites. (so this abomination is worshipping these idols)

 Now who is this mystery – Babylon the great


>> One of the places in the Bible where it is written in BOLD letters because it is so important.



The real Babylon – we see in the Bible was the centre and source of all idol worships. Of Chaldea gods like Baal etc

>> This was the starting of all Astrology, all superstition, all filthiness, all black magic


This mother of Harlots (amma – maathaav) – In Ish 47:1 – then verses 3 & 4

In verses 5 and 7 – you shall no longer be called the Lady of Kingdoms (now Mary is called so – the queen of heavens)

In olden times – Artemis (Goddess Diana), then Semiramis (and Nimrod of Babylon) - queen of heavens

>> And this Lady worship came in different forms and names – even in India

>> Jerem 44:17-19 ,  25 – about the queen of heavens and her worship (Jerem 7:18)

(The shocking part is that – It is the Israelites who are doing this – seeing the ways of Gentiles – because when they do it – No problems – the life in this world is fine – when they stop it – lot of problems)

Babel or Babylon (the greek of BABEL) means confusion

The first time we see this name Babel is Gen 10:8-11


Verse 6 – This is partially fulfilled – when this Babylonian and Greek religious practices and festivals entered the Christian churches (with names changes)

>> Bible had no importance in the ministries

>> Those who taught Bible or boldly spoke out the word of God, or spoke against these idol worshipping were killed as martyrs. The Catholic church itself has killed hundreds of martyrs including Martin Luther.

>> Even now these ecumenical churches teach – no importance to the Bible but to the church or organizational laws and rituals.


Verses 7 & 8 – Here it says – this Babylon is a mystery (not revealed) but Lord is going to reveal it.

>> Anti Christ had 7 heads and 10 horns – it is the same beast which is carrying her, so John is amazed and he marvels – This Diana or Semiramis or Arthemes or Mary is the same Anti-Christ – and its work is already in the world today – which is weakening the church and those who guide them.

>> The 7 heads are 7 mountains

10 horns are 10 powerful kingdoms


>> This beast is ascending from the bottomless pit and all those on earth (whose names are not there in the book of life will see it) – from the beginning of the world

From this it is very clear that the body of Christ will not go through this 7 years of tribulation. But very sadly let me say that there are churches which teach that the church will go through this – false teaching


Verse 9 – This city is on 7 mounts (like Rome) – still a mystery

Who is Anti-Christ and which is this End time Babylon is a mystery which Lord will only reveal at the right time.

>> And these 7 heads compared  to 7 mountains are not figuratively mountains – we see in next verses that’s they are 7 rulers – that’s why it’s a mystery


Verse 10 – The 7 heads and 10 horns of the beast

Here 7 heads are also 7 kings (5 fallen, 1 is strong, 1 yet to be strengthened)

The fallen empires (like Egyptian, Assyrian, Roman etc)


Verse 11 – The beast that was  - and is not (a demonic beast)


Verses 12 & 13 – The 10 powerful kingdoms become one

>> These mighty kingdoms suddenly gain power within an hour


Verse 14 – The fight of this Beast (or the LADY) is with the LAMB and those who are with him –



Verse 15 – The waters – are the peoples of all languages and tongues. All the people group are under her influence, she is sitting on the praises of millions and millions of people.

Just like in Ps 22:3 - But You are holy,  Enthroned in the praises of Israel.


Verse 16 – The same 10 horns – mighty nations (Catholic – Christian) who made this harlot the great – will turn against her and tear her down – make her naked – eat her flesh – they will burn her with fire.


Verse 17 & 18 – Till that time these 10 kingdoms will keep on praising her – which God has allowed) – God has a purpose and plan – a time for everything.





Verse 1 – In chapter 17 we saw the religion – Mystery Babylon the great – The Catholic and Jacobite (all those who worship Mary).

>> But in Chapt 18 we see the destruction of the great city – Mystery Babylon where it was headquartered. Because this chapter starts – After these things I saw another angel – so it was another incident.



>> In verse 8 and 20, it is God who has avenged her.

>> So God is going to judge the religious group and the country which supported her.


>> We see from the Bible that Nimrod is the founder of the country Babel (or Babylon), and this Semiramis (Ishtar) is Nimrod’s wife and Tamuz their son.

Gen 10:9, 10 - He was a mighty hunter before the LORD; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD.”.....And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel.....Shinar (Mesopotamia)

This land of Shinar is mentioned here in Genesis and in Daniel, also in Zecharia 5:10, 11

>> Mesopotamia is the present-day area of parts of Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey and Iran.

Ezekiel 30: 24 - I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon and put My sword in his hand (In Daniel God says – I will strengthen them in a day


>> We might think that – when is this kingdoms going to be powerful. The countries in the Bible like – Rome or Persia (Iraq and Iran) is not at all powerful. But Bible says – it will suddenly be powerful by the power of the Anti- Christ – and become the 10 powerful kingdoms or horns – and will rule for one hour as kings of the beast – Rev 17:12, 13.



>> The glory of Babylon at the time of Nebuchadnezzar II ( we see in the Bible – around BC 600) was so great,

·        The walls around it (built three walls around Babylon at heights of forty feet and so broad at the top that chariots could race around them)
Between the walls were walkways, storehouse and the water of Euphrates flowed I between it for safety.

·        The hanging gardens of Babylon – which he built for his newly wedded wife (the daughter of a Media king) – it grew as high as 75 feet in the air and that people could walk beneath them. It was irrigated with at least 35,000 litres of water brought by a canal and aqueduct system from up to 50 miles away. Within the garden itself water was raised mechanically by large water-raising bronze screw-pumps.

·        The Ishtar Gate (was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. The Ishtar Gate is named so, because it was dedicated to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar) – Check the picture on internet.

·        The destruction of the Jewish temple (by Nebuchadnezzar, but built later by King Cyrus (Koresh) of the same dynasty


Ø How will God destroy this city – we see from the Bible – by FIRE

>> But finally when God avenges – Ish 13:19 - And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, The beauty of the Chaldeans’ pride, Will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.

>> Also in Rev 18:8, 9, then verse 18 - Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire…..

>> Again in Jer 51:6-9 - Babylon has suddenly fallen and been destroyed…..also in Jer 50:40

>> When will this all happen – when the 7th bowl is poured

Verse 2 – A mighty angel shouted mightily from heaven saying – “Babylon the great is fallen.”

>> Ish 21:9, 10 - …. Babylon is fallen, is fallen! And all the carved images of her gods He has broken to the ground……

We also read in Jer 51:8


>> Either Rome or a city which is exalted to the glory of Babylon – anyway from this city – Anti-Christ controls the whole world – to turn all man against God and blaspheme God.

>> Outside this city was full of all glory and money and power – but in the eyes of God – here Holy spirit says that city was a dwelling place for demons and a prison for foul spirits and every unclean thing. (So the great things in man’s sight are foul and demonic in God’s sight, that’s why the eyes of our inner man or spiritual eyes should be open.


Verses 4 – In this verse the Lord exhorts the church – You are my people

So walk accordingly – Be separated from all the works of this queen of heavens – no compromise or relation with any of her ideas or works – always keep the separation.

This Babylonian power and all that was influenced by her is going to be utterly destroyed – so leave her and her works.


>> About the separation – all throughout the Bible – Holy spirit reminds us

>> 2 Cor 6:16,17 - Therefore     “ Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord.  Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you

>> Jer 51:45,    60 , 64 - “ My people, go out of the midst of her! And let everyone deliver himself from the fierce anger of the LORD. (also read verses 60 and 64)

>> Ish 52:11 - Depart! Depart! Go out from there, Touch no unclean thing;  Go out from the midst of her, Be clean, You who bear the vessels of the LORD.


Verse 6 & 7 – How much harm she did to you and the work of God – repay back to her – repay double. In the cup – mix double wrath of God for her.

>> Now she is praised as the “Queen of Heavens” or “The Glorified” –

She said – I sit as Queen, I am no widow (but Eternal Virgin) , I will have no sorrow.

But how much she said – that much sorrow is going to come upon her.


Verses 12 & 13 –That land is going to be a great land of merchandise


Verses 16 - 17 – But when the 7th bowl of wrath of God is poured upon the headquarters of Anti-Christ – This great Babylon – its is going to be nothing in one hour

>> Daniel 4:30 – 34 – Nebuchadnezzar spoke, saying, “Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty?”


In Verses 9 - 19 – King will cry (verse 9)    ,   Merchants will cry (verse 15)

Sailors will cry     (verse 17)  ,     All those who trusted her (verses 9, 15, 17), made a lot of money with her, got healing from her, got many deliverance from her – all will cry

>> But the separated will rejoice on that great day


Verse 20 – Rejoice – you holy people – why

We have been suffering her attacks all through our life – but we kept quiet –

In the first chapters of revelation – the churches patiently endured and overcome her attacks. We were affected (in all ways) – but not destroyed – because this exceeding great power was there in us


Verse 21 – Lord told a mighty angel to throw a great stone like a mill stone – Babylon will be thrown down – will be found no more

Verse 22 – No more praise – no more candles or offerings, no more fastings or mediatorship (requesting) in her name

>> No more grant events or parties (festivals) in her name


Verses 23 & 24 – No more glory for her – no more address about any mediators or goddesses or saviors or baba’s or mohammed’s

>> God revenged the queen of heaven’s because she killed many servants of God physically – weakened the churches – changed the course of the churches.

>> Put many called ministers in the love of money so they couldn’t do the work of God

>> Majority of those who were faithfully doing Lord’s work – were also deceived by her in he lust – of money and of flesh and of comforts and they changed their vision and was put out from the book of the living because they became unfaithful and disobedient to Lord’s counsel.





Actually all these portions are a continuation of what happened in Revelation chapter 16. Whole world and powers destroyed at the Armageddon war,

When the 7th seal was poured – the headquarters of Anti Christ is also completely utterly destroyed (this is the victory that we are going to celebrate in this chapter along with Jesus (the captain of the war (we soldiers) and our bride groom (we the bride)


Verses 1 – 6 – Now in this world – great cries and great smoke is arising – like after a complete destruction – there is no address about Anti-Christ – no power strong enough to stand –

And that is when – as in these verses – great joy and rejoicing in heaven.

>> only 4 times used in New testament all in Rev 19:1, 3,  4,  6 Halleluyah – Praise be to Jehovah

In Old testemant – few times in Psalms


Verse 2 – He avenged and judged the harlot who corrupted the earth

>> Lord was silent when she hurt and killed many servants of God, but now Lord is paying back, we are also along with God and whole heaven is praising God for that great work.

>> Lord’s judgments are always true and righteous – so we also have to be very careful in all our words and works.

>> God avenges

Ish 49:26 - I will feed those who oppress you with their own flesh, And they shall be drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine. All flesh shall know That I, the LORD, am your Savior, And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.”


Verse 3 – As the smoke arises in Babylon, here in Jerusalem – Jesus – the king of Kings and Lord of Lords is taking control of the whole world and all creation


Verse 4 – Here 24 elders and 4 living creatures worshipped the Lord and praised Him because – He avenged and judged the harlot who corrupted the earth


Verse 5 – All His servants – small and great – praise Him – so we are all praising God because He avenged the harlot

>> Another notable point here is – Servants of God – both small and great, so there are differences in heaven according to the faithfulness and obedience here.

>> Math 5:19 - ……. shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

>> Math 18:4 - Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

>> 1Cor 15:40 - 42 – for one star differs from another star in glory.......So also is the resurrection of the dead.


Verse 6 & 7 – And the sound of praises and worship arises – now the bride of Jesus – the body of Christ is also ready to take our place.

>> The first place in the Bible where it says – The Marriage of the Lamb

>> And the bride also ready – (only the perfect ones)

That’s why Lord says - many times in the Bible – be ye perfect in all areas, 5 fold ministries to edify and perfecting the bride of Christ.

>> Bride has made herself ready – there is lots of preparation to be chosen by the perfect one, and this preparation is personal.


Verse 8 – And when she is selected it is given to her – to be prepared in that fine linen, which is our righteous acts.

>> Let us pray – Lord – make me more righteous and perfect

Instead of praying – Lord – give me more in this world

>> 2 Cor 11:2 - For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy. For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin (no blame or filthiness)  to Christ.


>> Lord is giving u more chances to be more perfect – Then Lord promises – I am preparing a mansion, when it is prepared I will come and receive you so that you can dwell with me forever.

According to the Jewish custom, Married young couples cannot stay with their parents, first the to-be groom and bride are engaged, then only when the man finishes preparing or purchasing a house, then only the wedding happens, same here. Lord is preparing the most magnificent and beautiful palace (which no one can dream about or has seen), we are all called, but only those who are fully obedient and faithful to Lords calling will inherit it – John 14:1 – 3 - In My Father’s house are many mansions;[a] if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.


>> That is why lord is washing us with the word of God to be spotless and without wrinkle.

>> Col 3:4 - When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.

>> When the fairest of 10,000 appears, don’t we have to be equally clothed with glory.


>> If we need to be filled with the glory of God on that day, here you have to be filled with the light of God, and that light should shine on others.

>> Math 5:16 - Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Let you life and your words Witness Jesus always – The world is watching us always

>> If we think about the glory we are going to be arrayed on that day, we will work for him day and night.


Verse 9 – Blessed are those who will be selected for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Also in the above verse – The marriage of the Lamb means – all those who are called ot be the bride of Christ will be there.

His wife – the bride of Christ – those who are well prepared


>> Rev 20 :6 - Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection

>> We are blessed to be called but if we don’t take that invitation seriously, then we wont be there.

·        The parable of the Wedding in the kingdom of God – Mathew 22:2-14 (8, 9, 14)

You cant be there without the preparation.


Royal people’s marriage these days are so grand and it last for many days, here it is the creator of the whole universe and the King of kings who is the groom, who is the bride – only the faithful – Will you be there.

>> Math 26:29 – But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.” (also in Mark 14:25)

>> Luke 22:18 – for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.”

>> Wine is drunk in celebrations like marriage, Jesus says to His church – I will not drink wine till you I join with my bride.

>> That’s why twice in revelation – Jesus says – Behold I come very quickly – Lord is asking us this night – Are you prepared (made perfect)

>> Math 25:34 - Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:


Verse 10 –From these verses onwards John is seeing the heavens opened (verse 11) and how it is going to be in eternity – as a prophetical revelation – what is going to happen.


>> John – without knowing – fell at his feet – because that person was filled with the glory of God – we all will receive that glorious heavenly body – then only can we live with God in heaven.

>> He might be one of the disicple’s – one of the 24 elders – anyway he is born again through Jesus. Even if from Old testament – He might have accepted Jesus when Jesus went down into the earth (hades) to preach the Gospel to the Old testament people.

>> It is the Holy spirit who testifies who Jesus is – witnesses Jesus – prophesies about our relationship with Jesus.

John 16:13 - the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.


Verse 11 – RAPTURE happened before the GREAT TRIBULATION, so the church (body of Christ) is in the mid-skies with Christ (as written in 1 Thess 4:17)


 (In Rapture Jesus is not coming to the Earth, he will only come to the skies and we will resurrect and join Him there, so the coming when Jesus comes to the Earth after the 7 year of great tribulation to start the Millenium or 100 year reign is called the Second coming of Jesus)

So lets see from the Bible where all the important verses where it says about the Second Coming of Jesus

Ø Psalms 2: 6-12 - “Yet I have set My King, On My holy hill of Zion.”

Ø Psalm 24:7 -10 - Lift up your heads, O you gates! And the King of glory shall come in.

(Jerusalem was always covered and protected by the fort walls and it had many gates but when Jesus will come, can Jesus go through these puny human gates.

>> The smallest gate called the “Eye of a Needle”(check the Wikipedia for pictures – the small stone cut entry), the Arab and gentile merchants who come in everyday for trade had to go out early before the main gates close. Some merchants used to stay there with their camel late – on which their mobile shop was. No one was allowed in at nights – The law to Israel by Nehemiah. So these merchants had to make their camels drag themselves hurting it as its body rubs against the stone edges of this small gate that’s why Jesus used this example when comparing a rich man going to heaven.

>> There was another gate – the third gate called the Golden gate or as in the Bible – where that lame man in Acts 3 was  laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful

>> So as in this verse – all these big and small gates of Jerusalem has to be lifted high because the King of Glory is going to come here in His heavenly and glorious body, will the earth withhold Him. Apostle John – when he saw Jesus in His glorious body – he was so much afraid and fell like a dead man – because of the size and greatness of the fiery glory. He saw the many angels and heavenly beings in heaven but he was not afraid, but when He saw Jesus, he was totally shaken and his breath almost went.

Ø Psalm 48:1-3 - the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, the city of the great King.

Ø Psalm 96:10-13 - Say among the nations, “The LORD reigns;The world is established

Ø Ish 9:6-7 - Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end

( In this 1000 year rule and it continues to heavenly rule on earth when New Jerusalem will come down on earth – Rev 21:1,2)

Ø Ish 52:8 -  - For they shall see eye to eye When the LORD brings back Zion.

Ø Jer 23:1-8 - Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the s

1,2 verses for Israel,   3,4 verses about the NT church,  then the righteous ruler will be our king and chief shepherd.

Ø Ezek 37:22-27 - and My servant David shall be their prince forever.

Ø Dan 7:13,14 - One like the Son of Man, Coming with the clouds

Ø Hosea 3:4,5 - For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim.

Ø Amos 9:11-15 - I will plant them in their land, And no longer shall they be pulled up

Ø Micah 4:7 - the LORD will reign over them in Mount Zion From now on, even forever

Ø Zech 2:10-13 - Many nations shall be joined to the LORD in that day

Ø Act 1:10-11 - This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.

Ø Rom 11:25-27 - that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.

Ø 2 Thess 1:6-12 - when He comes, in that Day, to be glorified in His saints

Ø Also Jude 14, 15 and Zech 14: 3-5 – which will be read down as we study verse 14



>> At this second coming will JESUS, come to this world to fight the Armageddon war (Rev 16:16 - And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew, Armageddon


Now here after the Armageddon war, Lord is coming on a white horse – as a conqueror in all glory.

>> We are also called to be conqueror in our daily life – in this journey through the desert – in this path of the cross –

2 Cor 2:14 - Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.


Verse 12 – His eyes like the flame of fire – Heb 4:13 - And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

>> He had a name written on it – which is a mystery

·        About Father – we see the hidden name – Exo 3 :14, 15

·        God reveals himself at various times – Heb 1:1,2 - God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past

>> Here we see this hidden name of Jesus which is a mystery now – and will be a mystery till it will be revealed by Jesus himself on that great day.


Verse 14 – And the armies of heaven will also follow Jesus

Wearing fine linen – on white horses

>> Will we be there with Jesus as He comes down –

>> The angels are always wearing white glorious dress, there is no need for them to be again clothed in fine linen. But its us who are clothed in fine linen – Rev 19:8

·        Because in the twinkling of an eye we left our fleshy body and on the way up , we received a glorious body – that looks like this

>> Zech 14: 3 - 5 - ...........Thus the LORD my God will come, And all the saints with You

>> 1 Thess 3:13 - so that He may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints.

>> Jude 14, 15 - Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints,


·        In many verse – it also says that Jesus will come with His mighty angels – so we understand that – Angels will be there, and the Faithful ones who were carried off to the mid-skies will also be there. Because from the Rapture onwards – the Body of Christ will be with Him for ever.


Verse 15 – Lord doesn’t need to fight hard to win or destroy. Satan is still not able to understand the might of the Lord

>> The devil is proving its foolishness by telling Jesus to bow in front of him, or trying to destroy him in childhood all throughout and by crucifying.

>> Now again gathering all his fallen angels and trying to fight with the Almighty One.


Lord doesn’t need to use sword – his word is enough, one stare is enough

>> Ish 11:4 – .....He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, And with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked.

>> 2 Thess 2:8 - And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.


Here this army is all clothed in white, Jesus, His bride, the mighty Angels – the only army which comes for battle clothed in white – it proves the glory that we are clothed in.

That is why  - in the above verse – it says – in the brightness of his army will he destroy. When that glory shines itself – the enemy will fall and be destroyed – that great is the glory that we are going to be clothed in – Don’t we need to be more holy and faithful to receive that great glory when the trumpet blows.


Lord’s revenge and fierce anger is revealed here  we thought he was only mercy and love – always forgiving – NO – he showed his mercy and love till the appointed time so that we will not be destroyed by His anger. Now when JESUS comes with all glory and authority – He is treading all the disobedient in a winepress – smashing and grinding them.
That’s why in Thessalonians – it says – we are not called t that wrath – so lets serve the Lord fearfully. So there is a wrath of Jesus which is going to be revealed very soon.


Verse 16 – That is Jesus – On his robe and on His body is written – so that No confusion satan will make in the minds of people.

>> Like many of todays wrong teachings on the book of Revelation – Lord knew – satan is a spirit of confusion – He makes people fall through confusion.

>> So Lord annulled confusion here – the name is written on the dress and body of Jesus – the name is KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.


Verse 17 – Angel in the sun – their glory is greater than the sun – ours also going to be the same. An angel who sends message – Maybe Gabriel (the messenger) or Michael (the one who fights for the Lord) – anyway this mighty angel is calling out – like sending a satellite message to all wild birds (like vultures) to come and eat all the dead bodies after they are pathetically killed in war with JESUS. Now itself almost 70 million people – along with satan’s army.

>> Lord had already arranged the cleaners before the war starts, when the creator commands, they will come and clean off the place without a bit anywhere around, otherwise it would have been a great job for the angels to dumb and bury all these dead bodies.

>> Here we see the arrangement of God – Cleaners ready long before war starts.

>> Goat arranged - stuck in the bushes (so it will not run) before the order was given to Abraham to sacrifice his son

>> This arrangement of the Lord can be seen all throughout the Bible in Old and New testament (in all the lives of Lord’s children) –

Even in prison, in the wilderness – in palaces – in slavery – even in the enemies country -

>> this is how Lord plans – His plans and His works are always unreachable and too great for our understanding.

>> Lord will never close a door – without an other way being opened – as long as we are faithful.


·        Ezekiel 39:17 – 20 – Lord is inviting these wild birds to clean up in the old testament also.

·        Due 28: 15 –if disobedient then curses. These are the curses – Verse 26 – the birds of the air will eat you up.


Verse 20 –

1)    The beast

2)    The false prophets (who served by satans spirit) – they might also be the fallen angels with the devil (because nothing is said about them in the next chapter)

>> These two groups – Anti-Chirst (beast) and the ones which served satan – are put into the lake of fire – HELL FIRE.

Ø In Rev 20:10 - The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are.

(So these 2 groups are there all these 1000 years also – the beast and satans ministers will be there screaming and wailing)

Ø And its after 1000 years – that satan will be burned and put into this hell fire – where others have already taken place 1000 years before.


>> The wicked, who died through out history are in Hades  - as we see in the parable of Rich man and the Lazarus - Luke 16:23

>> Math 25:41 - The Fiery lake- a different place will be prepared for Devil and his angels -

- This place will not be occupied by human beings until later Rev 20:14-15


Verse 21 – The rest of the disobedient people will be killed by the mouth of God – and these wild birds will finish them off